Billionaire God of War

Chapter: 2314

Jiang Ning took a deep breath, dare not to imagine, such a huge step, so high, what is on this step?
He hesitated for a moment, then took a step, and walked up the first step. In an instant, his face changed drastically!
“Not good!”
Jiang Ning immediately thought about it, only to find that he could not get off anymore. When he had this idea in his mind, his feet seemed to be nailed to the stone steps, completely unable to move!
He can only go up?
“It’s a terrible step.”
Jiang Ning felt that his feet were obviously heavier. “The gravity here is different?”
He suddenly found that standing on this step, the burden of his body has slightly changed. The feeling has obviously become heavier, precisely because the gravity on this step is different.
He tried to climb another step, sure enough!
Gravity is even stronger!
The feeling of the feet is obviously heavier.
“Where is this place?”
Jiang Ning couldn’t help but said, “So weird, gravity can change?”
He had never seen such a mysterious and weird place, if there were no steps, it would become heavier. How terrible is the top step?
A terrible thought suddenly flashed in his mind, and there was an urge to go to the top and take a look.
Each step is a new environment, like a layer of heaven.
“I don’t seem to be able to go down either.”
Jiang Ning had no other choice.
He has no retreat, because he can’t retreat, so he can only move forward.
He climbed up the fifth steps in one breath, looked up at the top which was still far away, his heart beating faster, the gravity here was still twice as strong as the first layer, that is to say, his legs were bearing the weight and the pressure was endured. , Is also twice as much as before!
It’s like, I have another person on my back, who is the same weight as my own.
“It’s so terrible that the gravity field can be changed. How exactly is this done?”
He knows that the current technology can do this, but like this, it looks just ordinary. The stone steps in China have clearly constructed different gravitational fields. This is impossible for humans, nor can science and technology.
Jiang Ning tried to use the pattern to decompose, but it was still the same, completely unable to see through.
Now it is impossible to go down, and it is unknown to go up. If the gravitational field keeps getting stronger, how many steps will it take, can one’s body be able to withstand it?
These are all things Jiang Ning needs to consider.
He stood there, stayed there for a while, and decided to continue walking up, he also wanted to try, how strong the gravity field here can be, and he can walk to the next few steps.
And what is the top of this step!
Could it be that the longevity pool is above this?
When this idea appeared in his mind, Jiang Ning couldn’t help being a little excited, and he felt more and more that his guess was correct!
At the same time.
Greedy Wolf also lost his way.
After the thick fog gradually dissipated, he found that Jiang Ning was gone, and he couldn’t even feel Jiang Ning’s breath. Seeing the ruined walls around him, he was certain that a fierce war had happened here.
All the people here are dead, none of them are left!
Extremely tragic!
“What the hell is this place? Where is the longevity pool?”
Greedy Lang looked around again, cautious and careful, not daring to be careless.
He doesn’t care about anything now, just wants to find the longevity pond as soon as possible, get immortality, and leave this ghost place!
Suddenly, Greedy Wolf’s face changed, and a cloud of black energy floated and sinked not far away, as if it was intentionally attracting Greedy Wolf to pass.
He stopped immediately, where he dared to approach easily.
In such a weird place, if you are not careful, you may lose your life!
“What the hell is that!”
Greedy Wolf couldn’t help but said.
Before he turned away, a faint voice came.
“I’ve been waiting for you… a long time.”

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