Billionaire God of War

Chapter: 2217

Those eyes kept looking at the backs of Jiang Ning and others until they disappeared.
Wow-the savage walked out, covered in thick hair, I don’t know how many years he hasn’t taken care of it, it looks messy.
He laughed, looked down at his appearance, and reached out to scratch his hair and beard, “Unexpectedly, I was treated as a savage.”
He didn’t expect anyone to come here, this kind of place. , Ordinary people can’t get in.
“I see the sun again.”
He sighed long, “That bastard dared to come out…”
“This world is going to be messed up again? Pa Pa Pa Pa Lu Shi?”

Jiang Ning and others went out of the primeval forest.
He looked back at the dense and dim forest, his expression somewhat complicated.
That savage, he didn’t know who it was, but he could feel that he was definitely not an ordinary person.
Especially the coffin in the castle, is it really that savage?
“Go back and treat the wound first.”
Jiang Ning said.
He took a deep look at the forest, didn’t care any more, turned around and took the dog and them away.
It can be determined that the lines on the fist sheet are the correct map route. That’s it. If the goal is achieved, Jiang Ning does not want to make innocent sacrifices.
Soon, Jiang Ning first took Brother Gou and others to treat the wound, then boarded the plane and returned to the East China Sea.
And deep in the forest.
The savage returned to his castle, walked into the underground space, looked at his coffin, his expression was a little complicated.
He didn’t know that it had been too long, and the time he slept was too long.
“It’s time to open again,”
he murmured, “I don’t know how many people will die this time.”
He stretched out his hand and gently stroked the coffin, with a touch of self-deprecation on his face.
“I’m afraid, this coffin won’t be prepared for nothing.”
After speaking, he laughed.
He bent down, took out something from the inner wall of the coffin, stuffed it into his arms, and then turned and strode away, not at all missing the huge castle here.

At that time.
A remote corner.
No one knows where this is, not even Mr. Lang himself.
His injury is not light.
First, he was ambushed by Brother Dog and the others. Under the equivalent of explosives, he was still alive. It was indeed very powerful. Later, he was chased by Fang Qiu and the others. Mr. Lang felt that he was so old and he had never been so embarrassed. .
“This world is really different from the past, but the danger is still the same.”
He took a deep breath and handled his injuries.
In that case, Mr. Lang could also escape, and his body was intact, which is really amazing.
“Cough cough cough!”
He coughed violently, and a few days of cultivation made him at least regain his ability to move.
He raised his head and looked into the distance, his eyes gradually becoming sharp.
“The old things in the west must have known that I’m back.”
Mr. Lang gritted his teeth, “Since I have to start, then come.”
“This time it is life or death, it depends on everyone’s good fortune, anyway, this world No matter how messy it is, it has nothing to do with me!” In Mr. Lang’s eyes, a trace of hideousness flashed.
He didn’t expect that the world had undergone such a huge change, and he didn’t expect that in this environment, there could still be such powerful masters as Jiang Ning.
If it weren’t for running fast, once Jiang Ning caught up, I was afraid that he would be dead.
“The martial arts in the Ji Dao fist manual are so powerful. We didn’t realize it back then.”
He snorted, a little unwilling, but didn’t really care about it.
For them, the more important thing is the map on the boxing score, where the direction that guides is the real road of martial arts, allowing them to open the road and get the most important things.
Mr. Lang put aside his distracting thoughts and slowly closed his eyes. At this moment, he really opened the door when he was thinking about those things. At that time, it was a fight between some old guys. Jiang Ning was not qualified to intervene.
All he has to do is to enter that place and bring that thing out.
Only in this way can people be saved.

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