Billionaire God of War

Chapter: 625

As soon as the voice fell, the people in the entire ancestral hall were a little surprised.
Tan Zu wants to do it himself?
What a joke!
With Tan Xing’s status in the arena, he only needs a word, and hundreds of descendants of the Tan family can level the East China Sea!
Not to mention, with his call, the entire North Leg school would respond.
Where does it take Tan Xing to do it himself.
A mere person who only dared to use despicable and three abusive methods is not qualified to let Tan Xing do it himself!
The representatives of several branches looked at each other, and wanted to dissuade, Tan Xing waved his hand directly.
“Needless to say, that’s it, let’s retreat.”
“Yes, Tan Zu.”
Soon, the ancestral hall became quiet.
Tan Xing sits on a sandalwood chair, with white hair and long beards, a pair of high-level styles, and the light exercise clothes on his body without a trace of wrinkles.
“I have the Tan family, how long hasn’t been walking on the rivers and lakes,”
In his muddy eyes, there was a light, “This river and lake are scattered, but the rivers and lakes are angry, but they haven’t.”
Not to mention other things, even if the Tan clan had him, no one would dare to attack the Tan clan, even if it was a large family in the north, let alone a master who reached the level of a master?
But the person in the East Sea not only started, but also used the three indiscriminate methods. Otherwise, how could he kill four master-level masters at once!
He doesn’t care about others, but the Tan family can’t tolerate the slightest provocation!
Tan Xing’s words were soon spread to the East China Sea.
There is a hint of wind and grass in the East China Sea, which will alert the families of large surnames in the north.
They didn’t expect that the Tan family would actually speak.
With such a terrifying bloodline, the people behind the scenes of the East China Sea should personally come to the door to plead guilty!
Who dare not go?
That is offending the entire Tan family.
Not to mention how many people there are in the Tan family, they are inextricably related to the large families in the north. The name Tan alone means that it is not an easy person!
This time, Donghai is not facing a big family, nor is it facing a master-level master, but facing a Jianghu sect, or even the entire North Leg sect!
If Jiang Ning had gone to Beishan and pleaded guilty to Tan’s Yingjing, then the name of the East China Sea forbidden land would not be attacked.
And if he doesn’t go, then Tan Xing will have to do it himself!
Everyone is paying attention to Donghai’s reaction.
Steward Zhao searched everything, and the more he looked at the information about the Tan family, the more he felt that the Tan family was not simple.
He brought all the information to Jiang Ning.
“It’s menacing,”
Steward Zhao said, “Mr. Jiang asked me to pay attention to these old rivers and lakes. I specifically checked the Tan family. It’s really not easy.”
“Different from the large families in the north, this entire Tan family is a large family. Although it is not in the north, it does not have much influence in the circles on the ground. However, there are many masters who have been the target of many large families. .”
Jiang Ning naturally knew.
The descendants of the quagmire sect of the Tan family have not dissipated the aura of the quagmire on their body, so they are not willing to join the world to fight for fame and fortune.
They have repeatedly demanded that their descendants are not allowed to live for fame and fortune.
More old Jianghu people, like Ye Qingwu’s father Ye Shan, live like ordinary people. Under special circumstances, even face to face, they will not find him to be a terrible master.
Like Tan Feng, those who work for the big family for the sake of fame and fortune are probably also a different kind of Tan family.
“Using three abuse methods to kill Tan Feng?”
Jiang Ning was a little funny.
He was funny and remembered that he killed Tan Feng with just one punch.
Even if Tan Feng has reached the level of Grand Master, but speaking, at most he has just reached this level, and the gap in strength between Grand Master and Grand Master is huge.
“Tan Xingfang, the ancestor of the Tan family, said that Mr. Jiang must take the initiative to go to Beishan within three days and go to the door to plead guilty. Otherwise, he will come to the East China Sea himself.”
This is a complete threat!
Where is Tan Xing sacred?
That is the most famous person in the entire North Leg school!
He came to the East China Sea, I am afraid it will cause an earthquake in the East China Sea!
“According to my investigation, this Tan Xing has always been dissatisfied with Tan Feng, and even wanted to personally abolish him. He probably wants to take this opportunity to rejuvenate his Tan’s reputation.”
Manager Zhao analyzed.
“It’s okay.”
Jiang Ning said casually, “He wants to come, then come.”
“The scenery in the East China Sea is good. Maybe he is just getting older and wants to see the outside world more while he is still alive.”

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