Billionaire God of War

Chapter: 2335

Greedy wolf explained hurriedly: “No, how could it be possible!”
He knew that he had made a mistake last time, and he did not expect Yumeng to remember it for so long.
“I’m sorry.”
He said seriously, “I know I did something wrong, it’s because I love you, I can’t accept it, you become someone else’s woman, I…”
Yumeng shook his head: “I have always been his woman.”
Greedy Wolf took a deep breath, suppressing his anger.
He doesn’t want to hear such words, he gets angry when he hears it, and can’t help but want to kill!
But in front of him, this woman is his favorite, even if she did something wrong, he can forgive, no matter what.
“Looking at the wolf.” Yumeng still shook his head, “Don’t be stubborn anymore, okay, what I love? Pa Ai Ling Erxi love to cover? It is him, always always, no matter how you change, you can’t replace him The position in my heart.”
“Even though , he is dead.”
“Why? Why!”
Greedy Wolf insisted, “Where am I inferior to him? My strength is not worse than him, he is dead in my hands! ”
He was a little excited. After a hundred years, did he still lose?”
Even if that guy is dead, Yumeng still can’t forget him, so why!
Yumeng did not speak, but looked at the greedy wolf’s eyes, with some sympathy and pity, and when he saw the greedy wolf, his heart sank suddenly.
He was tough for a lifetime, until today, he has become even stronger, but unexpectedly, he couldn’t win the heart of this woman.
Thinking of this, Greed Wolf was not angry, but calmed down.
“I won’t give up.”
He looked at Yumeng and said, “Stay with me. At least, if you survive, I still have hope.”
Yumeng still did not speak.
She would rather die by herself without knowing anything, she couldn’t bear to look at the greedy wolf like this.
Why bother.
“At least, give me a chance,”
Greed Wolf said, “can you understand my opportunities better, okay?”
“One year, only one year, if I can’t change, then I will let you leave and never bother you anymore. You.”
Yumeng nodded.
Greedy wolf did not have a trace of disrespect, did not feel that his strength was stronger, and did not put Yumeng in his eyes. His respect, from beginning to end, dare not blaspheme!
He knew that Yumeng didn’t like to be close to her. He always kept a distance, didn’t touch her, didn’t affect her mood, and gave her full freedom.
Except for not loving himself, Greed Wolf has no slightest dissatisfaction with Yumeng.
Greedy Wolf brought Yumeng back to the crypt, and added another place beside his throne, which was enough to show his importance to Yumeng.
The masters of the Eighteen Palaces must treat Yumeng respectfully.
“I have seen Miss Yumeng!”
everyone shouted in unison.
Yumeng sat there and turned to look at Greedy Wolf.
“They respect you as much as they respect me.”
Greedy Wolf said.
“From today, see her as if you see me!”
He shouted loudly, and the main hall master shouted in unison: “Yes!” The momentum is magnificent!
The whole hall is reverberating.
Yumeng didn’t expect that Greed Wolf had become so powerful now, how much stronger than before, especially, she never knew this place.
She didn’t know what to do to respond, but when she didn’t speak, those people kept kneeling, and she had no choice but to nod.
“Get up.”
“Thank you, Miss Yumeng !” said the host of the Eighteenth Hall in unison.
Yumeng knew that this was the first thing Greedy Wolf wanted to do for herself.
But she didn’t know what Greedy Wolf was going to do next, where was this cavern, what identities these people were, everything seemed to be a mystery.
at the same time.
East China Sea.
Jiang Ning walked out of the study. For several days, he stayed in the study, sorting out the extra memory in his head.
The crypt, the heavenly palace, and the wolf greedy, these three words constantly echoed in his mind.

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