I've Got a Super Rich Dad

Chapter: 361-370

Chapter: 361
Boy, what’s the matter with you? I’m already giving you steps, why don’t you?
You Yun felt sorry for Jiang Hao’s last little bit of pity, and at this time, after Jiang Hao rejected his kindness, it disappeared instantly.
In You Yun’s view, Jiang Hao is shameless, but he doesn’t often give others opportunities. Today, I feel sorry for Jiang Hao, so he chose to give him a chance.
But not only was he not sure about it, he even threw it on the ground, which was really unforgivable.
You Yun’s face suddenly turned cold. He looked at Jiang Hao indifferently, and said without hesitation: “Well, then, please go to the cashier to check out first. The accounts are settled, and I will let someone pack the things. ”
You Yun’s meaning is clear. Didn’t you say that you still want to buy this sapphire pendant? Then go to checkout.
“Hmph, I want to see, what do you do this time!” You Yun muttered in his heart, “You dare to turn a deaf ear to my kindness, then don’t blame me for being rude!”
As soon as You Yun’s words were exported, the temperature of the entire scene seemed to drop several degrees.
The noisy crowd just became quiet for a while, some people began to lower their voices, but they were still talking in a low voice.
“Ho ho, does this kid have a brain problem? The boss has already said that, what’s the matter with him? I don’t understand that they are giving him a step down? I don’t know what’s wrong, right?”
“Ho ho, what do you think? This is pure shamelessness. Did you see that the boss is already upset, he didn’t give him any affection this time, so don’t you continue to buy? ?Then you go and pay the money first, and see how you get off the stage!”
“Ignorance, stupid, so stupid! I can’t see anything, and why do you come out? This kind of person, I don’t know how to die, I see what he can do when he goes to the cashier. Is it on credit?”
“Ho ho, who is blamed, the bubbles on the feet are all on their own. Let me give you a chance. Seeing what you are still playing this time, do you really think you can afford it?”
There was a burst of small chattering in the crowd, as well as ridicule and regret at Jiang Hao.
It seems that almost no one believes that Jiang Hao used his own strength to say the words just now. He said that for nothing more than grandstanding and pretending to be coercion!
But it was clear that Jiang Hao was going to die soon.
When you check out for a while, you said that you have no money. How could You Yun let you go? What’s more, you just threw others on the ground and rubbed them. They would not take this opportunity to take good care of you?
Just now when the middle-aged man heard Jiang Hao’s words, he didn’t even sneer, and whispered to his woman, “Ho ho, this kid is a stupid man, I really wonder if he has a brain problem. .”
But at this moment, Jiang Hao said “Oh” to You Yun, as if he walked towards the cashier not far away without thinking, and there was not a trace of tension on his face.
Dozens of eyes at the scene fell on Jiang Hao, from the moment he moved his steps until he walked to the cashier, the entire large jewelry store was silent, waiting to see what Jiang Hao would do.
But Jiang Hao seemed very calm. He naturally knew that many people were questioning himself, and he knew that too many people wanted to see his own jokes.
But what he knew more clearly was that he might disappoint these people.
It’s only 1.8 million. It’s not that I can’t afford it. On the contrary, it is these people, all of which are just ridiculous.
Jiang Hao had a calm expression on his face and his movements were extremely relaxed. He took out a bank card from his arms and handed it to the cashier.
The cashier looked at the seemingly insignificant bank card, and smiled in his heart. How could there be more than one million here.
You know, for all the wealthy people with large accounts, if they store millions of tens of millions of assets in their bank cards, they must at least apply for gold cards and platinum cards. They are all privileged, but also a status symbol.
The cashier has been in this business for so long, and there are too many such cards.
On the contrary, this card in Jiang Hao’s hand was handled in a small savings office. The ordinary one can no longer be ordinary. It is estimated that there are several thousand yuan in it. Moreover, the biggest drawback of this kind of bank card is the restriction. Daily outflow of funds.
Generally speaking, the daily transaction volume of this card cannot exceed 20,000 yuan.
And Jiang Hao wants to use this bank card to swipe 1.88 million? What is this nonsense?
The cashier took the card, smiled, and pushed the card to Jiang Hao’s side, smiling proficiently: “Sir, I’m sorry, you can’t swipe a large amount with this card. The daily transaction limit of this kind of savings card cannot exceed 20,000 yuan. Block, do you think you can change it?”
As soon as the cashier said this, a burst of laughter broke out in the entire jewelry store.
“Hahaha… I thought he would show his stuff when he got the card swiping link, but I didn’t expect that he would show his stuff just after I took out the bank card…”

Chapter: 362
“Hoho, it’s boring, I thought he could give me some miracle, but the cashier didn’t pass.”
The crowd suddenly laughed.
Although the female cashier’s voice was not loud, almost everyone could hear her clearly.
“Ho ho, this kid is so funny, he didn’t expect that he just took out his bank card, and he was broken through. It’s really boring!” The middle-aged man also sneered when he saw this.
Upon seeing this, You Yun shook his head. He really couldn’t stand it anymore, because he felt that the ending was destined. Jiang Hao was just taking his own humiliation. What’s the point?
But at this moment, Jiang Hao suddenly said, “Who said that? Is this your card or my card? Do you know the bank card or I do?”
Obviously Jiang Hao was a little unhappy with the behavior of the cashier.
Just let you swipe your card. You still have such a set. What do you mean? Do you seem to know a lot?
But even if you know a lot, that’s not embarrassing. You don’t know my card.
Jiang Hao slandered in his heart.
Of course Jiang Hao knew that his card seemed ordinary, but it was actually just an appearance. The card was now lying more than a billion yuan, and the credit card limit had long been changed.
This card just looks ordinary, but in fact it is even more functional than some so-called gold bank cards.
Jiang Hao’s words made the female cashier’s face flushed. She originally wanted to show how much she knew, but she didn’t want to be so judged by Jiang Hao in the end. I can’t hold on to face.
But this did not make her feel ashamed, on the contrary, she hated Jiang Hao even more in her heart.
After all, in her opinion, this bank card was originally a common thing. You have to be ashamed of it. Don’t let people say it?
And you have said that, you still have to try to swipe your card. It is not her who is ashamed in the end, but Jiang Hao himself.
The female cashier couldn’t help but secretly blanked Jiang Hao’s eyes, took the bank card with a disgusted expression, and inserted it directly into the POS machine.
“Enter the password!” The female cashier said to Jiang Hao coldly.
But she also knows that this is actually unnecessary.
Enter a shit password, even if Jiang Hao Kari has enough money, he can’t get it out. Is this person sick and wasting his time?
Jiang Hao didn’t take it seriously and hurriedly entered the password.
And when he entered the password, many eyes fell on him again.
Obviously, many people present still didn’t understand what Jiang Hao was doing. Was it just grandstanding? Just want to pretend to be in public?
But you are destined to pretend to fail. In the end, everyone will laugh at you. Is it possible that you feel particularly good?
Everyone felt that some people couldn’t see Jiang Hao, and some people even thought he was sick.
The middle-aged man even smiled in a low voice, and said to the woman beside him: “Look at it, you see how this kid ends up this time…”
You Yun on the side also shook his head helplessly, already preparing to turn around and leave.
And most of the people present are also ready to mock Jiang Hao…
Just when everything seemed to have become a foregone conclusion, a voice that was unexpected to everyone appeared.
I just heard a mechanical voice from the POS machine: “Successful swiping…”
The sound was not loud, but in a silent jewelry store, it was like Hong Zhong Dalu.
Almost everyone was stunned by the sound, everyone looked at each other, everyone was stunned!
The middle-aged man who was ready to taunt Jiang Hao, was about to speak, and his whole body instantly stalemate!
The woman next to him was even more surprised and questioning!
And You Yun, who was just about to leave, had already taken the steps of leaving. After hearing the sound from the POS, his whole person also stopped in an instant, his face pale and dull.
“This…” The female cashier was even more surprised. After hearing the sound of the successful swipe card, her face was as pale as patina, and she couldn’t believe everything in front of her.
After all, she did not believe that Jiang Hao was the kind of person who could easily spend more than one million to buy luxury jewelry.
After all, she didn’t believe that Jiang Hao, the most common type of savings card, did not have a limit, so he could get 1.88 million in one go?
The first thing the female cashier thought of was not that Jiang Hao really succeeded in swiping the card, but whether his POS machine was broken.
The female cashier hurriedly took the POS machine back, looked at it carefully in her palm for a long time, and even knocked on the counter, but she didn’t find any signs of damage.
What is going on? Is it possible that Jiang Hao really brushed 1.88 million?
This is too unbelievable, right?
Just when the female cashier was puzzled, Jiang Hao smiled.
He stretched out his hand and asked, “Can you give me the card now? I’m really afraid that when you knock on the POS machine, you will knock down my bank card!”
Upon hearing this, the female cashier hurriedly pulled out the bank card and handed it to Jiang Hao respectfully.

Chapter: 363
Jiang Hao sneered, and while taking back his bank card, he continued to ask, “Why, do you know the transaction limit of my bank card now?”
The female cashier flushed, lowered her head and did not dare to say anything, just nodded faintly.
Although she didn’t believe what was happening before her, it was undeniable that Jiang Hao did succeed in swiping the card. She swiped 1.88 million with a single brain, so much money, I’m afraid she won’t be able to transfer it all her life.
She was still laughing at Jiang Hao from the bottom of her heart just now, and now this female cashier also knows how naive and ridiculous she is now.
When I think that I just licked my face and reminded others that the single-day transaction limit of this savings card is not more than 20,000 yuan, this female cashier feels a bit like two hundred and five, which is too ridiculous. Maybe Jiang Hao would laugh at herself in his heart. …
In fact, it was not only the female cashier, but almost everyone present was dumbfounded when the POS made a sound.
It’s 1.88 million, really brushed out?
“This… who is this kid? This shot is too domineering, right? Hey, miscalculation, it seems that my judgment just now was too hasty…”
“What’s so special… This is incredible, where does this guy get so much money?”
“Awesome, haha, this time is really interesting. Who was there just now, and even jokes that they can’t pay for it, how is it now? Does your face hurt? Hahaha…”
The crowd slowly turned silent and gradually became noisy.
The people who had just laughed at Jiang Hao, their faces were more ugly at this time.
I originally planned to watch Jiang Hao’s jokes, but after a while? He became a joke first.
And the middle-aged man who wanted to see Jiang Hao embarrassed the most happily just now had an extremely ugly face.
Of course he knew that at this moment, he was the most embarrassing of all, because just now, he laughed at Jiang Hao the most.
But now? Not only did he laugh at the underdogs, but instead became the biggest joke.
And he had already discovered at this moment that someone was already making that kind of malicious ridicule at himself.
This was a shame. The middle-aged man scratched his head, hurriedly pulled his own woman, and said griefly, “Don’t hurry up?”
The woman was also shocked at this time, and she didn’t recover for a long time.
But when she came back to her senses, she found that she had been dragged away by the middle-aged man.
Jiang Hao glanced at the back of the middle-aged man and couldn’t help but smile. In fact, he didn’t want to care about the man like that, everything was just his own making.
He just wanted to buy a pendant, so he just talked to himself over there as if he was possessed of a charm. This kind of person is simply ridiculous.
But soon, Jiang Hao’s eyes fell on You Yun.
At this time, You Yun also walked towards Jiang Haohe.
Jiang Hao smiled playfully, and said to You Yun, “I have already paid the money. Could you please help me to wrap the pendant?”
You Yun nodded. At this time, he looked at Jiang Hao, his eyes had long lost the arrogance and contempt of the talents, instead he was full of conviction and more curiosity!
With regard to Jiang Hao, You Yun was really convinced. He now fully understands why Jiang Hao was so persistent. Even though he gave him face, he didn’t even look at it.
It turned out that this was not at all stupid, but because they really had that strength, and this was what shocked You Yun.
And what he admired even more was Jiang Hao’s determination. After all, so many people had just laughed at him, and even some of them had already reached the point of speaking badly. If this were replaced by someone else, it would have been annoying.
But Jiang Hao didn’t. He didn’t even make a difference, just insisting on himself.
No matter what you say about me, I can’t hear you anymore. And when I show my true strength in a while, I promise to shock all of you!
This method is too awesome. At first, I didn’t make a difference, but when I shot it, you were terrible. What kind of state is this!
You Yun couldn’t help sighing in his heart, this Jiang Hao seems ordinary, but this scheming is very deep!
What is even more curious about You Yun is, what is the origin of a man who is so scheming and so rich like Jiang Hao?
You Yun can also be regarded as the situation of fighting for more than ten years in Chujiang, and he manages jewelry luxury goods, so he knows almost all the upper-class families in Chujiang.
But seeing Jiang Hao, You Yun looked blank, because he couldn’t remember how Chu Jiang had such a broad young man?
But whether you recognize Jiang Hao or not, it is undeniable that Jiang Hao, a seemingly ordinary young man, must have a different background.
He is the business of these “not easy” people, so Jiang Hao’s easy shots are the master of one or two million. Naturally, You Yun has to win and please a lot.
Thinking of this, You Yun couldn’t help but smile, and said, “Of course, Xiao Li, hurry up and pack the tears of the sky in the diamond-encrusted gold foil box I customized before!”

Chapter: 364
After speaking, You Yun hurriedly smiled at Jiang Hao: “Ho ho, this little… sir, I’m really sorry just now, I might have a little attitude…”
Jiang Hao raised his eyebrows and glanced at You Yun, then sneered, “What’s wrong with your attitude?”
You Yun was a little embarrassed when he was asked. He originally wanted to talk about something else with Jiang Hao, but obviously he was a little naive. Jiang Hao seemed a little serious when the other party was talent.
“I…” You Yun hesitated for a moment, then simply laughed and sighed, “Sorry, my attitude was very bad just now. Maybe I underestimated your strength, and I was somewhat arrogant and contemptuous of your attitude, please don’t let it go. In my heart, here, I sincerely apologize to you!”
This time, You Yun was obviously much more sincere, and the expression on his face was much more serious.
Since Jiang Hao didn’t want to be perfunctory, he would naturally treat him sincerely. Otherwise, how could Jiang Hao feel his sincerity?
Hearing the words behind You Yun, Jiang Hao put down his grudge, and leaned on the bar in a comfortable posture, looked at You Yun, and said, “Why, is it something unexpected?”
You Yun smiled frankly and nodded: “In my opinion, you are nothing more than a student who just went to college. I thought that your financial strength would barely be able to spend a few thousand yuan, but…ho ho, look. My eyesight is still terrible. Dare to ask…”
You Yun thought for a while, a little worried that asking Jiang Hao’s identity directly would arouse his disgust, but in the end he courageously asked: “Dare to ask your name? Please forgive me for being rude, but I’m really curious. Which family’s son are you?”
You Yun smiled with a smile on his face, and continued to ask: “It’s true that I have a one-to-two relationship with all the famous families in Chujiang, but you and I really have no impression. Isn’t your home local?”
Hearing this, Jiang Hao hesitated for a while. After all, he didn’t want more people to know his identity. What’s more, he and this You Yun are afraid that they don’t even know each other now, so he can’t tell him his true identity.
So Jiang Hao went on to say, “Hoho, I’m so sorry, I don’t want to answer you this question now. My name is Jiang Hao, and you can just call me like that in the future.”
Prefer not to say?
You Yun glanced at Jiang Hao suspiciously, and the doubt in his eyes became deeper.
He certainly understands that Jiang Hao is unwilling to disclose his identity, either because his identity is more sensitive, or the other rooter does not want you to know his identity.
But no matter what, it seemed that when I wanted to know Jiang Hao’s identity, he was completely immersed.
But even so, You Yun also knew that he didn’t need to force it. What he wanted was Jiang Hao, a big customer, so what did he do?
You Yun smiled humbly and said to Jiang Hao: “Mr. Jiang, I think you seem to be very interested in jewelry. Tonight, I prepared a banquet at Chujiang Pavilion. I wonder if you can enjoy it? ”
You Yun did not wait for Jiang Hao to speak, and hurriedly said: “In fact, it is a banquet. This is only the second, the most important and the highlight. It will be a small auction at the banquet. There will be a lot of precious jewellery for auction. I think Mr. Jiang, you are more interested in this category. I don’t know if you can give me a reward and come to participate?”
While talking, You Yun hurriedly took out a golden yellow card from his arms, lowered it to Jiang Hao’s eyes, and respectfully said: “This is an invitation letter, please accept it.”
In fact, Jiang Hao really has no interest in banquets.
However, since the other party said that there was an auction of valuables, Jiang Hao suddenly became interested.
In Jiang Hao’s opinion, he was planning to buy a gift for Xue Yuning anyway, and buying one was also a purchase. It just happened to have such a chance, so just avoid buying a few.
And Jiang Hao also knew that Xue Yuning basically didn’t have any jewellery on weekdays, and that only a few cheap items were almost worn out.
Jiang Hao knew that Xue Yuning was reluctant to buy it, but she absolutely liked it, otherwise she would not come out with herself every time, even if her jewelry was worn out and she was wearing it.
Thinking of this, Jiang Hao couldn’t help feeling a little sour. He glanced at the invitation that You Yun handed over and took it.
“When does the banquet start?” Jiang Hao asked.
As soon as You Yun heard Jiang Hao’s words, he burst into laughter and hurriedly said, “It’s not early or late. Tonight at seven o’clock, Mr. Jiang, you must be on time.”
Looking at the invitation, Jiang Hao nodded: “Okay, I will be there on time then.”
You Yun smiled, pointed to the invitation, and continued: “Then I will be waiting for Mr. Jiang’s presence at Chujiang Pavilion! In the evening, when you arrive at the banquet hall on the third floor of Chujiang Pavilion, you can just show the invitation directly. ”
Jiang Hao nodded, and then saw a waitress walking over with a delicate gift box from a distance.
When they arrived, the waitress respectfully handed the things to Jiang Hao, and said softly: “Sir, your tears in the sky are already packed.”

Chapter: 365
Jiang Hao took the box, feeling a little happy in his heart. Now, as long as Jiang Hao thinks of the attractive appearance of Xue Yuning wearing this pendant, Jiang Hao feels that he is worth no matter how much money he spends.
Jiang Hao even couldn’t wait to hurriedly send the things to Xue Yuning.
But after thinking about it, Jiang Hao still held back.
Jiang Hao thought to himself, he didn’t care about such a day and a half day. If you don’t want to give a gift, then wait until he goes to the auction in the evening, buy the things you like, and give them to Xue Yuning together.
Jiang Hao was thinking when the phone rang suddenly.
Jiang Hao took out the phone and looked at it, it turned out to be Qin Yun.
Jiang Hao quickly connected the phone, and then Qin Yun heard a slightly excited voice on the other end of the phone.
“Hey Jiang Hao, where are you?” Qin Yun asked.
Jiang Hao looked at You Yun, but said, “Oh, I… shopping, what’s wrong?”
Qin Yun said, “Oh, come on, come on, if you have something good, come here! I will send you the address on WeChat.”
Jiang Hao was at a loss, wondering what Qin Yun wanted to do?
But Jiang Hao soon remembered that Qin Yun had said to herself before, saying that something good was going to fall on Jiang Hao recently. Could it be that she asked herself to go over, that is to say?
But what is the good thing? Jiang Hao was puzzled.
Soon, Qin Yun ended the call, and after a while, Qin Yun sent Jiang Hao a string of addresses using WeChat.
Jiang Hao glanced at it, and couldn’t help being a little surprised, because that address turned out to be the villa complex of Haisheng Yipin?
It’s just that Jiang Hao bought the villas, which belonged to the first phase of Haisheng, and were basically some of the top high-end villas.
The address sent by Qin Yun was Haisheng Yipin Phase One Villa.
Compared with the second phase, the first phase is not only inferior to the second phase in terms of grade and style.
And this is still an ordinary commercial villa. If compared with Jiang Hao’s 7,000 Marriott Mansion, Haisheng’s first-stage villa is not worth mentioning.
But the address sent by Qin Yun was Haisheng Yipin, which still surprised Jiang Hao.
But since Qin Yun invited herself over so much, something must be done.
Jiang Hao thought of this, put away the phone, and after a brief chat with You Yun, he hurriedly left the jewelry shop.
Jiang Hao stopped a taxi at the door casually, and after giving him the address, the taxi drove Jiang Hao to the gate of the first phase of Haisheng Yipin.
After giving the money to get off the car, Jiang Hao took out the access control card and walked directly into the community.
The community of Haisheng Yipin is worthy of being the top high-end community in Chu River. It is very complete and beautiful in terms of scenery and greenery or other public facilities.
Jiang Hao followed the address Qin Yun gave him and soon came to the door of a villa. He looked inside curiously and rang the doorbell.
The doorbell rang twice, and then as soon as the door of the villa opened, Qin Yun greeted her with a smile.
Seeing Qin Yun, Jiang Hao frowned, and hurriedly asked, “What’s the matter? It’s mysterious? And where is this place?”
Jiang Hao looked around at the strange environment.
Qin Yun smiled upon hearing this, “This is my house, how is it, is it beautiful?”
Qin Yun looked at Jiang Hao and smiled heartily.
When Qin Yun said that it was her family in his heart, Jiang Hao couldn’t help being a little surprised, because he did not expect that Qin Yun’s family also lived in Haisheng Yipin?
Although the first stage of Haisheng First Stage is not as high-end as the second stage, but even so, this is also one of the highest-end villa areas in Chujiang, and the price of a villa can easily cost several million.
Although Jiang Hao knew that Qin Yun had a good family background, he only felt that it was just a well-off family, but he did not expect that Qin Yun’s family was so rich.
And just at the gate of the villa, there was still an Audi Q7 and a Porsche Cayenne parked.
The two cars alone, together with this villa, are almost 10 million smaller. It can be seen that the assets of Qin Yun’s family must be several times that of these properties.
Jiang Haohaohe smiled and nodded: “Pretty, pretty.”
To be honest, although the Qin Yun’s villa is average in Haisheng Yipin, the decoration inside is very stylish.
The decoration style and furnishing furniture inside are all simple styles, but the simplicity is a bit expensive. It is far more seductive and more prominent than those golden and silver, golden and brilliant decoration styles.
Jiang Hao had heard from Qin Yun in the past that her father was engaged in art in the past, and the elegant temperament of this house full of artistic atmosphere may have come from Qin Yun’s father.
Jiang Hao followed Qin Yun into the villa, and as soon as he entered the door, there was a corridor first, and a hallway on the left side of the corridor, followed by the living room.
In the Qin’s living room at this time, there seemed to be two people talking about something, still very angry, talking and laughing.
Qin Yun pulled Jiang Hao in, and then went to the living room.
At this time Jiang Hao saw clearly that there were two men sitting in the living room, one old and one young. The older man looked a bit similar to Qin Yun. His appearance in his forties and fifty years was extraordinary.
This person is Qin Yun’s father, Qin Tiancheng!

Chapter: 366
As soon as he saw Jiang Hao and Qin Yun entering the door, Qin Tiancheng stopped talking to the young man beside him, and looked at Jiang Hao, his eyes seemed to be disappointed.
And now the young man next to Chen Tiancheng had an indifferent look on his face all the way, as soon as Jiang Hao entered the door, he just glanced at Jiang Hao lightly, and then turned his gaze elsewhere.
This means that Qin Tiancheng is still standing, otherwise, this young man may have sat down at this time.
Qin Tiancheng glanced again and asked Qin Yun, “Daughter, why, have you come to a friend?”
Qin Yun smiled slightly and nodded: “Dad, do you remember that I told you before that I was harassed by a few hooligans when I was eating in a restaurant, and was someone beaten up for me?”
Qin Yun glanced at Jiang Hao softly, with a little more pride in her eyes, and continued: “That person is Jiang Hao, and he is also a student of Chujiang University.”
Qin Yun has always been grateful for Jiang Hao’s rescue of herself, and she always mentioned Jiang Hao in front of her father.
Qin Yun felt that Jiang Hao had saved herself, and Jiang Hao’s personality was even worse, saying that if she introduced Jiang Hao to her father, her father would definitely value Jiang Hao.
Qin Yun had heard of Jiang Haozai’s “big name” of Chujiang University in the past, so she always wanted to help Jiang Hao.
So today I was just taking the opportunity of the afternoon banquet, and I wanted to call Jiang Hao to my home. The purpose was to introduce Jiang Hao to his father.
Qin Yun was full of anticipation in her heart, thinking that she had mentioned Jiang Hao’s saving to her father so many times before, and now she has dragged people to his father’s side, so her father has to show it.
Not to mention, even if it is to give Jiang Hao an internship opportunity in his own company, it is a good thing for Jiang Hao.
However, Qin Yun was full of expectation, and it didn’t take long before she was doused into ashes by her father’s performance.
Seeing Jiang Hao, Qin Tiancheng didn’t seem to show the enthusiasm that Qin Yun had in his heart, but instead appeared a little cold.
After he heard his student introduce Jiang Hao, he just gave a faint “Oh” and didn’t say any more.
Qin Tiancheng didn’t seem to take Jiang Hao too seriously. After a simple oh, he hurriedly looked at the young man opposite him, smiled and said, “Little dragon, what are you doing standing up? Sit down quickly. , Sit down, where did our father and son talk just now?”
While chatting with the young man opposite him, Qin Tiancheng sat on the sofa again. He chatted with the young man as if there was no one else, as if he had never experienced Jiang Hao’s visit.
Qin Yun was stunned by her father’s performance.
What does it mean? This… Did Jiang Hao ignore it?
Qin Yun felt very embarrassed, but she called Jiang Hao over with enthusiasm, but did her father treat others like this?
Qin Yun even turned gloomy.
She looked at her father angrily, no matter how happily he chatted with the young man opposite, she just interrupted: “Dad, what are you doing? I’m talking to you, this is Jiang Hao, you forgot Did I tell you before, Jiang Hao saved me, why are you…”
Qin Yun’s words made Qin Tiancheng a little uncomfortable. After all, he was chatting deeply with his opponent’s youth, and he was suddenly interrupted. Where could he be happy? Moreover, the young man in front of him seemed young, but in fact he was already standing. Yes, I might have to discuss cooperation with the other party next.
Qin Yun interrupted her conversation with the other party so rudely, this matter was made smaller, because Qin Yun didn’t know how to be polite.
But if you go bigger, it means you have opinions about others. With your attitude, how can they cooperate with you?
But Qin Tiancheng didn’t get angry at the first time. Instead, he stared at Qin Yun and said, “I know he is Jiang Hao, and I just said something, what else are you doing? My daughter, Today, there are guests. How do you talk to me? How can you be so ignorant as a child?”
Qin Tiancheng’s words really surprised Qin Yun.
I’m not sensible? Do you have guests?
What was your behavior just now? Just sensible? Is it right?
And you have a guest, Jiang Hao is still my guest, and you treat my guest like that?
Qin Yun is really a little angry, but she still knows what it means to be superior and inferior. Although she is angry with her father’s attitude, she still suppresses her temper and said, “Dad, I did not deliberately treat you like that. I think, is your attitude towards Jiang Hao cold? He is your daughter’s savior? He has come to our house. At least you have to say thank you to others, right?”
Qin Yun felt that there was nothing wrong with what she said. Jiang Hao came to the door, and his father said thank you to Jiang Hao, no matter where it was. It all makes sense!

Chapter: 367
But this word reached Qin Tiancheng’s ears, like a needle stick.
His face suddenly sank, Qin Yun stared at him, and he said loudly, “You are presumptuous! Why, now it is your turn to teach me how to behave? Qin Yun, I’m your father, can you figure it out? ?”
Qin Tiancheng seemed to be irritated by Qin Yun’s words, his face flushed with anger.
And seeing that her father was so unreasonable, Qin Yun was also very upset, pouting her lips, ready to fight back hard!
But before Qin Yun could speak, Jiang Hao, who had been watching for a long time, grabbed Qin Yun first, shook his head at her, and said, “Qin Yun, forget it, don’t talk to uncle like this. ”
Qin Yun glanced at Jiang Hao, a little bit unfair for Jiang Hao.
It was originally, Jiang Hao is his own lifesaver, and his father should have been warmly entertaining others.
But not only did he have a cold attitude, he wanted to be fair, and now he is yelling at himself. What does this mean? Is it possible that when Jiang Hao came to the door for the first time, you just gave others a look? What does this mean, want to drive people?
Qin Yun felt that her father was a little unreasonable.
She angrily said, “Oh, Jiang Hao, don’t worry about it. Today I have to explain the truth, otherwise it would be too unfair to you!”
Qin Yun’s words angered Qin Tiancheng again. He turned his head when he heard the words, and looked at Jiang Hao furiously: “What are you talking about? It’s too unfair to him? Then have you ever thought about how you talked to your father and me? Is it fair? I’m your dad, why, now I’m not as good as an outsider?”
Qin Tiancheng seemed to vent all the anger in his heart, suddenly pointed to Jiang Hao, and said, “What kind of face did I give him? He is here when he comes, why, I have to serve tea and pour water, and welcome him? Didn’t you see that I was talking about serious matters?”
Qin Tiancheng glanced at the young man opposite him, and couldn’t help but excitedly said, “Huh, it’s also about 20 years old. Look at Chu Yuan, who is now the vice president of a listed company. Look at you again… …And play tricks with me. I will entertain you warmly. Can you help me with the project in the south of the city, or do you help me?”
“Hmph, do you guys know that this time the Chengnan project was developed by Haoyuan Group. This time it is almost equivalent to building a central city in Chujiang. What a big business opportunity? Who wouldn’t want to get involved in Chujiang? Do you know that Chu Yuan’s house is doing the project contractor, and he can talk to Mr. Liu Guohao from Haoyuan Group. Do you know what a big opportunity this is? You, too, are short-sighted and can’t see anything. come out!”
Speaking of the Chengnan project, Qin Tiancheng’s eyes seemed to be full of expectations, and at this moment, he almost placed all his expectations on Chu Yuan’s body, the happiness in front of him.
As soon as Qin Tiancheng finished speaking, Chu Yuan smiled.
Although he laughed naturally, he could still find the elation in it from time to time.
After all, he is a young man, and whoever listens to compliments from others will naturally feel in awe.
Chu Yuan hurriedly raised his hand to interrupt Qin Tiancheng’s words, and said with a smile: “Hey? Mr. Qin, your words are too rewarding. My dad and Mr. Liu Guohao, the president of Haoyuan Group, have been good friends for more than ten years. It’s not particularly good. It’s an honor for our company to be able to participate in the Chengnan project this time. After all, it’s all about contributing to Chu River!”
After Chu Yuan finished speaking, he couldn’t help but glance at Jiang Hao, his mouth curled. Although he didn’t say anything, his eyes still showed some disdain.
Chu Yuan’s gaze then fell on Qin Yun’s body again, his eyes lit up, and he was a little obsessed and sluggish for a while, and finally the whole person seemed to be attracted by Qin Yun’s temperament.
But soon, Qin Tiancheng interrupted Chu Yuan: “Oh, you look at Chu Yuan, you can talk, yeah, yeah, we are all here to help Chu Jiang make a difference, you guys, talk to Chu Yuan. Let’s learn from the source!”
After speaking, Qin Tiancheng hurriedly said to Chu Yuan again: “Chu Yuan, whether we can participate in the Chengnan project this time depends on your help. If you can help uncle, that uncle owes you one. What a great favor…”
Chu Yuan smiled, and hurriedly said: “Uncle Qin sees what you said, you and my father are also friends, I should help you, and you can rest assured that I will let my dad go and say hello to Liu Guohao and Mr. Liu. If there is a suitable opportunity, I will definitely find a chance to introduce you!”
“Oh, really? Introduce me to President Liu?” Qin Tiancheng was very excited when he heard this, and even more excited, and said, “If that’s the case, then I really want to thank you. Chu Yuan, don’t worry, uncle understands that I will not treat you badly when I look back, haha…”
Listening to the hot conversation between the two, Qin Yun felt more uncomfortable in her heart.
This is my father, this time I really put myself and Jiang Hao here.

Chapter: 368
“Dad, in your eyes, there is only the Chengnan project, right?” Qin Yun looked at her father with a little disappointment, and she couldn’t get angry.
Qin Tiancheng glanced at Qin Yun dissatisfiedly, and scolded: “Nonsense, I don’t keep my eyes on the project, what do you eat and drink? How can we maintain such a large expenditure in our family? I thought I would be with you every day. Same, thinking about all the messy things?”
Qin Tiancheng glanced at his daughter dissatisfied, and skipped Jiang Hao lightly.
For Jiang Hao, Qin Tiancheng didn’t even have the thought to look at it more.
For an old fried dough stick who has been in the business for many years, Qin Tiancheng naturally knows that only those who can truly bring value and opportunities to him are worthy of his own traction and maintenance.
And Jiang Hao looks like an ordinary person, which is not good to say. According to Qin Tiancheng, people like Jiang Hao are actually a bug to themselves, or even more ugly, a moth.
Jiang Hao is useless, no matter whether he is now or in the future, he definitely cannot borrow any strength.
On the contrary, it was Jiang Hao’s entrance. In Qin Tiancheng’s view, he just wanted to cling to himself. For this kind of person, Qin Tiancheng had never seen one or two.
They are nothing more than their own money. Only then do they try to get close to Qin Yun, win Qin Yun’s favor, and want to get close to themselves.
This kind of person, what is it if it is not a moth?
When Qin Tiancheng thought of this, the look in Jiang Hao’s eyes became unfriendly, and he whispered, “Huh, I usually tell you, when making friends. Be careful not to make friends with all kinds of friends, otherwise sooner or later. You are the one who suffers!”
As soon as Qin Tiancheng said this, both Qin Yun and Jiang Hao couldn’t help being taken aback.
Because it was obvious that Qin Tiancheng was talking about Jiang Hao, but Jiang Hao still couldn’t believe that he didn’t provoke this guy at all. Why did he go crazy and bit himself?
Jiang Hao couldn’t help feeling a little unhappy, his expression gloomy.
Qin Yun was even more angry when she heard what her father said!
She yelled out in surprise, and said to Qin Tiancheng: “Dad, do you know what you are talking about? What do you mean? Why do you make Jiang Hao think about you? You are so hurtful! Who do you think of Jiang Hao?”
Qin Yun originally wanted to find justice for Jiang Hao, but what he didn’t expect was that justice was not found now, and Jiang Hao was injured even more.
But now that the words are for this purpose, Qin Tiancheng has nothing to fear at all.
He snorted coldly and said, “Why, is there any problem with what I said? Huh, daughter, daughter, you are still too naive, do you really think he approached you because he wanted to be friends with you? Ho Ho, this I’ve seen a lot of people, he just wants to get close to you so that he can stick to our house, but you are stupid, you have been sold by others, and they are still counting money for them! Hmph, I even doubt now, Is his so-called saving you true?”
In Qin Tiancheng’s heart, this matter was indeed full of doubts. and
Qin Tiancheng had even suspected this, and Qin Yun was speechless.
What is there to doubt about this matter? I’m not blind, how could it be Jiang Hao?
Designed, after all, he was also beaten.
Moreover, as far as she has been in contact with Jiang Hao for so long, Qin Yun already knows who Jiang Hao is and what kind of disgusting things Jiang Hao can never do.
Qin Yun wanted to refute her father angrily, but was stopped by Jiang Hao when she was about to speak.
Jiang Hao shook his head at Qin Yun, then said to Qin Tiancheng: “Uncle Qin, I think I should probably explain it. If you think I came into contact with Qin Yun because your family has money, then I can tell. You, you are really wrong.”
When Jiang Hao said this, he couldn’t help but smile, because he really thought Qin Tiancheng’s idea was a bit ridiculous.
With 10 billion funds in his hands, how could he be worthy of Qin Tiancheng’s meager possessions?
Qin Tiancheng didn’t like him because of judging people by appearance and prejudice against him.
Jiang Hao paused, and continued: “Some things are inconvenient for me to say directly, but I can tell you this way. In my eyes, your belongings are nothing. Not only do I look down on it, but also more. No idea, Qin Yun and I can become friends only because I think Qin Yun is a good girl, and I want to make her a close friend. If you think I am coveting something else, then I can only tell you, You think too much.”
Jiang Hao smiled again at the end, looking at Qin Tiancheng with some playfulness, and said: “Oh, Uncle Qin, just now I heard you say that you are interested in the Chengnan project. If you are really interested, I I can also help, and I can guarantee that I can give you opportunities that others can’t!”
Jiang Hao certainly didn’t speak big words about this. This project was all invested by himself. If he wants to let anyone participate in the project, isn’t it a matter of a sentence?

Chapter: 369
Don’t like your possessions? who do you think You Are? No matter how bad I am, Qin Tiancheng, I have a net worth of tens of millions, and I have a small reputation in Chujiang, and I have some status in society.
Don’t you look down on my wealth status? What else can you fancy?
Is it possible that only big brothers like Qiao Sanye and Chu Jianghao with a net worth of several hundred million can get your attention?
Jiang Hao’s words were ridiculous in Qin Tiancheng’s eyes.
What he said was not only naive, but also naive and ridiculous.
Moreover, Jiang Hao’s remarks also made Fat Jianghao’s position in his heart even worse.
How can such a person with high vision and low hands be worthy of becoming friends with his daughter?
This kind of person approaching his family will only humiliate his family!
And what made Qin Tiancheng most ridiculous was the sentence behind Jiang Hao.
Give others a chance that you can’t give yourself? What does this mean?
This means that Jiang Hao, you can still help yourself a lot in this kind of project?
Stop kidding, do you really think of yourself as a big person?
You know, this Chengnan project is led by the region, followed by a group with huge funds operating.
Don’t talk about Jiang Hao, even if it is Liu Guohao’s kind of figure who is already considered to be a face in Chujiang, now in this project, hasn’t he just become a messenger?
How good are you, and what are you capable of, dare to speak such big words?
Qin Tiancheng sullen his face and shook his head again and again. At this time, he didn’t know what to say to Jiang Hao.
This person is arrogant, arrogant, and likes to brag. It is a collection of all the nasty shortcomings of Qin Tiancheng.
And such a person turned out to be his daughter’s friend, which is a great shame to him and the Qin family.
And Qin Tiancheng didn’t fail to see it, that was the look in his daughter’s eyes when she looked at Jiang Hao, it seemed to be slightly strange.
Is it possible that my daughter is still in love with this kid?
Thinking of this, Qin Tiancheng couldn’t help feeling cold in his back vest, saying that this was absolutely unacceptable.
My precious daughter, I have been carefully nurturing for so many years, and I just hope that one day, Qin Yun will be able to marry a wealthy family and get ahead.
But if this kind of merchandise is cheaper, wouldn’t his precious daughter be ruined all her life? After so many years of hard work, haven’t they been wasted?
Qin Tiancheng would not agree to this kind of thing, and to avoid this kind of thing from happening, Qin Tiancheng also thought that he should take some actions…
Qin Tiancheng was pondering over there for himself, Qin Yun on this side also had a slight change in his eyes when looking at Jiang Hao.
The reason why she changed was nothing but Jiang Hao’s remark just now.
Although Qin Yun thinks that she knows Jiang Hao’s personality very well, in her opinion, Jiang Hao, although his family background is average, but his character is not good, and he is also very motivated. This is based on his academic performance. You can see it.
But Qin Yun never thought that Jiang Hao would say those words just now.
Why don’t you take your own belongings into consideration? How can I help my father find a solution on the Seongnam project?
Qin Yun felt that Jiang Hao was just talking nonsense, and when he spoke, he did not consider the consequences at all.
Of course Qin Yun knew that although her family background was insufficient in Chujiang, it was definitely more than enough.
With assets of tens of millions in my own family, perhaps others will not be able to struggle for a lifetime or even several lifetimes.
But in Jiang Hao’s mouth, it became “that little possession.” In fact, Qin Yun didn’t think there was anything at all, but she knew very well that Jiang Hao’s contempt for her father’s efforts for so many years was bound to arouse her father’s resentment. Angry, doesn’t Jiang Hao think about it himself?
Moreover, he said that he could help his father with the Chengnan project. This is even more ridiculous. Don’t talk about his father, even Qin Yun himself doesn’t believe in such nonsense.
The Chengnan project is so huge that it is a problem for many people to insert a sentence, let alone “give opportunities that others can’t give” as Jiang Hao said.
Isn’t this nonsense?
If it’s really that easy, it can be done. Is his father still guilty of struggling with Chu Yuan and the Chu family?
Qin Yun frowned, her eyes looking at Jiang Hao were really complicated. She sighed and said in a low voice: “Jiang Hao, what is it, don’t you talk nonsense…”
Qin Yun is really scared now, and Jiang Hao will say something “shattering” in a moment. Then, even if Jiang Hao’s influence in his father’s mind is completely collapsed, he may not even be able to help him. Up.
Jiang Hao knew what Qin Yun meant by saying that, but he didn’t take it seriously, because only he knew that his words were not big words at all, but kind reminders.
To be honest, if it weren’t for Qin Tiancheng’s attitude toward him before, and he said those things to himself, he might have suggested that Qin Tiancheng participate in the project.

Chapter: 370
After all, whether Qin Tiancheng can participate in the project of entering the south of the city, and how deeply involved in the project, this kind of thing is not just a matter of Jiang Hao.
After all, Qin Tiancheng is Qin Yun’s father, and Qin Yun is one of her best friends.
Helping Qin Tiancheng by oneself is actually equivalent to helping Qin Yun in disguise.
But Qin Tiancheng’s attitude, and those words, really made Jiang Hao a little frustrated.
He was a little surprised that Qin Yun was such a good girl and her father was such a powerful person, which made him a little disappointed.
But Jiang Hao didn’t have a stick in his heart and made the decision not to let Qin Tiancheng participate in the project. After all, this is Qin Yun’s father…
Jiang Hao looked at Qin Yun and smiled slightly, “Qin Yun, I know, you also think I’m talking big, but I can tell you very seriously that I really didn’t talk nonsense, and I said nothing. It’s true. If your father wants to participate in the Seongnam project, I can really help, and this matter may be difficult in your opinion, but in my opinion, it’s not that difficult. You are my best My friend, am I the kind of person who speaks big words casually, I think you know it too?”
Qin Yun also hesitated when she heard Jiang Hao’s words. Of course, she knew Jiang Hao’s personality and knew that Jiang Hao was not a whisperer.
But what he said is too mysterious.
Needless to say, someone with the wealth and social status of his father had exhausted all his abilities in order to get a share of the Chengnan project, but even so, he finally found the relationship between Chuyuan. Whether it can be squeezed into the project is still unknown.
And you Jiang Hao is an ordinary mortal, how can you help solve this kind of thing?
This is not as difficult as climbing, it is almost the same.
Qin Yun looked at Jiang Hao, wondering if Jiang Hao really had some unknown methods? Or other means?
And when Qin Yun was lost in thought, suddenly, behind her, there was a burst of presumptuous laughter.
“Hahaha…I’m so ridiculous…Some people dare to blow whatever cowhide they really are…”
Qin Yun immediately retracted his thoughts, turned to look over, and saw Chu Yuan sitting on the sofa in the living room.
Chu Yuan’s laughter was obviously full of mockery and ridicule, and full of malicious intentions.
This made Qin Yun a little unhappy, after all, Jiang Hao was his friend, and Chu Yuan was obviously targeting Jiang Hao.
“What are you laughing at!” Qin Yun looked at Chu Yuan with some dissatisfaction, and asked, “Please tell me directly, don’t be yin and yang!”
Qin Yun’s words made Chu Yuan’s laugh a little less. He put away his smile, looked up at Qin Yun and Jiang Hao, and shook his head with a smile.
“Ho ho, am I not clear enough? I think what I said is clear! Miss Qin, I thought you were fair and beautiful, and you have a father as smart as President Qin. Very smart, but I really didn’t expect you to be so stupid!”
Chu Yuan smiled and murmured, “Hey, big breasts and no brain…”
“Hey, who are you talking about!” Qin Yun stopped doing it when she heard this, looking at the other party with disgust, as if she wanted to argue.
Although Chu Yuan’s words were hard to hear just now, after all, he still had to use him to help him squeeze into the Chengnan project.
So after hearing his daughter’s attitude toward Chu Yuan, Qin Tiancheng hurriedly whispered: “Qin Yun, what attitude do you talk to Chu Yuan? Don’t be too presumptuous. Why, is that wrong? ?”
In the face of this situation, it is obvious that Qin Tiancheng wants to safeguard his “overall situation,” so he can only sacrifice his daughter temporarily.
And this can be regarded as a little punishment for her waywardness.
After all, even if Chu Yuan’s words are hard to hear, they are indeed fine.
This Jiang Hao was just bragging, and Qin Yun was a foolish person who dared to make friends with anyone, and returned them as good friends.
When Qin Yun heard that her father was standing by Chu Yuan’s side, she couldn’t beat her with anger.
“Dad, why are you still helping him to speak? Even if you trouble him to help, you can’t distinguish between right and wrong?” Qin Yun said angrily. “Even if Jiang Hao just said a big talk, how could he not be his turn? Talk about it? Who is he?”
Hearing Qin Yun’s words, Qin Tiancheng was furious, wondering if you, a dead girl, know something good or bad?
It took me so much energy to talk to this Chu Yuan. Things were about to be settled, but now you have brought such a thing.
It’s coming, and the key thing is that this kid is still speaking badly. He speaks big words, and Chu Yuan is naturally straightforward. What happened to him?
In the end, you are so bitter about Chu Yuan?
“Qin Yun, do you have any brains? Do you know what you are talking about? You quickly shut up, and you want to apologize to Chu Yuan immediately!” Qin Tiancheng whispered at Qin Yun.
“Apologize?” Qin Yun smiled disdainfully when he heard the words, “Why should I? Even if I apologize, it should be him. Did you hear what he said just now that I and Jiang Hao got it?

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