Billionaire God of War

Chapter: 73

The two burly men, both with short heads and hunky backs, looked crippled.
After speaking, the two left.
“Lin Feng, on our side, we can also do it.”
Lin Feng was very excited.
Jin Ran wants to deal with Lin Yuzhen and them personally, he is happier than anyone else.
The Jin family is a big power in the provincial capital. They want to deal with a newly established company, but it is a matter of one sentence.
“Yu Shao, won’t you participate?”
Lin Feng paused and asked.
Yu Fang went back yesterday, seemingly not interested in attacking Lin Yuzhen.
“Hmph, leave him alone, a trash, as timid as a mouse!”
Jin Ran disdainfully said, “I have already greeted their partners. In the name of my Jin family, if they cooperate with Lin Yuzhen again, then wait to accept the Jin family’s sanctions!”
Lin Feng was very excited: “Young Master Jin, great!”
“Look, within a day, Lin Yuzhen’s capital chain will break, and the company they just established will go bankrupt immediately!”
Jin Ran squinted his eyes and waited for the result.
Do you have to force him to do it? There doesn’t seem to be any sense of accomplishment in dealing with an ant.
It must be cool to wait for Lin Yu to be desperate and kneel in front of him begging for mercy.
“Jin Shao, those partners…”
Lin Feng smiled, “My Lin family also has related industries, I don’t know if it can be given to us?”
“Hmph, this is something you want, I can just say a word.”
Jin Ran looked aloof, “As long as your Lin family is obedient, help us Jin family, and control the market in the East China Sea, then you are my people.”
“Yes Yes Yes!”
When Lin Feng heard this, he bowed respectfully, “Jin Shao is our master. My Lin family absolutely obeys Jin Shao’s instructions!”
Even if it is a dog, it is the dog of the Jin family. In the future, in Donghai City, who can shake the position of the Lin family?
As soon as Lin Yuzhen arrived at the company, several senior executives rushed in and said that something went wrong.
“Thirteen partners have terminated their cooperation and would rather pay liquidated damages than cooperate with us anymore.”
“Now the capital chain is broken all at once, and there are two upstream companies, and the calls for payment have been made before work.”
“They want to unite and destroy our company!”
Several executives did not expect that something like this would happen suddenly. The new Lin family had only just been established, or even just stepped into the track, when such a violent blow came, which had a great impact on the morale of the entire company.
Lin Yu really frowned and didn’t say a word. She knew that someone must have deliberately made a ghost, just trying to ruin them.
The comer is not good!
She immediately went to Lin Wen’s office, and Lin Wen was calling her partner.
“Mr. Zhang, is your sudden withdrawal of capital too much?”
“Our cooperation has always been very smooth. Let’s leave no profit. Mr. Li, I am a little puzzled about your move. Can you tell me why?”
Lin Wen made several calls in succession, but the other party insisted on terminating the cooperation.
His face was pale, he didn’t expect things to become so serious and come so suddenly.
This is clearly a round of siege and blow!
Lin Yuzhen said, “It must be the Lin family.”
She thought for a while and knew that the Lin family did not have such a great energy: “There is also the Jin family in the provincial capital.”
It must be that Jin Ran who did it, otherwise, how could these partners in Donghai City do such a thing.
They can’t afford to offend the Jin family, and once they are suppressed by the Jin family, they will suffer.
At this moment, even if they were unwilling, they had to draw a clear line between Lin Yuzhen and his daughter.
“How is the company now?”
Lin Wen is still calm.
“Funds are tight, downstream cooperation is terminated, remittances cannot be remitted, and upstream dunning continues. We are now uncomfortable.”
Lin Yuzhen’s eyes were a little red.
This company has just entered the track, and there are people who will destroy it, and in this way, it is clear that it is bullying.
“Appease company employees.”
Lin Wen made a decision immediately, “We can definitely make it through.”
“In addition, when seeking bank loans, be sure not to break the capital chain.”
Once the capital chain breaks, everything is over.
“it is good!”
Lin Yuzhen immediately went to make arrangements and called several cooperative banks to seek loan support.

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