Billionaire God of War

Chapter: 344

If it hadn’t been for the old man that Yang Luolin was the heir, he would have liked Yang Xiao to pick him up.
“If Yang Luolin doesn’t live up to it, this Yang family still doesn’t know who will pick it up in the future!”
When Yang Dong is gone, the Yang family is afraid that it will be messed up. If the two brothers and sisters compete, they will have a headache.
the other side.
Yang Xiao, naked, lying on the bed, her hair messy, and the makeup on her face was even more useless, she didn’t care at all.
The two handsome men beside him lie on one side obediently, stroking her beautiful back to please her.
“Go away.”
Yang Xiao lost his mobile phone and cursed. The two men immediately got up and left, their faces full of fear, and they did not dare to complain.
In front of Yang Xiao, they were nothing but toys.
If you are happy to serve Yang Xiao, then they can live very well, if it makes Yang Xiao unhappy, then they will lose their lives!
Yang Xiao got out of the bed, his tall figure is almost sexier than those models, because he regularly exercises, his skin is tight, and even the abdominal muscles can be seen faintly.
She stood in front of the mirror, looking at her body, but snorted coldly.
“If I were a man, what would happen to Yang Luolin.”
Yang Xiao picked up the clothes on the floor and put them on casually, then picked up the phone and dialed the number.
“Where is Yang Luolin?”
“It’s gone.”
On the other end of the phone, he was obviously staring at Yang Luolin, and he quickly answered, “After entering Tianhai, his whereabouts began to be unaccounted for yesterday. He transferred two people from Yang’s house and their whereabouts were also unknown.”
Yang Xiao frowned slightly: “Is it dead?”
She burst into laughter, her body trembling, and the parts that jumped up and down would surely burst into blood if someone saw her!
“Dead? That’s great, I don’t need to do it anymore.”
Yang Xiao said coldly, “The heir of the Yang family is dead, then besides me, who else can inherit?”
“Send me all the information.”
“Yes, eldest sister, besides, a few manufacturers have come to Tianhai Provincial City. It is said that they have signed a cooperation agreement with Yang Luolin. Now they are looking for the Yang family.”
“Have you arrived at Yang’s house?”
“not yet.”
“bring it here.”
Yang Xiao ordered without hesitation.
She is very good-looking, but her eyes are cold like a snake.
Yang Xiao is completely different from the simple and kind-hearted Lin Yuzhen because he is patriarchal and hates his family.
She was cruel and cruel to the extreme. In Jianzhou, no one had ever dared to provoke her. Even some underground bosses were nothing but her everything, which she had been raising with money.
“Yang Dong, Yang Dong, Yang Luolin is dead, are you disappointed?”
Yang Xiao sneered, and a trace of disdain and resentment flashed in his eyes, “Others think you are the grandson who died. Who knows that your son is the one who died?”
If someone hears this kind of words, it will definitely shock the whole Jianzhou!
This Yang Luolin is not Yang Huang’s son, but Yang Dong’s son, Yang Huang’s brother?
Who would have thought that Yang Dong would actually put a green hat on his son.
Yang Dong has a strong desire for family control, and he only allows his children to inherit the family business, even his grandchildren.
Therefore, his own daughter-in-law, he did not let it go, and occupied her earlier than his own son!
“It’s a pity, the Yang family, it’s mine now.”
Yang Xiao laughed wildly, just like her title outside, a madwoman, domineering and arrogant, “I don’t know who killed Yang Luolin, I have to thank others!”

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