Hai Tong Zhan Yin

Chapter: 1768

It’s a pity that Lu Dongming’s unfilial son likes Hai Ling.

With the support of merchants and Zhan family behind Hai Ling, Mrs. Lu was so aggrieved and could not be too strong towards Hai Ling.

“Retire the lease, move out of that street, go to another street to re-rent the facade, redecorate, and start over. I can consider it, but, Mrs. Lu, do you think it is really useful for me to do this?”

Hai Ling asked Mrs. Lu back.

When Lu Dongming was young, he used to hang out outside. In the urban area of Guancheng, is there any corner that Lu Dongming doesn’t know?

She could hide from the monk, but she couldn’t hide from the temple.

It can’t cure the symptoms, let alone cure the root cause.

“If Mrs. Lu can persuade Mr. Lu, it is actually the best way. I also hope that Mrs. Lu can work harder to persuade Mr. Lu.”

Mrs. Lu: “…”

Hai Ling’s words made Mrs. Lu’s face burn a little.

She wanted Hai Ling to stay away from Dong Ming, but Hai Ling hoped that she would stop her son, stop pestering Hai Ling, and return Hai Lai to peace.

After a long while, Mrs. Lu said to Hai Ling in a begging tone: “Hai Ling, I will not come to you if I have a way. My unfilial son is simply not good at anything. I can only look for you.”

“Hai Ling, I don’t mean to look down on you, but marriage is about being well-matched, and you understand that, not to mention that you live a peaceful life now and don’t consider remarrying, even if you consider remarrying, you and Dong Ming will not be happy together.”

“You have different levels and circles. When you are passionately in love, you may feel that you can overcome everything. When the passion subsides, your conflicts will appear.”

“Besides, I can’t accept you as my youngest daughter-in-law. If you are really with Dong Ming, I can’t guarantee what my mother-in-law will do to you.”

After she finished speaking, Hai Ling said, “I understand.”

“Then, can you pity me, an old mother who is dedicated to her son’s good? As long as you leave Guancheng, I will satisfy you as much compensation as you need.”

“You can still keep in touch with your sister and your aunt, as long as you tell them not to reveal your whereabouts, so that Dong Ming can’t find you.”

Mrs. Lu held Hai Ling’s hand and begged: “Hai Ling, please take pity on me. As long as you agree to leave, I will arrange other things.”

Hai Ling gently withdrew his hand.

“Mrs. Lu, I’m sorry. I can’t promise you to leave Guancheng. It’s not my fault. Why do you want me to sacrifice? Mrs. Lu can take Mr. Lu to move out of Guancheng, away from me.”

Mrs. Lu choked.

Then he said: “I am from Guancheng. I was born and raised here, and I married in Guancheng. Almost all my relatives and friends are in Guancheng. I am used to the way of life in Guancheng. I really can’t adapt to changing places. If I can adapt, I will always want to go back to Guancheng.”

“me too.”

Hai Ling’s words made Mrs. Lu choke again.

Although the Hai family is in the countryside, it is also managed by Guancheng.

Hai Ling said that she was from Guancheng, but Mrs. Lu couldn’t refute it.

“Hai Ling.”

Mrs. Lu’s tone was a bit serious, “Are you thinking that you will accept Dongming in the future, so you refuse to leave Guancheng?”

Now Hai Ling doesn’t love Lu Dongming.

What about in the future?

Mrs. Lu couldn’t help but question Hai Ling for the future.

“Mrs. Lu, I admit that Lu is always a very good man. I really dare not say what will happen in the future. Maybe I will really accept Mr. Lu in the future, or I may not accept it in my whole life. However, I can be sure of one thing. As long as Mrs. Lu disagrees, I will never marry into your Lu family!”

It was like treating the problem like a ball again and kicking it back to Mrs. Lu.

Mrs. Lu: “…”

If Hai Ling didn’t guarantee it, she did.

If she said she made a promise, Mrs. Lu felt that there was no guarantee.

After all, Hai Ling would not compromise with her.

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