I've Got a Super Rich Dad

Chapter: 281-290

Chapter: 281
“You let the people go first.” Manager Wu frowned and said to the security captain.
The security captain was stunned when he heard this: “Let it go? Why? Manager Wu, they just smashed it…” The security captain pointed to the messy ground, and he couldn’t help but feel distressed.
He often followed Qiao San, naturally knowing that the blue and white water spray and the two plaques are of extraordinary value. It is estimated that the three things put together are close to 10 million.
And it’s still US dollars!
It was smashed just like that, and it was not held accountable. It was unreasonable to reason.
And they are all aware of Qiao San’s temper. He loves the books he collects the most. When he takes care of it by himself, he will get furious if he touches a little bit.
Now three things have been smashed one after another. If he doesn’t overturn half of the Yunshan area in Chujiang, that is simply not his character.
Manager Wu looked at the damaged plaque and the blue and white porcelain spray on the ground, and felt a little distressed. After all, there were many things, but he used to accompany Qiao San to take pictures overseas.
But even so, he still waved his hand: “Stop talking, let go, Mr. Joe, I will explain it!” The security captain heard this with an eager look: “But this…”
“Nothing more,” If you let you go, you can let go, where is so much nonsense?” Manager Wu glanced at the security captain with a cold eyebrow.
The other party immediately became cautious, and hurriedly waved to the security guards: “What are you still doing? Quickly let me go!” The security hurriedly let go of Xue Yuning’s cousin and Van Den, and then stepped aside.
Manager Wu glanced at the security captain and said in a low voice, “Hey, I’ll explain to you later, in any case, just listen to me.”
The security captain nodded, and then he saw Manager Wu, who was always awe-inspiring, walked straight to the cousin Xue Yuning, with a smile on his face.
“This lady, I’m really sorry, our person was too rude just now, please.”
After speaking, Manager Wu waved to the staff of those hotels and motioned them to leave.
Everyone quickly left, and a crisis seemed to have passed.
And this matter made cousin Xue Yuning and Fan Deng feel inexplicable.
Just now they thought they must be over.
But looking at it now, I should be fine.
Although she was also a little surprised, what was going on and why the other party would treat her so respectfully.
However, she didn’t bother to think so much at this time, and she suddenly became a little bit proud.
Cousin Xue Yuning looked at Manager Wu and snorted coldly: “Hmph, I think you are still acquainted. Unlike these mentally retarded people, you still want to do something to me. I really don’t know whether you live or die. My mother killed you today What can you do where you don’t shit!”
After speaking, cousin Xue Yuning walked up to the security captain again, and said arrogantly: “Hehe, didn’t you just look pretty? What can you do to me?”
“You… …” The captain of the security is straight-tempered. Where he can stand this kind of provocation, he can hardly resist the attack.
“Presumptuous!” Manager Wu suddenly scolded the security captain, “What is your attitude, hurry up and apologize to others!”
“I… apologize to her?” The security captain heard the words, his eyes didn’t come out, his face was incredible. “Why?” After hearing this, Manager Wu hurriedly gave the security captain a wink, and said, “Don’t talk nonsense, how did I tell you just now?” The security captain was still indignant, his expression stern: “Impossible. She smashed something, and I have to apologize to her when I look back? Where is this going to make sense!”
After speaking, the security captain didn’t care about Manager Wu, and went aside for himself, apparently feeling that this was unfair.
When Manager Wu saw this, he couldn’t help sighing, and hurriedly followed, and whispered in the ear of the security captain, “You stupid you, do you know who these two are? The backer of our third master, you know who it is. These two people, but the relatives of our third master, don’t say they smashed things. You are not happy. Go out, our third master is here, and you dare not say anything! I ask you to apologize, it’s for you Okay, don’t you see it?”
“Hmph, otherwise, why would I give them a three-point courtesy? Just like them, I have let you do it a long time ago. It’s not because San Ye played four in a row in the past two days Five phone calls, let me treat others well?”
Hearing what Manager Wu said, the security captain seemed to have an epiphany.
Of course he knows who the backer behind his boss is. It is said that the kid is from the Shen family overseas, and his background relationship is beyond the sky.
He also knew very well what would happen if he offended such a person.
But he still couldn’t swallow this breath, especially seeing the arrogant and domineering appearance of cousin Xue Yuning, he couldn’t wait to go up and slap her.
Manager Wu became a little impatient, and hurriedly urged: “Tsk, hurry up and apologize, if you are like this, San Ye will not only not appreciate you when he turns around, but he may even punish you!”

Chapter: 282
Hearing what Manager Wu said, the security captain was finally softened.
He knew that it would be impossible for him to refuse to accept softness, otherwise it would really make Third Master Qiao anger him, and he would be driven away if he didn’t keep up.
“Damn, Quandang is for San Ye, I swallow this breath today!” The security captain glanced at Manager Wu, muttered angrily, turned and walked towards cousin Xue Yuning.
Manager Wu breathed a sigh of relief.
In fact, when he just came over, he was still a little worried. What he was worried about was the captain of the security, this guy was a stunned boy, and he wouldn’t listen to anyone except Qiao San.
He was afraid that if this guy really hurt someone, it would be a big blow.
And just now, Qiao San made a phone call to himself, just asking how the two people were entertained, and even asked them again, showing how much Qiao San paid attention to these two people.
And Manager Wu also knew that just yesterday, when the two went to the Haoyue Hotel, Qiao San still kept the red wine he had kept for many years and asked Qiao Dong to send it to the two.
Manager Wu has been with Qiao for thirty or twenty years. It was Chu Jiang’s leader who came to Haoyue Hotel. Qiao Sanke had never treated them like this. It shows how much he values ​​these two people.
Manager Wu certainly understands how much Qiao San attaches importance to these two people on the surface, but to put it bluntly, they are all for Jiang Hao.
All this is nothing but showing loyalty to Jiang Hao.
So since my boss is like that, what else can I say.
Manager Wu also had such a move.
He watched the security captain walk towards cousin Xue Yuning, and then he heard the former speak a bit stiffly: ”
I’m sorry…” Upon hearing this, cousin Xue Yuning couldn’t help but sneered and glanced disdainfully. The other party’s next move was really unexpected.
Cousin Xue Yuning did not hesitate at all, suddenly raised her hand and slapped the security captain on the face.
In this scene, Mr. Wu on the side was almost stunned!
Because he didn’t expect this woman to be so disgusting.
The security captain lowered his posture to apologize to her. It was already a load of humiliation, but what about her? Not only did he not appreciate it, but instead beat others.
Who do you think you are?
Manager Wu couldn’t help feeling angry when he saw this. If it hadn’t been for Jiang Hao behind the other party, he might have already let someone tear up cousin Xue Yuning.
The security captain was the most shocked.
He was taken aback for a moment, and then suddenly raised his head to look at cousin Xue Yuning, his eyes fired as if he was about to burn the other party.
“How dare you hit me?” The security captain seemed to be unable to restrain the anger in his heart, and almost poured out, “I have been out for so many years, except for the third master who dared to slap me, so no one dares to touch me. What about me, who do you think you are? I give you a face, isn’t it?” The security captain was angry and murderous in an instant.
But to his surprise, cousin Xue Yuning seemed indifferent, and suddenly raised her hand and slapped it again.
Although the security captain was rough and thick skinned, cousin Xue Yuning’s hard work did not cause any substantial harm to him.
But this slap hurt his self-esteem, but it is comparable to a heavy hammer!
The security captain couldn’t bear it anymore, and he didn’t need to be verbose. He just raised his leg and he was able to kick it… Manager Wu was dumbfounded when he saw it, and hurried forward with a sprint, and tried his best to pull the security captain.
“You calm down, what are you going to do?” Manager Wu scolded.
“Did she… dare to touch me? I care about whose bird relative she is, I killed her today…”
Manager Wu couldn’t control the other party, and hurriedly greeted several other security guards.
Four or five people all started to control this guy.
Manager Wu wiped his sweat and said loudly: ”
Take me away!” Several security guards staggered, and finally pulled the security captain away.
Manager Wu breathed a sigh of relief, and was about to go up and say a few words to cousin Xue Yuning.
But the other party glanced at him disdainfully, and pushed him away.
“Huh, what a dog, what’s wrong with me, a stinky janitor, you move me to try today!” After speaking, cousin Xue Yuning walked away.
Manager Wu was stunned. He had lived for half of his life, and he had hardly met such a person.
If you live forever and others give you a face, even if you feel that you are amazing and look down on the other person, you still have to keep that face.
Thirty years in Hedong and thirty years in Hexi, you are not sure one day you will get caught in someone else’s place. When this time comes out, you may be safe for your life.
But people like Xue Yuning’s cousin, it is estimated that in the end, she didn’t know how she died.
Sooner or later I have to pay it back.
And for an arrogant and ignorant person like her, it must be early, and more!
Manager Wu squinted his eyes and looked at the two people who walked into the hotel proudly, expressionless.
“Hehe, I want to see how far you can jump!”

Chapter: 283
Manager Wu has been in the world for more than 20 years, and he has long become an old dough stick.
He suddenly stretched out his hand and called a waiter not far away.
“Manager Wu, what’s your order?” The waiter said respectfully.
Manager Wu smiled schemingly and said to him: “Now you inform the entire Yunwu Villa, if these two people hit anything, they will do it, don’t worry about it, don’t ask, just do what they want. In addition… inform the front desk and ask them to call Shao Jiang, and then they will tell the story. The two of them will destroy the entire Yunwu Villa Hotel.”
Hearing this, the waiter couldn’t help but stunned: “No… don’t care? Let’s…”” The waiter obviously couldn’t understand what Manager Wu meant.
Even though the identities of these two individuals are not simple, they are the relatives of Shao Jiang, but they don’t care about anything and just let them mess around in the hotel. Is this too unwise?
You know, the rooms and furnishings of the entire Yunwu Mountain Villa, but many of them are priceless antiques.
One such thing is smashed and one is missing, which is very expensive.
Besides, many of them are still in Qiao San’s own collection. If you smash these things, it is almost as painful as cutting off Qiao San’s body. Would he agree?
The waiter looked puzzled and didn’t move.
Upon seeing this, Manager Wu frowned and said, “You don’t need to worry about so much, just do what you want. Anyway, I will take responsibility if something happens. And…”
Manager Wu grinned: ” And these things will naturally not be smashed in vain. In the end, someone will pay for it! Go ahead.” The waiter frowned, but since Manager Wu said so, he had no choice but to follow suit. Up.
Manager Wu watched the waiter leave with a smile on his face.
He is scheming, and of course he won’t suffer from anything.
And the reason why he let the waiter order to let the cousin Xue Yuning and Fan Deng beat them at will is not because of blind command without reason and logic.
In Manager Wu’s view, anyway, cousin Xue Yuning and Fan Deng are here to beat them up, they can’t forcefully stop them. This will offend his boss, and secondly, the effect is estimated to be small.
If someone bites back then, saying that their own people beat them, then they can’t explain it clearly.
And now anyway, they have also smashed a few of the most valuable things in the entire hotel, just let them smash them vigorously, what can they smash?
At most, it was just the few paintings in the corridor.
But even if all those paintings are ripped apart, or even if they rush to light the Yunwu Mountain Villa hotel on fire, isn’t it a billion in the end?
These billions of dollars, in front of Jiang Hao, it seems that farts are not counted.
What’s more, they might not be able to do so outrageously, because in this way, even Jiang Hao can’t keep them, just wait to go to jail.
More importantly, Manager Wu did this to show Jiang Hao with a gesture.
To put it bluntly, let him see: You see, your relatives are so impeccable and smashed our hotel, but we still didn’t fight back. It’s all on your face.
And the reason why he asked the front desk to quickly notify Jiang Hao was because he wanted Jiang Hao to come over and see what his relative did.
In this way, it is equivalent to them giving Jiang Hao face, and informing Jiang Hao as soon as possible, they actually want to keep the hotel.
After all, Jiang Hao is here, can’t you just watch his relative smash the hotel?
Manager Wu has met Jiang Hao twice with Qiao San, and he still admires this top young man who is least like Young Master Kuo.
At the very least, Jiang Hao is sensible. Seeing that his relatives are so presumptuous under his own name, he will naturally not have to speak up, Jiang Hao will deal with them.
Not only will these two people be cleaned up by then, Jiang Hao’s face will definitely be given.
And with Jiang Hao’s character, he would definitely not let Qiao San pay for all the losses in this hotel.
Manager Wu smiled. He has done what he can do. Next, just wait for Jiang Hao to arrive, so that I can see what will happen after a while.
On the other hand, cousin Xue Yuning and Fan Deng seem to be even more reckless after the incident.
After all, the manager of the hotel is polite to them now, she didn’t even put others in the eyes, she could only become more arrogant.
The two returned to their room, and cousin Xue Yuning sat on the bed angrily.
Although she had done a lot of sabotage just now, compared to what she had encountered today, she was obviously still angry.
“Damn, you dare to lie to me!” The more cousin Xue Yuning thought about, the more angry she became, and she smashed a celadon cup on the side to smash, “I specified that I can’t let him go! No, I will give it now. That bastard, let’s call Xue Yuning and her mother over again. Today, I think we have to settle the old and new accounts together!”
Cousin Xue Yuning hurriedly took out her cell phone and called Xue Yuning over.

Chapter: 284
“Hey, where are you guys!” Cousin Xue Yuning said irritably, “Huh, all of them have been dismantled by others, will you still hang around there? Hehe, what’s the matter, I still want to find a chance to sneak in. Really naive, don’t be caught by others and beat him half to death!”
At this moment Xue Yuning and Jiang Hao were already in the car, and the taxi drove towards Yunwu Villa at a positive speed.
Xue Yuning was also very angry when he heard that it was his cousin, because Jiang Hao had just told her about the matter, and Xue Yuning suddenly felt angry in his heart!
How can they do this? The reason why they let them live in Yunwu Mountain Villa was entirely because Qiao San looked at Jiang Hao’s face.
Now they not only listened to other people’s nonsense and questioned that Jiang Hao lied to them, but they also had to go back and smashed Yunwu Villa. What was it doing? Do you have a conscience?
And the more they were like this, the more Xue Yuning felt sorry for Jiang Hao.
Jiang Hao has been questioned because of himself, and now he has to end in embarrassment because of the wanton behavior of his cousin and family.
“What the hell did you do?” Xue Yuning, regardless of his cousin’s nonsense, went straight to the subject and asked, “Why are you smashing other people’s hotels? What do you want to do?”
Xue Yuning’s cousin smiled, “Yo ha. , The news is pretty good, so I know? Huh, what I don’t do, my mother is unhappy, why do you follow that bastard to deceive me, my mother is angry, of course you have to vent!”
Cousin Xue Yuning looked around Look, contemptuously said: “Damn, not only did you eat and drink with my old mother, but you also poured the red wine that was given to me by someone… You have harmed me so much, can’t I pit you once? This is a broken hotel and I just smashed that broken thing. What is it worth?”
“Haha, but it’s no wonder that you are poor. I guess you won’t be able to afford this money by then!” Cousin Xue Yuning laughed.
“You…” Xue Yuning said angrily, “You are so ignorant, do you know that you have caused a disaster?”
Xue Yuning had also heard that any small object in this Yunwu Villa may be an antique.
What’s more, the phone just said that they had smashed the hotel in a mess, and the loss would certainly not be small.
This time it’s uncertain how many good things these two stunned youths will waste.
And they got into trouble, and it was not all Jiang Hao who ended up in the end?
Although Jiang Hao has a lot of face in Qiao San’s, but if the loss is too great, people will not let Jiang Hao lose money. After all, no one’s money is brought by the wind. Besides, this matter is not glorious.
And even if people don’t want two compensations, then this matter will be regarded as a stain on Jiang Hao in the future, and it will definitely become a laughing stock of others.
Some people will point to Jiang Hao’s backbone and laugh at him.
They kindly provide you with a place to stay, and they don’t take any money.
In the end, you are not grateful, your relatives even smashed other people’s hotels.
It’s really ugly to spread this thing out!
When Xue Yuning thought of this, he panicked, and he didn’t know what to do.
Anyway, in her opinion, she absolutely cannot apologize to Jiang Hao anymore.
What about the relatives? Will Jiang Hao pay the bill if the relatives get into trouble?
Since they have the ability to cause trouble, let them bear the consequences in the end.
Moreover, Xue Yuning also knew that his so-called relatives had never regarded himself as relatives at all.
“You guys do it for yourself.” Xue Yuning sighed and was about to hang up the phone.
But she immediately heard the cousin on the other end of the phone shout: “What’s the matter, let us do it alone? Xue Yuning, this is the hotel you booked. Don’t blame us for being impolite. Tell you the truth. Any loss we caused today , In the end, you all have to pay the bills, point us? You dream!”
Cousin Xue Yuning continued angrily and said: “Also, you have to die for me, my old lady still has business affairs to tell you, I am late, don’t blame me for being impolite!”
After speaking, Cousin Xue Yuning grabbed one. Only the tea cup fell to the ground with a “pop” and leaned close to the phone in order to let Xue Yuning hear clearly.
“Huh, did you hear me? You understand what I mean, right?” Xue Yuning hung up the phone after finishing speaking, with the smug expression on his face.
“Damn, don’t dare to come, then don’t blame me for being rude!” Cousin Xue Yuning muttered.
She turned to look at her husband, and then said: “Husband, don’t be idle, look for something to smash it, damn, I will make this bastard pay the price today!”
She finished speaking and looked to her side. Ning, suddenly his eyes fell on a sub-painting mounted on the wall.
Cousin Xue Yuning snorted coldly, got up and walked over, picked up a piece of broken glass on the ground, and scratched it directly on the painting.
After a while, the calligraphy and painting had become a pile of fragments.
Cousin Xue Yuning turned and looked at Fan Deng again, and saw that this guy was thinking about a blue and white porcelain flowerpot.

Chapter: 285
Soon, a taxi stopped at the gate of Yunwu Villa Hotel.
Jiang Hao gave the car money, and Xue Yuning quickly got out of the car and ran straight to the hotel.
But before they walked into the hotel, they saw the entrance of the hotel, the two plaques that had been torn into pieces.
“This…” Xue Yuning looked at the mess on the ground in surprise, “It’s too much!”
Xue Yuning glanced at Jiang Hao, and said apologetically: “Jiang Hao, I’m sorry, I blame me…”
Jiang Hao smiled slightly. She smiled and patted Xue Yuning on the head. He comforted: “It’s okay, don’t worry, it’s okay, and it doesn’t matter to you, I will deal with it later.”
Xue Yuning still felt uncomfortable, and said to Jiang Hao, “Jiang Hao, I hope you don’t look at them and mine. In terms of relationship, let’s open up to them. Let’s do what we should do. I don’t have the slightest patience with them anymore.”
Xue Yuning sighed: “Just like them, don’t care about everything, you today The more you let them go, the more they will have to indulge in the future, and they will pay for it sooner or later! So much so, let them take a lesson today.”
Jiang Hao also understood what Xue Yuning meant, and just nodded silently , Did not say a word.
In fact, Jiang Hao had already had enough of Xue Yuning’s cousin and Fan Deng.
If this is someone else, it is estimated that Jiang Hao would not bear it.
But this is after all Xue Yuning’s relatives, and the thing that made Jiang Hao the most jealous was the last time Xue Yuning’s mother kneeled.
That seemed to have touched Jiang Hao so much that even if he could no longer bear his cousin Xue Yuning’s family, he still didn’t really want to punish them.
But this time, Xue Yuning had already said these things, and Jiang Hao hesitated.
Yes, instead of letting them be punished by others in the future, let yourself teach them a lesson first.
This may be a good thing for them.
At this moment, a figure rushed out of the hotel all the way.
The person here was Manager Wu. Seeing Jiang Hao, he rushed over as if he had seen a savior.
Manager Wu knew that he had to do enough to act. When he saw Jiang Hao, he was crying.
“Young Master Jiang, you can count it. If you can’t come anymore, we really don’t know how to do it!” Manager Wu said while pointing at two plaques on the ground, “Look at this, this one is There is another piece from the Song Dynasty that was written by the emperor of the previous dynasty. These two plaques were taken by me with Sanye Qiao at the beginning. Add one, but it costs eight or nine million. You say…”
Manager Wu choked up before he finished speaking, seemingly heartbroken, and extremely sorry.
Jiang Hao also sighed and comforted: “Don’t worry, I will compensate for the losses caused today, and I will communicate with President Qiao…”
” Where are they?” Jiang Hao’s expression gradually darkened, no Yue asked, “They are so presumptuous, didn’t you control them?”
Manager Wu paled and shook his head again and again: “Oh, this is your guest, Ms. Yu Ning’s relative, how dare we? To be honest, we might just be scolded when we smashed something and turn around, but if we neglect these two, we are afraid…”
“What are you afraid of!” Jiang Hao said displeased, “Could it be because they are my guests? , They are going to kill, you just let it go?”
Jiang Hao looked around and asked, “Where are they now?”
Manager Wu hurriedly pointed to the direction of the backyard guest room: ” Go back to their room, Jiang Shao, You…”
Jiang Hao glanced at Xue Yuning and seemed to be asking for advice.
But he saw Xue Yuning’s eyes firmer than himself, and Jiang Hao immediately understood what he meant.
“Well, you go and call for your security.” Jiang Hao said to Manager Wu, “It’s fine to go directly in a while. Let’s go and have a look.” When
Manager Wu heard Jiang Hao say this, he felt Suddenly got a bottom.
He knew even more that his strategy had already succeeded at this time.
“Shao Jiang…Is this not so good, after all, they are your guests?” Manager Wu added, pretending to be a good old man.
But in fact, he wants to clean up cousin Xue Yuning and Van Den more than anyone else.
“Let you go, don’t say anything else, I know how to deal with it!” Jiang Hao glanced at Manager Wu, took Xue Yuning and walked towards the guest room.
At this time, the room where cousin Xue Yuning and Fan Deng lived was in a mess, and even the clanging sound also alarmed Wang Li.
Although yesterday I complained that this hotel was not good, that was not good, but Wang Li had a soft spot for the bed, and she slept directly until her daughter and son-in-law came back from the stadium.
When she just walked over, she saw a mess, she was too surprised, thinking that her daughter-in-law wanted to tear it down alive.
But then after hearing the explanation of the two, Wang Li also immediately seemed to have lost a billion. Sitting on the bed, she yelled presumptuously and started to make a noise. It was almost ten times more exaggerated than her daughter. .

Chapter: 286
“Oh, this goddamn dog thing, who is not good to deceive, but we are going to deceive us? We treat them as relatives sincerely, and they treat us like this when we turn back? What about their conscience!” Wang Li was on the bed. Sitting cross-legged, he started crying cursingly.
In her opinion, Jiang Hao and Xue Yuning’s mother and daughter are simply desolate.
“We are such a good person, why are we always being calculated by others?” Wang Li wiping tears unwillingly, muttered to herself, “The bottle of red wine is 300,000 yuan, and it was really ruined by that little bastard. It’s so bad, you wait, you wait for him to come over for a while, I can fight with him! No…”
Wang Li suddenly thought of something, and hurriedly said: “What do I have to give the last name? She called her daughter-in-law to calculate us like this, she has to be responsible and have to lose money to us!”
Van Den on the side saw his old mother-in-law’s performance, and couldn’t help laughing, and said quickly, “Mom, it’s impossible. You forgot, why did we come here before?” Van Den’s words immediately awakened Wang Li, she suddenly realized that she patted her forehead and said, “Yeah, yeah, why did I forget… ”
Vanden chuckled and said, “I think that with this incident today, we can be sure of the house, right? This kid poured a bottle of our expensive wine, and if he deserves compensation, then use it. That house will pay for it!”
Although Van Den said so, Wang Li still sighed heavily and said, “But we are still losing money. I was already sure of winning the house, even if the bastard didn’t Pour the wine, I also believe that I can let the surname He vomit out of the house!”
Wang Li was still angry at last, so she quickly took out the phone and called Xue Yuning’s mother.
After a while, the phone was connected, and Xue Yuning’s mother was still very good.
“Hey sister-in-law, did you sleep well last night?”
But Wang Li didn’t have such a good attitude anymore, and she cursed, “Do you still sleep well? What’s the special thing about you relatives, it’s strange that I can sleep well! What is your last name, are you human? We are single-minded. Treat you like this, so you indulge your daughter and that little bastard to calculate us?”
Xue Yuning’s mother was scolded for a moment, because she didn’t know the whole story.
“Sister-in-law…this…what the hell is going on?” Xue Yuning’s mother asked.
“Huh, what’s the matter? Don’t pretend it!” Wang Li hummed and said all the things that happened today, and finally said, “That little bastard dumped us worth three hundred thousand dollars. Red wine, how do you calculate this bill? What’s your last name? Don’t talk nonsense. Now I immediately took the real estate certificate of the house in my hometown and saw it. No matter how good we are to bully, today you are bullied! Wait! Lose money!”
Xue Yuning’s mother couldn’t help frowning when she heard everything Wang Li said, because she knew very well that at the Haoyue Hotel yesterday, people came to deliver drinks because of Jiang Hao’s face.
And they didn’t get in at today’s concert. There must be a misunderstanding.
So, Xue Yuning’s mother hurriedly explained: “Sister-in-law, I think there must be a misunderstanding in this. Why don’t you wait a while for me to go with Jiang Hao Yuning and everyone, can you explain the matter? How could Jiang Hao lie to you? He is really a rich second generation!”
Wang Li couldn’t listen to Xue Yuning’s words at all, but the more he listened, the more annoyed.
“My name! What’s your name, do you have a pit in your head? Even now you still believe that dog thing? Are you stupid or something!” Wang Li scolded, “Don’t give me nonsense, I think you are not Being stupid is pretending to be stupid and trying to get through? Do you think I am 250? Stop talking nonsense with me, and give you half an hour to come to the hotel. If you don’t arrive in half an hour, don’t blame me for being polite!”
Wang Li After speaking, he hung up angrily.
“This bastard, you watch how I fix them for a while!” Wang Li said to her daughter-in-law.
Fan Deng glanced at his mother-in-law with a smile, and thought to himself, since this mother-in-law wants to be the first bird at this time, she should wait for a while and let her come out first, and then take care of Xue Yuning’s mother to get down the building of her hometown. Think about the next step.
On the other side, when Xue Yuning’s mother received this call from Wang Li, she began to panic.
First, she was afraid that her family’s relatives would really do something extraordinary, and secondly, she was also afraid that in case they would anger Jiang Hao and cause unnecessary trouble.
For her own relative, Xue Yuning’s mother was helpless, but the other party was her relative after all, and she really couldn’t see them being bullied under her nose.
In this way, she would only feel more and more guilty of her second brother.
Xue Yuning’s mother left the hospital while hanging her heart, preparing to go to Yunwu Villa.
After leaving the hospital, she quickly called Xue Yuning.
“Yuning, where are you and Jiang Hao?” Xue Yuning’s mother asked nervously.
Xue Yuning said calmly: “In Yunwu Mountain Villa…”

Chapter: 287
“Okay, I see, don’t go to your aunt now, let’s go together when Mom goes by.” Xue Yuning’s mother said.
Xue Yuning did not respond.
Because she didn’t want her mother to be involved in this matter anymore.
After all, she can see it too, because of his mother, Jiang Hao always let go of his cousin’s family.
But this kind of heart and kindness only paid for the family’s wealth.
So it must be closed today.
Soon, Jiang Hao and Xue Yuning came to the independent two-story apartment where the cousin’s family lived.
As soon as they entered the door, both Jiang Hao and Xue Yuning were stunned, because at this time the first floor of this guest room had been smashed beyond recognition.
All kinds of porcelain furniture are now broken and ruined, completely turned into a pile of waste.
And Jiang Hao knew very well that some of these things might be worthless.
“They… how could they be like this!” Xue Yuning was a little indignant, and said excitedly, “Don’t they know how much trouble they have caused?”
Xue Yuning was obviously angry, but she still didn’t understand why these people were wanting Is it because of anger with them to destroy the hotel?
At this moment, a series of footsteps suddenly came from the second floor.
Immediately afterwards, the chattering voices of cousin Xue Yuning and Wang Li reached downstairs first.
“Huh, I’ll see if they have anything else to say…” The three of them swaggered downstairs while talking.
The mother and daughter over there were still swearing, but Van Den had already seen Jiang Hao and Xue Yuning downstairs, and he quickly elbows his wife and mother-in-law.
“Ahem…” Van Deng coughed dryly and looked at his wife.
Cousin Xue Yuning reacted quickly, and she saw Jiang Hao and Xue Yuning in an instant. The arrogant gaze suddenly became extremely fierce.
She said in a calm tone: “Oh, I didn’t expect it to come, how is it, are you satisfied?”
Cousin Xue Yuning pointed to the messy room, looking a little proud.
Seeing this situation, Xue Yuning was furious.
“What are you doing? Do you know how big a basket you stabbed? Why did you smash other people’s hotels?”
Before coming, Xue Yuning still had a glimmer of hope. You expect that the front desk of the hotel exaggerated himself. What the cousin’s family did.
But now it seems that they didn’t say anything wrong. Not only did they smash the hotel, they also did it so thoroughly.
However, cousin Xue Yuning disagreed, and even stepped on one of the lilies on the ground because of breaking the vase.
“What are we doing? Are you embarrassed to ask me? You bastards, why don’t you ask what you have done?” Cousin Xue Yuning cursed, “Xue Yuning, are you feeling uncomfortable now? Is your heart bleeding? Huh? I tell you, deserve it! Damn, who told you to lie to us with this bastard?”
“Yes, this is the punishment for you!” Wang Li also helped.
“Lied to you? Who lied to you!” Xue Yuning said in surprise, “I just told you to wait for a while, but you didn’t agree to go away, and you said that Jiang Hao lied to you, but your front foot As soon as I left, the person who sent the tickets came!”
Xue Yuning tried to explain: “I tell you the truth, Jiang Hao is not going to lie to you for the two tickets. Is it good for him to lie to you? ”
Xue Yuning couldn’t understand how their brain circuits grew so unclear what was right or wrong.”
And just as Xue Yuning said, can Jiang Hao lie to them?
With Jiang Hao’s net worth, it is a great honor to bend down to pay attention to them, but these people do have IQ problems.
But these people, even if Xue Yuning talked to them with heart and soul, these people might not believe them.
Cousin Xue Yuning curled her lips and sneered: “What’s the advantage? Don’t think we can’t see it. This kid is poor and wants to pretend to be forced. He is that kind of stuff. What good can he have, of course, is to satisfy his vanity
My heart!” “I really hate people like you!” Cousin Xue Yuning continued, “You people just make me sick. For a little bit of vanity, you just count us like this. Do you think of us? Relatives! I am ashamed to ask me why I smashed this place. I tell you, my old lady, I am angry, I am not happy, I feel imbalanced, so I smashed this broken place. What happened?”
Then she smiled again and said sinisterly: “surnamed Jiang, birds do not shit where you are not predetermined? now we smashed here, do not forget to compensation back to the people! you book a room, you deserved to lose out!”
after hearing this, Xue Yuning suddenly became angry.
Is this still something people do?
They were blindly jealous and blamed, and finally slandered Jiang Hao.
You were angry about this, and turned around and smashed the hotel. You reputedly retaliated against Jiang Hao?
What happened to Jiang Hao? I invite you to eat a meal worth more than 100,000 yuan and stay in a hotel that costs tens of thousands yuan a night. What’s wrong?

Chapter: 288
Xue Yuning couldn’t help shaking her head and sighing. She felt ashamed for having such relatives.
What Xue Yuning didn’t expect was that this was just the beginning.
Then, Van Den on the side spoke.
“Actually, we also think that you are just a bunch of children and don’t want to be familiar with you. If you lied to us before, you lied to us honestly. Your cousin and I will also consider our relatives. Son, don’t worry about it!”
“But what about you? Not only did you not appreciate it, you also deliberately poured red wine worth 300,000 yuan from others. You said, if this kind of thing is placed on you, you will not be angry. Van Den snorted coldly, “Today’s matter, the right should be a small lesson for you who don’t understand, that’s because we still think that everyone is relatives and don’t want to embarrass you too much. Otherwise, just look at it. With my connections in Chujiang, it is more than enough to clean up the two of you!”
Fan Deng said this was nothing more than a good-sounding, nonsense with his eyes open.
But in his opinion, his own is indeed the case.
I have classmates and friends in Chujiang, like poor students like Jiang Hao. If he wants to clean up, isn’t it a matter of making a phone call?
And to say so, it will also appear how noble Van Den is, in this way, it is equivalent to paving the way for his next words.
Van Den continued, “However, what you have done is indeed a bit too much. You shouldn’t have it, you shouldn’t have poured our wine, you know how much of the red wine. Money? Three hundred thousand, even if I sell you, it’s not worth that much money! But the matter is over, it’s useless to say too much. Forgiveness is forgiving you, and we are out of anger, but we still need wine For compensation, 300,000 yuan, take the money!”
Fan Deng stretched out a hand with a smug expression.
Hearing what Van Den said, Jiang Hao knew what shamelessness was.
Jiang Hao is a person who cherishes his face. Anyway, he can’t do such shameless behavior like Van Den in his life.
You ate mine and drank mine, saying that the wine you gave me was yours. When you look back at the concert and listen to other people’s rumors, you will humiliate me, and you will smash the hotel and make me compensate.
Now you want me to compensate you for a bottle of 300,000 red wine?
“Sneez…” Jiang Hao smiled angrily.
He couldn’t imagine that there were such people in this world.
“Well, well, is it all my fault, right?” Jiang Hao smiled, “The hotel also asked me to pay for the bottle of red wine, right?”
Jiang Hao shook his head slightly and continued: “To tell you the truth, I don’t have the money. Don’t say to compensate you for the loss of the hotel. Even if I bought this hotel, it is more than enough, not to mention the nonsense bottle of 300,000 red wine.”
Hearing Jiang Hao Then, cousin Xue Yuning and Fan Deng couldn’t help looking at each other, and then there was a burst of mockery.
Cousin Xue Yuning even openly said: “Hahaha…I really laughed at me. I still have no money? Oh, yes, I forgot, you set yourself as the rich second generation, right? That’s natural, you It must be very rich. I bought this hotel. I’m pooh, do you want to be shameless? You don’t have to talk through your brain, are you? Although this hotel is in a place where birds don’t shit, the environment is good, I think. It costs several millions to buy it, do you still want to buy it? Isn’t it funny? You disgust me! ”
Several millions? Jiang Hao wanted to laugh when he heard this number, millions, even the two plaques they smashed before could not be bought, let alone the entire hotel.
Qiao San told Jiang Hao that he spent hundreds of millions on the construction of this hotel, as well as the decoration and various antiques in the hotel. The total price after the completion of the hotel is at least a billion. .
It’s just cousin Xue Yuning and Fan Deng’s family, who really don’t have good eyes.
Van Den also ridiculed, “Hehe, I’m so speechless. Now that the matter is up, I still utter rants. I don’t think I can teach you enough lesson today!”
Van Den sneered and continued: ” Okay, don’t you have money? Then quickly take out the money to compensate us? I think what should you do if you can’t afford it today?”
Van Deng looks like he is afraid that the world will not be chaotic because he knows Jiang Hao There was no money at all.
But he couldn’t get the money, so he had to obediently compensate himself for the house in Xue Yuning’s mother’s home.
Jiang Hao looked at Fan Deng with a smile on his face.
“Give you money? Why should I give you money?” Jiang Hao said indifferently, “Just because of the bottle of wine? Are you so sure that the bottle of wine was given to you by Qiao Dong?”
“Nonsense, not for us. Is it still for you? What do you think? I think you are crazy about money? Do you really think you are the second generation of rich?”
Cousin Xue Yuning gave Jiang Hao a blank look.
Jiang Hao smiled indifferently: “Who I am does not need to explain to you, because you will know in a while.”
At this moment, Manager Wu’s voice suddenly came from outside the room: “Dong Shao, right inside. What…”

Chapter: 289
Before Manager Wu finished speaking, everyone looked toward the door in unison.
Seeing Qiao Dong rushing in from the outside in a hurry, he was immediately stunned when he saw the mess in the room.
Because this independent apartment villa where cousin Xue Yuning and Fan Deng live is the most expensive place in the entire Yunwu Villa.
And the furniture displayed in it is almost all Qiao San’s favorite things, and there are many valuable treasures among them.
But at this time, everything was ruined, and it seemed that nothing was left.
Qiao Dong was dumbfounded. It was hard for him to imagine what his father would look like if he saw this scene in front of him.
It might collapse. After all, Qiao Dong knew how his father liked these babies.
And when I saw Qiao Dong suddenly, everyone in the room was a little surprised.
First of all, Jiang Hao and Xue Yuning, they were a little surprised, what did this guy do?
After all, Jiang Hao didn’t tell Qiao Dong to come, how did that come?
Of course Jiang Hao didn’t notify Qiao Dong, but Manager Wu just called Qiao Dong.
After all, this is the most beloved place of my boss, and it was just like that. If this matter is a little bit wrong, Manager Wu himself will have to follow along.
So Manager Wu thought to himself that all the relatives of Jiang Hao and Xue Yuning were present, so he could call Qiao Dong directly.
This incident allows the Joe family to see for themselves, so as not to turn back to have problems, and to blame themselves.
Manager Wu is savvy and deliberate, and of course he is cautious in his work, for fear of a slight omission.
And seeing Qiao Dong appear, cousin Xue Yuning, Fan Deng and others were also very surprised.
But in addition to being surprised, they were still a little excited at this time.
In their opinion, the wine that Qiao Dong gave them is now being poured by Jiang Hao, which is equivalent to Jiang Hao breaking Qiao Dong’s face.
Now that Qiao Dong is here, you don’t need to do it yourself, as long as you add more energy to this matter, Qiao Dong will definitely be the first to clean up Jiang Hao.
And as long as Qiao Dong cleans up Jiang Hao and goes back to mention something about the house, he is not afraid that he will not agree.
Thinking of this, cousin Xue Yuning couldn’t help feeling secretly happy, and hurriedly ran towards Qiao Dong.
But what they didn’t even know was that the hotel they smashed was actually the property of the Qiao family.
“Young Master Qiao, you can count it, you have to call the shots for us!” Cousin Xue Yuning walked directly to Qiao Dong and said with a crying expression.
Qiao Dong didn’t react for a while. He had only heard Manager Wu say that someone had smashed their hotel, but he hadn’t had time to ask who it was and what happened.
Seeing cousin Xue Yuning complain to herself, Qiao Dong became even more dazed. What was going on in his heart?
And there was Jiang Hao on the side, even if Qiao Dong looked at the mess in front of him, he didn’t dare to get angry.
He glanced at Jiang Hao on the side and was about to ask what happened to Jiang Hao when he heard cousin Xue Yuning continue to speak.
“Young Master Qiao, do you know that this bastard, he is too bad, he knows that you gave us the red wine yesterday, but he deliberately poured the red wine, I asked him you are not afraid of Joe Young Master blames you? Guess what he said? He said that you are a shit…”
Cousin Xue Yuning twisted and talked to herself.
It’s just that what she said directly made Qiao Dong even more bewildered.
He looked at cousin Xue Yuning in amazement, his heart straightened.
Xin said that they are not Jiang Hao’s relatives? Why are you saying this again now?
And most importantly, how dare this woman scold Jiang Hao? He also scolded him as a bastard. Didn’t these words be scolded along with Jiang Hao’s father Shen Haoting?
Qiao Dong looked at Jiang Hao nervously, afraid to speak.
But Jiang Hao smiled noncommitantly, looked at Qiao Dong, and said: “You came here just right, you just explain, who was the wine for yesterday!”
Qiao Dong was still the monk of Zhang Er. Can’t figure it out, but just as he was about to speak, he was interrupted by cousin Xue Yuning.
“What’s your special expense? What do you mean? Of course it was given to us by Mr. Qiao. Do you really think it was given to you? You should pay me quickly, what will it cost!”
Of course cousin Xue Yuning thought that the red wine It was given to herself, otherwise she had any reason to ask Xue Yuning and her daughter for the property in their hometown.
Qiao Dong looked at Jiang Hao and then at the family of cousin Xue Yuning, and seemed to understand something.
“It seems that these two families have collapsed?” Qiao Dong thought to himself.
But how their relationship is, it really has little effect on Qiao Dong.
Qiao Dong’s attitude towards cousin Xue Yuning and Fan Deng’s family depends entirely on Jiang Hao’s face.
In the past, they were Jiang Hao’s guests. Whether it was Qiao Dong or Qiao San, they would naturally give them three points.
But now that both sides have collapsed, can you still be used to cousin Xue Yuning and Van Den?
Moreover, Qiao Dong had a very bad impression of these people before.

Chapter: 290
Furthermore, Qiao Dong secretly asked Manager Wu next to him, and he also figured out the whole story.
The hotel will look like this, and the culprits are cousin Xue Yuning and Van Den.
And now these two people are still pretending to be on their own, Qiao Dong not only can’t bear it, but even has the idea of ​​tidying them up.
It’s just this matter. In the end, he still has to see what attitudes the two have towards these people.
So Qiao Dong quickly glanced at Jiang Hao and replied: “The red wine is still worth asking? Of course it is for you.” When
Qiao Dong spoke, his attitude towards Jiang Hao was very respectful.
It’s just that when he said this, he directly stunned the cousin Xue Yuning’s family who was aside.
“Young Master Qiao…you…you don’t make a joke.” Fan Deng looked at Qiao Dong with an unusually ugly expression, and said, “Why would you give him wine? This…”
” Yes .” Fan. Before Deng finished speaking, he was interrupted by cousin Xue Yuning.
Obviously she couldn’t believe those words even more, and her face turned pale.
She just thought it was Qiao Dong playing with herself.
But Qiao Dong looked serious, even when he looked at them, his eyes were a bit contemptuous.
Qiao Dong said: “What are you talking about? Are you kidding? Why should I be joking with you? Who do you think you are?”
Qiao Dong sneered and continued to talk freely: “Also, since Shao Jiang has asked me just now, then I’ll tell you very seriously. That Ping red wine, which I gave to Shao Jiang, has become a gift to you? Please think about it, do I know you? Is it cooked? Why should I give you wine? What are you guys…”
In the end, Qiao Dong originally wanted to say the three words “dog stuff”, but looking back, although the other party seemed to have collapsed, he was ultimately a relative of Xue Yuning’s family, so he was playing the side drum, even if he was flattering Jiang Hao. You should also be cautious, so as not to steal the chicken and lose your rice, and then turn around to make Jiang Hao angry because he said something that shouldn’t be said.
But even so, his words are enough.
Those words of Qiao Dong, whether for cousin Xue Yuning, Fan Deng, and Wang Li, are already blockbuster bombs.
Jiang Hao heard the words, with a faint smile on his face, looked at the happiest cousin Xue Yuning who jumped, and asked: “How is it? Are you satisfied with the answer he gave you now?”
Looking at Jiang Hao with a look on his face. Cousin Xue Yuning almost went up to fight with him.
But she seemed to be held in place by some power, no matter how much she wanted to move. But they couldn’t move.
And in the depths of her heart, something seemed to be swelling rapidly, and it seemed to be like a flood, quickly extinguishing the slightest bit of anger that had just been estimated. It made her tremble.
It wasn’t until a long time later that cousin Xue Yuning reacted, and that kind of thing was called fear.
Qiao Dong’s words couldn’t be better understood. People looked at Jiang Hao’s face, and the wine was given to Jiang Hao.
Then those things that I thought before were all wrong?
Is it possible that Jiang Hao is really a top rich second-generation?
Cousin Xue Yuning couldn’t imagine this, because just now, she still treated others that way.
How would Jiang Hao treat himself when he turned back?
Thinking of this, cousin Xue Yuning panicked.
At this time, Van Den and Wang Li were not much better than her.
What Qiao Dong said just now was shocking to them in addition to shock.
If these words are spoken by others, they may still question them, but this is what Qiao Dong said personally, so naturally he can’t go wrong.
And this is the most frightening thing.
Originally, Wang Li still wanted to vent his anger to Jiang Hao, but based on Qiao Dong’s words, she could only shut up at this time.
After all, looking at it now, it is the same thing whether oneself can walk out of this hotel all the way, and if you dare to make a mistake, it is that you are looking for death.
At this moment, Qiao Dong spoke again.
He looked at Jiang Hao, and humblely asked for instructions: “Jiang Shao, I am really sorry. I already know everything about what happened now. I’m really sorry, because yesterday’s mistake in my work caused you to be wronged. I am willing to accept your punishment. !”
Jiang Hao looked at Qiao Dong after hearing the words, and couldn’t help but shook his head slightly, and said, “Forget it, you are kind to give the wine, but there is a misunderstanding about this matter, and it has little to do with you. Why should I punish you? “At first,
Qiao Dong wanted to test whether Jiang Hao meant to blame himself by the way, but he heard what he said. Qiao Dong’s hanging heart was finally let go.
Then he looked at the family of Xue Yuning’s cousin and asked Jiang Hao: “Then Shao Jiang, what do you think of these people?”
Obviously Qiao Dong was testing Jiang Hao’s ideas. How the final outcome was, in fact, it was Jiang Hao’s sentence.
And as long as Jiang Hao has a word, in the end Qiao Dong certainly doesn’t mind serving Jiang Hao.
After smashing his own hotel, Qiao Dong wanted to clean up these people. Now it’s up to Jiang Hao to say.

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