Billionaire God of War

Chapter: 2193

After confirming that there were no traces, he got up and walked out of the house to the lake.
Seeing the turbulent tumbling and the mist rising into the air, his eyes were a little cold.
“It’s coming, it’s coming… It takes a little time, just a little time.”
Mr. Lang sat cross-legged, staring at the tumbling water in the middle of the lake, stopped talking, and calmly treated his injuries.
at the same time.
Green Mountain Sect.
This is the last line of defense within the mountain gate.
Today, the masters and elders of several major sects are gathered here, not to destroy the Qingshan Sect and rush outside the mountain gate, but to unite and guard the mountain gate!
“Unexpectedly, we lost so much energy even when we found the enemy.”
Li Xuan sighed.
If it weren’t for Jiang Ning, they would only have been a tool of Mr. Lang and be used by him.
“Who is this Mr. Lang? Isn’t there any clue?”
Sword and eight angrily said, “It is unreasonable for him to play with us!”
“It’s not the time to care about this. We don’t know who he is and what he wants to do. This is the most terrifying thing.”
A few people, you have to say something to me, arguing.
“All right.”
Jiang Ning who was sitting at the top opened his mouth, and the hall suddenly became quiet.
Everyone turned to look at Jiang Ning.
Now, Jiang Ning has the final say, and everyone accepts it.
Not to mention other things, Shan Shan Jiangning fought with Mr. Lang, and the strength that he showed, even if they add up, none of them are as good as him. This is far beyond their realm.
“If we want to know what Mr. Lang wants to do, we must go to the north.”
He looked around, “The gray matter must have been made by Mr. Lang.”
“No, those gray substances are terrible, and you will die if you touch them!”
Li Xuan immediately shook his head.
“I’ve heard that there is a sect that was shrouded in gray matter overnight, and disappeared completely, not even a single person was left!”
The others nodded.
There are many rumors of this kind, and they have seen it. After a sect was enveloped, everyone died. When the fog subsided, they did not even find a living thing.
“Have you seen it with your own eyes?”
“I saw it!”
Guest from the cloud.
“I mean,”
Jiang Ning shook his head, “I mean, you saw with your own eyes that someone was ablated by those mists, right in front of your eyes, were they ablated?”
Everyone shook their heads.
No one really saw this.
It’s just that the rumors have always been there.
What’s more, the disappearance of those sects are all true, no one has appeared so far, all of them are dead.
“Jiang Ning, what do you mean, this mist may just be a blinding trick?”
Yanagawa reacted and said.
Elder Tingfeng felt the same way, and nodded: “Could it be that there is something in the North Realm that I don’t want us to know, that’s why I deliberately created this mist to create an atmosphere of horror that people dare not approach? ”
Jiang Ning nodded.
“This is a possibility.”
He has never heard of any substance that can only ablate living bodies, while other things remain intact. Even if it is poisoned, the terrible ingredients in the poison will definitely leave traces.
Jiang Ning is a scientific man, even if there are many mysterious things in this world, he can always find a reasonable explanation.
This is the rule.
“The more he conceals something, it means that there must be something there.”
Jiang Ning said, “He doesn’t want us to see, so we should go and see.”
“Are you going to the north?”
Li Xuan’s face changed.
Although he thinks Jiang Ning has some truth in what he said, what if he is wrong?
No matter how strong Jiang Ning is, once he is surrounded by fog, it is really called the sky should not, and the ground is not working!
“Well, let me see.”
Jiang Ning nodded, “If you don’t find the problem, how can you solve the problem?”

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