Billionaire God of War

Chapter: 2161

After speaking, he immediately went out to make arrangements.
Yanagawa sighed. He didn’t expect that things would turn out to be like this, and there was a complete chaos within the gate.
“Everyone is ready to react at any time. What will happen now may happen.”
He looked around, his eyes fell on Jiang Ning, “That Mr. Lang… do you have a countermeasure?”
For such a mysterious and terrifying person, Yanagawa Daoguang felt a headache even thinking about it, and could not understand at all, what means should be used to deal with this Mr. Lang.
Jiang Ning also shook his head
“I only met him once,”
He paused, “Now, I have forgotten what he looks like, how to deal with it?”
Jiang Ning thought it was a bit funny. This Mr. Lang is really not simple, he is definitely not an ordinary person.
“Don’t worry, as long as he is still a human, there must be a way to deal with it,”
Jiang Ning said, “Keep the same and respond to all changes.”
Yanagawa and others nodded.
Nowadays, such a thing, such turbulence and change within the mountain gate, obviously cannot be solved in a day or two. You must be patient and mentally prepared.
Be prepared to die at any time!
Buddha Zong has acted!
Taking advantage of the slack of the people of the Tianlianzong, Elder Tingfeng took a few people and sneaked into the back mountain of the Tianlianzong. He wanted to rush in, naturally he was discovered.
Fight broke out immediately between the two sides!
“Kill them! Revenge for Master Listening Zen!”
Elder Tingfeng roared.
The battle was fierce, but Jiang Ning had expected the final result. Elder Tingfeng and others were defeated and captured alive.
All of these are well designed and follow their predetermined way.
Jiang Ning didn’t dare to be careless. He knew very well how terrifying this Mr. Lang was. Mr. Lang might not have discovered their strategy. Once he found out, it would be another contest by adopting other methods.
He didn’t waste time, he almost acted with Elder Tingfeng.
At this moment, Jiang Ning had become an ordinary disciple of the Tian Lianzong, unremarkable.
“Hurry up! This time it’s more. Those bastards of the Buddha Sect want to sneak attack on us? How ridiculous!”
“Just kill them, and what do you keep them for?”
“The lord is so kind, how easy it is to kill them, we will save trouble too!”
“Don’t talk nonsense, those elders can’t die, they are dead, who will Buddhism listen to?”

A group of disciples sorted out the food they had just prepared from the kitchen and prepared to send it to Elder Tingfeng to eat.
Now the main members of the five major sects have been arrested by the Tianlianzong, and it is a matter of time to control them.
Jiang Ning was in this group of people. His disguising methods were enough to get through and behave like a disguised person. No one thought that the person in front of him would have been changed a long time ago.
In the cave in the back mountain, the elder Tingfeng was locked in a cage and turned to look around. The sect masters of several other sects were all here.
“Why are you caught too?”
Li Xuan was weak and weak, sitting on the ground, leaning against the wall, and shook his head helplessly, “It’s over, all the people from the five major sects have been caught by that bastard Rocky. What does he want to do?”
“He wants to control the six major sects, so that everyone in the six major sects will obey his orders and no one will disobey him.”
Elder Feng said, “It’s fine now, everyone has been arrested.”
There is nothing polite in his tone.
If it hadn’t been for Li Xuan and the others, they would still stand by Rocky’s side, things would not have come to this point.
“Master Listening to Zen, he…”
The guest in the cloud asked.
They all know that Master Ting Zen is dead, but who is the murderer? If it weren’t for Jiangning, who would it be?
“Dead, Rocky and the others killed it!”
Elder Tingfeng gritted his teeth, his voice was trembling.
“Now, do you believe it?”

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