I've Got a Super Rich Dad

Chapter: 16

“Jiang Hao?”
Su Junting frowned, and soon saw Jiang Hao’s injuries: “What’s wrong with you?”
Su Junting slapped Zhou Yuanyuan next time and hurriedly walked to Jiang Hao.
This clinic is opened by Su Junting’s family. Su Junting’s father is not in the store usually, and Su Junting helps to look after him.
Su Junting drew a chair, let Jiang Hao sit down, and asked: “Did you fight with someone? Why did you get hurt?”
Jiang Hao glanced at Zhang Jie, smiled and said nothing.
In the end, not only was he beaten, but it was ashamed to be complained about this incident. Jiang Hao chose not to say it.
“Haha, fight? I think I was beaten!” Zhou Yuanyuan walked over, and said in a weird manner, “It seems that I said that you had premeditated and were right. Even Junting’s house is known!”
“Hey ! , Zhou Yuanyuan, be careful when you speak!” Zhang Jie angrily crossed between Jiang Hao and Zhou Yuanyuan, and said, “I brought Jiang Hao here. Do you have any opinions?”
Although the two are siblings, they are doing it now. Fire and water are incompatible.
This made Zhou Yuanyuan’s resentment towards Jiang Hao deeper. She snorted and murmured: “Traitor, you forgot that when you didn’t have any money, it’s time for a sister to call you so close!”
Zhang Jie glanced at her. , Ignored her, and said to Su Junting: “Junting, take a look at Jiang Hao. He… was beaten.”
Su Junting nodded, looking at Jiang Hao’s injury, and sighed for a long time. Tone.
The bruise on this body was obviously cruel enough.
Su Junting’s impression of Jiang is very good. Although he is in bad conditions, he is honest and honest.
So seeing Jiang Hao’s wound, Su Junting felt a little distressed unexpectedly.
“Hehe, I was beaten as expected!” Zhou Yuanyuan still said unkindly, “I thought I was here to pay back the money. It seems that I am looking up at you. Are you planning to rely on our Junting? Don’t forget it, now I want to let someone treat you? Shameless…” Jiang Hao flushed when he was said, glanced at Su Junting, and said, “Jun Ting, thank you, that… …I’ll go.”
After speaking, Jiang Hao told Zhang Jie to leave.
“Oh, where are you going for your injuries!” Su Junting hurriedly pulled Jiang Hao, “Just ignore her, I’ll deal with it for you first, and then I will give you some medicine to take it back.”
Su Junting smiled gently at Jiang Hao He smiled and turned around to get the medicine.
Jiang Hao was so warm in his heart that he couldn’t help sitting back again.
Su Junting was so kind to herself, if she left, she would waste her enthusiasm.
But this made Zhou Yuanyuan angry. She didn’t understand. One was her cousin and the other was her good girlfriend of seven or eight years. Why did she stand with Jiang Hao?
What is the charm of this poor dick?
Especially for Su Junting, Zhou Yuanyuan really can’t figure out why she treats Jiang Hao so well.
And Zhou Yuanyuan seemed to see a hint of other meaning in Su Junting’s eyes towards Jiang Hao.
But how about Jiang Hao? How could Su Junting fall in love with him if he has no family background, and if he wants money without money?
The more she thought about it, the more Zhou Yuanyuan felt in her heart that she and Jiang Hao were like rats and cats, not only disgusted, but also jealous.
Su Junting treated Jiang Hao’s wound, and then prescribed a little more medicine. After some advice, she thought for a while and asked, “It’s so late, have you eaten? Would you like to let my mother bring some food?
Let’s eat together.” Su Junting is indeed a very good person, and she is even more thoughtful.
But Jiang Hao shook his head repeatedly and said, “No, no, no, we have eaten it, thank you Junting, it’s just something…”
Jiang Hao was a little embarrassed because he had no money in his pocket, so he thought to ask first , Wait until Monday to return it to Su Junting.
“What are you talking about?” Su Junting looked at Jiang Hao.
Jiang Hao’s face blushed slightly: ”
Um … I didn’t bring the money today, so can I pay you back the medical bill another day?” Jiang Haosheng was afraid of Su Junting’s objection, and hurriedly said: “Or I will put these shoes Stay here, until Monday, I will pay you all the medical bills and the money for sneakers.”
Jiang Hao looked at Su Junting seriously. He really didn’t want to owe anyone. He didn’t owe it when he was poor. Yes, now that I have money, I won’t be able to.
Who knows, when he finished speaking, Su Junting just smiled sweetly. When he laughed, the dimples on his cheeks were very beautiful.
“Hi, what are you talking about Jiang Hao, we are friends, how could I ask for your money? Don’t worry, I won’t ask you for medicine, even if my dad is here. As for shoes… …” Su Junting paused, “I said, it was for you. If you pay me back, don’t we even make friends?”
“Huh? You bought these shoes for you. Huh?” Zhang Jie was actually curious before, how could Jiang Hao hold such a good pair of shoes.
At that time, he thought that this was evidence that Jiang Hao was taken care of by others, but unexpectedly, this was actually bought by Su Junting to Jiang Hao.
Originally, Zhang Jie wanted to ask what’s going on. After all, this is a shoe worth thousands of dollars, shouldn’t it be between these two… But at this moment, Zhou Yuanyuan suddenly interjected: “Jiang Hao , Do you want to be shameless? How are you embarrassed to say this?”
Jiang Hao was scolded for a moment, and then she heard Zhou Yuanyuan continue to say: “I really served people like you, haha, I also bet on my sneakers here. Tingting didn’t buy these sneakers? The things you buy with money are mortgaged to others, you are really poor!”
Zhou Yuanyuan said so, Jiang Hao suddenly realized that, in fact, he didn’t expect this at all, he just felt that he would not be sick after seeing it. The money is really not good, and I can use this shoe as a collateral.
Besides, the money for the shoes is going to be returned to Su Junting.
Jiang Hao looked at Su Junting, his face was a little red, and he was actually afraid that Su Junting would be angry with him.
“Or… wait for me, I’ll go back to school to get the money.” Jiang Hao suggested,
“Hehe, go and get the money? Didn’t you just run away with excuses? You have a shit money? Who doesn’t understand Who? As for here, do you treat other people as three-year-olds?”
Zhou Yuanyuan blanked Jiang Hao, and she kept talking contemptuously, almost shutting her mouth, saying that she was poor.
Jiang Hao felt a little unconvinced, and it seemed that Zhou Yuanyuan had really tied herself to the word poor this time.
Moreover, Jiang Hao was really angry when he said something so bad. After thinking about it, he suddenly saw the watch Ye Yunjie gave him yesterday.
Jiang Hao took the watch off without thinking about it, and patted it on the table: “Jun Ting, then I bet the watch here, wait for me for half an hour, I will definitely come back and give you the money.”
Jiang Hao Without this movement, almost no one would notice his watch.
At the moment when he saw the watch, Ji Xueming, who had never said a word, suddenly widened his eyes: “I rely on Brother Hao, you…Where did you get the gold watch? Really fake?”
Zhou Yuanyuan was seeing Jin At the moment of the watch, he was also taken aback, even a little surprised.
Gold watches, at least tens of thousands of pieces, pure luxury, how could Jiang Hao have?
“Huh, it must be fake, how could it be true that his poor scumbag is true!” Zhou Yuanyuan curled her lips and said, “Even if it is true, it is probably stolen, or picked up! Tingting, you can I can’t ask for it. What if it’s really stolen goods? The police will also trouble you when you turn back.”
Su Junting glared at Zhou Yuanyuan when she heard the words, and shouted, “Okay, shut up. Yuanyuan, what’s the matter with you? Can you not think of others badly !” Su Junting glanced at her watch and said angrily: “Jiang Hao, don’t worry, others don’t believe me, why do you have a watch? I just picked it up stealthily? Huh , I don’t believe it. I’ll keep this watch first, and I’ll see if the police will find me!” Watching Su Junting put the watch into her bag, Jiang Hao clicked Head, he left the pharmacy.
Zhang Jie pointed at Zhou Yuanyuan angrily, wanted to say something, but swallowed again, and hurriedly turned to chase Jiang Hao with Ji Xueming.
Jiang Hao went out and was about to stop a taxi back to school. After all, he agreed to Su Junting and would be back in half an hour.
But he swept his eyes across the road and was surprised to find Ye Yunjie’s Mercedes-Benz.
The Mercedes-Benz car window slowly lowered, and the moment Ye Yunjie saw Jiang Hao, she finally let out a long sigh of relief.

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