I've Got a Super Rich Dad

Chapter: 26

“Oh… I have a broken foot, can you help me?” Zhou Xiaoya said pitifully.
Jiang Hao frowned when he heard this. Although Zhou Xiaoya and her sister had just targeted him, but at one time and another, and she was injured.
Jiang Hao sighed and said, “Then I will help you up.”
Zhou Xiaoya nodded immediately, pretending to be shy, and said: “Thank you so much. I never thought you had such a good heart. I really shouldn’t say that to you, I’m sorry.”
Jiang Hao nodded silently, and went to help Zhou Xiaoya without saying a word.
On the contrary, it was Zhou Xiaoya. Seeing the opportunity came, she took advantage of Jiang Hao’s support, and actively rubbed Jiang Hao with her body, still feeling complacent in her heart.
Ye Yunjie on the side saw this scene and didn’t think what happened.
She naturally didn’t know how Zhou Xiaoya and her sister Zhou Yuanyuan humiliated Jiang Hao just now.
On the contrary, Ye Yunjie also felt that her own young master was so caring, and it was a rare high quality.
At this moment, Ye Yunjie’s cell phone suddenly rang, she hurried to the side to answer the call, and when Ye Yunjie came back, she couldn’t help but feel a little gloomy on her face.
“What’s wrong?” Jiang Hao asked.
“It’s okay, I have something to deal with, you go up first, and I will call you later .” Ye Yunjie finished speaking and walked away.
Since the other party didn’t want to say anything, Jiang Hao didn’t ask much, and helped Zhou Xiaoya into the elevator.
“Who was that woman just now?” Zhou Xiaoya suddenly asked tentatively.
Although she guessed that Jiang Hao’s identity was unusual, she was still curious about how unusual it was after all.
Jiang Hao thought for a while, this Zhou Xiaoya is not his friend after all, some things are unnecessary and impossible to talk to an outsider like her.
“She is a friend of a friend of mine. We just know each other.” Jiang Hao said casually, “She happens to be here, so I’m looking for her.” A friend of my friend?
Jiang Hao’s words immediately made Zhou Xiaoya mutter in her heart, she even had some doubts, could she have thought wrong before?
This Jiang Hao is not a big man at all, but an ordinary poor dick.
And Ye Yunjie’s attitude towards Jiang Hao before was completely based on the face of Jiang Hao’s friend?
“Then your friend must be very good? Who is it?” Zhou Xiaoya couldn’t help asking again.
But I asked Jiang Hao at this moment. He just said casually, and didn’t even think about how to answer this question seriously.
But now that Zhou Xiaoya is getting serious, he is also a little bit troubled.
However, Jiang Hao knew very well that he could never reveal the secret to Zhou Xiaoya. After all, it was his father who ordered him to keep their relationship confidential.
Father said that, there must be his reasons and helplessness. Being in such a big family, maybe his father’s back is far less glamorous than he thought.
So now it’s the best if I don’t drag my father down. How dare I make trouble for my father casually?
In the unlikely event that you leak your mouth and things are really revealed, you may not know what time period it will cause.
Jiang Hao thought a little, and then faintly replied Zhou Xiaoya: “Oh, I… I saved a person before, and that woman is my friend who saved that person.”
Zhou Xiaoya’s heart felt cold when he heard this. Up.
I originally thought that Jiang Hao was such an amazing person, but I didn’t think it was completely wrong. This guy is still a complete poor dick.
Thinking of this, Zhou Xiaoya felt that Jiang Hao’s hand holding her was as if it had thorns. It was extremely uncomfortable and disgusting.
She slammed Jiang Hao away, her face suddenly turned fierce: “Go away, take your dirty hands away, it’s disgusting!”
Zhou Xiaoya’s attitude surprised Jiang Hao, and her face changed. It’s much faster than flipping a book.
A second this week, Xiaoya was still welcoming herself with a smile, as if she was grateful for helping her.
But almost immediately after saying that, Xiaoya turned her face in an instant this week.
Just because she said, Ye Yunjie is just a friend of her friend?
Jiang Hao seemed to understand something. Zhou Xiaoya had been so premeditated to treat herself just now.
Such people are really ridiculous.
Jiang Hao not only didn’t get angry when the other party treated him like this, but felt that it was a kind of luck for him. After all, he had seen through Zhou Xiaoya’s tricks earlier.
Just imagine, if he just said something, he is a rich second-generation, or the top one, how will Xiaoya treat himself this week?
It is estimated that from now on, she will stick to herself all day long.
With such a hypocritical person by his side, Jiang Hao really thought it was a terrible thing.
At this moment, the elevator door opened, Zhou Xiaoya glared at Jiang Hao fiercely, and threw her out: “Smelly dick!”
It’s just that when she was about to leave, she suddenly ran into someone full of arms.
“Xiaoya? What’s wrong with you
, her face is so bad?” The person was Zhou Yuanyuan. Seeing Zhou Xiaoya hadn’t come up, she waited at the elevator door.
As a result, he hit Zhou Xiaoya angrily and walked out of the elevator.
However, Zhou Yuanyuan was even more surprised that besides Zhou Xiaoya, there was Jiang Hao in the elevator.
My sister was with this person, and her face flushed with anger when she got out of the elevator. When these two things were combined, Zhou Yuanyuan suddenly thought of something in her mind, and she was furious.
“You stinky shameless dog, what did you do to my sister?” Zhou Yuanyuan yelled at Jiang Hao almost without hesitation, and smashed her purse directly at Jiang Hao.
Zhou Yuanyuan couldn’t be clearer in her heart. Zhou Xiaoya was the heart of her father and stepmother. They didn’t care what happened to her, but if something happened to Zhou Xiaoya, her father might punish herself, but her stepmother guessed that she could kill herself.
Zhou Yuanyuan was really angry, she rushed to Jiang Hao indiscriminately, and slapped her over.
When Jiang Hao saw the battle, everyone was blinded, and he subconsciously reached out and pushed Zhou Yuanyuan away.
But after all, it was subconscious, and the effort was not serious. As a result, Zhou Yuanyuan was directly pushed down.
Zhou Yuanyuan fell heavily to the ground, suddenly everyone was about to burn, her eyes widened and said: “The surname Jiang, your mother dare to hit me?” Hit you? Obviously you were beating me, I just accidentally pushed you, you didn’t stand firm and fell!
Jiang Hao felt aggrieved and felt a little overwhelmed for a while, so he quickly stepped forward to help Zhou Yuanyuan.
After all, if there is any misunderstanding, let’s talk about it when we get up.
“You fucking still want to beat me, don’t you?” Zhou Yuanyuan didn’t care if Jiang Hao was kind, pointing at Jiang Hao and shouting again, “You beat a woman, are you a fucking man?”
“I…” Jiang She is speechless, this woman is too unreasonable to make trouble, right? But she helped her kindly, not only was she not grateful, but she bit back and said that she was going to beat her?
“You’re so shameless, do you dare to hit my sister? Do you believe me, let me throw you out?” Zhou Xiaoya hurriedly shouted.
The voices of these two sisters are really not small, and the banquet hall is outside the elevator door.
The movement here quickly attracted some people nearby.
“What’s the matter? This little girl is so beautiful, why is she sitting on the ground?” “Oh, how come this boy dressed so poorly? Did you just hear that? The girl said, this boy It’s shameless to bully her, such a big man, bullying a woman, it’s shameless.”
“Hehe, poor and poor, poorer and more poor, I don’t know how this kid sneaked up, so he dared to make trouble here. Little girl, you said, what’s wrong with you?”
Zhou Yuanyuan immediately became confident when someone asked from the crowd, put on a pitiful expression, and said to the crowd: “Brothers, sisters, uncles and aunts, give me Judge, this little gangster was stopped by the security guard at the door just now, he didn’t know how to sneak up, and he was in the elevator just now, and he was playing hooligans to my sister! I went to him to judge, this little gangster even reached out Hit me…”
“I’m playing a gangster?” Jiang Hao was speechless when he heard Zhou Yuanyuan’s words, “Why am I playing a gangster? Just now your sister got a leg. I helped her up, okay, if you don’t believe me, ask her!”
While speaking, Jiang Hao pointed to Zhou Xiaoya.

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