I've Got a Super Rich Dad

Chapter: 24

The security was so powerful that the mobile phone flew far away and landed heavily on the ground.
“Pa…” The phone landed heavily with a crisp voice.
Jiang Hao was dumbfounded, and rushed to pick up the phone, but the screen of the phone was broken and the back cover was broken.
Don’t talk about making a phone call, it’s choking to boot now.
“Hurry up! Damn!” The security snorted and snorted.
Qiao Dong and the others not far away saw Jiang Hao’s embarrassing scene, and they all smiled.
“Hehe, this idiot, it seems ridiculous to look at him! Didn’t you say that someone is coming to pick you up, man?” Qiao Dong grinned.
“Yes, I was born a joke!” Wang Jiani said contemptuously, “Look at his phone, and I don’t know where I bought the copycat Apple machine. Even the logo is different. Hehe, he is embarrassed to use it. It’s so funny!”
Liu Yan and Fang Xiao also looked very happy at this time. Liu Yan and Liu Yan patted Qiao Dong on the shoulder and said: “Come on, Dong Shao, we can’t get angry with him for this kind of trash. Let’s go in.
Right .” Qiao Dong nodded, and gently put his arm around Wang Jiani’s waist. Although Wang Jiani was a little unnatural, she did not refuse.
In this way, the four people walked in furiously.
Not far from the door, Jiang Hao looked at the shattered mobile phone lonely, gritting his teeth.
I thought: I will return these shame sooner or later!
But the current problem is also very serious. The phone is broken, and Ye Yunjie’s number is only stored in the phone. What can I do?
Jiang Hao’s head was big for a while, and his mood was extremely bad.
Haoyue Hotel, in the reception hall on the third floor.
At this time, the hall was full of guests, one to two hundred people.
These people are all elites in Chujiang City, dressed as successful people.
All the men are dressed in decent suits, wear watches in their hands, and are very particular about conversation and demeanor.
The women were dressed in beautiful evening gowns of various colors, sometimes circling around a man, sometimes gathering in groups to say something, and when it came to a climax, everyone laughed together.
Ye Yunjie was also wearing a light blue slim dress at this time, with a light makeup.
It’s just that she looked a little anxious and looked at the phone from time to time.
“Why haven’t you called yet?” Ye Yunjie shook her head, walked to a secluded location, and simply called Jiang Hao directly.
“Sorry, the phone you dialed has been turned off, please call again later…”
Ye Yunjie couldn’t help raising her brows, wondering why it turned off again? Jiang Hao had an accident the last time it was turned off. This time…an uneasy mood spread in Ye Yunjie’s heart again. She was a little restless, and after thinking about it, she quickly walked outside…
Jiang Hao picked up the phone at this time. Helplessly walked to the security guard again.
It’s just that before he walked to the house, the security guard had another angry face, yelling directly at him, “Why the hell are you here again? Boy, my fucking pitiful look at you, I don’t want to take care of you, you I don’t have a point in my heart, right? Get out, or I’ll really beat you!”
Jiang Hao quickly shook his head and explained, “No, no, don’t get excited, can I ask you for a favor?”
The security frowned and asked: “You don’t have the money to take a taxi, and you want to ask me to borrow money? Haha, what the hell do you think, if you’re poor, you just pretended “The security guard confessed ten thousand Jianghao, and then said: “I tell you, I have money, but I don’t borrow it! Ha ha, who do I know of you? I lend you money?” The security guard has a bad attitude, even more so. From the bottom of my heart, I didn’t look at Jiang Hao.
Jiang Hao shook his head again for a while: “No, I don’t care about borrowing money from you. I want you to help me find someone, a woman named Ye Yunjie. Just say Jiang Hao is here, let her come out and pick me up.”
Jiang Hao thought to himself, if he said to go in, the security would definitely not allow it, so please ask him to find Ye Yunjie.
The security guard looked impatient, and said: “Why should I help you find it? Ha ha, is that woman your mother? Is the house wife? Which building?”
Jiang Hao was speechless for a while, this guy thought he was looking for , Is a hotel staff.
“She is a guest at your banquet, and your boss’s friend is not a part-time worker.” Jiang Hao said lightly, “Please, and let me tell you the truth, my identity is very unusual. You will wait for her to come out soon. Knowing I didn’t lie.”
Jiang Hao thought for a while, then said: “Don’t worry, I won’t let you run away in vain. If you can help me find her, I will give you five thousand yuan. How?”
Jiang Hao said with a serious face, and the security guard was also listening with a serious face at first.
But when Jiang Hao finished speaking, the security guard chuckled and laughed.
“Hahaha…I really laughed at me. I finally know why Dong Shao just laughed at you so much. You are really sick!” The security guard said sarcastically, “Who do you think you are? Mister’s friend, I think your brain is really cramped! You dare to say any nonsense.”
“Returning five thousand yuan? I think you are so poor, let alone five thousand, I guess there is no fifty yuan! “The security guard’s face sank, and he sternly shouted: “Hurry up and get out of here, you fucking go crazy here, believe it or not, I’ll still smoke you?” The security guard was about to fight, but was about to do it, and suddenly he took it back. A smile suddenly appeared on his face.
Because at this moment, the two figures suddenly came over from not far away.
It was a pair of girls, they looked young, with heavy makeup and well-dressed clothes. Such people, even if they are not rich children, are not simple in identity.
The security guard is trained no matter what, he naturally knows that in front of customers, to protect the reputation of the hotel, such things as beating people in public are naturally unusable.
“Welcome, welcome!” The security hurried to laugh, but he found that the girl with a slightly higher head was looking at Jiang Hao with a surprised look at this time, and the security hurriedly said, “I’m sorry, just a stinky beggar, me. Just let him leave.”
After speaking, the security guards went to push Jiang Hao away.
But at this moment, he suddenly heard a voice from the woman behind him: “Jiang Hao? Why are you here!” When he saw Zhou Yuanyuan suddenly, Jiang Hao was also a little surprised, and then his face gradually dimmed.
“Why, are you surprised to see me?” Jiang Hao said.
Zhou Yuanyuan heard this, his face suddenly darkened, and said contemptuously: “?? Oh, not only surprised, it is still an accident, I did not expect, you actually have the nerve to come here, come here do want to see the world entering into it,”
Zhou Yuanyuan finished Then, the girl next to her looked at Jiang Hao with curiosity, and then asked in a low voice, “Sister, who is this person? You know him in a tattered outfit?”
The girl was just seventeen or eighteen. He looks like a year-old, with a slender figure and a slightly more beautiful face than Zhou Yuanyuan. The look at Jiang Hao is exactly the same as Zhou Yuanyuan, full of discrimination and arrogance.
The girl’s name was Zhou Xiaoya, who was Zhou Yuanyuan’s half-sister and the child of Zhou Yuanyuan’s stepmother.
Zhou Yuanyuan smiled and said, “Xiaoya, let me introduce you. This is a celebrity from Chujiang University. Do you know what is famous? Hehe, poorly known, how poor is it? Just go to the cafeteria to eat. They only have pickles.”
“It doesn’t matter if people are poor. I still like acting. It’s like a great acting!” Zhou Yuanyuan gritted her teeth and continued, “Do you know why your sister and Junting broke off? It’s because of this great acting, and I don’t know him. I poured Jun Ting some ecstasy soup, and asked Jun Ting to buy him a pair of shoes for thousands of dollars, and then the housekeeper borrowed so much money…”
In Zhou Yuanyuan’s mouth, Jiang Hao had become a total nothing. No, a hypocritical, pretentious person who can act.
Jiang Hao was speechless. He hadn’t even thought that he was like this in Zhou Yuanyuan’s eyes.
“Haha, there are so many weird things!” Zhou Xiaoya also smiled contemptuously, “I don’t even have a bit of spine to live, so there is something to do if I am alive? Haha!”
Zhou Yuanyuan smiled and glanced at the security guard , Said aloft: “Hurry up, let this kind of person run away, what are you doing with him!”
After speaking, Zhou Yuanyuan took Zhou Xiaoya into the hotel.
But the two were entering the door, and a beautiful figure just came out of the hotel, it was Ye Yunjie.

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