Billionaire God of War

Chapter: 2211

The darkness and the gloomy environment can make people frightened. It is hard to imagine that there are still people living in such a place.
Deepening down the aisle, the air seems to become depressed, making it difficult to breathe.
The more I go, the farther I am from the ground, I feel like I’m downhill, and I continue to deep underground.
Finally, I can see a ray of light, some candles inserted on the wall, emitting a blue flame!
The huge space is very empty, and people’s hearts will follow.
And in the center of the hall, there is a…coffin!
The whole body is pitch black, with gold inlaid in the four corners, the combination of black and gold, but still cold.
How could there be a strange coffin?
The coffin was large enough to hold five or six people. It fell heavily on the ground, and the surrounding stone bricks were a bit skewed, obviously smashed.
“Crack–” The coffin board moved suddenly, very slowly, and the sound of friction made people’s ears a little uncomfortable.
Creaking squeaking kept on sounding, thorn Er Wu closed his ears!
If someone is here, you don’t need to look at it, just this sound can scare him to death!
A hand stretched out from the coffin and slowly opened the lid of the coffin.
“I even dared to come back.” A figure sat up and couldn’t see what it looked like in the dim light, but the hoarse and low voice made the surrounding air suddenly become cold.
He stepped out of the coffin and stepped on the ground without even wearing shoes. Each step was slow but extremely heavy.
The stone slab that can be stepped on the ground is broken every inch!
“Just come, just come…”
The voice was misty, and it spread out soon.

At the same time.
Jiang Ning returned home.
I didn’t see Lin Yuzhen for a day, like three autumns, I missed it when I didn’t see it, and I still miss it after I saw it. It was so sticky that people couldn’t stand it anymore.
“Am I getting fat?”
Lin Yu really squeezed the meat on his waist and wrinkled his nose. “Look at this meat!”
“Fool, that’s a child’s umbrella.”
Jiang Ning laughed, “Besides, where is the fat? I think it’s just right, it’s perfect.”
He stretched out his hand and took Lin Yuzhen into his arms, extremely gentle.
My favorite woman is pregnant with her own child, this kind of happiness, I am afraid there is nothing else that can compare.
Lin Yuzhen said, “I don’t seem to be afraid of anything anymore.”
She suddenly said.
Jiang Ning glanced at her, smiled softly, and said nothing.
Before Lin Yu was really simple, occasionally naive, but strong and kind-hearted. Today, she has more maternal instincts and even more rigid.
Because she is no longer the one who only needs Jiang Ning to protect, but now she wants to protect the child.
Even protect Jiang Ning, protect his own man.
Jiang Ning gently stroked Lin Yuzhen’s hair: “You don’t have to be afraid of anything.”
“Yeah.” The two leaned side by side, sitting on the benches, watching the sunset.
“Cough cough.”
Behind him, the sound of coughing came.
“I don’t want to disturb you, but things are a bit anxious.”
Huang Yuming stood not far away and smiled, “In addition, Yuzhen, you should go back to have some soup, and your mother asked me to call you.”
Lin Yuzhen wrinkled her nose, she was so fat.
She got up and Jiang Ning supported her. Now that the month is older, her belly is getting bigger and bigger. You have to be careful when you walk.
“It’s okay, just a few steps, I can walk back.”
Lin Yu really smiled.
She knew Jiang Ning had important things to talk about.
“Slow down,”
Jiang Ning said.
He watched Lin Yuzhen walk back to the house, then turned his head and said: “Ready?”
Huang Yuming nodded, “They are all in the backyard.”

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