Billionaire God of War

Chapter: 2468

“What are you going to do to bring me here?”
Yumeng looked at the greedy wolf and couldn’t help asking.
Greedy wolf said that he wanted to survive, so what good was it to come to such a lifeless place.
“I need you to use the traction technique to draw out the remnants of the soul in this desert and inject it into my body.”
Greedy wolf looked at Yumeng.
“You are crazy!”
Yumeng shook his head directly, “This way you die faster!”
Her face changed, and she turned her head to feel the breath of these storms, and then she suddenly realized that there were many remnants of souls floating in the desert, and she felt the past carefully, and there were still a lot of them!
Not to mention so much, even if it is one or two remnants of souls, forcibly introduced into Greedy Wolf’s body, I am afraid it will make Greedy Wolf die faster.
She shook her head and refused directly.
“You don’t want to live, you want to die!”
“I won’t help you.”
She was leaving immediately.
This is simply not a way to save greedy wolves.
“Even if I am going to die, I want to die in your hands.”
Greedy wolf said, “Yumeng, do me this favor.”
Yumeng stopped and looked at the greedy wolf deeply.
“Do you know how dangerous this is?”
“You already have the remnant soul of the devil in your body, and then introduce other remnants. Your body will definitely not be able to stand it. You are like this…”
She feels that greedy wolves must die!
This is not a way to save lives at all, but a way to lose one’s life.
He is absolutely crazy, greedy wolf must be crazy.
“You do not understand,”
Greedy Wolf smiled bitterly, “If my body is controlled by the Demon King, then the world will suffer. I think Jiang Ning should have told you?”
Yumeng did not speak.
Jiang Ning did tell her, and she knew it, and even had some contradictions, she didn’t want this world to collapse, but she didn’t want to see the greedy wolf die.
“This method is a life of nine deaths. If it succeeds, I live, and at the same time, it can wipe out the remnant soul of the Demon King. If it fails, I die with the Demon King. The world is safe. Isn’t it a good thing?”
He looked at Yumeng and smiled, “Really, if it were to die in your hands, I would be very happy.”
Yumeng’s eyes were a little red.
She didn’t understand why Greedy Wolf had to go to this point. If she chose another path from the beginning, it might not be like this today, but she knew that Greedy Wolf is Greedy Wolf, and he would never regret it. thing.
“Have you really decided?”
Greedy Wolf nodded.
“Only you can help me with this matter, Yumeng.”
Greedy Wolf seemed very calm, as if he didn’t care even if he died in the next second.
People like him are so crazy, not afraid of death at all.
Yumeng walked in front of Greedy Wolf with firm eyes.
After speaking, she took a deep breath and said nothing.
Greedy Wolf smiled, nodded, and immediately began to prepare.
The yellow sand flying in the sky, mixed with countless remnants of souls, they are roaring, struggling, and their teeth and claws are frightening to watch!
But Greedy Wolf looked at them with a smile and a sense of control in his hands.
He is not afraid, even people who are not afraid of death, what else would they fear?
“It’s about to start.”
Greedy wolf said.
He sat there cross-legged, and the yellow sand around him couldn’t get close. The wind blew his long hair and fluttered. Suddenly, his whole body was wide open, extremely violent!
“bring it on!”
He yelled.
Yumeng stood in front of him, opened his hands, and an invisible and intangible weird ripple spread away in an instant.
The entire space trembled slightly, and immediately, the remnants of the souls in the yellow sand seemed to have received some kind of instruction, and they all rushed towards the greedy wolf.
He seems to have become a container, all the remnants of souls are vying to get into his body!
The wolf-greedy heavy pupils watched the hideous remnants of the soul flying in, and his eyes were instantly crazy: “Come on! Come on!”.

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