I've Got a Super Rich Dad

Chapter: 28

Jiang Hao was about to do this, and he was really shocked by many people, and even more people despised Jiang Hao.
There was no invitation, I sneaked in; the little girl was molested in the elevator; now no one believes his words and wants to beat people instead?
Even if the man with glasses watched Jiang Hao’s movements, he couldn’t help but be slightly surprised, because he had never expected that Jiang Hao would rush towards him.
After all, with so many people around here, who would be on Jiang Hao’s side? He chooses to do it, and the result may be more people’s anger.
The man with glasses was about to set his posture, but suddenly saw the crowd flash out of a passage, and then a violent shout came: “Stop it! On my site, who would I dare to do it?”
Jiang Hao heard the words and turned towards that voice. After a glance in the direction, he saw Qiao Dongzheng walking quickly with a few people.
As soon as Jiang Hao was about to pounce on the spectacle man, the two young people behind Qiao Dong rushed over, and they barely used any strength to control Jiang Hao.
“What’s going on!” Qiao Dong asked.
When he was far away, he saw people in a circle here.
Qiao Dong knew that something was wrong, so he quickly brought someone over.
After all, this is my own place. The most important thing is that my father can have ordered it. Today, there are distinguished guests driving here. In any case, we must ensure that nothing is wrong and no accidents can happen.
But after all the calculations, there was an accident. This made Qiao Dong very angry, but when he saw clearly that the person who was going to make trouble was Jiang Hao, his anger suddenly went up again. How high.
“Why the hell is you?” Although Qiao Dong met Jiang Hao for the first time today, the impression was relatively deep, especially now, it was almost carved into his bones.
Is this guy making trouble here on such an important occasion?
“How did you come in?” Qiao Dong pointed at Jiang Hao angrily, and asked, “Fuck, what do the security guards downstairs do for food? Can’t even look at them alone? You fucking, too, really. Jin, just want to come in and find me uncomfortable, right?”
Qiao Dong walked directly to Jiang Hao’s side while he was talking, and slapped him on his face with a slap, “Fuck you, you dare to find me uncomfortable.” , I dared to make you uncomfortable forever!”
At this moment, a few people squeezed out of the crowd. After a man squeezed into the crowd, he hurriedly asked: “What’s the matter, Dong Shao…? This thing is How did you come in?” The speaker was Liu Yan. At this moment, he was surprised when he saw Jiang Hao, and then he sneered: “Hehe, the dog is okay, but he still got in, he What’s wrong with Young
Master Dong?” “I molested the little girl in the elevator, and beat my sister!” Someone in the crowd suddenly awakened.
Hearing this, Liu Yan couldn’t help but sneered, and Qiao Dong’s expression instantly became ten times gloomy!
He grabbed Jiang Hao, and roared like an evil tiger: “You’re so fucking looking for death, you dare to do anything? This is Haoyue Hotel, believe it or not that I fucking killed me!”
Qiao Dong spoke word by word, his eyes fierce and fierce.
Two faint voices came from the side.
“Sure enough, rubbish will always be rubbish, and everything can be done!” Wang Jiani looked at Jiang Hao and said something contemptuously.
She was so modest that Fang Xiao, seeing Jiang Hao so embarrassed, and being so humiliated by others, she felt a little happy in her heart.
I dared to dump Jiang Hao in time, or else I don’t know how much hardship I will suffer with him, and how much ridicule and ridicule I will suffer!
“Hehe Jianghao, you’re in estrus? You can’t hold it anymore? You even started attacking others in the elevator. Are you nauseous?”
Fang Xiao glanced at Qiao Dong and suggested, “Young Master Dong, I think you can throw this person out quickly. He is here for a second and he is polluting the air!”
Fang Xiao naturally wanted Jiang Hao to be quick Point disappeared from here, after all, Jiang Hao is so embarrassed now, she doesn’t want everyone to know that she is such a poor, wretched man’s ex-girlfriend.
That would lose your adults!
“That’s right, throw it out, look at him and feel disgusting!” Wang Jiani said with a blank look at Jiang Hao.
Qiao Dong was told by these people that his anger did not decrease but increased. It seems that if he does not clean up Jiang Hao today, he will not be able to explain to these people!
But Qiao Dong also understands that this should not be done too much. After all, there are mysterious VIPs today. What if he makes the chickens and dogs restless and runs into other people. If he turns around, he still cannot be punished by his father?
Qiao Dong thought for a while, grabbed Jiang Hao’s hair, and said, “Dog stuff, now I’ll give you a chance. You kneel down, go and apologize to these two little beauties, and say three times in public, “I’m a scumbag. ‘, I won’t endanger you today, how about it?”
Qiao Dong was still smiling when he said this, and he seemed to be a little longing for playing Jiang Hao in his heart.
In fact, he didn’t put Jiang Hao in his eyes at all. For such a poor dick, he just played him half-dead, and there is nothing wrong with turning around.
What if you let him kneel in public? Doesn’t he still have to kneel down?
Qiao Dong has already thought about it. If Jiang Hao doesn’t kneel down for a while, he has a hundred ways to make him die!
Young Master Qiao was proud, suddenly he felt a pain in his stomach, and he leaned back and almost fell.
It turned out to be Jiang Hao. Although his hands were braced by others and could not move, his legs were still alive.
How could Jiang Hao kneel down, and when he heard Qiao Dong’s humiliation, he kicked it out, and he got it back!
Qiao Dong staggered, only to stand firm when he was supported by the people behind him, and then waited for Jiang Hao with eyes full of anger.
“Grass, do you dare to hit me? Dare to hit me?”
Qiao Dong gritted his teeth and said two vicious words that were forced out of his teeth.
He has been spoiled since he was a child, no one dares to touch himself.
Did Jiang Hao eat the courage of the bear heart and leopard? I dared to kick myself, and still in front of so many people!
If you don’t fix Jiang Hao severely today, how will you gain a foothold in Chujiang in the future?
Jiang Hao must pay the price of blood!
Thinking of this, Qiao Dong looked around. There are many people here, and it is obvious that his methods are not easy to use.
“Take me away!” Qiao Dong left the banquet hall angrily, and walked towards a corridor on one side.
And the two men holding Jiang Hao directly dragged Jiang Hao away.
Looking at this posture, Jiang Hao is absolutely sure that he will not end well. Liu Yan is not confident about what Jiang Hao will end up.
He was about to follow when he was directly stopped by a young man.
Don’t you want to let yourself see this?
Liu Yan couldn’t help but shook his head and smiled, thinking to forget it, anyway, Jiang Hao is dead today, let him go.
The crowd gradually dispersed, and Zhou Yuanyuan’s hanging heart quietly let go.
She looked at the direction Jiang Hao was taken away just now, and snorted coldly: “Deserve it, stinky cock!” Zhou Yuanyuan turned to look at Zhou Xiaoya again, and hurriedly asked: “Xiaoya, are you all right? In the elevator, what did that bastard do to you?”
Zhou Yuanyuan’s words made Zhou Xiaoya hesitate again. After all, this is her own sister, why don’t you tell her the truth?
After a little meditation, Zhou Xiaoya slowly said: “Sister, didn’t I just say everything? That stinky cock touched me, and he wants to kiss me hard…”
“Bad son, it really is like this…”
Zhou Yuanyuan Hearing that, she gritted her teeth with hatred for Jiang Hao again, and immediately she became nervous again, and said with a begging tone: “Good sister, so Xiaoya, you must not let our parents know about today’s affairs. You know, my sister loves you the most, but if they know that you follow my sister and get molested, then they must kill me!”
Zhou Xiaoya couldn’t help but smile triumphantly at Zhou Yuanyuan’s fear and fear. Okay, then it depends on your performance. By the way, I recently…hey, the watch is broken!”
Zhou Yuanyuan gritted her teeth fiercely and wondered where she is her sister. She is like a wolf. You must know Zhou Xiaoya. The last watch was worth more than three thousand. This time she said that, she definitely couldn’t buy it cheaply.
But you still have money? The last time I ate in Nine Streets Alley, the money was squandered.
However, Zhou Yuanyuan suddenly thought about it, and suddenly thought, didn’t she still order a Jiang Hao watch from Su Junting?
Although she doesn’t quite believe how much the watch is worth, it should be easy to sell a few hundred yuan for the material, right? How much can be considered to be able to collect some money.

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