Billionaire God of War

Chapter: 707

To enter the northern market, there are five barriers!
Tianbei City, but only the first pass, Lin won this pass, and Li Dong became a celebrity here in a short period of time.
Let Lin’s limelight suddenly rise.
With a strong posture, some people in the circle are already saying that the Lin family is unstoppable.
But those real families in the north, especially those who know the north very well, know that Tianbei City is the easiest pass to win.
After all, the people who control this place are only third-rate families, so what can they do to stop the thriving Lin family?
Of the five passes, the other three can be ignored, but the last two, whether it is the above-ground circle, the underground circle, and the people behind them all have extremely powerful energy.
They don’t want Lin to come in, so Lin will definitely not come in!
Needless to say, those people behind the Linglong Group’s share of interests are also not small, they will not want to see that their own interests are taken away by others.
Lin, the plan to go north is doomed to fail!
Not only will they fail, but they will also become synonymous with unbelief. They are notorious. Not only can they fail to enter the northern market, they may even lose their southern market.
But now, Lin’s people still don’t know, they even think they are about to win, they are happy.
As soon as Cheng Feng thought about it, not long after, all Lin’s expectations became hope, hope became disappointment, and disappointment finally turned into despair.
He can’t wait any longer.
To make people perish, let them go crazy first, Liu Hong’s hand is really amazing!
“Wait, wait and see how miserable the Lin family will be. When they are completely destroyed, it is time for us to harvest them!”
Chengfeng laughed loudly.
He has worked with Liu Hong for many years. These methods are not the first time they have been used. They have been tried and tested.
What kind of forbidden land in the East China Sea?
This north!
It is the real forbidden place!
Sure enough, just as Liu Hong had expected, the propaganda of the Lin Group had already begun to fanfare.
TV commercials, online media, streets and alleys all began to appear in pre-heated advertisements for Lin’s new products.
Even Ye Qingwu, the current extremely popular singer, has released a special single, using Lin’s new product concept, to shoot the MV, which has triggered a wave of enthusiasm for her fans!
Lin has experience in popular products in the southeast region, and also in Shenghai’s popular experience. Now when it comes to the northern market, some people are optimistic about it.
Only those who really understand the north, such as Liu Hong, know best that this is probably the Lin family, before death, the last splendor.
“We are not greedy. It is enough to win the benefits of Tianbei City. The wind is divided into 30%, and you guys make up 20%. The remaining 50% belongs to me.”
Liu Hong has already done a good job of distribution of benefits, which he has always done.
As long as you win the game, you will immediately reap the winning game. Otherwise, if there are more greedy people, there will be a lot less and a lot of things that he can get.
In this Linglong group, they are all greedy people.
Several people raised their wine glasses and bumped into each other.
“Director Liu, admire, admire!”
“Director Liu, I don’t know if anyone else will take the shot, and it will be no good to compete with us at that time.”
“In the Linglong Group, there are many people staring at Lin.”
Several people are still worried.
After all, even if it is Liu Hong, there is a first-class family support behind it, but in the Linglong Group, even the top wealthy families have many people, and Liu Hong does not have much competitiveness.
“Don’t worry, Tianbei City, they don’t like it, so I said, let’s not be greedy, no matter how much strength, how much meat, and if you eat too much, you will choke to death.”
Liu Hong smiled and said, “When our appetite gets bigger, we can eat more, right?”
Several people suddenly laughed.

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