Billionaire God of War

Chapter: 533

Gao Yali wanted to reach out to cover Gao Cheng’s mouth, and Gao Bin wanted to break Gao Cheng’s neck directly!
This bastard, dare to say anything!
Or did you say in front of Jiang Ning that the Gao family is great?
What a great mother!
Jiang Ning smiled.
He glanced at Gao Cheng, and immediately, his eyes fell on Gao Yali’s body, seeing two people, scalp tingling!
“The Gao family, it seems to be really amazing.”
Jiang Ning said lightly, but like a heavy hammer, it slammed on the heart of Gao Yali’s brother, making them have the urge to vomit blood.
“Yes, yes, do you only know now?”
Without waiting for Gao Yali’s two brothers to speak, Gao Cheng continued to sneer, “I’m telling you, it’s late!”
“To shut up!”
Gao Yali couldn’t bear it anymore.
If Gao Cheng continues to talk nonsense like this, their Gao family will definitely not survive tonight.
That’s it!
It’s really over!
The good situation of the Gao family might be completely destroyed by Gao Cheng’s bastard in a few words.
She didn’t know how angry Jiang Ning was at the moment, that was not something her Gao family could bear!
Gao Cheng thought that this shut up was Gao Yali scolding Jiang Ning.
He snorted and gloated, wanting to see what Jiang Ning would end up with.
What a wise move to offend the Gao family, Jiang Ning will only know if he is dead.
Qin Mu, who stood beside him, was even more proud.
He shook his head, looked at Jiang Ning coldly, and said in his heart: “A little driver, I don’t know whether he lives or die. Even the Gao family dares to offend. Now, even your Lin group is going to be unlucky.”
“Miss Lin, I’m so sorry that this happened,”
Gao Yali’s mind turned quickly. It would be useless for her to intercede with Jiangning. She knew Jiangning’s temper. As long as Jiangning got angry, the Gao family would be completely finished!
“Today’s reception has invited people from all walks of life in Shenghai. Later, I will introduce Miss Lin one by one. What do you think?”
Lin Yuzhen was shocked, knowing that the two Gao Yali brothers and sisters in front of him were obviously not ordinary, and the people around them became nervous when they saw them.
But they seem to be very polite to themselves.
Lin Yuzhen glanced at Jiang Ning, and when he saw that he hadn’t spoken, he nodded and said, “Okay, that’s a lot of work.”
Immediately, Gao Yali turned her head to look at Su Yun again, putting on a smiling face: “Little sister, you are welcome, if you have any needs, just speak up.”
Su Yun seemed very calm, but she knew that the woman in front of her was completely in awe of her brother-in-law Jiang Ning!
Surprisingly, there are still people in front of her, speaking ill of her brother-in-law.
Does that Gao Cheng have a bag in his head?
“Thank you sister.”
Su Yun didn’t care about those, she had only those delicacies in her eyes now.
Gao Yali took a deep breath and settled down. Lin Yuzhen and Su Yun looked at Jiang Ning, “Can you take a step to speak?”
Jiang Ning did not object.
Gao Yali beckoned, and all the black people around him retreated. With Gao Bin here, no one thought Jiang Ning could make any waves.
VIP room.
Jiang Ning walked in and sat straight on the main seat, and Gao Cheng suddenly became angry.
“Are you looking for death?”
He angrily scolded, “This is not a position for your little driver to sit in. Get out of here, otherwise…”
“shut up!”
Gao Yali scolded angrily.
She looked at Gao Cheng coldly, “Isn’t it embarrassing enough?”
Gao dumbfounded.
Go Yali even scolded him?
He is maintaining the prestige of the Gao family!
It’s just a small driver, what do you do with him so politely? Just kill it and throw it out.

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