Billionaire God of War

Chapter: 96

Huang Yuming smiled faintly.
He glanced at Wang Gao, like a poor dog.
“In the underground circles of the East China Sea, it is not yet possible for people outside to make irresponsible remarks.”
These are Jiang Ning’s words, Huang Yuming gave it to Wang Gao intact, “Lin Wu, isn’t it? I’m going to look for him now.”
After finishing speaking, he didn’t stop, called to Brother Gou, interrupted Wang Gao’s legs and left.
He still has something to bring to Lin Wu and Gao Fei.
Soon, the police came and arrested all Wang Gao and the others. Evidence of their various crimes had already been presented on the tables of some principals.
A villa.
Lin Wu has been recuperating here for a long time.
He was waiting for the underground circle of the East China Sea to calm down, and when his injury recovered, he went to kill Jiang Ning!
However, he didn’t wait to come to Jiangning, but he waited for Huang Yuming to come.
Gao Fei’s face was wary, and a dozen people in front of him, all the good players, stood in front of Lin Wu.
“Don’t look for death!”
Gao Fei shouted, “You dare to move us to try!”
Huang Yuming said: “Really.”
Behind him, thirty people exuded a sturdy aura.
Especially, they have just experienced a battle, crushing more than a dozen forces, and they are still full of vitality, without the slightest fatigue!
At this moment, they just stood there, making Gao Fei and the others feel a little depressed.
How can these people be so scary?
Huang Yuming’s subordinates, when are there so many masters!
“Huang Yuming, I didn’t expect that you have hidden so many masters in secret, your ambition is not small.”
Lin Wu still leaned on the sofa and sneered, “But with these people, you want to break your wrists with us, I’m afraid you are a little overwhelmed!”
Huang Yuming looked up at him.
“I am here today to bring you a sentence.”
He said lightly, “Donghai City, it’s not your turn to intervene!”
Lin Wu yelled, “What are you!”
“Naturally, I am nothing but my elder brother said this, so it’s different.”
A hint of pride flashed across Huang Yuming’s face, “Also, you offend my elder brother. My eldest brother may not care about you, but my brothers can’t bear it.”
Behind him, Brother Gou waited for thirty people, his eyes were fierce, as if they were really terrifying wolves!
Opening his mouth will bite Lin Wu and the others into pieces!
“Your eldest brother?”
Lin Wu and Gao Fei’s expressions changed at the same time, and they said in unison, “Who is it!”
Huang Yuming stared at Lin Wu: “The one who interrupted your hands and feet!”
Lin Wu’s face changed.
How could it be him?
He is just the son-in-law of Lin Wen’s family, a tramp!
These were all Lin Qiang told himself personally, how could he be… Huang Yuming’s eldest brother?
“Lin Qiang is really ruthless,”
Huang Yuming ignored Lin Wu’s unbelievable expression and sighed, “Even his own brother is going to be pitted, and you are pitted to death!”
Lin Wu was frightened.
He had personally experienced how terrifying Jiang Ning was, of course he knew it, but he was even more shocked by Jiang Ning’s identity.
Listening to Huang Yuming’s words at this moment, Lin Qiang knew about it a long time ago?
That dog thing deliberately asked himself to find Jiang Ning’s troubles, and wanted to borrow Jiang Ning’s hand to destroy himself!
“Do you want to understand?”
Huang Yuming said, “It seems that you are not stupid, why would you think that it is not a pleasure to come to Donghai City to find it.”
Lin Wu suddenly raised his head: “Huang Yuming, don’t be too arrogant! And that Jiangning! We’re set for Donghai City, no one can keep it!”
Huang Yuming was not at all polite, raising his hand just slapped Lin Wu’s face fiercely.

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