Chapter: 86

The Paper-white Face Of The Young Ghost King Reflected All Of His Desires, Saying Frankly, “Good-looking. I want to hold you.”

translator’s note: some of you guys may hate me for this, but I have not translated the parts where Zhao Yunlan and Shen Wei weren’t in for 86. A summary of those parts would be: Chu Shuzhi returned to Dragon City, found Guo Changcheng doing charity work. Da Qing and Zhu Hong return, and Wang Zheng reveals that Shen Wei was the Ghost Slayer. They also tell Chu Shuzhi and Guo Changcheng that Zhao Yunlan jumped into the water. It settles in for Chu Shuzhi a few moments later, and he’s horrified because of all the tricks he played on Shen Wei.

I may translate the whole of 86 when I have time, but for now, that’s all I can do.


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Zhao Yunlan had lost all sense of time. Though he was trapped in darkness, it was completely different from when he had been in the tree.

It felt like he was being squeezed together, the feeling of water pressure pressing against his chest; the deeper it went the more obvious it was. He didn’t even dare to move his head, and he felt that even a slight tilt of his head would cause him to faint. His heart felt like it was going to leap out of his chest, and his heartbeat was so loud to the point he could not bear it.

It was then, he saw a faint light.

It was dimmer than that of a firefly, but because Zhao Yunlan had become used to darkness, he had to cover his eyes. Slowly, he swam in the direction of the light, mesmerised.

It was a huge ancient tree. The branches were not visible at first sight. It was almost 100 meters wide, but it was a dead tree. There were no leaves on it. Only the branches of the dead knots were rough

Zhao Yunlan is shocked. Is this the Virtue Tree?

He walked down nearly a kilometer and finally saw the roots of the ancient tree. Zhao Yunlan’s feet found the land after a long time. He first walked around the Virtue Tree on one side. Stone monument, through the faint glow of ancient tree, Zhao Yunlan saw the things engraved on it.

Words he had never seen before, but somehow recognised — “The land of the emperor, the town of the unliving, the disrespected land.”

“Nüwa…” Zhao Yunlan didn’t know why, but he called out this name.

His voice was like the ripples of water, gently cleaving apart the waves, his breath like the sound a qin made, triggering the flickering darkness. Zhao Yunlan didn’t realise, instead reaching out his hand. When his fingertips brushed the stone, white light and static filled his head. He momentarily couldn’t see, but it felt like he had fallen through time, into the body of a lady with the tail of a snake.

The unfamiliar, yet familiar voice spoke. “Kunlun, what if Shennong was wrong? What if we were all wrong?”

Shennong was wrong? What was Shennong wrong about?

The voice spoke again. “But we cannot turn back.”


The lady seemed to have tears in her eyes. She ran toward him with her arms outstretched, as if wanting an embrace. Zhao Yunlan opened his arms, but before he could even touch her, Nüwa was like the fragmented pieces in space, and shattered into thousands of pieces. in front of him.

“No…” Zhao Yunlan accidentally opened his mouth, but no words came out.

Then, time reversed. Zhao Yunlan realised he had returned to a very long time ago, and for a moment, he could not tell if he was Kunlun or some mortal from five thousand years later, immersed in the manipulation of time.

He felt like he guarded the Virtue Tree everyday, lying on a slab of cobblestone, if he had nothing to do he would stare at the tree and daze. He dazed the whole day away sometimes.

After that, he didn’t know when, but a handsome yet peculiar boy would follow after him anywhere, everyday, like a tail.

Lord Kunlun ignored him at first, but finally couldn’t hold it in. “We’re already in your territory, why are you still following me around?”

The teenager said, his expression open, “I like you.”

Lord Kunlun had always been called impolite by everyone. For once, he had the chance to call someone other than himself impolite. Thus, he took the opportunity, and with furrowed brows, “scolded”, “Impolite.”

The young ghost king looked at him in bewilderment, not understanding where he was impolite.

The paper-white face of the young ghost king reflected all of his desires, saying frankly, “Good-looking. I want to hold you.”

Lord Kunlun sneaked a glance at this bold little ghost king, not feeling harassed, but rather interesting. He teased, “You don’t know how to pursue; I despise you.”

While the young ghost king didn’t understand why he was being despised, he felt like what Lord Kunlun said made sense, and so he lowered his head in shame.

Lord Kunlun waved his hand. “Come here, I’ll teach you unconventional little thing some morals.”

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