Billionaire God of War

Chapter: 2141

Master Listening Zen’s whole body’s back tightened instantly.
He turned his head abruptly, like King Kong was angry, and sternly shouted, “Who!”
With a soft reprimand, the sound was like thunder, Master Listening Zen lifted his scepter in front of him.
No one answered him, there was only a shadow, attacking so fast, amazingly fast!
Master Listening Zen shouted angrily, waved his scepter, and smashed it hard.
It was like two steel rods slamming together, making a loud noise.
Master Tingzen stepped back several steps, sliding more than ten meters on the ground, his face was full of horror.
Even if one met, he still didn’t see who the other party was, and the other party used his fists to block his scepter, which was terrifying.
Who is this speed?
Is it him!
Master Listening Zen’s face was solemn: “You all retire!”
Several disciples wanted to come up to help, but they were drunk by Master Ting Zen, “Immediately, run away!”
After finishing speaking, Master Listening Zen didn’t talk any more, grabbing the scepter with both hands suddenly, and rushed out again.
He waved his scepter, and a gust of wind was set off. The King Kong scepter was as thick as a mountain!
But the shadow on the opposite side did not have any fear at all, and successively resolved the movements of Master Listening Zen without any pressure.
Master Listening Zen felt more and more horrified.
Suddenly, a fist struck, Master Listening Zen wanted to use a scepter to block it, but it was too late.
The violent fist hit his heart fiercely, and the terrible vigor instantly sank his chest to the ground!
“King Kong Fist!”
Master Listening Zen opened his eyes in anger and couldn’t believe that the other party was actually using the fame of Buddhism to kill himself!
He was struggling to stand up, but the shadow was too fast, but for a moment, before he stood up, he saw a huge fist hitting it again!
In his pupils, constantly enlarged!
“It’s you!”
He saw it!
He saw that face, but at such a close distance, he had no chance to escape.
Those eyes…
With a loud noise, Master Zen flew out and fell heavily to the ground, killing him!
But the shadow didn’t even look at it again, and disappeared when he turned around.
“Sovereign! Sovereign!”
“Sect Master, wake up! Sect Master!”
Several disciples rushed over and saw Master Ting Zen’s face covered with blood, he had no breath, his chest was sunken, and he didn’t know how many bones he had broken.
It’s long gone.
“Elder, come!”
In the distance, Elder Listening Feng heard the crying, and he ran back quickly, refusing to chase the murderer.
When Master Ting Zen fell to the ground and died, his eyes instantly turned red!
“Ahhhhh! Who the hell is it! Who is it!”
He roared, his eyes red.
He regrets that he shouldn’t leave. At least two people are together. It is not so easy for the murderer to kill Master Ting Zen.
The disciples of the entire Buddhism started crying. No one thought that Master Ting Zen would be killed, and in front of them.
Elder Tingfeng glanced at the wound and took a deep breath.
“King Kong Fist!”
It turned out to be King Kong Fist!
Master Ting Zen turned out to have died of the Buddha’s special skill Diamond Boxing, and was killed by his best boxing technique!
In his mind, Jiang Ning suddenly thought of it.
Except for the people of their Buddhism, only Jiangning knows the vajra boxing, and it has been shown in front of him.
“Elder, we want to avenge the suzerain!”
“Vengeance for the suzerain!”
“Find the murderer, kill the murderer!”
The disciples were crying and sorrowing. Who could have thought that Master Listening Zen would be killed and die in front of them. Their eyes were full of anger and hatred. They wanted to find the murderer immediately and put the murderer to death alive!
“go back!”
Elder Tingfeng said with a cold face, “Go back to the sect immediately!”

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