Billionaire God of War

Chapter: 2214

The brother Gou and others behind him tried their best to follow. If Jiang Ning hadn’t deliberately reserved, they would have been thrown away.
The longer they stay with Jiangning, the more they can feel that Jiangning is terribly powerful!
“The direction is right,”
Jiang Ning stretched out his hand and raised his fist after running for nearly half an hour. The people behind him immediately stopped. He immediately took out the map and pointed to one of the locations, “We are probably here now. ”
No one has been to this kind of place, and there is no precise map. You can only use a magnified electronic map to approximate the location.
Jiang Ning pointed to the target location: “The lines on the fist sheet point to the beginning, extending to this, and finally reaching the destination. Our task is to approach here and see what is going on.”
He looked up and looked at the dog. Brother and others.
“No matter what the situation is, everyone must be vigilant and safety first!”
Brother Gou didn’t say anything, but he could notice that Jiang Ning was worried. This was the second time he reminded everyone.
In the past, Jiang Ning would not say this.
Life and death are fateful, and you have to work hard for what you pursue, even if you pay the price for it, you will not hesitate.
But Jiang Ning now has some changes and cherishes everyone around him even more.
That little bit of softness made Brother Gou very moved.
Jiang Ning put away the map, raised his head and glanced at the depths of the dark mountain forest. After passing through a mountain forest, he was about to reach his destination. The lines on the Ji Dao boxing score started from here.
And those lines have long been engraved in my mind.
His movements were not as fast as before, and he cautiously tentatively walked forward, and the steps he took completely followed the lines on the fist sheet.
all the best.
Further forward, there is a tree blocking the way, but the lines on the fist sheet show that there is no obstruction here, and you can walk directly.
“Brother, I can’t go.”
Brother Gou said, looking at the big tree in the sky, “You have to go around.” But Jiang Ning didn’t move.
He looked at the tree trunk and continued to walk forward, without even stretching his hand, and walked over, one foot went straight through the tree trunk!
Brother Gou and others were stunned.
How is this going?
How is this possible?
Jiang Ning went straight through the tree trunk, and the real tree trunk that clearly existed was just like the air, and couldn’t stop Jiang Ning at all.
Several people couldn’t understand, this kind of thing has exceeded their cognition.
Even if it was Jiang Ning, he would walk around before he changed, because the tree in front of him was blocking it, but now, he passed it straight, as if the big tree didn’t exist.
“Professor Lu Jing’s guess seems to be correct .” Jiang Ning looked serious, and they were really exposed to something beyond recognition.
He turned to look at Brother Gou and the others.
“You are here now, don’t go anywhere. I will explore the way ahead.”
“Big brother!”
Gou and the others were suddenly anxious. This place is too weird. It is too dangerous to let Jiangning go alone. .
“Let’s go with you!”
He hurriedly said, “Even if it is dangerous,? Lu Pashan Lingdi Lingwuzhe? We can help you!”
“Yes, let’s go together!”
Several people shouted.
Jiang Ning shook his head. It was because it was too weird here that there were more people and it was more troublesome. He was not sure what would be in front of him, but the route recorded by the mysterious thing like Ji Dao Boxing Manual would definitely not be ordinary.
“You are here, defend here with battle formation techniques,”
Jiang Ning said, “I will go in and explore and come out. There will be no danger, don’t worry.”
“If there is danger, I will retreat as soon as possible .”
He Promised.
As soon as he finished speaking, before Jiang Ning could continue speaking, Brother Dog turned pale, suddenly raised his head and looked at a figure flashing in the distance.

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