Billionaire God of War

Chapter: 838

Song Xiaoyu was startled, but did not respond.
Isn’t this game for pitting the dragon’s family?
But looking at it from beginning to end, Jiang Ning’s move was clearly aimed at the Long Family.
Now that so many big-name families have united, and even the Chang family has been pulled into the water, isn’t it just to deal with the Long family?
He dare not say that these people can destroy the Long Family, after all, it is a top-notch family with a deep heritage!
But with such a powerful force, causing the Long Family to bleed heavily, there is definitely no problem.
But Jiang Ning said, what else did this bureau refer to?
“Not the Long Family? Who is that.”
Even if Song Xiaoyu was an extremely smart person, he was confused at the moment.
Jiang Ning laughed, stretched out his fingers and pointed to his face, “This hole was dug for myself.”
Song Xiaoyu was even more confused.
He stared at Jiang Ning blankly, wondering if Jiang Ning was drunk, or was sick with a fever, why he was talking nonsense.
Regardless of Jiang Ningkeng himself, this is all aimed at the Long Family, and Jiang Ning is behind the scenes, and even his face is not leaked. How can such a delicate game become a pit for Jiangning himself.
“Mr. Jiang…”
Song Xiaoyu felt a little frightened, what Jiang Ning said made him seem to be stepping on a steel wire!
Still transparent steel wire!
Because if Jiang Ning didn’t say it, he would never know that Jiang Ning himself would be targeted in this round!
“If you pack your things, don’t stay in the north during this time, otherwise you will definitely not survive.”
Jiang Ning’s words changed Song Xiaoyu’s expression even more.
He released the news that Chang Zai Shan was killed, and Chang Zai Yuan would definitely not keep him alive.
The situation turned sharply, and the change was so fast that he couldn’t react.
What is Jiang Ning going to do?
“Mr. Jiang, I can’t go!”
Song Xiaoyu immediately shook his head and said firmly, “Where is Mr. Jiang, I will be there, no matter how dangerous it is, the Song family is with Mr. Jiang!”
“Not that serious.”
Jiang Ning waved his hand. Seeing Song Xiaoyu’s serious face, as if he was going to bid farewell, he couldn’t help but laughed, “I just want to move all the four top wealthy families. As for how many people will die… I don’t know.”
If he hadn’t had a heart attack, Song Xiaoyu would have to be frightened to death by Jiang Ning!
Leverage the four top wealthy families?
Still don’t know how many people will die?
Is it even more a delicate game to pit yourself?
Song Xiaoyu was completely stunned.
He felt Jiang Ning in front of him, as if he were not in the same world as him. Jiang Ning’s thinking and Jiang Ning’s vision were beyond his imagination!
It was as if he could see things five meters away, but what Jiang Ning saw was thirty meters away!
Do not!
It’s at least fifty meters away!
Song Xiaoyu took a deep breath, calmed himself down, and secretly told himself not to make a fuss about doing things with Jiangning.
“Then, Mr. Jiang, what do I need to do?”
“Collect all the northern families and industries hiding in all parts of the country, especially in monopolistic industries, which occupy a large market share.”
Jiang Ning said every word, as if he was afraid that Song Xiaoyu had remembered a word incorrectly.
With such a serious tone, Song Xiaoyu seemed to understand what Jiang Ning wanted to do.
The water in the north is muddy enough, but the big fish still doesn’t come out because there are not enough bait!
And now, Jiang Ning wanted to create a bait enough to attract those big fish to show up!
Even the four top wealthy families were installed by Jiang Ning!
What a big handwriting!
“After you investigate, Huang Yuming will cooperate with you and be prepared.”
Jiang Ning had a relaxed expression on his face. In contrast with Song Xiaoyu’s approaching enemy, it seemed that this was just a small matter. “Song Xiaoyu, I can tell you that even if the entire north is overturned and the four top wealthy families are destroyed, this, too It’s just the beginning.”

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