Billionaire God of War

Chapter: 937

Five cash transport vehicles?
Lin Yu was really shocked, thinking he had heard it wrong.
“How many?”
Xiao Zhao’s voice became louder again, and the employees around him seemed to be struck by thunder and lightning, and they were all stunned.
Lin Yu walked away from the company really quickly, Xiao Zhao and others quickly followed.
Outside the gate of the Lin Group headquarters, five cash transport vehicles were slowly driving in.
When the car stopped, Xue Xing, the president of Donghai Bank, jumped out of the car with a smile on his face.
“Mr. Lin, we are sending money.”
“Send money?” Lin Yu really didn’t react.
“That’s it,”
Xue Xingdao, “Mr. Jiang called me and said that Lin’s family had a celebration banquet today.”
That’s right, today is a celebration banquet, but are you driving five cash-carrying vehicles to participate?
Lin Yuzhen looked at Xue Xing, “Then this cash transport truck?”
“It’s cash,”
Xue Xing nodded, “Mr. Jiang said, these are all bonuses.”
The air was a little quiet, as if it had frozen instantly!
The employees standing at the door turned pale at first because they were scared, and then flushed again, too excited!
These five money-carrying vehicles are loaded with bonuses?
“How many!”
Xiao Zhao couldn’t help but ask, there was almost no water flowing out of his mouth.
“Three hundred million.”
Xue Xingdao.
The air just boiled a bit, and it solidified again!
Even Lin Yuzhen looked at Xue Xing in a daze: “Ms. Xue, how much do you say?”
“Three hundred million,”
Xue Xing smiled, “It’s all bonuses.”
“Mr. Jiang said that originally it was only 200 million, but considering that in the past two months, everyone has worked so hard, so I prepared an extra 100 million to make everyone happy.”
He walked to the cash transport vehicle and knocked on the door. The transporter immediately got out of the vehicle and opened the door.
Boxes containing banknotes were brought up one by one.
“Mr. Lin, where are these?”
Xue Xing asked.
“Let’s… enlarge the hall.”
Lin Yuzhen’s mind is buzzing, even if she knows that Jiangning is rich, and Jiangning has promised, Lin will reward everyone if he gains a foothold in the northern market.
This is what Jiang Ning said at the company meeting. After he said it, he will definitely do it.
But now it sounds a bit shocking!
“All moved to the hall.”
Xue Xing immediately ordered.
After that, Lin Yuzhen and the others stood silently, watching the people at the bank, and moved all the cash on the five cash transport trucks into the hall, and took them out and piled them together.
It’s like a hill, it’s all red, and everyone’s eyes are straight!
“I, I haven’t seen… so much money!”
An employee’s Adam’s apple slipped and his voice became hoarse.
“These are all bonuses? Guru——”
“Brother Ning… the bonus that Brother Ning said is really a bonus.”
A few employees suddenly wanted to cry. They didn’t know the reason, they just wanted to cry, they wanted to hold this pile of money, howling!
300 million in cash!
They were so shocking that they couldn’t move their eyes.
“Mr. Lin, we are all here, and 300 million cash is in place.”
He piled up all the money, Xue walked up to Lin Yuzhen and bowed slightly, “Is there any funding needs, President Lin just talk to me.”
“There is no upper limit to the amount Mr. Jiang can advance with me.”
Lin Yu was really numb.
Of course she knew that Jiang Ning was rich, and even the food she bought for Su Mei was a black card.
But should he… so rich!
“Okay, I see, thank you Xing Changchang for a trip.”
She hurriedly thanked.
“you are welcome.”
President Xue smiled, congratulated him, and left.
At this moment, the entire hall, everyone’s attention is on the banknote hill.

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