Billionaire God of War

Chapter: 1033

He thought that everything was under his control, but he didn’t think that he should provoke such a terrifying guy.
Thinking of his arrogant appearance just before Jiang Ning, Mo Bei felt that the blood on his body seemed to be drained!
If it wasn’t for Cheng Fan, how could he make such a mistake.
Cheng Fan yelled, holding his head, dare not say a word.
Mo Bei punched and kicked, except for screaming, where did he dare to resist.
Mo Chenglin yelled and pulled Mo Bei away, “What’s the use of killing him!”
If it was useful to kill Cheng Fan, he would have done it long ago, waiting for Mo Bei to do it?
Mo Bei was panting, his face turned pale, and his hands trembled a little.
“What should I do later? I don’t need me to teach you anymore, right?”
Mo Chenglin said angrily.
At the door, the security guard ran out quickly and glanced at Mo Chenglin.
“Mr. Jiang lets you in.”
“Thank you, thank you.”
Mo Chenglin hurriedly bowed his hands and thanked him.
Even if it was a security guard, he didn’t dare to be polite. Jiang Ning’s personality, he had inquired about, and he was very protective of his shortcomings.
Even if it is a security guard, as long as it is his Lin’s staff, it is his Jiangning staff, no one can tolerate bullying!
Mo Chenglin turned his head and looked at Mo Bei who was still in a daze, “What are you still dazed about? Go in and apologize to Mr. Jiang!”
In the office, Jiang Ning is sorting out the fruits he picked.
Today, more than two dozen people from major families have come, and the sales problem of this mineral company has been completely resolved.
Compared with the previous sales, someone can compare with those big families in the north?
Although Jiang Ning looks down on these big-name families, at this point, at least there are still people who can compare with them.
“Mr. Jiang, are you going back now?”
Watson helped organize and pack the fruit.
He thought that Jiang Ning would stay for a while, but he didn’t think that Jiang Ning was just picking some fresh fruit and bringing it back personally.
This is going to go.
“if not?”
Jiang Ning glanced at him, “Is it interesting to be with you big lords every day?”
Watson chuckled, “That must be boring.”
It’s really interesting where there are Lin Yu. Jiang Ning can stay one more day to help them solve the problem, which is already very good.
“This Red Star Mining Company is actually an empty shell. It mainly needs your major mining areas to operate independently.”
While packing, Jiang Ning said without raising his head, “Watson, the burden on your shoulders is not light. You always think about the workers and the elderly and children, and you will do better.”
The expression on Watson’s face was a little serious, and he straightened up immediately.
“Mr. Jiang, don’t worry, I, I will do my best!”
“Business is not useful if you try your best, you need to use your brain and learn experience,”
Jiang Ning beckoned and asked him to continue to squat down and pack, “So, I have found a teacher for you, so hurry up and study hard.”
Watson was startled.
Before he could speak, there was a voice outside the door.
“Patriarch of the Mo family, Mo Chenglin, please see Mr. Jiang!”
Jiang Ning looked up and said, “Let’s go and meet your teacher.”
Watson was dumbfounded.
Patriarch of the Mo family?
That’s not a famous person in the mineral industry!
Jiang Ning asked him to be a teacher…
And listening to the tone, it’s full of respect!
Jiang Ning walked out, and Watson immediately followed.

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