Billionaire God of War

Chapter: 2234

Now the appearance of the old naughty boy is another.
Jiang Ning felt that he had opened a Pandora’s Box, and no one knew what would come out of it.
“Professor Lu Jing will tell me about any major discoveries.”
Jiang Ning shook his head, “Stare more over there. If he has any needs, fully support and cooperate with him.”
Huang Yuming nodded.
“I’ll go home first.”
Jiang Ning’s eyes softened, “The child is about to be born, I am afraid I can’t leave the East China Sea now.”
Things seem to be all over.
Of course, the most important thing is definitely the birth of the child.
The safety of mother and child is Jiangning’s most important task now.
To this end, Huang Yuming and the others also made preparations early, mobilized a large number of manpower, arranged the East China Sea, and ensured that there would be no problems around the Lin Family Villa.
“Don’t worry, the child is a blessing. His arrival is a joyous event for the entire Donghai.”
Huang Yuming said.
Jiang Ning said nothing, and immediately repented of the Lin Family Villa.
Accompanying the woman he loves most, looking forward to the arrival of the child, is what he most wants to do now, as for other things, he will put aside those that can be put aside.
All the preparations are ready, the best doctor, the best nursing, and the world, the most powerful man, are by Lin Yuzhen’s side at this moment, protecting her and her child at any time.
“It’s coming soon .” It was a few days before the due date. Lin Yu could really feel that the baby was about to be born soon, but the stomach hadn’t started yet and there was no reaction.
Thinking about it, it is really not easy to walk this way. I almost died and I almost didn’t see the child. At this moment, she cherishes her.
“Yeah, we will see the little guy soon,”
Jiang Ning gently encircled Lin Yuzhen’s stomach. With his current perception ability, he could already feel that the child in his stomach seemed to be interacting with him. The little hand was on his belly, and across the belly, he touched Jiang Ning’s hand.
This feeling is so wonderful.
at the same time.
Mr. Lang changed his face again.
He would immediately replace those who were seen by Jiang Ning, because there are so many high-tech things in this world that he does not understand.
He knew that as long as Jiang Ning had seen this face, Jiang Ning would have a way to capture his whereabouts at all times. This was not what Mr. Lang wanted to see.
At this moment, he has an Eastern face again. He is still used to this kind of face. He sits on the upper seat of the hall, and the people below are extremely religious.
Their eyes were loose, as if they had been emptied of their souls, without their own consciousness, completely observing Mr. Lang’s arrangements.
“Are you sure?”
Mr. Lang squinted his eyes. “Is the expected date of delivery in these few days?”
“I am sure, it will be five days later.”
His subordinate? Waiter Wu Erlu Luzhe? Humane.
“We are not far from the East China Sea. Jiang Ning would never have imagined that we would be here, waiting to give him a fatal blow!”
Mr. Lang smiled, his face gradually becoming ferocious, like a poisonous snake!
“If you don’t experience the pain of losing your beloved, how can you desperately search for the longevity pool.”
“The world is suffering, you should feel the same way to truly understand me.”
He stood up, showing a weird smile. Even a little evil.
“Be prepared, his child is born, we will give him a big gift!”
Mr. Lang looked long, he did not want to go to this point, did not want to return to this dunya, did not want to see those old friends in the past, did not want to mess with Trouble, don’t want to provoke these difficult guys.
But there is no way, he has no retreat options, no other options!
“Jiang Ning, I’m sorry, I need to use you, I can only use this method, hahahahaha!”

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