Billionaire God of War

Chapter: 574

at the same time.
Shenghai, calm and calm.
This time, the power of the Thunderbolt of the Gao family directly saved the second young master of the Song family, making the people in the north feel jealous.
In a short period of time, no one dared to enter Shenghai again. Everyone knew that coming when the Gao family wanted to establish their prestige was no different from looking for death.
Even if the Gao family can be destroyed, the price paid is extremely unworthy, and it may even be a wedding dress for others.
Everything is handled by the Gao family, and Jiang Ning is happy to take it easy.
He didn’t want to waste too much energy here, but he didn’t have so much time.
“My wife, I’m hungry.”
Jiang Ning saw that Lin Yuzhen was in the study, sorting out the documents. It had been a long time, touched his belly and couldn’t help but said, “We’ve all been to this place where Shenghai can eat. I really miss my mother’s dishes now.”
He didn’t say that it was okay, when Lin Yuzhen said that Lin Yuzhen’s stomach groaned.
When I think of Su Mei’s food, I can’t help it.
“Brother-in-law, don’t tell me, can you do it!”
Su Yun, who was sitting on the side, almost cried, “I want to go back to the East China Sea, I want to go home! Eat the dishes made by my aunt and my mother!”
“Agou! Send the legend of the provincial capital back to the East China Sea!”
Jiang Ning shouted immediately.
He was eager for this girl’s film, so he hurriedly got out of it and used it as a light bulb every day, so he didn’t have the vision.
Hearing this, Su Yun immediately jumped off the sofa and ran to Lin Yuzhen pitifully, facing Jiang Ning with a cold eyebrow.
“Sister! I’m talking for fun, you need someone to accompany you in Shenghai, I don’t worry, I must accompany you!”
In Shenghai, there are eating and drinking, as well as the legend of Shenghai Gao Bin. From time to time, we exchange and exchange ideas. Where can I find such a fun place?
Even if he eats takeaway every day, Su Yun is happy!
Jiang Ning snorted, ignoring Su Yun, anyway, this girl is not a normal person, only the ghost knows how difficult it is to guess the so-called girl’s heart.
“Boom boom boom.”
The door rang and Huang Yuming came.
He greeted Lin Yuzhen and went to Jiang Ning.
“Brother, there is something wrong with Donghae.”
The expression on Jiang Ning’s face immediately became serious, and there was no smile to quarrel with Su Yun.
“Let’s go, greedy cat, let’s go and see what’s delicious.”
Lin Yu was really sensible, knowing that Huang Yuming had something to tell Jiang Ning, nodded to Jiang Ning, and took Su Yun out first.
Sitting on the sofa, Jiang Ning poured a cup of tea for Huang Yuming.
“what’s the situation?”
“Northern Song Family, someone is here, so I went straight to the East China Sea to find me,”
Huang Yuming found it a little funny, especially the people of the Song family. Their lofty attitude seems to have not yet clearly recognized the situation. “Externally, I am the master of the underground circle of the East China Sea. I don’t know where the Song family learned the news, Sheng Hai. The turbulence in the East China Sea is related to our Forbidden Land in the East China Sea, so I went straight to the door.”
“Young Master Song Family, Song Gang, want to make a deal with us, or rather, give us a chance.”
Jiang Ning smiled.
Give him a chance?
In this world, a few people dare to say this and give him Jiang Ning a chance.
He has always been Jiang Ning, giving others a chance!
“what chance?”
Jiang Ning asked.
“Let us have the opportunity to enter the north and make a big family.”
Huang Yuming couldn’t help himself, and laughed directly, “But the premise is that we are to vacate the underground circle of Shenghai, and even the forbidden land of the East China Sea must be given half control of them!”

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