I've Got a Super Rich Dad

Chapter: 39

On the third floor of Furui Building, Jiang Hao was stopped by two young men just as he went upstairs.
These two bodies are strong, and they are full of breath.
“What’s the matter?” One of them looked Jiang Hao up and down and questioned.
When Jiang Hao saw the other party, he was the kind of people who had been in the interface for a long time, and there was a kind of fierceness that penetrated from his bones.
“I… find someone.” Jiang Hao said.
The two couldn’t help laughing when they heard the words, pointed to the stairs, and said, “Today, the third floor was booked by Meng Jiuye. Find someone to roll down and look for. There is no one you are looking for here.”
Jiang Hao heard the other party say that. Suddenly I was a little excited. It turned out that these two people belonged to Meng Jiuye.
He hurriedly smiled: “No, I’m looking for Meng Jiuye.” As soon as Jiang Hao said this, a touch of surprise suddenly appeared on the faces of the two young people. They looked at Jiang Hao again, and the surprise turned around. And turned into contempt.
A young man sneered, pushed Jiang Hao, and smiled: “Don’t be damn bragging, what are you looking for? Jiuye is your grandfather, it’s okay, don’t fucking find it, hurry up. I’ll get out!” The young man pushed Jiang Hao while he was talking, trying to drive him away.
Jiang Hao hurriedly said: “No, no, please go and inform Meng Jiuye, just say, Jiang Hao comes to her, I think he will come out to see me!”
Jiang Hao said nothing. , But as soon as he said it, the young man’s face suddenly changed, and he lifted his hand and slapped it.
This young man was a gangster on the street, but he was much more cruel than Liu Siya’s kind of little woman.
After this, Jiang Hao couldn’t help feeling dizzy, and then he heard the young man scolding.
“I’m going to your mother, I really took your dog money. Last time, in the fucking bar, a random person came and asked Meng Jiuye. In the end, my fucking kindly helped him. I was notified, but I was scolded!” After the young man had finished speaking, he looked at Jiang Hao. It was obvious that Jiang Hao’s dress was not as good as the previous one.
They all say that one can gain a wisdom from a ditch, and if he repeats the same mistake today, he might as well slam his head on the wall.
Then the young man screamed at Jiang Hao: “You’re so fucking funny, who do you think you are? When you come up to look for Jiuye, there are too many people looking for Jiuye. When is it your turn? I’ll get out of here, or I’ll still smoke you!”
Jiang Hao was beaten for a moment, feeling very wronged, and said to the other party: “I didn’t lie to you, and I tell you, as long as you notify me, I will say I am here. , Meng Jiuye will personally come out to greet me!” As soon as Jiang Hao said this, the two young men looked at each other and suddenly laughed together.
“Hahaha…It’s funny, you know, this is the most funny thing I’ve ever heard. In Chujiang, someone has to ask Meng Jiuye to come out to meet him in person? Who do you think you are? Shen Haoting?”
“Haha , I think the ones just now, it’s because I made my hand too heavy, so I just slapped this little bastard silly, you fucking sober, okay?” The two people ridiculed Jiang Hao, then the young man who beat Jiang Hao , He repeatedly pushed Jiang Hao downstairs.
Jiang Hao was furious, and the other side of the deal, while the other wants to explain: “I say is true, you go and I notice it, you know the truth, you ……”
“You fucking come on, The last time I was scolded by Jiu Ye for this kind of thing, should I fucking inform you?”
That young man was really impatient with Jiang Hao.
He was not only impatient, but also a little angry.
After all, in the bar last time, Gao Jun stuffed himself a thousand dollars, and he went to find Meng Jiuye.
Now that Jiang Hao doesn’t give a penny, he wants to take such a big risk to do things for him, it’s pure dreaming!
“Oh, you just said Jiang Hao came to him, don’t push me…”
Jiang Hao has been pushed to the corner of the stairs by the young man, and the people downstairs can even see him.
The young man pointed at Jiang Hao and scolded, “Stop the fucking nonsense. Today, this is outside. If I’m in a bar, I will fucking kill you! I can’t help myself, and I don’t look in the mirror to see your own virtues, you Also worthy of looking for Meng Jiuye?” The young man’s voice was very loud, and it was at the corner of the stairs, so it was almost clear to the people downstairs.
And this situation almost embarrassed Jiang Hao to the extreme.
I was full of confidence, and wanted to go to Meng Jiuye to clarify the matter, but as a result, people didn’t see it and didn’t say anything, and was ridiculed by the other party.
The most important thing is these, almost all of them have been seen by Liu Siya.
Jiang Hao flushed, stared at the young man fiercely, and finally said: “I will ask you to inform me at last. You just say that Jiang Hao will come to him and let him come to see me on the second floor. If not, then you Let him figure out his end!”
Jiang Hao stopped going up after speaking, and went downstairs angrily.
As soon as he left, there was a burst of laughter at the corner of the stairs.
“Fuck you, little bastard, you fucking said this is just looking for death, you fucking have a way to say this in front of me, if I don’t kill you…” the young man returned angrily On the third floor, still cursing.
He glanced at his companion, sneered and shook his head: “Damn, why do you think there are so many idiots now?”
The companion smiled and was about to speak when suddenly he heard a voice from the private room: “What’s wrong outside, it’s so noisy?”
It was Meng Jiuye who called out . Upon hearing this voice, the two young people at the door suddenly looked pale.
“I speak is over, just that sucker too much movement, and even Jiuye have been heard.”
“Damn, one will Jiuye If we anger, I am his mother down the stairs to try to kill that sucker!”
Low two He cursed, and just hit the young man Jiang Hao, he hurriedly opened the door and entered the private room.
At this moment, there were only a few people in the private room. As soon as the young man entered the door, everyone’s eyes fell on him.
“What are you arguing about? I can’t stop eating in it!” Meng Jiuye’s face was gloomy.
Seeing Jiuye’s face, the young man suddenly felt his scalp numb, and quickly said: “Jiuye, it’s okay, you continue to eat, I have taken care of the matter…” The young man didn’t want to explain too much, but he just turned around. When I left, I heard Meng Jiuye ask: “I’m the damn asking you what’s the matter!”
Meng Jiuye patted the table, and the young man was shocked.
He hurriedly said honestly: “Jiuye, it’s like this. Just now there was a boy in rags who was screaming outside to see you. If you know his identity, you have to meet him personally. it. ” ” this man is really capable of talking nonsense, I quickly took him away and got really sorry ah Jiuye to disturb you. “said the young head down.
Hearing this young man’s words, Meng Jiuye couldn’t help frowning, and smiled: “Oh, do people nowadays have such a big tone? Ha ha, let me go out to meet him in person, ha ha, it’s so awesome It’s really loud, um, what else did he say?”
Meng Jiuye said as he listened to the incident as a joke, and smiled at several friends at the dinner table.
“Uh, he also said that his name is Jiang Hao.” The young man grinned, as if he was about to add jokes to Meng Jiuye, and said, “This guy is still saying something without embarrassment. You have to see you on the second floor later. He, if you don’t go, you can decide your own fate. Haha, you said how funny this person is…”
As soon as the young man had finished speaking, a roar of laughter broke out across the dinner table.
Some people even joked about Meng Jiuye: “Haha, Lao Meng, it seems that your status in Chujiang has declined. Everyone dared to yell at you five or six.”
Everyone laughed again. .
But except for Meng Jiuye.
When he first heard the youth’s words, he only regarded it as a joke.
But when he heard the words Jiang Hao suddenly, his smile froze on his face.
Immediately, his face became gloomy, and I became pale.
He stood up abruptly and stared at the young man: “Where is he… where is he? You, you just beat him?”
Seeing Meng Jiuye’s reaction like this, everyone couldn’t help being taken aback, staring at him with staring at him. Still don’t know what happened.
Only Meng Jiuye was facing a big enemy at this time, and his scalp was numb.
“Slap…a ​​slap…ah.” The young man said this tremblingly, and he almost mentioned his throat with his heart. He didn’t know how big he stabbed.

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