Hai Tong Zhan Yin

Chapter: 3311

He is different from his elder brother.

The eldest brother was raised by his grandparents and has the best relationship with his grandparents. Although he was also taught by his grandparents, he spent more time with his parents. He cares about their parents’ support for him.

He is not the eldest son and does not need to take over the family business, but this year he started to help manage the family business and also has his own business.

He can do what he wants without too much pressure.

He thought that if he told his parents, they would support him.

He never thought that his mother would not support him, but his father would support him as always, and his mother would quarrel with his father instead.

After the mother went upstairs, both father and son thought that the mother was angry in the room.

Unexpectedly, their mother quietly left the house while they were not paying attention and came to the elder brother’s place.

The father and son took turns going upstairs to knock on their mother’s door to apologize to her, but there was no one in the room at all.

If they hadn’t received the message from their mother, both father and son would still be waiting stupidly for their mother to calm down and come out of the room.

Haitong said: “Mom also told me about this. I told her that you like cooking and want to be a chef for others and do what you want. We are your family and should support you. .”

“Mom can accept it now. You don’t have to blame yourself too much. My parents have such a good relationship that they won’t fall out because of a small thing. Any unpleasantness will be over quickly.”

My mother-in-law has been doted on by her father-in-law for decades.

For the first time, she would be angry if her father-in-law did not unite with her.

“Actually, Mom is not angry with you, but angry with Dad, who is angry that Dad did not unite with her.”

Zhan Yuan pursed his lips and smiled helplessly: “This is true. I’m not worthy of my mother being angry with me. The only one who can make my mother angry is my father.”

Parents are true love.

Both of his brothers paid for it with phone bills.

“Sister-in-law, thank you for speaking in front of mom for me.”

My mother is actually very open-minded, but occasionally she cares about other people’s opinions, thinking that they will disgrace the young master of the Zhan family and make her, the eldest wife of the Zhan family, lose face.

He can understand his mother.

But my mother figured it out quickly.

Just like when the eldest brother married the eldest sister-in-law, the mother was unwilling in her heart, but she never did anything to damage the relationship between the brother and sister-in-law.

Outside, I also protect my sister-in-law very much. I will break up with anyone who speaks ill of my sister-in-law.

Haitong smiled: “We are all a family, so there is no need to be so polite. Your eldest brother and I hope you are well.”

Zhan Yuan still thanks Haitong.

“Sixth, my sister-in-law will ask you something secretly. Please answer my sister-in-law truthfully.”

Haitong suddenly lowered his voice and said.

Zhan Yuan’s black eyes flickered, as if his sister-in-law knew something.

But he still said: “Sister-in-law, just ask, I know, I will definitely answer my sister-in-law honestly.”

“You are going to be a home cook for someone else. Is that someone your grandma has chosen as your wife?”

Zhan Yuan: “…”

How did the sister-in-law know?

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