Billionaire God of War

Chapter: 522

The secretary was not polite, and he swiped two million on the spot, Qin Mu’s eyes twitched clearly.
But when I thought, two million bought my life, it’s worth it!
It’s a fucking bargain!
Make a big profit!
He is a genius!
“Okay, the ticket is bought, the money is paid, and Shao Qin can leave,”
Wang Wei smiled and said, “Although I am the boss of the company, I also deal with ticket sales. If Shao Qin has friends, he also needs this kind of VIP tickets, so just contact me.”
“Thank you, Mr. Wang! Thank you, Mr. Wang!”
Qin Mu nodded and bowed again and again, where he dared to stay one more minute, and immediately left in despair.
This lesson is enough for him to eat for a lifetime, even if he died, don’t offend this entertainment company anymore. Behind Wang Wei, there must be big figures in the circle of the earth!
It’s not his Qin family can afford to offend.
“President Wang, how do you deal with this money?”
The secretary reported the number casually, but Qin Mu would double it up by himself.
“If Mr. Jiang is here,” Wang Wei thought for a while, “I will pay you overtime.”
After speaking, he nodded himself, imitating Jiang Ning’s rich and wealthy tone, admiring and looking up to Jiang Ning more and more.
This is the man, so proud!
On the first day Jiang Ning arrived in Shenghai, the circles on the ground shook. Many people were severely punished and paid a very heavy price for forcibly asking for tickets to Ye Qingwu’s concert.
And the underground circle is equally horrified!
Especially the two brothers and sisters Gao Yali and Gao Bin, even if they are described as the king of Shenghai underground circle, Gao Bin is the legend of Shenghai.
But the two dare not have a hint of arrogance, on the contrary, they are more cautious, walking on thin ice!
Because they have seen with their own eyes how terrifying the man named Jiang Ning is!
“Sister, here he is!”
Gao Jia, Gao Bin’s face was solemn, nervous and a little uneasy.
Before the change, even when facing the Su Family and Zuo Family, those two powerhouses close to the master level, Gao Bin would not feel nervous at all.
Even, he dared to pick up two iron bars and smash them directly!
But now when he thinks of Jiang Ning, even just mentioning Jiang Ning’s name, he feels that there is a kind of awe that can’t be suppressed at all.
Almost instantly, the scene of Jiang Ning’s shot came to mind, and even he couldn’t help being a little nervous.
That night was too shocking!
Kill one with one punch!
Those are all young masters from the Su Family and Zuo Family, who have been trained for many years, who will be able to shake the direction of the entire Shenghai in the future.
But the result?
Under Jiang Ning’s hand, he won’t live for a second!
Can Gao Bin not be jealous.
“What is it?”
Gao Yali seemed much more calm.
Now that she is the head of the Gao family, she has to take on a lot of responsibilities, not only to keep the Gao family alive, but to make the Gao family develop better.
There is no doubt that she chose the right path.
Imitate the underground circle model of the East China Sea to make clean money and do more good deeds.
She found that after doing this, her income did not decrease drastically. On the contrary, she was able to support her brothers and gain respect.
Gao Yali had heard that the person in charge of a district was reluctant to make changes.
But once she helped a widow and a widow give rice oil to the seventh floor in one breath, she kept pouring water for him, wiped his sweat, kept him for dinner, all kinds of care and gratitude, she took the iron rod in her hand, fierce and violent. The iron-blooded man of mine cried abruptly.
Although she has only just started, Gao Yali knows that as long as she persists in doing this, she will definitely get better and better.
The East China Sea is the best example.
“As long as we don’t do bad things, don’t do wrong things, and stick to the right path, Jiangning will not do anything to us,”
Gao Yali is very calm, “He is not a cruel and violent person.”
Gao Bin didn’t speak.
Killing a master with a punch is not considered violent, then he wields two iron rods, almost like a little girl wielding a magic wand.
“Gao Bin, remember, our Gao family’s opportunity was given by Jiang Ning, do you understand?”
Gao Yali’s words are to remind Gao Bin that their opportunity was not given by the Gao family in the north, but Jiangning, and even his father Gao Shenghai, chose to use his life as the price in exchange for it.
“Ok, I know.”
Gao Bin nodded deeply.
“Since Jiang Ning is here, his woman should also be here. As the host, we should do our best to be a landlord.”
A gleam of light flashed in Gao Yali’s eyes, expecting, curiosity, and…a slight unwillingness.

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