Billionaire God of War

Chapter: 62

Jiang Ning’s words were domineering, and it made this group of people suffocate.
If they don’t live up to it, they will even hurt Huang Yuming!
“Tomorrow, the Lin’s factory in the suburbs will gather.”
After speaking, Jiang Ning went back to Lin Yuzhen’s office.
Lin Yu was so busy, seeing Jiang Ning sitting leisurely drinking tea, couldn’t help but say: “How do I feel, I am working for you now?”
Jiang Ning smiled and said, “Nonsense, this is the common property of husband and wife.”
Lin Yu really didn’t have a good air: “The group of security guards are good enough, do you still have to train them?”
Jiang Ning snorted, “The security of our house must be the world’s top. The word excellent is too low-end.”
This group of people will be the backbone of the Lin family in the future, and how far the Lin family will rise in the future, Jiang Ning has already planned.
At least, to surpass the northern giant Jiang family!
Jiang Ning wanted to let the old man know that he wanted to build a giant, but it was a simple task.
Seeing Lin Yuzhen twisting his neck and looking tired, Jiang Ning got up and took Lin Yuzhen’s hand directly.
“Where to go?”
Lin Yu really pouted, “I still have a lot of work to finish.”
“It’s time, go to Jinyu Restaurant for dinner.”
People are iron, and rice is steel. If Lin Yu is really hungry, how can it work.
At that time.
Jinyu Restaurant.
Lin Feng brought a few distinguished guests to eat here.
“Jin Yu Restaurant is a famous restaurant in Donghae City, I think you will definitely like it.”
Lin Feng smiled and said, “I want the best box, a few, please!”
In front of him, there are a few men of the same young age, and looking at their clothes and temperament, it is obvious that they are either rich or expensive.
These days, Lin Feng has been entertaining them. The fun and delicious Donghai City has taken them all over, and today he chose to come to this famous Jinyu restaurant.
“I am Lin Feng, give me the best box!”
Lin Feng walked to the front, took out a card directly, and said proudly, “Money is not a problem!”
“Lin Feng? Is it Lin Feng from the old Lin family?”
The waiter asked.
“What old Lin family?” When Lin Feng heard this, he frowned and his face sank, “This East China Sea, this is the Lin family!”
Lin Yuzhen set up a new Lin family, which made Lin Qiang angry, Lin Feng was also angry, he was even more jealous, why should Lin Yu really be alone.
“Sorry, people from the old Lin family, this shop does not entertain.”
The waiter still kept smiling, but he refused.
“what did you say?”
Lin Feng was angry.
He brought so many friends, but he couldn’t even enter the restaurant door?
What could be more embarrassing than this!
“Lin Feng, what’s the matter? Didn’t you say that anyone in the East China Sea is going to give you the Lin family’s face?”
“Yeah, you can’t even enter the restaurant. Are you kidding us?”
The brothers couldn’t help laughing, and Lin Feng’s face was even more flushed.
He slapped the front desk and said angrily: “I said, I want the best box! Don’t you understand people?”
“It’s you who can’t understand people, right?”
Behind him, a voice suddenly heard, “I said, people from the old Lin family, don’t entertain, let’s get out.”
Hearing the sound, Lin Feng suddenly turned his head, and his anger suddenly came up.
He hated this neurosis, the neurosis that slapped him twice!
“Lin Yuzhen, I didn’t expect that you and this neurosis would actually come together.”
Lin Feng was so annoyed that Jiang Ning was still the homeless man he had found. Nowhere did he think that he was really with Lin Yuzhen.
Seeing their intimate appearance, Lin Feng couldn’t help sneering, “How about it, is the tramp particularly fierce? It makes you happy to serve you?”
Lin Yu really frowned and said nothing.
Jiang Ning slapped his hand when he raised his hand, without any kind of politeness.
“You…you dare to hit me again!”
Lin Feng breathed fire in his eyes, and he was about to rush up.
Jiang Ning kicked directly on Lin Feng’s stomach, and suddenly kicked him upside down.
“Talk to my wife, be polite.”
Jiang Ning said coldly, “My face has just disappeared, do you want to swell up again?”

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