Billionaire God of War

Chapter: 708

at the same time.
Lin’s propaganda is almost overwhelming!
Leave no effort!
Because Lin Yuzhen has strong confidence in this new product, this product that meets their first-class standards can definitely detonate the northern market.
“It can not only maintain, but also repair the effect. After the drug is absorbed, it will also help to improve the skin mechanism. More importantly, even if it reaches the first-level standard, it is enough to compare with those big brands, or even exceed them, but in terms of price, Still has a great advantage!”
Ye Qingwu was shocked. He admired Lin’s R&D ability and was able to develop such a good product in such a short period of time. “Once this product is put on the market, it’s hard to imagine it!”
She turned her head, her eyes brightened: “Yuzhen, how did you do it?”
She couldn’t believe it.
This will be a product that can be made by a company that has been established for less than a year.
“Because we have talents, talents in all aspects, top talents!”
Lin Yu said proudly.
Moreover, these talents truly regard Lin’s family as their own, and take Lin’s career as their own.
Such a burst of energy is extremely amazing!
She hugged Jiang Ning: “Especially this talent, with him, no matter how difficult it is, we can’t be bothered.”
Ye Qingwu stopped talking.
I have never seen such an arrogant one, let alone. I used to be ashamed to call her husband Jiangning in public. Now she rarely calls her husband by name, and he calls her husband Jiangning directly in the company!
She sympathized with the employees like Xiao Zhao, the secretary, not to mention working overtime, and she had to eat Lin Yuzhen’s dog food every day.
Is there any reason for this?
It seems that Lin’s entry into the northern market, detonating the northern market, and even the rise, against the Linglong Group, seems possible.
Even, many people who were not optimistic about the Lin family before, are now turning their heads and opening their mouths to support the Lin family.
More and more orders came to contact actively, and within a short period of time, Lin’s production capacity reached saturation.
Lin Yuzhen faintly felt that something was wrong, as if someone was secretly helping to push it, so that Lin’s heat continued to rise, almost stepping into the clouds!
But Jiang Ning told her that there was no need to worry about anything, and Lin Yu was really relieved.
Lin Yuzhen controlled the Lin family and executed it according to the plan in an orderly manner.
And Jiang Ning, sitting under the umbrella of the suburban training ground, finished making a pot of tea, and glanced up. At this moment, the breath of Gou and others who passed the third stage training was completely different.
The look alone is enough to shock the Quartet!
After so much and polishing for so long, from the first stage of training, until now, everyone has passed the third stage.
Their improvement is completely beyond description!
That kind of change of temperament from the inside out, I don’t even know how to describe it.
“I tell you, the feeling of standing at the top of the world is great,”
Jiang Ning looked at the crowd and said lightly, “Want to try?”
“miss you!”
Brother Gou and others, shouted in unison!
The third stage of training is completely different from the past.
If the first two stages of training designed by Jiang Ning are just to lay the foundation and use the shortest time to discover the potential of the Gou and others.
Then the purpose of this third stage is to arm them with the most terrifying killer!
There are no complicated moves, but the moves are deadly!
Even just a few simple actions, one punching, one bombing, are all the most beautiful violent aesthetics!
These are all Jiang Ning’s more than ten years of combat experience, and they are the most effective methods that he has summed up.
Today they are warriors, warriors, and the most powerful force to protect the forbidden area of ​​the East China Sea.
Jiang Ning glanced around and nodded.
He knows that Gou and their talents are not too good, but their attitude, their hard work and hard work can be regarded as the strongest talents.
What kind of talent is there in this world that can match perseverance?
“it is good!”
Jiang Ning burst out, “I will take you to the top of the world, from now on!”

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