Billionaire God of War

Chapter: 2198

Hearing this sentence, everyone’s face changed slightly.
A Mr. Lang can threaten the regular mountain gate, and the major sects are also afraid.
Now he has escaped, and when he reappears in the future, he will only be more cautious and will never make mistakes again.
This time, Mr. Lang was careless.
He didn’t expect Jiang Ning to appear, otherwise, with the people of the sect within the mountain gate, no one would have discovered his existence, and he would only use it as a tool.
But Jiang Ning was aware of his existence, which made him completely exposed. Now that he wants to hide it, there is no way for him to shut down.
“However, you don’t have to worry,”
Jiang Ning said. “Since he must use these methods to achieve his goal, it means that his strength is not enough to crush us.”
If there is a sufficient gap in strength, Mr. Lang Why bother with so many things, do it directly, simple and rude.
“Yes, he used a conspiracy, he must be scrupulous. This is our hope.”
Liu Chuan nodded and turned to look at Jiang Ning.
They have all seen how strong Mr. Lang is, but Jiang Ning is not bad!
Even this time, Mr. Lang was injured by Jiang Ning. It also showed that Mr. Lang was not as scary as they thought.
“As long as you unite, you can definitely solve this trouble!”
“At this time, life and death are extremely important. If you only care about yourself and only think about your own sect, it is a piece of loose sand, which can be easily broken by Mr. Lang!”
“That’s right ! , You all know how terrible this Mr. Lang is, don’t make any more mistakes!”
Several Sect Masters all spoke, and after speaking, they all turned their heads and looked at Yunzhongke, who suddenly saw Yunzhongke blushing.
“What are you doing? Why are you looking at me?”
“What’s wrong with me? You are so unreasonable to me !”
He said angrily.
What does this mean, everyone is staring at him, as if if someone makes a mistake, it must be him.
“Huh, could it still be us?”
Luo Long said kindly.
“I said, now everyone must listen to Jiang Ning. If you want to be stable in the mountain gate, you must listen to him, don’t you listen?”
He said directly.
He was the one who wanted to kill Jiang Ning most at the beginning, but now he is the one who trusts Jiang Ning the most.
Not only because of Jiang Ning’s strength, but also because of Jiang Ning’s character.
Being scolded by Luo Long, Yun Zhongke looked a little ugly, and his body trembled with anger.
“Luolong, who do you look down on!”
“Is Yunzhongke the kind of person who disregards the overall situation?”
“You really were before.”
Luolong’s words, like needles, are not polite at all.
Yunzhong politely fingered Luo Long, but couldn’t say a word.
“Well, I listen! I listen!”
He shouted, “From today, I will cooperate with all my strength and I will never cause you trouble!” He glanced at Jiang Ning and couldn’t understand why these people were hostile to Jiang Ning. To maintain trust in Jiangning, changes have been so fast.
Jiang Ning didn’t care too much about the cloud guest.
He looked at everyone.
“The urgent task now is to find a way to draw Mr. Lang out. We have to think about what he wants in the end.”
Jiang Ning said.
What does Mr Lang want?
Everyone looked at Luolong.
Before Mr. Lang, he indirectly wanted to control all the sects through the people who controlled the Tianlian Sect. That day, the people of the Lianzong would always know?
Luo Long shook his head.
“We were all controlled at the time. After seeing him, how can we know what he looked like?”
Luo Long thought about this question, but couldn’t remember it. What impressed me.
Mr. Lang just treats them as tools, so how can he speak his own words to the tools?
It’s impossible to think about it.

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