Billionaire God of War

Chapter: 970

“Guruguru, hahuhahu…”
Dong Wei’s mouth seemed to be filled with wind, and the pronunciation was not clear at all. Xie Zhen was angry at first, so he hung up the phone because of his patience.
He only heard a few words, Dong Wei didn’t get things done!
This useless dog thing can’t handle even this little thing. What’s the use of raising his dog?
Xie Zhen just sat down and stood up again, his entire face flushed with anger.
On one side are Gao Shi and Zhao Quan. They both want to kick themselves out. On the other hand, they are their own subordinates. Just like trash, they can’t handle a small matter. Isn’t this more of them being used as a handle by Gao Shi?
“I have to do it myself!”
Xie Zhen made a phone call, called out a dozen of his confidants, left the company directly, and hurried towards the place where Watson’s house was.
At the same time.
In Watson’s home, there were a dozen of the most important people in the mining area.
They were all the people who called Watson before and resisted together. Watson was beaten today, which means that they were also targeted.
But at this moment, on their faces, there is no fear, only anger!
“They are too much!”
“Fight with them! They are beasts!”
“Do you really think we are easy to handle?”
A dozen people were extremely angry.
They are not afraid of being beaten, even if they lose their lives, but if they can fight for their own legal rights, can earn money, earn dignity, and make their families live better, they are not afraid of anything!
The hope Jiang Ning gave them was what they yearned for the most so far.
This kind of thing can give them the greatest courage and confidence!
“Mr. Jiang, we fought with them! They are not human at all!”
“Yeah, I immediately summoned my brothers to fight with them!”
Jiang Ning shook his head: “No.”
“You can’t get involved.”
They are the most ordinary workers without any background, and there are some things that they can’t afford.
What’s more, they just want to have a better life. If something goes wrong with them, what will their family do?
Everyone is a pillar, and whose pillar falls, it is a bolt from the blue!
“I’ll take care of this matter. What you have to do is to set up a trade union as soon as possible, formulate corresponding rules and regulations, and strictly require every worker.”
Jiang Ning reminded, “I can tell you that there will definitely be problems and people will make trouble. This is a major issue for everyone. If you don’t handle it properly, everything will be wasted.”
“Who dares to make trouble?”
“I won’t let him go!”
“Yes! Whoever makes trouble is against everyone. We won’t let him have this opportunity!”
Seeing that these dozen people were already a little wary, Jiang Ning was relieved.
He could think of some methods. The several controllers of the Black Star Mining Company must also want to get them. To split them from the worker group, and then break them one by one, they will definitely use this trick.
It’s just that they don’t think about how terrible hope this kind of thing will be once it ignites.
“This is it! Flatten me! Set them on fire!”
Suddenly, outside the door, there was a roar of machines and a roar of disdain.
It’s the sound of a bulldozer!
The engine roars!
Watson’s face changed suddenly, and he was about to rush in from the bed in a panic. Jiang Ning stretched out his hand to stop him.
“There are still people who live and die,”
Jiang Ning’s expression didn’t change the slightest, but murderous in his eyes flashed by, “Then take the account and make it clear!”

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