Billionaire God of War

Chapter: 2323

Jiang Ning looked up, but no one saw it.
This voice seemed to sound directly in his mind.
“Who are you?”
Jiang Ning shouted.
“Young man, I have been waiting for you for a long time.” The voice sounded again, still echoing in Jiang Ning’s mind, as if that person had already gotten into his heart!
As long as you are aware of it, you can have a conversation without seeing people at all.
Jiang Ning sat on the dragon chair, before he had come to feel the changes in his body, suddenly an inexplicable memory suddenly exploded in his mind!
Jiang Ning couldn’t help yelling, as if his head was about to explode.
“You and I are predestined, everything in Tiangong will be given to you.”
After the voice sounded, there was no more information.
Jiang Ning leaned on the dragon chair and took a deep breath. Suddenly there was a memory in his mind, which caused his face to change slightly. The scenes and scenes were quickly flipped…
“Here… is the Tiangong?” It really is the Tiangong!
Such a place actually exists!
The memory in my mind shows how prosperous this place once was, but one day, someone suddenly came here and destroyed it!
He could see that a vague figure led everyone to resist, but in the end he could not resist it. The battlefield was fierce, fighting to the end, and there were countless casualties!
He saw everyone retreating to the last line of defense. Behind him was a pond exuding aura.
“Chang Sheng? Shan Ran Wu Shi Er Ai Wu Zhe? Chi?”
Jiang Ning opened his eyes, “That is the Chang Sheng Chi?”
He didn’t care to think about these weird things, and immediately got up and headed in the direction in his memory.
Just behind this hall, there is a garden, like other places, it has been destroyed long ago, ruined walls are everywhere, and a pond in front of me has long since dried up.
Jiang Ning stood there, silent for a moment, and couldn’t help sighing.
“Even the Heavenly Palace is gone, how could this pond still be preserved.”
This is the lifeblood of the Heavenly Palace. The reason why the pool of water can continue to gush out is because the Heavenly Palace is still there, and the anger is still there. But now, the Heavenly Palace is destroyed. , Where is there any anger?
Jiang Ning frowned, a little disappointed.
Coming here with great pains, after nine deaths, almost lost his life here, but as a result, the longevity pool dried up.
How to save the old urchin without the water of the longevity pond?
He can’t just watch the old naughty boy die.
That way, Jiang Yao was so sad.
Standing in front of the longevity pool, Jiang Ning did not speak for a long time, and the disappointment on his face could not be concealed in the slightest.
A slight noise made Jiang Ning look up.
A small hole in the center of the pool made a sound. He fixed his eyes and saw that it was a cluster of small water splashes!
The water in the pond hasn’t dried up yet?
There is one last touch!
Jiang Ning immediately jumped down and rushed to the hole, and he could see a tiny splash of water gently emerging from the hole. Although it was small, there were still some!
He immediately stretched out his finger, a little white light, instantly floating on his fingertips.
“this is?”
Jiang Ning only realized it at this moment. He had just experienced a miraculous thing on the dragon chair, which caused a huge change in his body. Even his dantian was very different.
He looked at this white light on his fingertips, he didn’t need his control at all, as if there was life, his thoughts appeared on the fingers.
Jiang Ning touched the spray with his finger, and the ground shook suddenly!
He jumped up, and suddenly, water splashed and gushing out!
What a big splash!
The longevity pool seemed to have been lit by the white light on his fingers. At this moment, it was burning blazingly, and the spray of water burst into the sky.
“It’s not dry!”

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