Billionaire God of War

Chapter: 2153

Master Buddhism Listening to Zen is dead, he has no bargaining chips to use, but the lord and elders of the other four sects are now in the hands of Luo Qi, who dares not listen, I am afraid that sect will collapse in an instant!
“I discussed with the Great Elder. Although this matter has nothing to do with my Qingshan Sect, we can’t just sit idly by.”
They know the truth that everything is good and everything is bad, and they know the truth that one’s lips and teeth are cold.
Rocky wants to control the five sects and unite them thoroughly. Who is it to deal with?
I’m afraid, it’s their Green Mountain Sect!
Jiang Ning nodded.
“Yes, we really can’t just sit idly by.”
He glanced at everyone: “Let’s go, I will go with you, and rescue the lord and elders of the other sects, it is very important.”
This is not only for the Green Mountain Sect, but also for the stability within the mountain gate.
Stability and peace both inside and outside the mountain gate are very important. Problems on either side will affect the other side, Jiang Ning can see clearly.
Without hesitation, he went to Tianlianzong to save people with Liuchuandao and others.
at the same time.
Towering mountains, clouds and mist!
The majestic, steep mountain range was originally a moat that was easy to defend and difficult to attack. Tianlianzong was located in this place.
The mountain road was winding, not suitable for large groups of people to walk. The elder Listening Feng frowned slightly when he looked at the mountain road that was invisible at a glance. I was afraid that there would be many ambushes along the way.
“What should we do now?”
Someone asked.
“How did the other sects react?”
“There is no response for the time being, obviously I am thinking of countermeasures.”
No one dared to give up the sect master and elders, they are both the core of a sect. Once they die, the sect is probably not far away.
Can you compromise with Tianlianzong?
Those sect masters and elders can not only become the puppets of the Tianlian Sect for life, let them control the threat.
“Can’t wait.”
Elder Feng said, “Once they surrender and return to the Tianlian Sect, that bastard Rocky will definitely do it immediately, and it will be too late to say anything.”
He gritted his teeth and glanced at the people he had brought. People were obviously not enough, but time was not enough.
“In batches, go up the mountain one by one. Each elder takes a few people, everything is careful, pay attention to ambush, find a way to the Tianlian Sect, and then find a way to save people.”
After listening to Elder Feng’s order, he personally took a group of people and went up the mountain first.
The other elders each took their own disciples, followed slowly, carefully along the way, paying attention to ambush everywhere, they didn’t dare to be too fast or to be careless.
But still, encountered many ambushes along the way, killing and wounding a dozen disciples.
“Kill them!”
Elder Listening Feng roared, looking at the arrow shot from a distance, his body flashed like a monkey, and he quickly passed by regardless of his injuries.
The Diamond Fist opened and closed wildly, waving wildly.

He killed five archers in one breath, broke the ambush here, stretched out his hand and waved, “Charge me, rush up the mountain!”
“call out!”
Suddenly, a voice broke through the air!
Elder Feng was too late to react, an arrow suddenly appeared, directly piercing his palm, blood splashing!
He quickly hid behind a tree, terrified.
“Hide! Hide first!”
As soon as the voice fell, a disciple who was walking in front was killed by an arrow and was nailed directly to the ground, his head was pierced!
Splashing blood!
“Hide! Hide!”
Listening to the wind elder roar.
He glanced at his pierced palm, his body trembled, and the pain made his lips tremble. What a terrible archer!
He didn’t even know where that man was in ambush!
This person is the final ambush, the shot will kill!

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