Billionaire God of War

Chapter: 2184

He seemed to look at Mr. Lang. Through those eyes, he saw Mr. Lang, not Rocky!
Being imprisoned here, Rocky had no ability to resist. Luo Long had already poisoned his body and couldn’t move at all.
He knew that the current Rocky was controlled by Mr. Lang, and it was useless to speak by himself.
Luo Qi practiced magic skills, and the whole person seemed to be in a madness. Luo Long didn’t dare to hold too much hope for him. If it affects Jiang Ning’s plan, it will fall short.
Luo Long stretched out his hand and patted Rocky’s shoulder: “You just stay here.”
After speaking, he turned and left, regardless of Rocky yelling hysterically, like a madman.
“Luolong! You let me go! You let me go!”
“Tian Lianzong can’t do without me! No!”
“You are a sinner, a sinner of Tianlianzong!”
Luolong closed the door and couldn’t hear anything.
“Watch me closely and don’t allow anyone to approach.”
Luo Long arranged a large number of people to guard, not wanting to give Mr. Lang a chance.
He tried to control the Tianlianzong by controlling Rocky, and then the six major sects. They still don’t know what they want to do, but they absolutely can’t let him succeed.
The atmosphere of the entire Tianlianzong suddenly changed.
Because Rocky blasphemed the ancestor, he was ashamed of the sovereign!
To all the disciples, the suzerain is high above, but those ancestors who have contributed to the development of the Tianlian Sect are more worthy of their respect.
Rocky’s prestige collapsed almost instantly.
At the moment, Luo Long is in control of the overall situation, but obviously, the situation is not very good.
“Several sect masters have returned to their respective sects. It is said that they want revenge!”
“Tian Lianzong humiliated them so much. If it was you, wouldn’t it take revenge?”
Luo Long snorted, “Okay, stop talking nonsense, think about countermeasures.”
What do you think about this?
The sect masters of several sects were all humiliated. Luo Long had seen it with his own eyes. They would come to retaliate, which was the most normal thing.
He glanced at several elders, and none of them spoke.
What can be done about this?
Do you want to tell them that it is your honour for us to imprison you, and now that you ran away, this matter should have never happened before, dreaming.
“If they can’t calm their anger, Lianzong will be in danger that day.”
Luo Long said directly.
Where did their efforts come from?
Of course it is Tianlianzong!
But who is the one who gave this order?
To calm their anger, I am afraid that only Rocky can be taken out.
“What do you think?”
The elders still didn’t speak. They didn’t dare to have any comments. Even if they did, Luo Long would definitely let them think of other ways.
They can’t figure it out even if they think about it.
“Since there is no objection, let’s do it.”
Luo Long looked embarrassed.
He didn’t want to do this either, but now, besides this method, is there anything else?
Can’t calm the anger of the various sects, the Lianzong must have disappeared that day, several big sects joined forces to besiege, they are not the Qingshanzong, there is a strong man of the abnormal level of Jiangning.
Once surrounded, the Tianlianzong was instantly destroyed!
at the same time.
The six sects have joined forces!
Only this time, Tianlianzong was replaced by Qingshanzong.
The arena is so bloody and unpredictable.
Not long ago, the Tianlianzong joined the other five major sects to besiege the Qingshanzong, but now, the besieged has become the Tianlianzong, and the Qingshanzong has become the party participating in the siege.
Speaking of it, it is a bit ironic.
The six major sects gathered quickly, because their anger was completely different from before!
At this moment, the disciples of the six major sects were murderous and completely alike. They wanted to destroy the momentum of the Tianlian Sect. If they had besieged the Qingshan Sect before, it was only for profit.
And now, they are more of a shame!

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