I've Got a Super Rich Dad

Chapter: 381-390

Chapter: 381
This is certainly true, but you always face yourself insincerely, this is a big problem.
Qin Yun glanced at Jiang Hao disappointedly, and lowered her head helplessly: “Jiang Hao, do you think it is necessary for you to go? Can you change the result after you go? Or…”
Qin Yun hesitated. After waiting for a long time, she raised her head and said to Jiang Hao: “Jiang Hao, shall we go? I… I invite you to dinner, let’s not go in, okay?”
Qin Yun said in a tone. Full of pleading, she really wanted to take Jiang Hao away.
In Qin Yun’s view, Jiang Hao’s continued stay here is not good for anyone, whether it is herself or Jiang Hao.
Because he continues to do that kind of indifferent, even ridiculous persistence, not only has no effect at all, but will become the laughing stock of everyone.
Even now, most of the people present, as long as they noticed here, when no one looked at Jiang Hao, it was not full of sarcasm and arrogance.
And some people who seemed to have a slight sympathy for Jiang Hao couldn’t help shaking their heads and whispering to persuade.
“Yeah, boy,
let ‘s go, why bother? What’s the point?” ” Yes , people have to be self-aware.
It’s not good for you to be like this to your friends and yourself.” “Why is this kid like that? Face, do you want to put the face of this little girl in? I can see that people really treat you as a friend. If you do this, it will make people chill!”
Listening to the hustle and bustle in the ear , Jiang Hao’s expression became more and more helpless.
He looked at Qin Yun and whispered: “Qin Yun, do you really think that everything I said before is false? Do you just believe me so?”
Qin Yun hesitated when he heard Jiang Hao Then, he shook his head slightly, but then raised his head again, his eyes suddenly became more determined: “Jiang Hao, isn’t it?”
Obviously, Qin Yun meant that he had already had a showdown with Jiang Hao.
Jiang Hao sighed heavily and was misunderstood by his good friends, which was really uncomfortable for him.
Only Qin Yun’s words made Wang Jiani on the side happy.
She hurriedly jumped out and said triumphantly: “Ha ha, how about it, I heard it, Qin Yun’s words can’t be understood anymore, do you really think anyone is a fool?”
After speaking, Wang Jiani hugged again.
She grabbed Qin Yun’s arm and smiled happily: “Qin Yun, I know, you certainly don’t believe this stinky lie, but it’s not too late for you to repent now!” Then, Wang Jiani’s eyes changed. Sharp, looking at Jiang Hao, he said in a negative test: “Huh, now Qin Yun doesn’t believe it anymore. I think you have anything else to say. I want to use Qin Yun’s light to enter this kind of occasion. Now Qin Yun I don’t believe you anymore, and I won’t let you go in with you. You can leave as soon as you see you!”
While talking, Wang Jiani took Qin Yun to go inside, but she only used it slightly. A moment of force, but did not pull Qin Yun.
Qin Yun didn’t mean to leave, but looked at Jiang Hao silently.
“Oh, what else are you looking at? Let’s go, this kind of person is not the same as us at all, let’s go in!” Wang Jiani pulled Qin Yun again and continued, “Let him fend for himself!”
But this time, Qin Yun broke free of Wang Jiani’s hand, sighed, and said to Wang Jiani: “You go in, I want to be quiet.”
After speaking, Qin Yun pushed Wang Jiani away and walked straight to the other side. went.
In the end, she couldn’t help but glance at Jiang Hao, but in the end she just shook her head helplessly.
Seeing Qin Yun leaving, Wang Jiani stomped her feet angrily, and mumbled: “I don’t know what it is!”
After speaking, she handed the invitation card in her hand to the welcome guest at the door and left on her own. Go in.
In fact, for some time, especially after Jiang Hao appeared, Wang Jiani has been full of opinions about Qin Yun.
Even the attitude towards Qin Yun has long lost her former enthusiasm, and now, she feels that Qin Yun, a friend, is no longer necessary.
She can become friends with people like Jiang Hao. Obviously, if she reconnects with Qin Yun, she will only invisibly lower her net worth. If this kind of thing spreads to her small circles, it will be nothing short of what people do. Shameless.
But now that Qin Yun and Jiang Hao are having such an unpleasant relationship because of this incident today, and they might even part ways, Wang Jiani is still very happy.
As for what will happen to Qin Yun in the end, that is not something she needs to consider.
Who let her choose to be friends with Jiang Hao, what fate is all he deserved.
Soon, the crowd around the door gradually dispersed, and everyone entered the Chujiang Pavilion one after another.
Only Jiang Hao, looking at Qin Yun’s back, froze for a while.
Qin Yun didn’t leave too far, but walked not far away, holding his shoulders with both hands, his back looked very lonely.
Jiang Hao sighed. He did not choose to walk directly to Qin Yun, but to the parking lot not far away.

Chapter: 382
The smoke of the Chu River was vast. At this time, the setting sun had only a trace of afterglow on the skyline, the sky gradually dimmed, and the entire river surface was infested with red afterglow.
Qin Yun held her shoulders in her arms and stood lonely by the river. She didn’t know what she was looking at. In short, she stared straight ahead, as if she was thinking about something, but her mind was blank.
In the evening, the river breeze slowly blows Qin Yun’s slender hair, and she feels a little bit of coolness.
After calming down for a while, she was no longer as irritable and disturbed as before.
Suddenly, Qin Yun was patted from behind, Qin Yun turned her head subconsciously, and saw Jiang Hao smiling at herself, frowning slightly again.
The appearance of Jiang Hao made Qin Yun’s mood that had gradually calmed down, and a wave of microwaves shook again.
She didn’t say a word, she just glanced at Jiang Hao, then turned her head again and looked at the vast river behind.
“Are you still angry?” Jiang Hao smiled, walked to a position parallel to Qin Yun, and also looked at the vast river in front of him, and asked, “You…really don’t believe me? Have you ever thought about it? , What if what I said is true?”
Jiang Hao looked at Qin Yun and said with a serious face: “In case I really have the gold card invitation for this banquet, in case I can really help you How about my father getting the Chengnan project done? What if…”
Jiang Hao hesitated and continued: “What if I am the opposite of the one you know, a particularly rich person?”
Qin Yun listened to Jiang. Hao didn’t turn his head, but he kept sighing in his heart.
So far, have you still not woken up yet?
Qin Yun sighed heavily, then turned her head to look at Jiang Hao, and said with a look of disappointment: “Jiang Hao, we are all grown-ups. I hope you can mature. You really think what you said is credible. Is it? If you treat me as a friend, then I beg you, don’t do this again, okay? Let’s go, don’t want to be here anymore today, let’s go for a walk by the river.”
Hearing what Qin Yun said, Jiang Hao was still a little disappointed.
But in a moment he smiled, stretched out a hand, and passed a golden card to Qin Yun’s eyes.
“Forget it, it’s too cold outside, let’s go in. Coincidentally, I have an invitation card here, and I can bring someone in. Are you interested?” When
Jiang Hao spoke, full He smiled, as if to give Qin Yun a hint of surprise.
It’s just that Qin Yun didn’t take Jiang Hao’s words to heart at all. Instead, she gave a sneer, not knowing what it was.
She didn’t think Jiang Hao would have any invitations at all. She thought that Jiang Hao was just looking for a card to amuse herself, so she didn’t look at the card Jiang Hao handed over, just glanced casually.
It was just this subconscious glance, but Qin Yun was stunned.
She looked at the card in Jiang Hao’s hand with a shocked expression on her face, and then the shock and astonishment on her face suddenly became stronger again.
“This…” Qin Yun looked at Jiang Hao in surprise, somewhat at a loss.
Jiang Hao just smiled, and shook the golden invitation card in his hand: “Miss Qin, how about it, do you believe me now?”
Jiang Hao didn’t feel exasperated at this time, but he was not happy in his heart.
After all, he finally proved himself in front of Qin Yun.
In fact, in Jiang Hao’s mind, compared to proving himself to those onlookers, compared to slap Wang Jiani, he cares more about whether he can prove himself to Qin Yun.
And now that he proved himself, Jiang Hao was naturally extremely happy.
“How could you have…” Qin Yun’s fingers trembled, and pointed to the golden invitation card. “This is a golden invitation card. As far as I know, only Chu Jiang Xu’s family got a golden invitation card for this banquet, but you …”
Jiang Hao Qin Yun looked askew very surprised expression, hey smiled: “That you do not need a tube and go, for a banquet began, we have invitations that have no access to.”
With these words , Jiang Hao pulled Qin Yun while preparing to walk towards Chujiang Pavilion.
Qin Yun passively followed Jiang Hao. It was obvious that at this time she was still in the aftermath of being shocked, and she hadn’t recovered for a long time.
And during this period of Qin Yun’s stunned effort, she was already pulled to the gate of Chujiang Pavilion by Jiang Hao.
The welcoming guest smiled as usual and prompted: “Hello, please show the invitation card.”
Jiang Hao uttered, and then he stretched out his hand to pass the invitation card in his hand.
But at this moment, Jiang Hao was violently pulled by someone, and then, a hand quickly passed by Jiang Hao, and directly snatched the invitation card from Jiang Hao.
All this happened so suddenly that Jiang Hao didn’t react at all. The whole person was stunned, and quickly turned his head to look around. Then he saw that Qin Yun was holding the invitation card, looking suspiciously at Jiang Hao. There was also a trace of tension.
Jiang Hao was too puzzled, and hurriedly asked: “Qin Yun, what are you…what are you doing? Give me the invitation, so we can go in?”

Chapter: 383
Qin Yun seemed to turn a deaf ear to Jiang Hao’s words, but instead asked solemnly, “Jiang Hao, tell me honestly, is this invitation fake?”
Fake? When Jiang Hao heard Qin Yun’s words, he was almost speechless.
“Qin Yun, what are you talking about? What is fake? How could I fake it…” Before
Jiang Hao finished speaking, Qin Yun was abruptly interrupted by Qin Yun, who seemed to be even more nervous. I didn’t listen to Jiang Hao’s words at all, but instead asked, “Is this true or false? Jiang Hao, do you know what will happen if your fake invitation is discovered? This is Xu. If something really happens to the home, don’t talk about me, even if my dad is here, people may not give him face, you will definitely be miserable!”
Seeing Qin Yun’s serious look, Jiang Hao didn’t know whether he should cry or laugh a few times.
He wondered if Qin Yun didn’t believe in herself so much? When she didn’t take out the invitation, she questioned herself.
But now she took out the invitation card, and finally she still suspected that her invitation card was fake?
Jiang Hao was really speechless.
He sighed, looked down at Qin Yun, and said: “Qin Yun, I only ask you, would you like to believe me once?”
Jiang Hao paused, then solemnly said: “If you really treat me As a good friend, then I beg you to believe me once, my invitation is real, I promise. And…”
Jiang Hao sighed: “And even if you doubt the authenticity of the invitation, then you should give me a chance, let May I prove myself? You always doubt me, but you don’t even give me the opportunity to prove yourself. Don’t you think that this is too unfair to me?”
Jiang Hao said, Reached out to grab the invitation card in Qin Yun’s hand.
But Jiang Hao’s remarks seemed to wake Qin Yun.
Qin Yun looked at Jiang Hao with complicated eyes, hesitated and at a loss.
When she hesitated, Jiang Hao snatched the invitation card from her hand.
Jiang Hao held the invitation card and seriously said to Qin Yun: “Qin Yun, give me a chance to prove myself, okay? I’m not a fool, I don’t know that the opposite is a knife and I hit him!”
Jiang Hao pulled it up while speaking. Following Qin Yun, he walked to the welcome guest at the door again.
“Yes…” Qin Yun seemed to have something to say, but Jiang Hao interrupted when she was about to speak.
“Hush!” Jiang Hao made a silent gesture, “Trust me.”
“Hello, please show me your invitation.” Yingbin smiled mechanically.
Jiang Hao nodded and handed over the invitation again.
At that moment, Jiang Hao obviously felt Qin Yun tugged at the corner of his clothes again, as if he had something to say, he swallowed again.
But Qin Yun grasped Jiang Hao’s hand, but she clenched it tightly, feeling nervous.
Obviously she didn’t know what kind of end she was about to face, but at this time she was already faintly prepared in her heart.
But when Qin Yun’s nervous palms were sweaty, she suddenly saw that the welcome smile politely bowed towards Jiang Hao, and said in a respectful tone: “Sir, welcome. Come to Chujiang Pavilion, please come in. Today’s banquet will be held in the’Guanhai Hall’ on the second floor. Please walk straight along the stairs…”
The Yingbin was very polite to Jiang Hao, and he was very friendly A lot of words were said.
But Qin Yun did not hear the words behind the other party clearly. At this moment, Qin Yun was completely shocked, as if he was struck by thunder and lightning. He looked at the welcome guest in amazement, still echoing in his ears. Those two words he said to Jiang Hao.
“Really…really?” Qin Yun muttered to herself in shock, staring dull for a long time without regaining her senses.
“Qin Yun? What’s wrong with you?” Jiang Hao patted Qin Yun lightly and said softly, “Are you uncomfortable?”
Qin Yun came back to her senses all of a sudden, shook her head, and said, “No…no, I just…just think it’s a little weird.”
At this time, Qin Yun’s heart is definitely not just as simple as a big rock falling to the ground.
She seemed to feel that all this today was simply a great surprise Jiang Hao gave herself.
The invitation is real, I’m worried.
But how could this invitation be real?
Because not to mention it is a golden invitation, even if Jiang Hao can come up with an ordinary invitation, this is already incredible for Qin Yun.
For golden invitations, you must know that in the entire Chu River, those who can get such invitations for this kind of banquet are nothing more than the Xu family and a few other top big families.
And who is Jiang Hao? How could he also have a golden invitation card? Is it possible that he really has an incredible identity?
Qin Yun thought for a while, but she always felt like a mass of paste in her mind, and couldn’t think of a reason.
At this moment, her thoughts were interrupted by Jiang Hao again.
Jiang Hao pushed her and smiled and said, “Qin Yun, let’s go upstairs.”
Qin Yun nodded dumbly, and when he looked at Jiang Hao, his eyes suddenly apologized.

Chapter: 384
You know, just now, she was still questioning Jiang Hao.
But Qin Yun didn’t seem to think of the slapped face so quickly.
She didn’t say much along the way, just blushing and lowering her head, some of them didn’t know what to say.
But fortunately, it seemed that Jiang Hao didn’t care about what she said before. He didn’t mention those things from beginning to end. Instead, his face was full of smiles, as if nothing had happened.
Jiang Hao’s move not only didn’t reduce Qin Yun’s guilt by half, he blamed himself even more.
Jiang Hao is his friend, so he questioned and denied him so much, he really did a little too much.
“Jiang Hao…” Qin Yun whispered as they walked up the stairs, “Just…I’m sorry, I really…” “Ahem…” Jiang Hao coughed dry as soon as Qin Yun was about to speak. Interrupted her, “Hey, it’s okay, everything is over, let’s go quickly, the banquet will begin in a while.”
Before Qin Yun could react, she was already pulled up to the second floor by Jiang Hao.
The second floor of Chujiang Pavilion.
When the two went upstairs, they realized that the space on the second floor was much larger than they thought, or even much larger.
The interior decoration of Chujiang Pavilion is not luxurious, it can even be called simple, but the simplicity is magnificent.
In particular, facing the direction of Chu River, the gate was wide open, and outside the gate was a viewing platform that could accommodate dozens of people.
And looking into the distance from that platform, the magnificent waves of the Chu River, and the colorful sunset glow, the panoramic view is simply beautiful.
At this time, many people were standing there, sighing constantly while looking at the beautiful scenery.
Among so many people, there is a figure that stands out.
That person is not someone else, but Wang Jiani.
Obviously, to Wang Jiani, who was new to Chujiang Pavilion, everything in front of her seemed so new and even very excited.
She was squeezed in the crowd and kept taking pictures with her mobile phone from side to side, completely ignoring the people next to her, with a look of disgust.
“Hey, let everyone see, this is Chujiang Pavilion. Have you ever been here? This is the top restaurant in Chujiang…”
Wang Jiani was showing off to some of her good friends while taking pictures.
In fact, in her capacity, she couldn’t come to this kind of occasion.
But recently, since Wang Jiani’s family took over the top-notch villa decoration project of Haisheng Yipin, the company’s reputation has skyrocketed in Chujiang.
As a result, Wang Donglin’s position in the Chu River naturally increased, and he entered You Yun’s Dharma Eye, and finally obtained this invitation card from Wang Jiani.
It’s just that Wang Donglin has been busy with the decoration of Haisheng Yipin Villa in person recently, and has no time to care about any banquets, so she gave the invitation to Wang Jiani and let her come by herself.
If Wang Donglin knew that his daughter would not only pay attention to her image but also show off like this, she would probably vomit blood.
But Wang Jiani didn’t care about that much. She took a long shot and still didn’t mean to stop.
Just when Wang Jiani was about to take a photo in one direction, when the lens focused, she was taken aback.
She looked at the two figures themselves appear on the phone screen, suddenly looking somber, his mouth muttering angrily up: “??! Damn, how come he does not come in yet disgusting”
and saying, Wang Jiani would go, Walked towards Jiang Hao.
In her opinion, Jiang Hao’s involvement in this kind of occasion is simply an insult to this occasion, and she cannot agree to it anyway.
What’s more, didn’t Jiang Hao just boasted that he had a golden invitation card? But when he was at the door, he couldn’t get it out in embarrassment.
It’s good to look back, but he came in with Qin Yun again. This kind of person is really shameless and disgusting.
She originally hated Jiang Hao, which she hated and couldn’t add to it. With such an opportunity this time, she would naturally not give up the opportunity, and must humiliate Jiang Hao.
While thinking about this, Wang Jiani stepped towards Jiang Hao.
Jiang Hao, who had just gone upstairs at this time, was standing in the dessert area on the side, preparing to have something to eat with Qin Yun.
But just as he picked up a piece of butter cake, he was suddenly knocked off by a hand extending from the side.
The cake bar fell to the ground and fell into a lump. Jiang Hao looked a little bit distressed, and hurriedly looked up, but saw Wang Jiani looking at her angrily beside her.
“What are you going to do?” Jiang Hao looked at the other person displeasedly, and said angrily, “I just want to know, you are the last person? You have to worry about if I eat a cake? What do you want to do?”
Qin Yun also looked at Wang Jiani in surprise at this time. At this time, when she saw her former friend, she couldn’t help but become nervous.
Because Qin Yun knew that as long as his friend appeared, nothing good would happen.
Sure enough, when Wang Jiani opened her mouth, she just yelled.
“Eat cake? I bah, do you deserve it?” Wang Jiani said to Jiang Hao contemptuously, “What are you, you deserve to eat such a good thing?”

Chapter: 385
Wang Jiani looked at Jiang Hao coldly, like a thief, “Where is this place, don’t you know? Your cheeks are really thick enough to eat cake here casually, honestly. . I admire you a little of it, ”
Qin Yun Wang Jiani look great anger, quickly stood out, helped Jiang Hao explained:” Jia Ni, things are not as you think, you listen to me …… ”
” good Now, Qin Yun, do you think I don’t know what you’re trying to say? You still want to quibble for him, right? It’s disgusting, a man who knows hiding behind a woman all day long. If there is no Qin Yun, you can come in here. Planting a place? This is not the place where people like you should be treated !” Wang Jiani vented all her anger towards Jiang Hao this time. She has always looked at Jiang Hao not pleasing to her eyes, but now she is giving Seized the opportunity.
In her mind, how could Jiang Hao have this kind of high-end banquet invitations? It must be a fox fake Huwei, and come in with Qin Yun. She hates this kind of man most.
Jiang Hao shook his head and smiled indifferently, “If you say yes, so be it, don’t refute, you are happy.”
He knows that there is no point in arguing with a woman like Wang Jiani, and it will not change how you say it. The prejudice in her heart against herself, how she thinks she won’t lose a piece of flesh, let her go.
The more Jiang Hao didn’t care, the more angry Wang Jiani was. She gritted her teeth, wishing Jiang Hao would kneel in front of her now.
“Oh, I was right. I was guilty. Isn’t it? You said how could there be a man like you. If you are not a circle of people, don’t be hard-hearted. Even if the pheasant flies to the branch, it is just a pheasant after all. In any case, you can’t become a phoenix.”
Qin Yun’s complexion was reddish, and Wang Jiani had been targeting Jiang Hao, making her a little angry.
“Wang Jiani, I have to tell you that Jiang Hao is not a pheasant or a thief. He didn’t come in with me. On the contrary, I came in with him today.”
“And it’s still a golden invitation!”
Qin Yun deliberately bit the golden invitation card very hard, she didn’t believe it, but it has been personally checked by the security and confirmed that it is indeed true.
“Just him? Still golden invitations? Look at the people in the audience. Is Jiang Hao’s stinky cock standing here? Even if there are golden invitations, he steals someone else. Jiang Hao has never done anything like this before. “Wang Jiani’s voice was full of joking.
Jiang Hao frown, looking unhappy:. “Wang Jiani, rice can you eat, words can not talk nonsense, I have done nothing wrong to sit Jiang Hao end, if you do at Ganluan say do not blame me polite to you.”
“Oh my It’s still pretending to be in front of you, do you think I don’t know what you are? Don’t come with me, you do less stuff, and you don’t act with me here!”
The quarrel here also attracted more attention. More and more people are paying attention.
The host of this banquet also slowly came here.
The jewelry store had just opened business, and You Yun was still quite busy these days. Hearing someone arguing here, he rushed over.
“What’s going on here?” You Yun said lightly.
When Wang Jiani saw You Yun’s arrival, she was even more confident. You Yun was the host of this banquet, and she believed Jiang Hao was the one who had no invitation, so it was more reasonable to scold him by herself.
“Boss You, you just came here, but this time I helped you catch a big bad guy.” Wang Jiani said triumphantly.
Qin Yun’s expression tightened. Of course she knew You Yun, a well-known business tycoon in Chujiang City. If he came forward, Jiang Hao would have nothing to end with today.
Although Jiang Hao had a golden invitation card, it was definitely not his. If he really stole it from someone else, it would really be impossible to clean it by jumping into the Yellow River.
On the other hand, Jiang Hao, his face was indifferent, without any influence at all.
You Yun became interested, “You are telling me what happened.”
He had recognized Jiang Hao and was slightly surprised. He even looked at Qin Yun who was next to Jiang Hao two more times, but he didn’t expect Jiang Hao to have anything to do with what was in front of him.
Wang Jiani looked at Jiang Hao with a sneer, as if she was saying, “You are finished today”, and then said: “Everyone knows that today is a banquet hosted by Mr. Yun. The purpose is to bring people from the upper class of Chujiang together. Let’s get in touch with each other.”
Everyone nodded slightly when they heard the words. This kind of banquet is already tacit. The high-level society pays attention to the exchange of resources, so it pays special attention to social interaction, and there are often unexpected gains at such banquets.
“But today, there are people who put green onions in their noses and pretend to be elephants. They are nothing but a poor dick, and they want to pretend to be high-class people here. Do you think this behavior is shameless?”
Everyone didn’t realize it. All of them cast their eyes on Jiang Hao. Although the clothes on his body are also very expensive, the temperament can’t be concealed, and they just pretend to be!
As a result, there was a trace of contempt in everyone’s eyes.
“Should we resolutely resist this kind of deceitful character? Even let him get out, we should jointly block him, so that he will have no place in Chu
River in the future !” After Wang Jiani said, she showed a triumphant smile on her face. Seems to have seen Jiang Hao’s tragic end in the future.
Qin Yun was also panicked. She didn’t expect that attending a banquet would cause such a big thing, let alone Wang Jiani’s heart being so vicious.
She rushed to You Yun and said cautiously: “Mr. You Yun, things may be a bit misunderstood. Jiang Hao is definitely not the kind of person she said, I can guarantee it.”
Wang Jiani saw that everyone at the scene supported herself, herself Surely hold the winning ticket, and speak more and more frantically, “You promise? You told him it was just a scorpion, and you can’t believe what you said. Today, you must let Jiang Hao get out of here.”
“Have you finished?”
You Yun threw out coldly. One sentence.
Wang Jiani was taken aback, this seemed to be different from what she had imagined.
“Mr. Jiang Hao is the distinguished guest I invited over, and can even be said to be the most important guest! What do you mean by saying that he is a liar?! Is it possible that you want to deliberately embarrass me You Yun?” You Yun gritted his teeth coldly. Looking at Wang Jiani.
As soon as You Yun said this, there was an uproar in the hall. Everyone’s eyes widened. It was unbelievable that Wang Jiani’s expression changed dramatically. I never thought that Jiang Hao actually had a golden invitation card, and You Yun invited it in person. Guest!
Wang Jiani naturally knows who You Yun is. How could Jiang Hao have something to do with him, and he personally invited it over. This is simply a fantasy!

Chapter: 386
You Yun can’t forget it now. In the morning, Jiang Hao calmly spent 1.88 million on the sapphire pendant. It was calm, even if he traveled north and south and used to see too many famous rich men, he couldn’t help but admire it.
Now that Wang Jiani is against Jiang Hao, You Yun glanced at Jiang Hao’s face, everything is normal, and this is slightly relieved.
This young man is really too mysterious. He has seen so many people and seen through so many people, but he can’t see through this young man.
His appearance is so simple and simple, no different from an ordinary college student, but the whole person is like a question mark, which makes people unpredictable.
If you really believe that he is just an ordinary college student, I am afraid he is the biggest fool.
Wang Jiani’s face was pale, and she couldn’t understand how Jiang Hao could know You Yun, and he was a distinguished guest invited by You Yun himself.
Was it wrong at the beginning?
“Come on, send Miss Wang out. Today’s occasion is not suitable for her. Take back her invitation letter and ask her to leave!”
You Yun coldly issued an eviction order.
His tone seemed unsustainable, he was separated and determined.
Even if Wang Jiani’s father came in person today, You Yun would not change much.
After all, what is the Wang family? Obviously, compared with the mysterious young man in front of him, it is nothing to mention, and You Yun will not be afraid of offending the Wang family even more.
Instead, befriend Jiang Hao is definitely a very important investment made by himself.
“Jiang Hao, you wait for me, I won’t let you go.” Wang Jiani’s eyes flashed with angry light.
Of course she won’t let it go.
Seeing the turmoil gradually subsided, Qin Yun patted her chest and let out a sigh of relief, “I was really scared to death just now. I didn’t expect you to know You Yun.”
You Yun is quite famous in Chujiang. Qin Yun didn’t expect that Jiang Hao would know these characters at first, but you can see that You Yun’s expression does not seem to be a fake, let alone You Yun didn’t need to do it.
Jiang Hao laughed and said: “Coincidence, just a coincidence.” After dealing with Wang Jiani’s affairs, You Yun also came to Jiang Hao, “Mr. Jiang Hao, I’m really sorry, it’s my mistake that made you wronged.”
Jiang Hao waved his hand, he naturally wouldn’t take these trivial things to heart, “It’s okay, it’s all over.”
“Let’s go, I’ll introduce you a new friend.”
You Yun smiled mysteriously and walked forward first.
When we arrived in the hall, there was a huge white leather sofa with a few people sitting on the sofa, and in the middle was a young man in luxurious clothes.
You Yun had already arrived in front of the young man, “I am so happy that Young Master Xu is here today, Young Master Xu, I will introduce you to a new friend.”
Young Master Xu did not speak, but just said “um”.
You Yun smiled politely and continued: “Young Master Xu, I would like to introduce you a friend, Jiang Hao, Jiang Hao, this is Xu Tianlin and Xu Dashao from the Xu family of Chu Jiang.”
“Jiang Hao…”
Xu Tianlin whispered. After reading the name, he seemed to be thinking about whether Chu Jiang had such a character. It seemed that he did not expect to have a powerful character surnamed Jiang. He sneered and didn’t even look at Jiang Hao.
On the contrary, Xu Tianlin looked at Qin Yun next to Jiang Hao a few more times, showing his splendor again and again, revealing his thoughts completely.
“It’s really an honor for me to invite two of you today. I only sent out two golden invitations this time. They are in the hands of both of you. Both of them can come. You Yun’s face is full of face. ”
As a business tycoon of one party, if you ever sneered down, but the two of them in front of him were existences that he could not afford to offend, so these words were also extremely natural.
Xu Tianlin is the leader of the younger generation of the Xu family in Chujiang. The Xu family is the largest family in Chujiang. His strength is unfathomable. If you want to mix in Chujiang, the Xu family must not be offended.
As for Jiang Hao, You Yun still can’t clearly see his origin and background. It is this that makes him even more jealous. Jiang Hao’s position in You Yun’s heart is even higher than Xu Tianlin!
Xu Tianlin frowned.
“You gave this guy another golden invitation card?”
The dissatisfaction in his tone was not concealed. Xu Tianlin changed his posture and let his body sink completely into the soft sofa.
He only then took another look at Jiang Hao. He was unremarkable. Although the clothes on his body were worth tens of thousands, it was already an astronomical figure for ordinary people, but in his eyes, it was just a pile of rubbish.
Who is he? It is the heir of Chu Jiang’s Xu family. He got this golden invitation card for granted, but what is this guy, he has the same thing as my Xu Dashao?
Is he worthy?
“Are you from Chujiang?” Xu Tianlin’s words contained commands that could not be explained.
Jiang Hao didn’t have any affection for this person, and he was too lazy to be a young master Chu Jiangxu, so he nodded lightly and didn’t speak.
Xu Dashao became angry at once. Since childhood, no one has ever dared to pretend in front of him. This Jiang Hao has a face that is neither salty nor indifferent, making it clear that he didn’t put himself in his eyes. He can teach you a lesson!
“Chu Jiang doesn’t seem to have a Jiang family. As far as I know, there is no Jiang in Chu Jiang’s first-class family, or I haven’t returned for a long time, Chu Jiang has completely changed.” Xu Tianlin said strangely.
Jiang Hao said neither overbearing nor overbearing: “I’m just a nameless person, and it’s normal for Young Master Xu not to know me.” The more Jiang Hao said this, the more hate Xu Tianlin felt. You think you are the old man, dare to be so. Talk to me, you have to find a chance to kill you later!
You Yun has been in shopping malls for many years, and he has developed the ability to observe words and expressions. When he sees the smell of gunpowder gradually, he quickly said: “Tonight’s highlight is coming soon. It will be an auction. Let’s go. Please.”
The banquet that You Yun held today is mainly the auction.
After the regular dinner banquet in the front, everyone came to the auction room behind, and the lights dimmed.
“Jiang Hao, aren’t you going to explain to me what’s going on?” As soon as she sat down, Qin Yun’s eyes dazzled, staring at Jiang Hao.
Jiang Hao was very uncomfortable when she saw him, so she had to say, “I just had a relationship with You Yun. As for that young
Master Xu , I don’t know what’s going on.” Xu Tianlin sat Li Jiang Hao. Not far away, I deliberately increased the volume and said: “I just came back from Europe a few days ago and bought a few jewels. It is not expensive, it is only a few million. This lady, if you like, you might as well go to my house to see if there are any. Preferable.”
He spoke to Qin Yun.
Xu Tianlin just wanted to give Jiang Hao a chance to let him know that Jiang Hao was a small character in front of him.
Before Qin Yun spoke, Jiang Hao bluntly refused, “Thank you for your kindness. If she wants it, I will buy it for her naturally, so I won’t bother you.”
You Yun’s eyes moved suddenly. Said: “It’s a coincidence that the two of you. Today I have one of the world’s top jewels. I have seen so many jewels. I have never seen such a good one. Don’t miss it for both of you!”

Chapter: 387
Xu Tianlin became interested: “Is it as good as what you said?”
You Yun said with a smile : “In front of Young Master Xu, how dare I tell lies, it is naturally true.”
“If it is as good as you said. , Then this thing is naturally mine, and it is naturally a beautiful thing to give it to beautiful women at that time.”
Xu Tianlin’s eyes kept wandering on Qin Yun, expressing his great interest in Qin Yun.
Jiang Hao snorted coldly, “I just said that if she wants it, I will buy it for her naturally. Jiang Hao can still afford this small amount of money.”
” Let’s watch it then . , I hope you can still laugh at that time, there are many people who have competed with me for financial resources, but they all disappeared.”
“Why did they all disappear?” Someone nearby asked in time.
“Naturally, there are no more pants left, so I have no face to come out to meet people.” The people around laughed.
You Yun smiled but didn’t smile, his eyes were constantly moving around Jiang Hao and Xu Tianlin.
“Jiang Hao, just say a few words, that’s Young Master Xu, you are not his opponent, let’s sit here for a while, and then go back, you must not cause trouble anymore.” Qin Yun is worried. Said.
She was completely thinking about Jiang Hao. The Xu family had unimaginable energy in Chujiang. Offending them, it can be said that it is difficult to move in Chujiang.
Everyone in the venue became quiet, the lights gradually dimmed, and a tall woman in a black suit appeared on the auction stage.
The hostess’s figure is quite hot, with blazing red lips, and big waves randomly scattered behind her, giving her a coquettish and wild beauty.
“Welcome everyone to participate in this auction. I am now announcing that the auction will officially begin!” The auction has just begun, and there are always some insignificant lots on the scene. The atmosphere is relatively relaxed at the beginning, and everyone still has Talking with a smile.
Jiang Hao has never dared to be interested in this kind of auction. He didn’t have any money, and he didn’t have the opportunity to get in touch with auctions. Now he has money and he doesn’t have the habit of spending money in this area.
Xu Tianlin’s interest is quite high. The first few collections have been shot frequently, perhaps to show their strength in front of Jiang Hao and Qin Yun, without considering the price factor.
“Jiang Hao, let’s go. It’s meaningless to stay here.”
Qin Yun pulled Jiang Hao and was about to leave. She was not too used to the atmosphere here and wanted to leave.
Jiang Hao nodded and agreed, he was indeed bored.
“Don’t go, the main event is coming soon.
You will regret this forever if you missed this.” You Yun said when Jiang Hao was about to leave.
“Why, I can’t hold it anymore and want to escape? Without my consent, you can’t go anywhere today! Unless you admit that you are my defeated man, I can let you go today!” Xu Tianlin smiled. Said without smiling.
Jiang Hao said calmly: “I admit, I am your subordinates who are defeated, can we go now?” This choked Xu Tianlin, he had never seen such a person, thought After turning, he laughed and said: “You go, yes, she wants to stay.”
He stretched out his hand to Qin Yun.
Qin Yun shrank back subconsciously and couldn’t help but leaned to Jiang Hao.
“Impossible. If we want to go, we will go together. I will not let Qin Yun stay here.” Jiang Hao said categorically.
“When did my defeated commander talk so much, I can’t run away if I annoyed me.”
Jiang Hao smiled slightly, pulling Qin Yun back to his seat again and sitting down.
“Let’s not go anymore. Today I will give you a gift. Don’t talk. I will listen to you at other times, but this time, you will listen to me.”
Jiang Hao was very firm, but Qin Yun felt a sense of protected security in her heart.
“Fight with me? I made you die without knowing how to die!” A brutal touch flashed across Xu Tianlin’s face.
“It’s finally the most exciting moment. I think everyone has been waiting for a long time!”
The hostess who had just appeared on stage returned to the stage, with an extremely excited tone, and immediately mobilized the atmosphere of the audience to the climax.
“Next, this auction item can be said to be quite remarkable. Even if you look at the whole world, it is also a top auction item. Okay, I won’t be too long-winded. Let’s take a look.” A few are wearing black. The staff in the suit seriously put a tightly wrapped box in the center of the auction table.
The hostess reached out and lifted the red cloth covering it!
A dazzling light burst out in the middle, and slowly Lushan’s true face was exposed to everyone.
An emperor green jade necklace with emerald green light!
“The most excellent emperor green jade in the world is now in front of everyone. As we all know, the most excellent emperor green jade, nails and urine are worth ten thousand gold, and this piece in front of everyone is the largest emperor green in the world. Jade, this is the only piece, unique!” The hostess pushed the atmosphere of the scene to the climax with a very inciting voice.
“Emperor Green Jade! It’s still such a big piece. I haven’t seen such a big one in so long since I’ve been alive. It really opened my eyes today!”
“It’s so big and in such a good condition. It has no flaws. It’s a supernatural workmanship, a gift from God! It’s worth it in this life to have a look!”
Xu Tianlin’s eyes straightened, he had seen so many treasures, and he couldn’t compare to the emperor green jade necklace in front of him.
“This necklace, I want it!”
He made a sound that was bound to win.
“Qin Yun, have you seen it, the one on stage is the present I gave you today!” Jiang Hao said calmly.
“Okay, Jiang Hao, you are going crazy again. I definitely like this kind of baby, but it’s too expensive, and it’s not destined to be something we can afford. With your words, I’m already very happy. ”
“? you do not have to consider other questions, I’ll ask you a question, do you like this, ”
Qin Yun pondered a moment, slowly said:.” like touches like, who would not like it. ” ”
like enough, Needless to say other things, leave the rest to me.” The hostess’s voice rang again, “Presumably everyone is already gearing up and eager to try, so I won’t say more nonsense. The last sentence. ”
Emperor Green Jade Necklace, the reserve price is five million, and each increase is not less than half a million, bidding!”
“Five million!” As soon as the voice fell, a powerful voice immediately sounded.

Chapter: 388
Although the sky-high price of 5 million has discouraged many people, it still cannot stop the real rich.
This superb emperor green is worthy of such a price.
“Boss Zhao, I didn’t expect you to be interested in Emperor Green.”
Someone joked after recognizing the middle-aged man who just quoted.
“Zhao Zhigang? Just the few steel rods in his pocket, dare to jump here, I really don’t know that the sky is high and the earth is thick.”
Xu Tianlin knew Zhao Zhigang and had cooperated with the Xu family. It was not at the same level. In Xu Tianlin’s heart, Zhao Zhigang is just a dog who relies on Xu’s family for food.
When Zhao Zhigang saw that he was recognized, his expression was very triumphant. What he wanted was this feeling. If no one knew about it, it would have the same effect as no flower.
“It’s the first time I’ve seen this kind of imperial green. I’m sorry everyone.” Zhao Zhigang looked around, his expression full of jealousy.
“Six million!”
Although the price of five million is very high, there are all rich men with a net worth of over 100 million. After the number of five million is reported, someone immediately adds to six million.
Zhao Zhigang’s face was pale, he seemed too happy just now.
“6.5 million!”
“Seven million!”
Quotations kept coming and no one wanted to give up.
Reflective Jiang Hao and Xu Tianlin have been silent just now.
“Let them jump for a while, and at the end I will give them the ultimate blow, let them see what is true strength.”
Xu Tianlin’s eyes flashed with confidence, as long as it was something he wanted, there was never Failed, this time will naturally be no exception.
Jiang Hao slapped his head, with some hindsight.
“As soon as I went up, how could I forget the most important thing!” The reason why he attended this banquet was not to find some suitable jewelry for Xue Yuning!
“I almost missed a major event, but just now my mind was hot, and I had promised to go out. This emperor green jade must be taken, but what should Qin Yun do here.”
Jiang Hao glanced at Qin Yun carefully. , Qin Yun had no reaction on her face, just wanted to leave here quickly.
Seeing Jiang Hao looking at herself, Qin Yun said with concern: “Jiang Hao, let’s leave here quietly. This kind of place is not what we should come to, so why suffer here?”
Qin Yun is doing Jiang Hao. In her mind, she knew that Jiang Hao was very tough just now, but his family, Qin Yun, naturally knew. Not to mention comparing with Xu Tianlin, the son of the Xu family, any rich man present can easily crush him.
Isn’t Jiang Hao doing all this for himself? Qin Yun was slightly moved and made up his mind that Jiang Hao must not continue to do stupid things for himself.
“Why are you still leaving? Didn’t I say that everything listens to me now?”
Qin Yun said sternly: “Jiang Hao, I know you are for my good, and I understand your kindness, but can you not continue? Doing something stupid, he is the young master of the Xu family, why are you fighting him? I know I’ve said too much, but this is real life!”
Seeing Qin Yunyi’s words, Jiang Hao wanted to laugh. But still forcibly held back.
Qin Yun feels that what she said is correct, but she doesn’t know. The real fact in the real world is that I am the son of Shen Haoting, the richest man in overseas Chinese. Now there is 2 billion RMB lying quietly in my bank account. .
“Don’t worry, I know it’s proper. Then let’s watch it quietly. Let’s go after the end, how about?” Jiang Hao still said calmly.
Qin Yun could only nod her head in agreement.
On the other side, the auction of the Emperor Green Jade Necklace has also come to a fever pitch. Almost all the powerful people in the field end up personally, and the fight is quite tragic.
The auction price has also risen all the way, reaching an astronomical figure of ten million ! Ten million is like a feng shui ridge, and the sounds that sounded sparsely just now suddenly disappeared.
It takes ten million to buy a piece of jewelry, it takes a lot of trenches to do this kind of thing.
Many people in the field can spend 10 million, but if you spend 10 million to buy a piece of jewelry, those who go back to the board of directors will probably have to slash themselves with a knife.
“Ten million, now it’s ten million, so is there any higher number than ten million?” The hostess’s voice was full of excitement.
Because if you can really sell for 10 million, your commission for this auction will naturally increase a lot.
Xu Tianlin had a calm smile on his face, as if everything was under his control, because he shouted the last ten million.
Ten million is not a small number, even if it is a lot of pressure for him, but the words have already been said, then you must get it.
“Hehe, I thought I had any real ability, but it was just a pretentious coercion, it was simply vulnerable.” Xu Tianlin showed a disdainful smile.
“Surely Xu Dashao is still Xu Dashao, it is really extraordinary, if no one continues to bid, then, ten million, the first time!” The hostess’s voice trembled slightly, obviously very excited. If the deal is really done, it will create a new record of its own hammer drop!
“Ten million, the second time!” The silence in the audience was extremely silent, and everyone held their breath, waiting for the hammer to sound.
“Ten million and one piece!” A faint voice suddenly sounded, suddenly breaking the quiet atmosphere in the venue.
Everyone was in an uproar, and they couldn’t imagine that it was this kind of moment. Someone jumped out and quoted a price higher than ten million!
It stunned everyone!
Everyone’s eyes converged on the place where the sound was made.
Jiang Hao greeted everyone’s gaze calmly, just as he shouted.
Only a dollar more than ten million.
“Who is this kid? How come
I’ve never seen him before, so young?” “I’ve seen the heir of Chujiang’s first-class clan. I’ve never seen this guy. Isn’t he from Chujiang? Check him out immediately. information. ” ”
Probably the sea are a big family, son of the brother of it, even dare Chujiang this place with large and small struggle Xu things, I think this time he was slash ah. ”
the hands of the hostess Hammers She almost knocked it down because of inertia. The scene suddenly changed drastically. However, her first-class professionalism made her speak at the first time: “10 million and one yuan, a gentleman has sold a higher price. Auctions are getting more and more interesting now.” While talking, the hostess’s big watery eyes kept watching Jiang Hao. Such a young son, if he could be seen by him, he would be so prosperous. .

Chapter: 389
“Jiang Hao, you are crazy.”
Qin Yun quickly pulled Jiang Hao with an expression of disbelief.
She couldn’t believe what she heard with her own ears, ten million?
It still came from Jiang Hao next to him.
Qin Yun’s mind went round and round, and the thing she didn’t want to see finally happened. Jiang Hao never disappointed herself in creating surprises for herself.
“Who gave you the courage, Gigi Liang?”
Qin Yun’s head is almost big.
On the contrary, it was Jiang Hao, with a calm expression on his face, as if it was not him who had just spoken.
“It’s only ten million, just play around, don’t worry.”
“My God, I really doubt if you took the wrong medicine today.” Qin Yun was about to cry in a hurry, but she and Jiang Hao came out together. Naturally, I knew that everything was normal for Jiang Hao.
What kind of medicine does he sell in the gourd?
“Ten million and one piece, hehe, I don’t see it, this pretending to be a man has some strength.” With a sneer, Xu Tianlin had already begun to scold his mother.
Ten million is already his limit.
Regardless of whether he is the youngest of the Xu family, he does not have much money at his disposal. Ten million is more than enough. This is still in the case of a lot of overdraft. If you continue to increase it, I am afraid that you will not have good fruit when you go back Up.
Everyone else looked at Xu Tianlin and Jiang Hao with great interest, and anyone with a discerning eye could see it. Jiang Hao added a dollar. This clearly shows that Xu Tianlin was on the bar with Xu Tianlin, and then it depends on whether Xu Tianlin dared to accept the move. .
“10 million and one piece, the next problem came back to Xu Dashao. Xu Dashao is a big celebrity in Chujiang. I don’t know if Xu Dashao will continue following this time.” With a smile.
These words are tantamount to setting Xu Tianlin on the fire. If he didn’t say anything, it would mean he was counseled. Anyone who knew him knew that he could never do such a thing.
“Fight with me, Jiang Hao, I will let you know what real strength is today!”
Xu Tianlin said viciously.
My heart began to drip a little bit of blood, I still pretended to say: “It’s only ten million, this young master has money, hey, if you can’t bear it, I will slowly increase it, ten million and 500,000!” ”
People who are familiar with Xu Tianlin know that he can’t stand it anymore.
If according to his urinary sex in the past, he started calling at least one million at a time, but now he only called 500,000, he still looks a little guilty in his heart.
Qin Yun was ecstatic in his heart. Is this all Jiang Hao’s strategy? Let Xu Dashao shed a little more blood. If this is the case, now it is as Jiang Hao thought that his goal has been achieved!
It seems that I blamed Jiang Hao just now.
Qin Yun looked at Jiang Hao apologetically. The words of apology had just come to her lips, and she was about to say it. He heard Jiang Hao say faintly: “Eleven million!” The tone was flat, as if he was cooking. The market bought a few cents of greens, and there is nothing to make a fuss about.
Qin Yun opened her mouth wide. He hadn’t had time to say something just now, and now he swallowed it back into his stomach, and there was no need to say it again.
All the people present took a breath.
This person seems to be a ruthless character.
The astronomical figure of 11 million came out of his mouth without any emotional fluctuations. Who this guy is and where he came from has become the top priority in everyone’s hearts.
You Yun’s face twitched slightly. The situation in front of him was completely beyond his imagination. Although he already thought that Jiang Hao was mysterious enough, he still did not expect that in his eyes, 11 million was like a throwaway. Like toilet paper, it’s not worth mentioning.
Seeing the hostess who was used to the big scene, she licked her lips excitedly. She felt a little tight in her throat. She had never seen this scene before her.
“Eleven million!” The hostess’s voice was full of excitement, and everyone present could hear it.
Of course she has enough excitement. She can participate in the commission for the final number of the auction. The hostess naturally hopes that the higher the number, the better.
“Damn it!”
Xu Tianlin’s expression turned gloomy. He grabbed the water glass in front of him and almost fell directly to the ground. In the end he held it back, and his whitish knuckles wanted to crush the glass.
He felt that everyone’s eyes were shooting at him. If he didn’t answer this time, he would become a laughing stock in Chujiang in the future!
But if you continue to add it, it will be more than ten million. Xu Tianlin can’t imagine what his father will look like after returning. His father’s anger is absolutely unbearable.
A man beside Xu Tianlin said, “That Jiang Hao, I’ve never seen him in Chujiang. There is no such person in Chujiang’s upper class. How could he just give out ten million? , I think, he is simply bluffing, in fact he didn’t have a penny!”
“That’s right, this kind of dick is really crazy trying to be famous. This time it must be our young master, young man, you ignore him, let him He pays out the money, and then he can’t get the money, we have a way to make him die!” The two people around Xu Tianlin laughed.
At the end, even Xu Tianlin’s own eyes lit up, and the gloom on his face was swept away, and he turned into a sneer on his face, “Yes, I didn’t expect it just now, how could this dick silk be taken? It takes more than ten million out, even if it is me, it will take a few days to raise ten million. He must be pretending to be forced by me!”
Xu Tianlin, who consciously grasped Jiang Hao’s details, stood bang. Get up, point to Jiang Hao and say: “Jiang Hao, you can’t take out ten million. What are you pretending to be here? Isn’t it because no one cares about you at all, I want to brush up on my presence here?”
“I will satisfy you today. I don’t want this necklace, but you have to give me ten million now. If you can’t take it out, hum.”
Xu Tianlin smiled threateningly, “Then don’t blame me for not telling me in advance. You, none of the people who dared to provoke my young master Xu in the Chujiang River will end well.”
As the saying goes, watching the excitement is not too big a problem. At first glance, Xu Tianlin has been pressed into urgency, and now he is starting to lift the table. Everyone showed their displeasure, but they were frightened by the Xu family’s terrorist forces, no one dared to show it.
Whether other auctioneers can come up with the money is a matter for the auction house. Xu Tianlin couldn’t play Jiang Hao, so he turned the table off the table in anger. This is what everyone resents.
Jiang Hao looked as expected, and calmly said, “If I put out 10 million today, what are you going to do?”

Chapter: 390
At this moment, everyone’s eyes focused on Jiang Hao.
Most people have never heard of this name before, and there are surprises and surprises in their eyes, but more scrutiny and questioning.
Can this guy take out 10 million?
At first, many people were dissatisfied with Xu Tianlin, but after seeing Jiang Hao, they couldn’t help but believe Xu Tianlin’s words a little more.
No wonder Xu Tianlin wouldn’t believe him. If I didn’t believe him either, let alone ten million, even one million would not come out.
“Take it out? How could you take it out? At this time, you still pretend to be with me, Jiang Hao, how old do you think you are? You are so arrogant in front of me!”
Xu Tianlin directly tore his face and pointed at Jiang Hao angrily.
“I’ll ask you again, if I took out 10 million today, would you apologize?” Jiang Hao was not in a hurry, with a smile on his face.
Xu Tianlin’s hair was straightened by Jiang Hao’s smile. How could this guy be different from those people before, there was no panic at all, and he even had a faint illusion that Jiang Hao could really take out 10 million…
“Big Shao, don’t talk nonsense with him, let me just throw this liar out and beat him up, and he will understand everything.” said a vicious follower beside Xu Tianlin.
You Yun stopped in front of Xu Tianlin with a smile on his face, but it was cold, “Xu Dashao, since Jiang Hao said, maybe he can really take it out. If he can’t take it out, he won’t be able to settle the account. Late.”
Jiang Hao showed a card and said, “If it’s true or false, you will know by swiping the card.”
Qin Yun admired Jiang Hao even now.
The wind is light, lightly understatement, pretending to be true, but if it is anyone else, I am afraid that Jiang Hao will not be as realistic as Jiang Hao.
You Yun took the card in Jiang Hao’s hand, and soon professionals came over, and everyone was looking forward to it, waiting for the final result.
“If we leave, this guy is definitely going to die miserable.”
“Dare Chujiang this place, playing Xu large and small, this guy really is too long life, ah, must be very bloody scene for a while.”
“Swindler trickster , I have to teach him a bitter lesson, let him know that a liar will definitely not end well. What a bad thing to do at a young age, if you have to lie to others, you just happened to bump into Xu Dashao. It really deserves it. . ”
when the bank card handed Jiang Hao hands of staff, tour cloud also specifically confessed and said:”! No matter what the outcome, we must report truthfully, or else I will not forgive you, ”
staff nodded, fear and trepidation Go on.
Xu Tianlin sank back into the huge and soft seat, and the gloomy bird flashed across his face. Jiang Hao in front of him was nothing more than his own, and the next step was to let him handle it.
After a few minutes of silence, everyone looked at Jiang Hao with complicated eyes, with a touch of pity and sympathy.
“President You, the result is out.”
The staff just now went and returned in a few minutes.
As soon as this statement came out, everyone came to their spirits. The reason they were waiting here was to wait for the result. Specifically, they waited for a while to read Jiang Hao’s joke.
“Haha Jianghao, you are dead, I see what else you have to say this time.” Xu Tianlin exclaimed excitedly.
“That’s right, you said you are a poor dick. If you don’t have money, what can you pretend to be? If you have money, you can pretend to be awesome. If you don’t have money, you’re stupid. This kid is probably stupid when he reads books. I am.”
” I don’t look at the object when I touch porcelain . Is Young Master Xu an object you can provoke? That is the existence you need to look up to. This guy really thinks he is a human being. I haven’t seen him for so many years. Such a stupid person really opened my eyes today.”
Xu Tianlin also sneered and stood up, his eyes full of triumph, fight with me? This is the end of the fight with me! Chu Jiang, after all, it is still mine!
You Yun’s eyes sank, unaffected by these outside sounds, and he asked in a deep voice: “How is the result?” The staff felt the eagerness in their eyes, and felt the eyes of everyone shooting at him. Without hesitation, his face The muscles tremble slightly, and he is very excited: “We have tried it just now, and the result is that Mr. Jiang’s card has 10 million, and now he has transferred it!”
After he finished speaking, he became happy, as if the 10 million was transferred to him. The same in your own account.
There was no major change in You Yun’s face, but his deep breath still revealed his nervousness.
“What? How could it be possible!”
Xu Tianlin suspected that he had heard it wrong!
“What did you say? Tell me again. You said his card does have ten million?”
Xu Tianlin rushed over, clutching the collar of the worker’s clothes with both hands.
“What I said is true, even if you killed me.” The staff did not know where the courage came from, and the hard steel waved inexplicably.
Xu Tianlin threw the staff directly on the ground, still muttering to himself, “Impossible, impossible at all. How could this poor dick have ten million? Even if I don’t have ten million in my account, how could he be possible? There will be, I don’t believe it!”
Don’t say Xu Tianlin is stupid, everyone onlookers is petrified in place, I can’t believe this result.
That’s a full ten million in cash!
Many people have tens of millions of net worth, but tens of millions of net worth and tens of millions of cash are two completely different concepts. Many rich men with net worth of tens of millions don’t even have hundreds of thousands of cash on their bank cards. Hao calmly took out ten million, and everyone felt a chill.
“So the jade necklace should be mine now, right?”
Jiang Hao asked indifferently when everyone hadn’t slowed down.
You Yun nodded blankly, the impact Jiang Hao caused to him was too great, and it would take him a long time to digest it.
“Xu Tianlin, there are heavens and humans, so let’s keep a low profile in the future. It’s just a young master from the Xu family, haha.” Jiang Hao said coldly.
On the other hand, Jiang Hao was absolutely unable to say such a thing, but now he could not help but say it, and his mentality was also unknowingly changing.
Suddenly Xu Tianlin seemed to be drained of strength. He sat in his seat blankly, his eyes blank. He wanted to teach Jiang Hao, but Jiang Hao gave him a severe education.
“Jiang Hao, would you please give me a personal treat to treat you to a meal? It’s an expression of my gratitude.”
You Yun hesitated a little bit and stretched out his olive branch. There is an excellent opportunity before him. He must not miss it, even if Therefore, he did not hesitate to offend the Xu family.

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