Billionaire God of War

Chapter: 2162

Everyone was silent.
At that time, they still listened to Luo Qi’s words and killed the Qingshan Sect and asked the people of Qingshan Sect to hand over Jiangning.
Now think about it, they are really stupid, and they are playing like monkeys when Rocky plays with them and applauds.
“How could Rocky do such a thing,”
Sect Master Jianba asked even more, “He just told us before that he wanted to find a way and think for the sake of his disciples, how could he…”
“Did he still say that the way out is beyond the gate, and there are more resources?”
Elder Tingfeng sneered and shook his head, “We have all been deceived. Outside the mountain gate will definitely not be more suitable for us.”
“Have you ever thought about where the gray matter comes from and what is the purpose?”
Everyone was silent again.
After a while, Li Xuan frowned, “You mean, those gray substances were deliberately created by someone to force us to go outside the gate?”
It’s okay if he doesn’t say it, it seems like a light flashes in everyone’s mind.
If this is the reason, thinking about it now, everything makes sense.
But, who made those gray substances?
“Mr. Lang?”
Li Xuan looked at Elder Tingfeng, “Mr. Lang was the one who killed Master Tingchan?”
Hearing Elder Feng snorted and did not speak, but the anger and anger on his face made everyone understand that it was indeed the case.
They didn’t expect, how they didn’t expect that this Mr. Lang was the most important person, but now, apart from knowing that there was such a person in their minds, they couldn’t even remember what Mr. Lang looked like.
The more so, the more feared they became and the more jealous they became of Mr. Lang, but their minds gradually became sober.
“Rocky bastard, does he know what he is doing?”
“I’m afraid he really doesn’t know, he is also controlled.”
Yunzhongke sighed, “I felt that something was wrong before, but I couldn’t figure it out. It seems that we have all been recruited. We are poisoned at this moment, but our minds are a little clearer.”
Keenhachi shook his head, “Mr. Lang, what is it that makes you?”
no one knows.
Mr. Lang is like a mystery. When he appears in front of everyone, he seems to be able to become a convincing old friend, easily believing everything he says.
But turning around, they can forget the existence of this person.
“The most important thing now is how to get out.”
Li Xuan said, “We must leave here, otherwise the sect will be controlled by Tianlianzong and Luoqi, but it will be really troublesome.”
No one wants to see that his sect is controlled by Rocky and used as a tool.
“But we are all poisoned now?”
Elder Tingfeng looked at them: “Do you know what poison is in? Where is the antidote?”
“It’s from the Tianlianzong, and it’s loose.”
The guest in Yunzhong sighed, some self-blame, and a little angry, “Once, it was my secret medicine in Longkong Mountain.”
“What about the antidote?”
Elder Tingfeng didn’t want to listen to those nonsense, just knew what the poison was.
“There is no cure.”
Yunzhongke smiled bitterly, “It can only be resolved by luck. It will take at least five years for our current level of poisoning to be completely resolved.”
He knew that Rocky would not let them go easily, and would definitely add poison to them every day to ensure that they would never resist.
In this way, he can completely control the six major sects.
Hearing this, Elder Listening Feng’s expression changed: “You said there is no cure?”
What to do then?
Without the antidote, a group of people can’t even stand firmly. How can they leave?
Even if Jiang Ning could come to rescue them, he couldn’t take them away!
No wonder Rocky was unscrupulous, the effect of this medicine was too terrifying, it was simply putting people under house arrest without giving the slightest chance.

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