Billionaire God of War

Chapter: 2157

He heard a fist hit, and subconsciously raised his hand to block it, but before his hand was fully raised, his fist fell heavily on his face!
Great momentum!
The man flew out directly.
The nose collapsed instantly and blood splashed.
He yelled, trying to stand up and fight back, but as soon as he opened his eyes, another fist hit!
After three consecutive punches, his head was dizzy, and his whole person almost passed out. The smell of blood irritated his nose, but his nose was gone…
The airway was blocked by blood, making it difficult for him to breathe, and the blood stained his entire face!
He opened his eyes forcibly, but he couldn’t see exactly what Jiang Ning looked like in front of him, “Who are you?”
Jiang Ning did not answer, but grabbed the man’s hair with one hand and dragged him out, like a dead dog.
The man struggled, but he couldn’t breathe smoothly. How could he break free?
Jiang Ning was dragged directly out of the woods, dragging a bloody path on the ground.
In the distance, Elder Listening Feng and others were stunned!
They looked at Jiang Ning, dragged a person out of the woods, and looked at the man, his face covered in blood, embarrassed like a dog, and there was no chance to resist…
Jiang Ning went into the woods in less than ten minutes, right?
This, this is too powerful!
Jiang Ning threw people in front of them and said lightly, “The strength is not bad, he is a first-rate shooter.”
He didn’t say that if this guy is brought back outside the gate and trained well, he will definitely be a first-class sniper.
“you guys……”
The man raised his face and spoke a little vaguely. The blood in his mouth and nose was increasing.
In the Tianlianzong, he is the best player in the ranks. In Jiangning’s mouth, it is still OK?
He was very embarrassed, but he didn’t know how to refute it. He had just been subdued by Jiang Ning, and there was indeed no chance of resistance.
“Tie it up!”
Elder Tingfeng gritted his teeth, “This kid killed a few of my disciples, I won’t let him go!”
Jiang Ning didn’t say anything, and turned his head to look at Liu Chuandao and the others.
“Okay, don’t waste time, go up the mountain now and try your best to deal with Rocky.”
“how about you?”
Yanagawa heard the meaning in Jiangning’s words.
“I will go alone.”
Jiang Ning squinted his eyes and said, “Either save the person or go to war, you better be prepared.”
That was the worst result, but once it happened, Jiang Ning would not care about it. The battle should be fought. He was never afraid of fighting. On the contrary, he himself was the God of War!
Is the king of war!
After that, Jiang Ning entered the woods again, and soon disappeared.
Without hesitation, Yanagawa nodded, “Go up the mountain now!”
Elder Tingfeng also ordered.
The people of the two major sects hurry up and rushed towards the mountain. No one could stop them. After half an hour, everyone came outside the gate of Tianlianzong.
At the door, someone guarded him, arching his bow and shooting arrows, and he was already ready!
Looking at the sharp arrows, aimed at everyone, Elder Listening Feng looked serious.
He shouted loudly, like thunder, “Do you want to make the gate of the mountain misty!”
“Looking back is the shore!”
The voice rolled in, and after a while, there was a response, it was Rocky’s voice.
“Hahahaha, look back?”
Rocky laughed, his voice gradually getting closer, “I turned around, but what I saw was not the shore, but the endless abyss!”
His figure appeared, like a wind, hurried over, watching Liu Chuandao also come, sneered.
“Listening to the wind, you killed Yanagawa Dao next to you, and killed everyone in the Qingshan Sect. I can think about it and look back again.”

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