Billionaire God of War

Chapter: 817

At that time.
The Qin family’s factory is now at full horsepower, and the newly imported five equipment has once again opened a production line.
Qin Min’s heart was dripping blood, because Jiang Ning hadn’t paid a dime, so he drank the blood of his Qin family!
“Since it is a cooperation, should the cost be shared together?”
Qin Min gritted his teeth, and had the urge to choke Jiang Ning alive. He hadn’t made any profit anymore, just barely enough to maintain the Qin family’s expenses.
“If you are not satisfied, you can cancel the cooperation,”
Jiang Ning opened his hands, “I agree to sign at any time.”
As long as he said these words, Qin Min didn’t have any temper.
Where does Qin Min dare now?
He heard the wind, and the price of his head outside has risen to three million!
Even the people of his Qin family, one by one, have appeared recently, but no one wants to see such a value.
Qin Min brought all the important people in Qin’s family to the factory. Jiang Ning was here. He would feel a little safe. This extremely overbearing guy would never just watch him die, right?
“By the way, did you know that someone hired a killer organization to kill you?”
Qin Min’s Adam’s apple slipped, “But so far no killer has been found.”
“Do you know why?”
Jiang Ning asked him with a smile.
Qin Min swallowed, his throat gurgling.
Jiang Ning stretched out his index finger and pointed to his face, “Because I am here.”
“As long as I’m here, no matter what you pay, it’s worth it, understand?”
Qin Min looked at Jiang Ning steadily for five seconds. He wanted to reply with a rebuttal, but found that nothing could be rebutted. In his mind, subconsciously, he believed that Jiang Ning was telling the truth and there was nothing false!
The man in front of him, even the killer organization is afraid of?
How powerful is the Long Family? It can be so terrible to send any individual. In the North for so many years, he has almost never heard of the Long Family’s connection with the killer organization.
“You promised to keep my Qin family alive. As long as you do, I, Qin Min, naturally has nothing to say, and I am willing to do anything.”
Qin Min took a deep breath. He has nothing to ask for now. As long as the Qin family can keep it, even if those properties are gone, there will still be opportunities in the future.
But if life is gone, no amount of money and resources will make any sense!
“If you are willing to give up, you can have a reward. You are a wise man.”
Jiang Ning, “Smart people often make the right choice.”
“Okay, I believe you.”
Qin Min nodded, “My Qin family’s life is in your hands!”
Even if he didn’t believe in Jiang Ning, he had no choice. This was his only retreat. Jiang Ning forced him to retreat, only this one was left.
Of course Qin Min was angry. Had it not been for that he was not Jiang Ning’s opponent, he would have done it a long time ago.
But at this point, he also calmed down, and he suddenly realized that in the confrontation of the chess game in the north, his own Qin family has always been a pawn!
It’s like a leaf in the ocean, too small!
It would easily be overturned by the waves, sink into the bottom of the sea, and never stand up again. This feeling made Qin Min afraid for a while.
But now, he was forced to choose to rely on Lin and Jiang Ning. On the contrary, it made him feel at ease. Qin Min didn’t know why, and even thought he might be crazy.
“Brother Ning, someone outside the factory is looking for Patriarch Qin.”
The office door rang, and someone pushed in and said respectfully, “It looks like the person who came is not kind.”
Qin Min’s face suddenly changed when he heard these words.
The comer is not good!
I am afraid that some people have found it, maybe even the one behind him, and now he wants to kill himself, kill the Qin family!

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