Billionaire God of War

Chapter: 2132

“A disciple’s life is also a life, the more deaths and injuries, it is always detrimental to the development of each sect.”
Mr. Lang has a gentle face, he looks like an uncle next door, he is not tall, and he looks a little bloated.
His face is so ordinary that no one will notice when he walks in the crowd, but he looks at him, but it always makes people feel inexplicably close.
Want to trust him, want to listen to him.
“Since the other party is here to negotiate, if there is a better way to solve the problem, it is naturally better,”
Mr. Lang smiled, “I think you can give it a try. Everyone, what do you think?”
His voice is full of magnetism, as low as a subwoofer, and every word is like a knock on a person’s heart.
Hearing his words, Rocky breathed slightly, closed his eyes, and then opened them.
“Mr. Lang is extremely true.”
Seeing that Luo Qi changed his mind, several sect masters were a little surprised. Just now, Luo Qi refused to give in at all and refused to accept the advice of Master Listening Zen.
But if Mr. Lang said a few words, he changed it.
They looked at Mr. Lang and looked away one by one. Seeing Mr. Lang nodded, they were all in a daze.
“I think Mr. Lang makes sense, so let’s negotiate.”
“Since it can save the disciple from death in battle, that is naturally a good thing, and I agree.”
“Try it, if it fails, fight to the end with the Green Mountain Sect!”
Several other suzerains nodded in agreement.
Master Ting Zen saw that the other sects had agreed, and his heart was shaken, and he immediately looked at Mr. Lang.
When he saw those eyes that were as deep as galaxies, he couldn’t help but suddenly he was in a trance, as if he fell into the abyss instantly, and the whole person felt a little light and fluttering.
“Master Listening Zen has great wisdom and is for all beings. Lang admires him.”
Mr. Lang bowed slightly, “So, everyone has no objections, then listen to Master Zen and negotiate with the people of the Qingshan Sect, how about?”
Master Listening Zen nodded: “Thank you, Mr. Lang.”
Mr. Lang smiled and nodded, without saying anything.
“Go report it.”
Master Listening Zen turned his head and said.
The person at the door said respectfully immediately.
At the entrance to the camp of the Six Dao Sects, hundreds of guards are waiting!
Zhang Gong took an arrow and aimed at Jiang Ning and Liu Zong Liu Heng. As long as there is an order, they will immediately shoot Jiang Ning and the others into a sieve!
Jiang Ning didn’t change his face, standing there, Liu Zong and Liu Heng behind him were a little nervous.
Surrounded by hundreds of people, surrounded by so many bows and arrows, if the six major sects were to kill them, the three would have no chance to escape!
Jiang Ning’s choice, I have to say, was indeed too risky.
“Big Brother Jiang, if you want to fight, you go first, and the two of us break up!”
Liu Heng lowered his voice, stepped forward, and stood on Jiangning’s left, while Liu Zong was on the right. The two could only help Jiangning to block the arrow.
Jiang Ning said, “Don’t worry, they won’t do it.”
As soon as he finished speaking, a person ran out of the camp, approached the captain of the guard, and said loudly: “The major sect masters have reached a consensus to negotiate with the people of the Qingshan Sect! All retreat!”
“Get out!”
The captain of the guard was a little surprised, but didn’t say anything. He immediately ordered and waved his hand to make everyone retreat.
“You can go in!”
He stared at Jiang Ning, “But if you want to play tricks, don’t blame us for being polite!”
Jiang Ning smiled, said nothing, and walked in.
Liu Zong and Liu Heng were frightened, they are going to walk directly into the other camp!
It’s like a tiger’s lair in Longtan, once you enter, it is difficult to come out again.
But they believe in Jiangning.

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