Billionaire God of War

Chapter: 653

He did not expect that the eighteenth family would be bullied!
From a distance, I saw someone doing something to my eighteenth parents, and the dog was furious!
He handed the urn in his hand to Jiang Ning, and the whole person was like a tiger, rushing directly, the murderous look in his eyes was like a boiling frenzy!
“Who the fuck are you…ah!”
The person who took the lead, even before he finished speaking, he flew out!
The chin was crooked in an instant!
He fell to the ground with a scream, blood splashing.
“Dare to do it? Kill him!”
When the other people saw it, the thunder was furious. No one had ever dared to do anything with them. Seeing that the dog dared to hit someone, they didn’t have a trace of politeness. They picked up the stick on the ground and headed for the dog!
The long stick was smashed down, but the dog didn’t hide, he raised his hand and held the stick abruptly.
The stick broke and broke into two with a snap!
The person with the long stick in his hand shook his heart suddenly, and when he looked up, he saw the eyes of Brother Gou, enough to kill him, and he couldn’t help but feel a panic of fear.
Who the hell is this person?
Brother Gou didn’t talk nonsense at all, he flew directly with one punch.
He roared, like a mad leopard, with several punches, directly knocking all those people to the ground!
If it weren’t for this, he really wanted to smash their heads directly!
The few people fell to the ground, screaming again and again, looking at Brother Dog in horror, watching the few people who came by.
They don’t know who these people are, so they dare to do something with them.
Liu Yang got up from the ground and saw the urn in Jiang Ning’s hand, as if he realized something, tears fell when his lips moved.
Jiang Ning walked over and handed the urn to Liu Yang with both hands. She opened her mouth and was about to speak. The eighteen mother who stood up suddenly spoke.
“Xiaohui? Is Xiaohui back?”
She looked expectant and worried, for fear of getting a negative answer.
Liu Yang couldn’t stop his tears, a man in his fifties shed tears!
He was about to answer, Jiang Ning shook his head, took a step forward, grabbed Eighteen’s mother’s hand, and imitated Eighteen’s voice: “Mom, I’m home.”
In an instant, Brother Gou and the others, all red eyes.
“Xiaohui! It’s Xiaohui’s voice!”
The eighteenth mother, weeping with joy, quickly grasped Jiang Ning’s hand, as if her son would leave when she let go.
Jiang Ning turned his head and glanced at Brother Gou, and Brother Gou immediately understood. Several people stepped forward, without a trace of politeness, covering the mouths of those gangsters, and dragged them out.
Liu Yang looked at Jiang Ning, holding the eighteenth urn in both hands, and his body trembled terribly, but he still moved his lips. Although he didn’t dare to make a sound, he still used his mouth and said thank you.
“You brat, why haven’t you been home for so long? Do you know how worried I am?”
The eighteenth mother laughed while crying, “You also brought your friends back?”
“Well, they are all my brothers, take me home.”
Jiang Ning held the eighteenth mother’s hand, “Mom, I will help you into the house.”
“Old man, don’t be stunned, look forward to Xiaohui’s return every day, he’s back, why don’t you say a word? Go cooking! There are guests at home!”
“Hello Auntie!”
The old five shouted in unison.
“Eh! Eh! Don’t be polite when you get home, don’t be polite!”
Eighteenth mother is happier.
Jiang Ning helped her eighteenth mother enter the house.
Lao Wu walked up to Liu Yang with red eyes: “Uncle, I’m sorry, we didn’t protect Xiaohui.”
Liu Yang’s Adam’s apple slid and looked at the old fifth, “He didn’t do bad things, right?”
“No, he is the hero of East Sea City,”
The fifth child knows what Liu Yang is asking, “I swear with my life, he is worthy of everyone’s respect.”
Liu Yang nodded, tears couldn’t help falling, but he didn’t let out a single cry. That old face, as if he was a teenager all of a sudden, hugged the eighteenth urn tightly, shaking his body.
“Go home! Go home! Son is home!”

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