I've Got a Super Rich Dad

Chapter: 421-430

Chapter: 421
As he approached, the man sighed and continued to mutter to himself: “Hey, it is all to blame. If it was not me because my father’s order was hard to violate, I would not leave you mother and daughter, and would not let you After suffering so much, Yu Ning finally found this one…”
Obviously, Xue Yuning’s mother had already clarified that Jiang Hao was Xue Yuning’s boyfriend.
And this middle-aged man is actually no one else, but Xue Yuning’s father, Xue Chongshan.
Obviously, Xue Chongshan seemed extremely dissatisfied the first time he saw his daughter’s boyfriend.
After all, Xue Yuning inherited the best genes of herself and Xue Yuning’s mother, and she was so beautiful.
Yesterday, Xue Chongshan saw his daughter for the first time in more than ten years. He was so excited when he saw Xue Yuning coming out to such a point.
Moreover, Xue Yuning’s academic performance is so good, it is almost like a perfect jade.
On the contrary, it was Jiang Hao, with an ordinary appearance, and it seemed that the conditions at home would not be too good, because Jiang Hao exuded a “earth smell” from his bones.
This made Xue Chongshan very dissatisfied and even more disappointed. As a result, his attitude towards Jiang Hao would naturally not be any better.
“Auntie, this is…” Jiang Hao was a little curious when he saw Xue Chongshan and Xue Yuning’s mother walking very close.
Xue Yuning’s mother was stern, as if she didn’t want to see Jiang Hao, and said indifferently: “I was thinking of calling you out in a few days so that you can get to know you seriously, but now I just met. Then I will introduce you to it. This is not someone else, but Yu Ning’s biological father.”
“Birth father?” Jiang Hao heard Xue Yuning’s mother’s words, his chin almost didn’t fall to the ground, he was shocked.
Jiang Hao remembered that Xue Yuning had told herself about her father in the past.
It should be when Xue Yuning was still very young, his father abandoned her and mother and returned to the family to be his grandfather, and after he left, there was no news. It is precisely because of this that Xue Yuning hates her. Own father.
What made Jiang Hao even more curious was that Xue Yuning’s father cruelly abandoned their mother and daughter back then, and now Xue Yuning’s father has appeared, why does Xue Yuning’s mother seem to have nothing happened?
Doesn’t she hate this man?
You know, at the beginning, he abandoned the two of them, mother and daughter, so that the mother and daughter suffered the hardships of life.
Although Jiang Hao was just curious, he didn’t ask. Since people are relieved, Jiang Hao certainly wouldn’t follow him.
What Jiang Hao was curious about was that Xue Yuning’s father appeared, didn’t Xue Yuning know? Or does she already know?
Jiang Hao was thinking about these things when she heard Xue Yuning’s mother say to him: “Why, seeing Yu Ning’s father, don’t you even want to say hello? Jiang Hao, are you self-righteous?”
Jiang Hao knew. Because of what happened last time, Xue Yuning’s mother still seems to hate herself.
But I was just stunned just now, so I don’t want to put on such a big hat, right?
Jiang Hao want to go to, but did not refute, but bowed his head, politely said: “Xue Shushu hello, really sorry just some attention span, I introduce myself, I am the rain pour ……”
“Well, do not explain! “Jiang Hao was interrupted by Xue Chongshan before he finished speaking. He sullenly said, “I know who you are, and you don’t need to explain, because your attitude is to me. , It doesn’t make sense.”
What does this mean, do you treat yourself this way when you first meet? Jiang Hao was a little embarrassed, and some felt innocent.
After all, I haven’t offended this future old man?
“Then…” For a while, Jiang Hao didn’t even know what to say.
After all, what he said, the other party would have to talk to him, so he would simply not say anything.
But Jiang Hao didn’t say anything, but Xue Chongshan spoke. He looked at the villa that was being renovated in full swing. There seemed to be a hint of contempt in his tone, and asked: “What are you doing here? Do you know where this is?”
“Oh, I’m waiting here, Uncle Xue.” Jiang Hao looked at the villa and said, “This is Haisheng First Grade, what’s the matter?”
Xue Chongshan smiled and continued to ask: “Then, you are Work here? Oh, yes, who are you in your family? Do you have a job now?”
Jiang Hao looked at Xue Yuning’s mother. Obviously, Jiang Hao already knew his identity, Xue Yuning. Mother seems to have not told Xue Chongshan.
“No, I’m still in school, Uncle Xue, my mother is in my hometown now, my father…” Jiang Hao hesitated for a moment, and said, “My father is abroad now.”
“Are you working abroad? Yes, I heard that he is abroad. Some migrant workers earn more than some white-collar workers.” Xue Chongshan said lightly.
“I…” Jiang Hao was a little speechless. Why did he say that his father was abroad and he became a migrant worker?
It seems that from the root, my future father-in-law doesn’t think much of myself.
Jiang Hao heard Xue Yuning say that her father is a powerful family child.
But even so, it’s not so arrogant, right?
Jiang Hao suddenly chuckled and said, “No, my father is not a migrant worker, and I guess you seem to know my father!”
His father is the richest overseas Chinese. Jiang Hao believes that as long as he has some knowledge in China Everyone will know his father.
“Oh? Really?” Xue Chongshan frowned, but then he smiled and shook his head, and said, “Then, do you know, what kind of people I usually come into contact with? I know your father? Haha , I’m afraid it’s not that you said the opposite, maybe your father knows me?”
Jiang Hao was about to refute, only to find that Xue Chongshan’s expression on his face suddenly changed.
“Jiang Hao, right? Actually, I have also heard of you from Yu Ning’s mother. Although I don’t know you, since you are Yu Ning’s boyfriend, then I want to tell you as an elder , Be a human, don’t be too arrogant. To tell the truth, I know a lot for young people like you. It’s ugly. I even dislike people like you. I know you must know who I am? So you will Is it right to feel a little inferior? Actually, you don’t have to be like that. I like people who seek truth from facts, those young people who are arrogant and like bragging rights, I hope I can be farther away from me, and… also farther away from my daughter! ”
Obviously, Xue Chongshan regarded Jiang Hao as the kind of person he said, which really made Jiang Hao feel a little ridiculous.
Do you know me? Do you understand me? Do you know my identity? Do you know who I am? Are you saying this to me?
Are you qualified to say this to me again?
Back then, you were the master of abandoning your wives and children. Now your daughter has tasted all the hunger and bitterness. Seeing that all the bitterness is coming, you have appeared and preached to me like a saint? Are you worthy?
Jiang Hao suddenly felt that Xue Yuning’s father was a little ridiculous and even shameful.
Anyway, if I were Xue Chongshan, I might not show up to disgust my daughter again, let alone say that kind of shit to someone who truly gave his daughter!
Because Jiang Hao is the one who wants a face!
“Do you understand what I mean?” Xue Chongshan asked again.
At this moment, Jiang Hao no longer respected Xue Chongshan as he did before. He just smiled and said, “Uncle Xue, there are actually some things I shouldn’t say, but I’m a person who is straightforward. I really don’t feel good about it, so I’m going to say it. Don’t be surprised. In your opinion, I am not a good person anyway.”
Jiang Hao smiled and continued: “I want to ask you, where have you been these years? Do you know how much wronged Yu Ning has been because of your departure?”

Chapter: 422
“Jiang Hao, what do you mean!” When Xue Chongshan heard Jiang Hao’s words, the last trace of his face couldn’t be stretched, his face flushed, and he pointed at Jiang Hao and shouted, “You are presumptuous!”
Jiang Hao looked at him disapprovingly and sneered. , Did not say anything, but the attitude was already obvious.
In fact, he just wanted to say what he said all in one mind, but after another thought, it was Xue Yuning’s father after all. Even if he didn’t respect Xue Chongshan, he still had to take into account Xue Yuning. The words were swallowed back.
But Jiang Hao also knew that even just a few words from himself were enough to make Xue Chongshan uncomfortable.
Sure enough, he was really angry, like a Red Bull with his tail lit all the time.
“What are you, you deserve to talk to me like this?” Xue Chongshan said angrily, “This is my own business, how I deal with it is my own housework, no matter how bad I treat their mother and daughter, I am also Yu Ning’s father. , What are you, come to tell me?”
Jiang Hao wanted to laugh when he looked at the other party’s thunderous appearance.
Obviously, if Xue Chongshan really feels that he owes Xue Yuning from the bottom of his heart, he is ashamed of the mother and daughter, and said those things by himself, not only will he not tremble with anger, but will be silent and frankly admit his fault. .
And only in this way can he be considered a real man.
But Xue Chongshan exploded. Jiang Hao knew very well that the reason why he exploded was not because he was ashamed of Xue Yuning, but because of his own words, which broke his disguise and made his most sensitive nerves throb and make his face. Can’t make it through.
This kind of person only cares about his own face, and will certainly not care about Xue Yuning’s life or death.
Jiang Hao smiled bitterly, and replied: “Uncle Xue, I’m very sorry, you made a mistake just now. I am really nothing, because I am a human, an upright person, a person who will not abandon his wife and children, yes. The relatives on the opposite side, the people who can do no hesitation, maybe my words are a bit straightforward, but I still have to say, if it was me at the beginning, no matter what the reason, I would not abandon my wives and daughters and let them suffer so much. All the hardships are coming, and I will appear again with a sense of righteousness.” “Hehe, the disaster is over, do you think the savior has come, what use is there?” Jiang Hao said jokingly.
In fact, when Jiang Hao said this, he couldn’t help thinking of his father.
In fact, his destiny is not similar to Xue Yuning?
There is also a father of a rich kid, who was also abandoned since childhood, and then he appeared when he saw the hardest time.
In fact, although Jiang Hao said something to understand his father, maybe his father did have difficulties back then, but deep down in his heart, why didn’t he resent his father?
It’s almost 20 years? Do you know how I got through? Two billion, can it really make up for everything?
Ha ha!
So the remarks just now were not so much what Jiang Hao said to Xue Chongshan, it was better to say that it was also what Jiang Hao himself wanted to say to his father.
Jiang Hao himself told himself in his heart that it would be best if his father had indeed had difficulties before he left himself and his mother. Otherwise, he might really be unable to pass this hurdle for the rest of his life!
But when Jiang Hao was stunned, Xue Chongshan’s furious voice interrupted his thoughts again.
“What are you trying to say? What do you mean?” Xue Chongshan was very angry, but he didn’t seem to know what to say, because even he had to admit that Jiang Hao’s words made him unable to refute.
It is indeed that he abandoned his wife and daughter back then, returned to the family, and became a young master Kuo again.
And Xue Chongshan hardly ever mentioned it to anyone. Back then, it was because he was fed up with the poverty-stricken days and took the initiative to call his mother, and later the family picked him up.
And since returning to the family that year, Xue Chongshan also ran away from home because he was with a woman in a small county, and gave birth to a daughter, which became the laughing stock of the family.
So from then on, Xue Chongshan seemed to deliberately want to let himself forget this past, forgot that there is a woman who loves him deeply here, and he also has a smart, beautiful and lovely daughter.
During that time, Xue Chongshan’s formerly affectionate wife and clever and lovely daughter undoubtedly became Chen Zhong’s psychological burden. Finally, for a while, he even began to hate the mother and daughter. , Hate this past.
He even thought that the mother and daughter ruined himself.
After all, he was originally going to marry the eldest lady of the Beifu big family. In the end, not only did the eldest lady disappear, he also became an out-and-out joke.
Later, it was hard to bear the ridicule of the family members. Xue Chongshan could only marry a local woman hastily under the supervision of his parents.
In this way, this incident seems to have passed.
And what Jiang Hao said just now obviously brought back Xue Chongshan’s bad memories again.
He glared at Jiang Hao in disgust, wishing to swallow him alive.
“You… Yu Ning is really blind, why did you find something like you? She really disappointed me!” Xue Chongshan yelled at Xue Yuning’s mother angrily, “You call Yu Ning now and tell She broke up with this person right away. My daughter is really sick with this kind of person!”
“Uncle Xue, do you feel sick, don’t you? Hehe, then I want to know, you feel sick because of me , Or is it because I just said something disgusting?”
“Also, you let me break up with Yu Ning? In what capacity did you give the order? Are you a passerby? It seems that you don’t have this right! Is that the identity of Yu Ning’s father? Oh ha ha, then you Think, are you worthy to be Yu Ning’s father?”
Jiang Hao didn’t have a dirty word in every sentence, but every sentence pricked his heart, causing Xue Chongshan to explode in anger.
Especially the sentence “Are you worthy to be Yu Ning’s father?” This sentence was like a knife, and it stuck directly into Xue Chongshan’s heart, making him feel extremely painful, ashamed, and angry.
At this time, in Xue Chongshan’s mind, Jiang Hao had already had a slight favor, and even the possibility of a favor was gone.
This person is simply his nemesis, bad luck!
If my daughter really followed such a person, then I would expect to live less than ten years later!
Xue Chongshan made up his mind angrily that he must separate Jiang Hao from Xue Yuning, and he must do so no matter what the price.
First of all, it was because at this moment, he really hated Jiang Hao. Seeing this man, it seemed that his anger rose up.
Secondly, the most important point is also the most important purpose for Xue Chongshan to come to Chujiang this time.
That is, I want to take Xue Yuning away, take him back to his home, and use Xue Yuning for business marriage!
In Xue Chongshan’s view, Xue Yuning is also her own daughter anyway. Since she is her own daughter, she must finally share her worries and solve problems for herself, and she must do the last thing for herself!
What’s more, as long as the marriage is successful this time, and you are in the Xue family, you can take off the hat that has been ridiculed for more than ten years and become the leader of the Xue family upright.
The most important thing is his youngest son. You can also take this opportunity to win the seat of the family heir!
Therefore, Xue Yuning is an important pawn for herself, how can Xue Chongshan not pay attention to it, and how can she willingly give her to Jiang Hao?

Chapter: 423
“Don’t preach to me here. Who do you think you are? What are you?” Xue Chongshan looked annoyed and yelled at Jiang Hao, “You think you have a few words, just want to stick it for you My daughter excuses? Huh, you are dreaming and want to be my Xue Chongshan’s son-in-law, you are not qualified enough, you are far from it!”
Xue Chongshan changed the conversation, and continued to say to Jiang Hao: “Who knows you stick to my daughter, do you? What’s the ulterior motive, perhaps, you knew before that Yu Ning had a rich biological father, so he clings to her like this, right?”
“I just met today, so I will tell you personally, you If you want to be Xue Chongshan’s son-in-law, you are still far away. Regardless of character or other, you don’t even have a bottom line. I advise you to leave Yu Ning as soon as possible, and don’t force me to be rough at the end!”
Obviously, Xue Chongshan This is to say that I can’t help but put on a just and awe-inspiring appearance, as if he was thinking about his daughter.
But who knows what he thinks?
For the past ten years, he has been indifferent to his daughter. Now he suddenly appeared and wanted to recognize his daughter. He said that he had no purpose, and ghosts didn’t believe it!
Moreover, Xue Chongshan’s appearance really made Jiang Hao sick.
It seems that even if a person is 40 or 50 years old, his temperament is still the same as those of Chu Jiang’s big and small brothers.
They all think that they have a strong family background, and all of them feel that they are great.
But as everyone knows, their poor family background is not even a fart in front of Jiang Hao.
Jiang Hao immediately sneered and said to Xue Chongshan: “Then I want to ask Uncle Xue, what kind of person is your daughter’s boyfriend enough to qualify?”
Now that the other party’s words have already been said, Jiang Hao simply said. Just ask.
Hearing Xue Chongshan’s tone, Jiang Hao knew that he wanted to find a rich master. Jiang Hao simply wanted to know how rich he wanted a son-in-law.
Is two billion enough? Or eight billion?
Or, is ten billion enough?
When Jiang Hao asked, Xue Chongshan only sneered when he heard the words. He had no idea that Jiang Hao would even ask himself that.
Well, this is your own humiliation, then no one can blame me.
Xue Chongshan thought to himself that he was in Beifu, and he wanted to marry Xue Yuning to the family, but the famous family in Beifu had family assets of more than one billion yuan.
And just the person he wanted to marry Xue Yuning over, the net worth was already hundreds of millions.
Xue Chongshan smiled and said: “Qualifications? Haha, good question, then I’ll just tell you that, in my hometown of Beifu, there is a family at this time, ready to propose to me and marry Yu Ning, do you know , How much money do they have? Assets of 100 million, do you have them? If you have, then I can consider marrying your daughter!” After
Xue Chongshan finished speaking, he couldn’t help but look at Xue Yuning’s mother beside him. There was a little playful look in his eyes.
Obviously in his opinion, as far as Jiang Hao is concerned, one hundred million is simply an astronomical figure for him. It is a dream that he has never reached for a lifetime, or even several lifetimes.
He then smiled and said: “To be honest, from the first time I saw you, I thought, don’t say one hundred million, maybe your family can’t even get one million out. A mother is in her hometown. In rural areas, a family where your father works overseas. You are destined to be at the bottom of society. How can you come to marry me Xue Chongshan’s daughter?”
“Mother Yu Ning, do you think what I said, right?” Xue Chongshan looked at Xue Yu Ning’s mother , Sneered.
Xue Yuning’s mother’s expression was a little unnatural. She looked at Xue Chongshan and whispered: “Or… let’s go, what’s your name with a child?”
Xue Yuning’s mother certainly knows that Jiang Hao is definitely not an idler.
Obviously, Xue Chongshan felt that Jiang Hao’s surface soil was hampering, and he took it for granted that he was a poor and sour bun.
But Xue Yuning’s mother knew that Jiang Hao could be on the same level as Qiao San’s big figures. Xue Chongshan said that one hundred million could marry Xue Yuning. If not, Jiang Hao can really get it out.
At that time, both Xue Chongshan and himself would be very embarrassed.
Although Xue Yuning’s mother has been full of opinions on Jiang Hao since the last incident, she also thought about letting Jiang Hao and Xue Yuning break up.
But if you do this, it is estimated that not only will the two people part ways, and even your face will be thrown on the ground and rubbed severely.
“Why?” Xue Chongshan suddenly snorted and said to Xue Yuning’s mother, “Yuning is my daughter. Of course I have to think about her happiness. If my daughter marries a worthless pauper, what happiness will she have? At all? Yu Ning’s mother, you know, I’m all thinking about Yu Ning, she is the daughter of our two, don’t you want to think about her?”
Xue Chongshan didn’t wait for Xue Yuning’s mother to speak, and then continued. Said to Jiang Hao: “How about it, do you think you can take out 100 million? If you can, then I can consider that you and Yu Ning continue to associate.”
Xue Chongshan’s words made Jiang Hao smile, he Looking at the complacent look of the other party, he felt nothing but ridiculous.
Jiang Hao shook his head and said: “Uncle Xue, I need to ask you to remember one thing. First of all, whether I and Yu Ning are together or not is not for you to decide, because you don’t have the qualifications yet!”
“You…” Xue Chongshan Hearing this, he was immediately furious, but he was about to speak but was interrupted by Jiang Hao.
“Sorry, I haven’t finished talking yet.” Jiang Hao sneered and continued, “In addition, what I said next to you was not to prove to you. I just felt that you just asserted because of your appearance. It’s too naive to be alone!”
Jiang Hao spoke tit-for-tat every word, which really made Xue Chongshan unacceptable. He yelled at Jiang Hao, “Okay, I’ll let you be presumptuous again. I listen to what you mean, otherwise, you have hundreds of millions. , Want to prove to me that you are qualified to marry my daughter? Then you prove it to me, haha…”
“Or, I can even lower your requirements!” Xue Chongshan smiled playfully, just thinking To humiliate Jiang Hao, he said, “Actually, I don’t care about money. All I want is that you can give my daughter a stable home. I think this is a good place. Originally, I wanted to buy a villa here. , But now, let me give you this opportunity. If you have the strength to buy a three-hundred-square-meter villa in Haisheng Yipin, I can allow you and my daughter to continue dating!”
In fact, Xue Chongshan said It was to lower the difficulty by myself, but the real purpose was to humiliate Jiang Hao more.
I want one hundred million. It’s embarrassing that you can’t get it out. Now I will lower the difficulty for you a little bit. Buying a villa here is already very difficult, right?
If you still can’t achieve it, it’s simply a shame to see people!
Xue Chongshan of course also knows that in this Haisheng Yipin house, the bigger the house, the more expensive it is.
For a 300-square-meter house, the price is less than ten to twenty million. It is estimated that Qian Jianghao may not be able to get this much.
Xue Chongshan smiled in his heart and thought: I’ll take a look, how will you be ashamed for a while!
Xue Chongshan just finished speaking, but didn’t want to, Jiang Hao laughed.
“Oh, is the villa?” Jiang Hao smiled and said, “Uncle Xue, what about this villa?”

Chapter: 424
Jiang Hao pointed to the luxurious villa in front of everyone, and his brows were slightly frowned.
“This building? What do you mean?” Xue Chongshan’s tone was full of mockery, “What, you mean, you can afford this villa? Haha, stop teasing, do you know how much this villa is? “While speaking, Xue Chongshan looked at a young man next to him. This man was the real estate agent of Haisheng Yipin. He was just a new face. He did not recognize that Jiang Hao belonged to the Haisheng Yipin No.1 courtyard. Master, Jiang Hao didn’t know who he was either.
“Xiao Chen, how much is this villa?” Xue Chongshan asked the man.
The young man smiled slightly, and replied respectfully: “Mr. Xue, this villa is the most luxurious and top-notch villa in the entire villa area of ​​Haisheng Yipin. It can be said that in this huge villa area, this villa is The courtyard villa is the moon, and the other villas can only be counted as pendants and stars flooded by the moon’s brilliance.”
“Our initial price for this villa was 70 million, but it has already been sold.” The young man said. “It is said that the owner of this villa is a rather mysterious figure in Chu Jiang, but I hadn’t come to work at Haisheng Yipin at the time, and I didn’t know the mysterious rich man.”
“70 million?” Xue Chongshan heard the words. Can not help but exclaim for a while.
It is true that even he, a well-informed person in Beifu, was shocked when he heard the price of this Haisheng No. 1 Courtyard.
After all, looking at the entire Chu River, how many people have a net worth of 70 million?
And Xue Chongshan knows even more that since the other party can buy this Haisheng Yipin No. 1 Courtyard, its assets must at least be several times or even dozens of times the 70 million, otherwise it is estimated that even the annual property fees and repairs of this villa Can’t afford it.
Xue Chongshan had to admit that Chujiang seemed to be a small second-tier city that didn’t look amazing, but it was really a hidden dragon and a crouching tiger.
When Xue Chongshan was amazed, the sales manager opened his mouth again: “Of course Mr. Xue, the 70 million is only the price of the villa. You have also seen that the villa is now being renovated. I heard that the price of the villa is also It broke 30 million. After finishing the renovation, we have to add a variety of top-quality furniture. So in my opinion, when the villa was finally able to move in, its fraud easily exceeded 100 million, and the final price may be one million. It’s about 100 to 30 million.”
Xue Chongshan couldn’t help being surprised again when he heard this young man’s words.
A villa is already more than one billion? Who is the one who bought this villa? This man is definitely not simple, he is definitely a rich man.
Thinking of this, Xue Chongshan couldn’t help but looked at Jiang Hao on the side, and smiled: “Did you hear that? The fraud of this villa costs more than one billion yuan, why, do you want to buy this villa?”
Xue Chongshan finished speaking, his face A touch of disdain appeared again. He glanced at the young man on the side, and both of them couldn’t help laughing with disdain.
This young man came to Haisheng Yipin only in the past two days. He naturally didn’t know that the man in front of him was the owner of this courtyard.
And just by looking at Jiang Hao’s appearance, he has already determined that Jiang Hao, not to mention this courtyard, may not even be able to buy any of your villas of Haisheng First Grade.
The young man even echoed Xue Chongshan’s words and said: “Mr. Xue, even if he wants to buy it, he can’t help it, because this villa has already been bought.”
After speaking, the young man looked at Xue Chongshan, showing a look. With a pleased smile, he looked at Jiang Hao again, only to find that Jiang Hao seemed to be disapproving.
Jiang Hao also looked at each other and couldn’t help but sneered. He slowly stretched out his finger to the No. 1 courtyard, and said lightly: “Why should I buy this villa? Because it belongs to me!” Jiang Hao’s tone was light, and he looked up. Xue Chongshan looked serious.
But as soon as Jiang Hao said this sentence, he directly shook the stormy sea in the hearts of several people present.
“You…your?” Xue Chongshan looked stunned, more disbelief, and immediately snorted and said, “Boy, do you know what you are talking about? Humph, cowhide is not like that, you’d better Don’t say that. This is at the door of others. You are not afraid that your nonsense will be heard by others and clean up you?”
The sales manager of Haisheng Yipin looked surprised and said, “This little brother, I I advise you to be careful when talking. After all, the owner who bought the next courtyard is our important customer. If you are talking nonsense, don’t say what others will do to you. Even if it’s us, you can invite you out, because you are Insulting our customers and insulting our Haisheng Yipin.”
Jiang Hao’s words, not to mention Xue Chongshan and the sales manager, even Xue Yuning’s mother was skeptical.
Even if she knows that Jiang Hao’s origin is not simple, knows that Jiang Hao is very rich, knows that Jiang Hao can be on the same level as Qiao San.
But can he afford such a luxurious No. 1 Villa? Xue Yuning’s mother didn’t believe it anyway.
You know, this is the top villa in Chujiang, and it doesn’t have one.
It is said that even the Xu family, the first family of Chujiang, lived in a place that was one or two points worse than here.
And the sales manager just said it very clearly, just this set of villas, plus the decoration, plus all kinds of furniture and furnishings, will play a total of 100 million tens of millions, which is something ordinary people can afford.
Even if Jiang Hao is a rich second-generation, even if Jiang Hao’s family seems to be rich, he doesn’t necessarily have money to this level, right?
Xue Yuning’s mother couldn’t help sighing, she found that Jiang Hao had some problems more and more.
Of course Jiang Hao knew how the other party reacted.
In this regard, he did not rush to defend this, but smiled faintly, and asked, “Why, don’t you believe it?”
“Why do you want me to believe you? Why don’t you say that the whole Chu River belongs to you?” Xue Chongshan laughed wildly, “Oh, right, I didn’t hear that you Chu Jiang has done a huge project now. Is the Lianchengnan Project? It’s said that some people have invested hundreds of millions in it. Why don’t you say that you invested in the project? Young people, arrogance is fine, but you have to know the shame at the very least. It’s shameless and shameless!”
Xue Chongshan seemed to have finally found an opportunity to ridicule and trample Jiang Hao under his feet. He was so excited about it.
He almost uttered all the vicious words he could utter.
Only when Xue Chongshan spoke out, Jiang Hao smiled again.
To be honest, if this is put in the past, Jiang Hao will definitely say to the other party: “Yes, you guessed it, I invested in the Chengnan project.”
But now Jiang Hao won’t, because he found that it was a bit boring. .
Because no matter how hard he tried to explain, he knew that the other party would not believe in himself, and the final result would only be a waste of words.
In addition to this, he simply didn’t bother to argue with him, anyway, as long as he had the opportunity, after the other party knew about it, he would know how ignorant and ridiculous he was at the beginning.
But Jiang Hao wanted to talk to Xue Chongshan about this matter now.
After all, you don’t need to explain too much about the villa, and the villa is right in front of you. As long as you call out the general manager of Haisheng Yipin, you can prove it all by yourself.
At that time, Jiang Hao just wanted to see if Xue Chongshan had anything else to say.
Jiang Hao ignored Xue Chongshan, but looked at the young sales manager beside him and asked, “Excuse me , your person in charge here is called Zhu Yiran, right?”

Chapter: 425
Jiang Hao actually asked Zhu Yiran directly, which surprised the young sales manager.
He didn’t think that Jiang Hao called Zhu Yiran to prove that he was the villa of the villa. What he thought was that Jiang Hao called Zhu Yiran, and he wanted to sue himself with his immediate boss.
This kind of thing is not without lessons learned. I have been doing sales for more than a decade, so I have naturally encountered this kind of thing.
Some customers who can’t afford to live are obviously their own problems, and they say something to them that they don’t deal with, and finally want to go to their boss to complain to themselves.
This young sales manager as if seen through the trick, like Jiang Hao, disdain smile, asked: “?! You called our manager to do Oh, sorry, our manager is not what people see.”
This person has implication It’s very obvious. Want to see your boss casually? You are dreaming.
When Jiang Hao heard the young sales manager’s words, he was a little bit displeased, his tone aggravated, and said: “I called your manager over to ask him who this villa is. If you want to continue working here, Then please hurry up, otherwise I can really complain about your misbehavior towards customers and let Zhu Yiran open you!”
Jiang Hao’s words are not a threat. A small sales manager is so defiant, it is impossible for him to do so. Still angry with him?
This kind of flattery, the dog looks at people’s low things, and fires them, so as not to be upset when they see him again later.
Seeing Jiang Hao shouting to himself, the young sales manager couldn’t help but feel a little guilty. After all, he was in the service industry. Although he didn’t believe in Jiang Hao’s nonsense, it might not be true to him if he really made things big. a good thing.
The young sales manager turned his head and looked at Xue Chongshan, and asked in a low voice, “Mr. Xue, what do you mean?”
What can Xue Chongshan mean? He didn’t believe what Jiang Hao said from beginning to end, so he called the real estate manager. so what?
Xue Chongshan patted the young sales manager, and said with a smile: “Xiao Chen, since he asked you to find your manager, then you can rest assured to find it. If something happens, I will take care of it for you. I still want to talk to him about buying a villa!”
With Xue Chongshan’s words, the young sales manager suddenly understood.
After all, Xue Chongshan was here, and even if he called Zhu Yiran for a while, it was useless for Jiang Hao to pour dirty water on himself. As long as Xue Chongshan explained clearly to himself, he still had nothing.
The young sales manager smiled upon hearing this, bowed slightly to Xue Chongshan, and said, “Then I have to thank you, Mr. Xue. Wait a moment, I will call our manager Zhu to come over. Don’t worry, some people If the words are true or false, when our manager Zhu comes over, the truth will come to light. I want to see if some people still want to say something.”
After speaking, the young sales manager looked back at Jiang. Hao, showing a chuckle, trot all the way to the sales center.
It’s not far from the sales center, and the young sales manager arrived without much effort.
He ran directly to Zhu Yiran’s office, knocked on the door lightly, and Zhu Yiran opened his mouth to let him in.
“Xiao Chen, are you okay?” Zhu Yiran asked in surprise when he saw the young sales manager panting, “what’s the matter, sweating?”
The young sales manager breathed smoothly and spoke. He smiled and said, “Mr. Zhu, that… can you please move and follow me to the downstairs area?”
Zhu Yiran frowned, “Why? Is there something?”
“Uh…a little thing…” Young The sales manager hesitated and said, “This is Mr. Zhu. There is someone behind who pretends to be our owner and speaks rudely to our customers. I said it for a long time…”
Zhu Yiran raised his head when he heard the words, his face was a little unhappy. Said: “Then you can just call the security guard? What are you telling me to do? This kind of person hurry away!”
The young sales manager was a little speechless when he was asked. After thinking about it, he hurriedly pretended to be unmanageable and said, “Mr. Zhu, no, that guy is too difficult. I’m called the security guard. It doesn’t work. , I’d like to ask you to go there yourself.”
Zhu Yiran sighed after hearing the words, the anger on his face became more obvious.
This is Haisheng Yipin, the top residential area in Chujiang. The owners are all important figures in Chujiang. If this kind of thing happened in the community, it would be difficult for anyone to deal with it.
Zhu Yiran hurriedly put aside the things at hand, got up and said: “It’s really presumptuous, you take me to see, I want to see, how can this guy make trouble!”
On the other side, the young sales manager has been away for a while. Only Jiang Hao and Xue Yuning’s parents were left.
The three did not say anything to each other.
Obviously, this time the meeting with the son-in-law, the father-in-law, was quite unpleasant.
But Jiang Hao also gave it up. After all, Jiang Hao had already given the opponent’s face, but the other party was still aggressive, so no wonder he himself.
Jiang Hao sighed. He actually felt a little uncomfortable in his heart. After all, these were Xue Yuning’s parents. If he makes the relationship too rigid, it is estimated that Xue Yuning will be the one who is difficult to handle.
But things have reached a stalemate here…
Jiang Hao sighed, his brain full of lawsuits, he looked down at the time, it was almost ten o’clock, and it was this time that he and Qiao San had agreed, Jiang Haoxin said this guy Why hasn’t it arrived yet?
To be honest, Jiang Hao is really too lazy to waste time here. After all, there are still a lot of things to be solved in the Chengnan project. Ye Yunjie sent a message to herself before, saying that she should go to the company headquarters first and say that there are some things to do with him. discuss.
As Jiang Hao was thinking, he heard Xue Chongshan open his mouth and say, “Why, you are in a hurry? I’m afraid that the general manager will come in a while, and you won’t get off the steps, right?”
Jiang Hao sighed, a little speechless, just about to say something. But I heard a voice not far away.
“Mr. Zhu, it’s ahead!”
It was the young sales manager who spoke, and he led the way with an anxious look.
And Zhu Yiran at the back also walks fast, his face is gloomy.
Originally, he thought that the dispute mentioned by the other party occurred in an ordinary villa area.
But the more he walked towards this side, Zhu Yiran’s face became more gloomy.
Because this is the No. 1 Yard of Haisheng Yipin, the owner here is something he can’t afford to offend anyway. If there is a group of people clamoring at the gate of the house and provoke them, don’t talk about the other party, even if it is. I can’t eat myself and walk around.
Zhu Yiran was frowning and thinking. As soon as he raised his head, he saw three people poking at the door of No.1 Courtyard.
Almost at the first glance, Zhu Yiran saw Jiang Hao, and he was a little dumbfounded.
“He… why is he here?” Zhu Yiran immediately became nervous when he saw Jiang Hao.
Jiang Hao is here, and the dispute still happened at the door of Jiang Hao’s house. How can I explain to others now?
Zhu Yiran was stunned and heard the young sales manager next to him say: “Mr. Zhu is here, just the few people in front!”
“What?” Zhu Yiran heard the young sales manager’s words, his chin almost didn’t fall to the ground. .
Are the people in front? There is Jiang Hao in there. Could it be that Jiang Hao has a dispute with someone else? In that case, things will be even more difficult!
“Yeah, yeah, Mr. Zhu!” After finally getting Zhu Yiran into a trick, the young sales manager also showed a smile on his face and said: “Yes, Mr. Zhu, it is the few people in front, and you Do you know what else that person said? Hehe, he actually said that our Haisheng Yipin No. 1 Yard belongs to him! ”

Chapter: 426
“You said it’s ridiculous? It’s the first time I’ve seen such a shameless person! You said, if this kind of thing reaches the ears of the owner of No.1 Courtyard, what would you think of us Haisheng Yipin? ”
The young sales manager curled his lips and continued: “And do you know what else he said? He asked me to help find him, and asked you if this villa belongs to him! Hey, don’t blame me, he Didn’t you get into trouble with that gentleman? That gentleman was also very upset, so I asked you to come here to make it clear, so…”
The young sales manager finally told the whole story. The head seemed to be relieved.
He laughed in his heart, and said that when things reached this stage, he wanted to see for himself, what else could Jiang Hao say.
But what he didn’t notice was that after he finished speaking these words, Zhu Yiran’s face turned green like a preserved egg.
At this time, Zhu Yiran seemed to have heard what his subordinate meant, and suddenly the whole person was a little frightened.
Could it be that this guy is treating Jiang Hao as a liar?
And even coaxing and deceiving himself called himself, just to expose Jiang Hao?
If this is the case, then the matter is really too big.
Zhu Yiran hurriedly stopped, and then used all his strength to hold his subordinate who was not alive and dead, and questioned with a serious face: “What…what did you say? Tell me again!”
See Zhu Resolutely so murderous, the young sales manager couldn’t help feeling a little nervous.
But in his opinion, his immediate boss must have become so angry because he heard the words of Jiang Hao that he relayed.
It’s so better. I don’t dare to do anything to Jiang Hao easily, but Zhu Yiran is different. As the general manager of Haisheng Yipin, why wouldn’t he dare to do?
Thinking of this, the young sales manager squeezed out a smile, pointed to Jiang Hao not far away, and said, “Mr. Zhu, you didn’t hear it wrong, did you see that person? It’s him, he not only said blatantly just now Our No. 1 courtyard belongs to him, and he spoke harshly to the two customers who wanted to buy our villa. Do you think this kind of person should be dealt with seriously? And ah, you think this kind of person can actually follow suit. Feel free to get in and out of our villa area. I think there must be some problems with our security system, so I suggest that we should check the security of our villa area from the inside out…”
This young sales manager is talking about In Xing, he still wanted to take advantage of this incident to turn a bad thing into a good thing, so that Zhu Yiran would remember his great contribution so that he could take him seriously.
But before he could finish his words, Zhu Yiran kicked him over, kicking all his fantasies into fragments, and everything disappeared.
“You are special to me as early as possible what you shut up!” Zhu resolutely anger directed at the young sales manager screams, “I can give you is really clogging up, what you say I might put you transfer over to do!”
The young The sales manager was staggered, and after he fell to the ground, the whole person was confused.
What kind of situation is this? What does Zhu Yiran mean? Did you do something wrong?
Just when he was stunned, Zhu Yiran ran towards Jiang Hao.
When Xue Chongshan saw the movement there, he hurriedly looked over, and then saw the scene where the young sales manager was kicked over by Zhu Yiran.
Upon seeing this, Xue Chongshan was taken aback for a moment, and then he hurriedly greeted Zhu Yiran and said loudly: “You are the Manager Zhu, right? What are you doing? I said, what happened, let me do it!”
As Xue Chongshan was talking, he blocked Zhu Yiran’s way, and he was still confident.
When Zhu Yiran saw this, his nose almost crooked.
No matter how slow he reacts, he should know that the person in front of him should be the one Xiao Chen just said, who had quarreled with Jiang Hao.
Zhu Yiran looked up and down Xue Chongshan, but he could see that this Xue Chongshan had some decent status.
But this is why you came to offend Lao Tzu’s top big clients? Even if I don’t want you to come here to buy a villa, I don’t want to offend someone like Jiang Hao because of you?
Thinking of this, Zhu Yiran’s attitude towards Xue Chongshan instantly became cold, and he asked: “Who are you? While going, what else is coming to you? Huh, can you take the responsibility if something happens?”
Xue Chongshan simply didn’t. I dare to imagine that I am already a prospective client, but this Zhu Yiran dares to treat myself like this.
It seems that he has no intention of putting himself in his eyes.
“Who am I?” Xue Chongshan trembled a little angrily, and pointed at Zhu Yiran, “I am your God, I am your customer, and you are the manager here? Do you dare to treat me like this? Believe it or not I’m complaining to you?”
Zhu Yiran heard the words, not only didn’t mean to be nervous, he even smiled disdainfully. He pointed to the sales center not far away, and said calmly: “There is a telephone over there, and there is our general manager. If you want to complain about the company phone, please hurry up, or get off work at noon, you may not get through!”
Zhu Yiran didn’t mean anything friendly to Xue Chongshan. Of course, he was doing all this for Jiang. Hao look.
Compared to Xue Chongshan’s customers, Zhu Yiran didn’t take it seriously.
There are hundreds of owners in the Haisheng Yipin villa area, and there are millions of big bosses in the family.
But like Jiang Hao, there is only one Haisheng first product. It is estimated that Manchu River can draw and draw, and there are only a handful of people who can compare with him.
Therefore, Zhu Yiran is a good choice.
It doesn’t matter if you lose a customer because of today’s affairs, even if you are complained to the head office by the other party? When the time comes, I can fully explain it to the head office.
“You…” Xue Chongshan trembled with anger. He pointed to Zhu Yiran and said angrily, “You are a big bully at the shop. No matter how I put it, you are also your customers. In the end, you treat me like this? Is the house seller or the cannibal? Huh, don’t worry, you are certain to complain, you will wait for me!”
Zhu Yiran frowned, looking indifferent, and said: “I said everything. Whatever.”
Zhu Yiran really made Xue Chongshan angry.
He has lived for so many years, and it is really the first time he has seen someone like Zhu Yiran.
In Xue Chongshan’s view, a house seller not only has a bad attitude towards customers, but is also so confident.
He was really angry and trembled involuntarily, covering his chest with one hand, and the expression on his face seemed a little uncomfortable.
Upon seeing this, Xue Yuning’s mother hurried forward to support Xue Chongshan, and said to Zhu Yiran: “I warn you, his heart is not very good, you had better not say anything. If something happens to him today, you must eat it.
Can’t walk around!” Xue Chongshan’s appearance at this time indeed seemed to have a heart attack, and Zhu Yiran couldn’t help but restrain himself a little.
After all, I just wanted to give Jiang Hao a favor. If he couldn’t kill him in a while, then he would lose out.
Zhu Yiran looked at Jiang Hao and curled his lips. He wanted to say something, but finally swallowed it back.
Immediately afterwards, Xue Yuning’s mother said to Xue Chongshan: “Okay, okay, don’t get angry, as for? I told you at the beginning that it’s not necessary to be true to a child. Besides, Jiang Hao, you too, he In any case, you are your elder, do you have to make everyone uncomfortable? He is Yu Ning’s father! ”

Chapter: 427
Jiang Hao heard this, but didn’t say a word.
But Xue Chongshan, still in a reluctant posture, said: “Huh, don’t tell me, do you think he regards me as Yu Ning’s father? Young man, too arrogant, too presumptuous, I will kill today. His evil spirit!”
After speaking, Xue Chongshan looked at Zhu Yiran again, and said angrily: “Okay, I don’t care about you today. We will settle the account with you later. I’ll definitely calculate it with you later. I asked you to come, just to ask you, he said that this villa belongs to him, is what he said is true?”
Xue Chongshan finished speaking, and sneered at Jiang Hao: “Hmph, that’s all for today, I You have to see what else you can say. Didn’t you say that the villa belongs to you? I’ll see if someone says no word, how can you end it! Humph, if that’s the case, please leave Yu Ning in the future, If you dare to be entangled with Yu Ning again…”
Xue Chongshan hadn’t said any threats to Jiang Hao, and was suddenly interrupted by Zhu Yiran.
Zhu Yiran looked serious, pointed to the Haisheng First Product No. 1 Yard, and said lightly: “I was asked to come here because I wanted to ask about this? Hehe, do I need to ask about this matter?”
Zhu Yiran sneered and said: “Of course this villa belongs to Jiang Shao. It’s not Jiang Shao’s. Whose will it be?”
Zhu Yiran said, and Xue Chongshan, who was about to say something to Jiang Hao, immediately shut his mouth.
He couldn’t believe his ears, he turned his head and looked at Zhu Yiran blankly, and frowned, “You…what did you say?”
Don’t say it was Xue Chongshan, even if Xue Yuning’s mother heard Zhu Yiran’s words. Not too dumbfounded.
Is this villa really Jiang Hao’s? How can it be?
The overall fraud of this villa costs more than one billion yuan. Would Jiang Hao be so rich? Is it true?
Even if Xue Yuning’s mother knew that Jiang Hao was a rich second-generation, even if he knew that Jiang Hao’s family was rich, she wouldn’t have enough money, right?
A villa is worth 100 million yuan, and it is reasonable to say that if someone else was involved in such a big thing, it would have been a riot.
This is a multi-billion “object”, whoever puts it on is something that can be blown up for a lifetime.
But Jiang Hao bought the villa, but he didn’t know it.
It was obvious that Jiang Hao didn’t take it seriously when he bought this villa.
In this way, how rich is Jiang Hao?
Anyway, Xue Yuning’s mother said she didn’t dare to think about it. Having been poor for so many years, it is hard for her to imagine how terrible a person who doesn’t care about a billion yuan is.
She looked at Jiang Hao with an unbelievable expression on her face: “This…Is this really what you bought?”
Jiang Hao just smiled faintly, and replied, “Auntie, don’t you believe it until now? To be honest, I bought this villa, and I bought a Yu Ning!”
“Buy it for Yu Ning?” Xue Yuning’s mother and Xue Chongshan almost said these words in unison.
It’s hard for them to believe this.
After all, Jiang Hao and Xue Yuning were just boy and girl friends who had not known each other for a long time, and they even bought a villa worth more than one billion yuan? This is too sensational, right?
Especially Xue Chongshan, even if the matter is over, he still doesn’t believe in everything in front of him, so that the eyes he looks at Jiang Hao and Zhu Yiran are full of doubt.
“Couldn’t you be the one who lied to me by igniting the fire? You…”
“Thank you for being sober!” Zhu Yiran laughed out loud when he heard the words, and went back without saying anything, and laughed, “Cheat.” You? Why did we lie to you? Is it worth it? Tell you the truth, this Mr. Jiang is indeed the owner of our Haisheng No. 1 Yard, and even our Haisheng Noble. Just for all your previous behaviors, if it weren’t for the reason that you came to us to see the house, I would have people blast you out a long time ago!”
Obviously, Zhu Yiran has already said such things, so there will be no falsehoods.
But the more so, the more surprised Xue Chongshan felt.
Originally, I thought of this Jiang Hao as a pauper with nothing, but just for a while, I didn’t want to slap my face too quickly.
Not only do they have money, but they also exist beyond their reach.
If Xue Chongshan had long known that Jiang Hao had such a terrifying background, he would not agree to break up with Xue Yuning even if he killed himself.
You know, he came to Chujiang and wanted to take Xue Yuning away. He wanted to use his daughter to marry other chaebols, so as to improve his status in the family, and finally promote his youngest son to the family heir. The seat.
But if he had known that Jiang Hao had such a strength, then he would have done so much effort to directly agree to Jiang Hao and bring them together earlier, wouldn’t it be great?
But now that things have reached this point, I don’t know how to end it.
Xue Chongshan couldn’t help feeling a little bit distressed, and he regretted his ignorance just now.
“That…” Xue Chongshan wanted to ease the tension between Jiang Hao, but he really didn’t know how to speak.
He glanced at Xue Yuning’s mother and wanted the other party to help him figure out a solution.
But now, even Xue Yuning’s mother obviously doesn’t know how to untie the knot.
But at this moment, Jiang Hao spoke.
He looked at the two people across from him, and said lightly: “Okay, what I want to prove, I have already proven it, do you believe it now? Uncle Xue, am I eligible to be with Yu Ning now?
” I…” Xue Chongshan was about to speak, but Jiang Hao didn’t give him a chance to speak.
Jiang Hao smiled: “Oh, sorry, I forgot, whether I can be with Yu Ning or not is not your choice. Because you are not qualified!”
After speaking, Jiang Hao turned his head and looked towards Haisheng Yipin No. 1 Yard under construction was completed.
Jiang Hao’s words immediately made Xue Chongshan face red. If it was just now, when he didn’t know Jiang Hao’s identity, Jiang Hao dared to speak to himself in such a tone, he would have long since dismissed it and went back.
But now that he knew Jiang Hao’s identity, Xue Chongshan hesitated a bit. To be more precise, he didn’t dare to be so dare.
After all, this is Chujiang, Jiang Hao’s territory, if I dare to be presumptuous in front of others, I will be asking for trouble.
After all, Xue Chongshan still doesn’t know how much energy his daughter’s boyfriend has.
So even if he felt upset, he could only swallow it back into his stomach.
He glanced at Xue Yuning’s mother, but saw that the other party shook his head helplessly, and said in a low voice: “What are you still doing here? Go?” That’s right, his face has been lost almost, so what are you still doing here? Waiting to be humiliated?
If you are humiliated again, then you really can’t hold your head up.
Xue Chongshan sighed heavily and turned around to leave.
But at this moment, the young sales manager immediately greeted him and stopped Xue Chongshan’s path with a smile on his face.
“Hey, Mr. Xue, don’t you rush to go? That… I want to continue to take you around this villa area? The villa you mentioned, can you still buy it…” said the young sales manager Before he finished talking, Xue Chongshan pushed him away and yelled: “Buy a fart, do you have any brains? My daughter’s boyfriend has bought the best villa here, and I will buy one. fart?”
To be honest, Xue Chongshan was angry at this time, and was worried that there was nowhere to let the fire, this guy sent his face over, it is strange that he can give him a good face!

Chapter: 428
It’s just that the young sales manager is still a little unwilling to give up. After all, he just saw that he had to negotiate with Xue Chongshan.
A villa is several million, and his commission alone is tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands. How can he be reconciled if it is gone.
But what he didn’t realize was that Jiang Hao was already staring at him impatiently just as he appeared.
“Zhu, this is your person?” Jiang Hao pointed to the young sales manager and asked Zhu resolutely.
Zhu Yiran immediately respectfully stepped forward and said: “Mr. Jiang, yes, this is our new business. I’m really sorry. He was rude to you just now. I’m here to apologize for him…”
Jiang Hao waved his hand: “Just apologize, I don’t like to care about this kind of person, and I don’t like seeing this kind of person.”
Jiang Hao’s words are simple, but the meaning is clear.
If you don’t want to see him, let him leave.
Of course, Zhu Yiran understood what Jiang
Hao meant, and quickly nodded: “Okay, I understand, Mr. Jiang.” Compared to Jiang Hao, this young sales manager is simply something dispensable for himself, Zhu Resolute is certainly a good choice.
He pointed to the young sales manager and said sternly: “You go now, you are fired, and you are not allowed to show up here again!” The bad news came so suddenly that the young sales manager couldn’t believe it.
Just a few hours ago, Zhu Yiran was still greeted with a smile, saying that he would be steadfast and willing to work, and one day he would be able to take his shift. How could he expel himself without hesitation after such a short time?
“Mr. Zhu, you… can’t you be like this?” The young sales manager hurriedly pleaded, “Mr. Zhu, why did I make a mistake? You just fired me? I… I did it for our company. …”
“You’re a shit for the company!” Zhu Yiran straightened down his face and pointed at the other person and shouted, “You don’t want to be presumptuous here, and immediately get out of here. Is it possible for me to ask the security guard to blast you out?”
That young salesman The manager looked desperate, and then looked at Xue Chongshan again, as if he saw a savior, and hurriedly bowed and said: “Mr. Xue, you…you save me, you just said that something happened, you have to replace it. I took it , you see now… Mr. Xue, I really can’t live without this job!” The young sales manager almost cried out in a hurry.
Of course, he can’t live without this job. After all, he has managed to become a sales manager and has a few people under his hand.
If he is fired, then he really has nothing, his status and status, and his salary of 10,000 to 20,000 yuan a month.
He now puts almost all his hopes on Xue Chongshan. After all, in his opinion, whether he can stay, is it just a matter of Xue Chongshan?
But Xue Chongshan himself is too busy to take care of himself now, so there is no intention to care about him.
Xue Chongshan snorted coldly, pushed the young sales manager away, and hurriedly said, “Get out of here, what are you going to do? Your life and death have something to do with me? People like you tend to be inflamed. Okay.”
After speaking, Xue Chongshan looked at Jiang Hao again, his face flushed, and said: “Then… Xiao Jiang, I have something to do, so I’ll leave first. Another day, when I have time, I will call You Yu Ning, go out for dinner, I…I’ll leave first…” While speaking, Xue Chongshan took a step away regardless of whether Jiang Hao agreed or not.
Regardless of whether he left or not, Jiang Hao actually didn’t even mean to return to him.
Jiang Hao didn’t even take a look at his departure.
Jiang Hao sighed after Xue Chongshan and Xue Yuning’s mother left.
“Mr. Zhu, Mr. Zhu, please give me another chance, don’t worry, I will take this opportunity well, and I will definitely not cause you trouble anymore, you…”
At this moment, the young sales manager on the side He rushed over again, looking at Zhu Yiran pleadingly, and desperately interceded with himself.
Zhu Yiran was a little angry when he saw this. He directly kicked the other party and shouted angrily: “Get out of here, believe it or not, I will throw you out now! Don’t you know what you did? Dare to come here to intercede?”
After speaking, Zhu Yiran grabbed the opponent and walked away angrily.
Upon seeing this, Jiang Hao just sighed lightly without saying anything.
He glanced at the time. It was ten o’clock now. It was this time that he had agreed with Qiao San before, but why hasn’t this guy come yet?
As Jiang Hao was thinking about the kung fu, he suddenly heard the voices of two people behind him.
“Dad, you said that the other party will accept the acceptance today, will Mr. Qiao come?”
“Haha, what’s the matter, you have a fancy to someone? Hey, daughter, you can think about it, the kind of rich boys, but love It’s very, don’t say…but it depends on your ability. If you have the ability to hold the heart of the Qiao family, then our family and Qiao’s family will form a family, it may not be a bad thing, Joe Home is in our Chujiang…”
Wang Donglin and Wang Jiani and his daughter were talking, and they were walking towards Jiang Hao.
The father and daughter talked and laughed, obviously today is a happy day for them.
This Haisheng Yipin No. 1 Yard project is divided into three phases. Party A will check and accept each phase of the project.
And every time it is accepted, it means that Party A will send the project money to itself.
For Wang Donglin, this is of course a happy thing.
In fact, he had already noticed that his precious daughter seemed to have a little meaning for Qiao Dong from Qiao Sanjia.
Of course, Wang Donglin will not block this kind of thing. If his family can really form a family with Qiao’s family, it will be a great help for his Wang family and Wang’s company.
After all, the Qiao family is very famous in Chujiang, and he will be tied up with the Qiao family in the future. Who else would dare to provoke and offend himself in Chujiang?
The more Wang Donglin thought so, the more excited he became.
After all, this is a good thing…
but what he didn’t expect was that when he was happiest, when he looked up, he saw the person he least wanted to see.
Almost at the same time, Jiang Hao and Wang Donglin saw each other.
Of course Jiang Hao was not very surprised, because he knew that he was here to check and accept the first phase of the project today. If Wang Donglin did not come, then there would be a problem.
It’s just that when Wang Donglin saw Jiang Hao fiercely, his face suddenly changed, and he asked directly: “Why are you here?”
Wang Jiani was still immersed in her dreams. When she heard her father’s words, she hurriedly raised her head and looked up. I saw Jiang Hao.
“Why are you again?”
Wang Jiani saw Jiang Hao and felt even more sick than her father saw Jiang Hao.
She pointed to Jiang Hao angrily and said, “Dad, it’s him. He was here last time. I wanted to come over to see the progress of the project, but I came across this 250. He even rode a broken bicycle and deliberately Grasping that the most expensive dress is dirty, and I
‘m so annoyed, how can I meet this idiot everywhere ?” The more I thought about the previous things, Wang Jiani became more angry, and the eyes that looked at Jiang Hao became furious.
She couldn’t forget the fact that she was kicked out at the banquet last time.
Wang Jiani was simply puzzled. What kind of ecstasy was Jiang Hao poured into that You Yun, and even asked You Yun to kick herself out directly.
Jiang Hao didn’t take it seriously. He smiled at the father and daughter in front of him, and sneered: “Why, are you surprised to see me? Haha, but you can rest assured that you will be even more surprised!”
Jiang Hao’s words made Wang Jiani father. The women frowned, “More surprised? What are you going to do? You are not going to blow up this Haisheng Yipin No. 1 courtyard, right?”

Chapter: 429
Hearing this, Jiang Hao couldn’t help laughing.
“Blasted here? Your idea is really good, what do you think?” Jiang Hao asked with a joking smile.
Of course Wang Jiani knew that Jiang Hao was teasing herself. The pouting old Gao asked: “I said what is going on with you, how can I meet you everywhere? Can you not pester me all day? Huh? It’s like a ghost all day, it’s really annoying!”
Jiang Hao smiled and shook his head, mocking: “Ghost? Then you really praised me, and I told you clearly that I didn’t bother you, I Why do you want to pester you? Are you beautiful? Hehe, then you are really confident!”
“You…” Wang Jiani’s face was pale when she heard Jiang Hao’s words, and she gritted her teeth with hatred.
Damn, it’s so disgusting, dare to laugh at me like that! What are you!
“Humph!” Wang Jiani gritted her teeth and said, “I ignore your rubbish, and be familiar with you, it will only degrade my own taste. I warn you. Now let me go away right away. Where is this place? You Where can I come? Don’t be so disgusting here. Do you know who will be here in a while? I let you go for your own good. If you really provoke others later, you will definitely not have your good fruits. Eat!”
“Oh, well, Jiani, don’t talk nonsense with him. I know Zhu Yiran, the general manager of Haisheng Yipin. I will call and let his people blast this kid out!” Wang Donglin looked impatient Said, “This Zhu Yiran is also true. How can Haisheng Yipin’s security be done? How can anyone come in?” While talking
, Wang Donglin wanted to take out his cell phone to make a call.
But at this moment, a bright black Phaeton drove from the side quickly.
As soon as he saw this off-road vehicle, Wang Donglin was a little bit excited and nervous. He hurriedly said: “Here, I recognize it. This is Mr. Joe’s car. Mr. Joe is here.”
While talking, Wang Donglin glared at Jiang Hao impatiently, and hurried over to push Jiang Hao aside: “You go to me, don’t you see Mr. Joe has come here? Give it to me if you don’t want to die. Stay away. If you dare to bump into Mr. Qiao for a while, you don’t know how to die!”
Upon seeing this, Wang Jiani hurried over to help and exclaimed: “Yes, what are you doing here? Hurry up and get out of here. You really want to be a disgusting person here, isn’t it?” The two of them were pushing Jiang Hao, the Phaeton sedan had already stopped not far away, and when the door came, Qiao’s three-step meteor got out of the car. He rushed out, pointing here and shouted: “Stop it, what are you doing?” After
Qiao San stopped drinking, Wang Donglin and Wang Jiani stopped their hands immediately.
Wang Donglin yelled badly in his heart, wiped the cold sweat from his forehead, turned his head and smiled at Qiao San with a smile on his face: “Mr. Qiao, I’m really sorry, don’t worry, there’s nothing big here. I will immediately Finished!” After
Wang Donglin finished speaking, he turned his head and snarled at Jiang Hao: “You see it, this is the third master Qiao of Chujiang. If you don’t want to die, you can get rid of me, otherwise I can’t spare you!”
Wang Donglin pushed Jiang Hao toward the roadside while talking.
But Jiang Hao pushed Wang Donglin away and sneered: “Why are you afraid of him? I’m sorry, I’m not afraid! And I would like to ask, if I leave today. Who are you going to check and accept?”
Hearing this, Wang Donglin frowned slightly, and said impatiently: “Just blow it to me. I will warn you one last time. You will leave me immediately now, otherwise I will be really rude to you! ”
Jiang Hao smiled helplessly”: Well, since you have said so, then I think I’ll go!”
After speaking, Jiang Hao screamed at the Joe who was running towards him. Said: “Mr. Qiao, you have seen it too, I want to let me go, so I will leave it to you when I turn around !” After speaking, Jiang Hao turned to leave.
But at this moment, Qiao San quickened his pace and rushed directly to Jiang Hao, with a nervous expression on his face: “This…what’s going on?”
Jiang Hao glanced at the Wang family father and daughter, and sneered: “You yourself Look, they are going to chase me away!”
“You want to chase him away?” Qiao San’s expression turned pale after hearing this.
When Wang Donglin saw this, he couldn’t help but feel a little nervous, and hurriedly said, “Ah yes… No, I will tell you Mr. Qiao, this man is a rascal, he thinks…”
Before Wang Donglin finished speaking, Qiao threw up his hand. is a slap smoked in the past, rage shout out: “?? I think you special What is a rogue, what is your dog how things are what presumptuous nonsense dare”
Wang Donglin is a slap in the face pumping of stars, It took a long time to relax, but he was still very surprised.
“I… Mr. Joe, I… what’s wrong with me?”
Wang Jiani on the side saw this and hurriedly said: “Yeah, Mr. Joe, you don’t know that this person wants to do damage here, thanks to After my dad found out that he was about to drive him away, you came, and why are you still beating my dad…”
Qiao San almost got annoyed when he heard this, and said angrily: “What did you say? He sabotaged? Do you dare to say it again? Do you know who he is? You said he sabotaged? I think you are like your dad, so tired and crooked!”
Qiao San’s loud voice scared the Wang family The father and daughter trembled for a while.
Originally, they were dumbfounded because of Qiao San’s actions just now.
Now that Qiao San said this again, the Wang family and his daughter were even more at a loss.
Did he want to drive Jiang Hao away, but made a mistake?
“He’s just a cock, a follower, a pervert who will follow wherever I go!” Wang Jiani yelled these words almost without thinking, and did not hesitate at all.
And in her heart, Jiang Hao had such a bad impression.
But Wang Jiani never thought of what she would bring to her and her family after she said these words!
“You are presumptuous!”
“Smack…” Almost the moment when Wang Jiani uttered that sentence, Qiao San slapped it again, not showing any mercy because Wang Jiani was a woman.
Then Qiao San pointed to Wang Donglin and said: “Wang Donglin, you are so blind to your dog’s eyes. I don’t need to check it today. You call your person right now and get out of the villa. Project, you don’t need your house!” When
Qiao San said this, Wang Donglin was dumbfounded.
“You… what do you mean by Mr. Joe? We did a good job, why are you firing us?”
“Hehe, you did a good job ? How dare you have such an attitude towards your customers, I just It is already very polite to fire you!” Qiao San shouted angrily.
“Customer?” When Wang Donglin heard the words, it seemed that he had finally thought of something. He hurriedly looked at Jiang Hao, as if he had thought of something, his face immediately showed horror, “Mr Qiao, you mean…”
No wonder he is here. No wonder Qiao San’s attitude, now Wang Donglin finally wants to understand, but the more he wants to understand, the more Wang Donglin feels the cool breeze from his back.
After doing it for a long time, is Jiang Hao really his patron? Then I have been working for a long time, co-authoring are all working for others, and I don’t know it, still mocking them here?
The matter is big!
No wonder Qiao San will be angry. If this is replaced by himself, then he might have to explode!
Although Wang Donglin was also curious about where Jiang Hao got his money, he was able to afford this Haisheng No.1 Courtyard, but he knew more clearly that at this moment, he should consider this issue at all.

Chapter: 430
But whether I can keep this project today!
Although Qiao San just said that he would let his company get out of the villa and replace the project with another person, this was obviously a breach of contract by the other party.
But Wang Donglin’s heart was like Ming Jing, let alone the other party’s breach of contract, even if they just did something and then made a little bit, there was nothing he could do.
That was Qiao San, the boss of Chu Jiang. I’m not even a fart when I’m in front of others.
Even if I was kicked out of this renovation project, I wouldn’t dare to say nothing, otherwise there would be a hundred ways to fix myself.
Perhaps at that time, bankruptcy was all light!
When Wang Donglin thought of this, he felt his hair stand up. He never expected that one day he would have such a big somersault.
Wang Donglin looked at Jiang Hao, his brows furrowed, and the sweat on his forehead rolled off nervously.
“I… so… hey!” Wang Donglin was nervous and didn’t know what to say. He looked at Jiang Hao almost desperately, and said tremblingly, “Look at what I do. I… I just pretend to be rubbish in my head!”
Wang Donglin patted his forehead, almost crying.
At this time, Wang Jiani seemed to understand. She covered her blushed cheek with one hand, and her expression became more and more indescribable.
This villa belongs to Jiang Hao? Qiao San is just a middleman?
This fact, to Wang Jiani, was like a blockbuster bombed in her heart, and the stormy sea was instantly rolled up.
“How… how is it possible?” Wang Jiani recalled Jiang Hao’s various past experiences, and the more she thought about it, the harder she became to believe the facts before her.
You know, the price of this villa has already reached 70 million, plus decoration and other costs, the final price may be more than 100 million.
Isn’t Jiang Hao just a poor cock? How could there be so much money? Is it possible that you are dreaming again?
But even if it is a dream, it is undoubtedly a nightmare!
A person who had been ridiculed and despised for so long would one day be transformed into an existence with a net worth of at least over 100 million yuan. For Wang Jiani, she couldn’t accept it anyway.
She felt that her self-esteem had received an unprecedented blow!
Although she knew this was true, she was still unwilling to accept it.
And just as the Wang family father and daughter were stunned by surprise, Qiao San spoke again.
Qiao San stood in front of Jiang Hao with his head down with an ugly expression, only daring to take a glance at Jiang Hao from his left corner.
“Shao Jiang, I’m really sorry, I…I’m late, I’ve made you wronged!” Qiao said in a humble tone, “Younger Jiang, are you satisfied with what I did just now? Maybe…I think about it again. How to punish them?”
Obviously, although Qiao San’s so-called punishment is only a short word, its connotation is something that the Wang family father and daughter dare not think about.
It seems that Wang Jiani doesn’t feel so deeply about the word “punishment”, but Wang Donglin knows exactly what it means!
There are a lot of legends about Qiao San in Chujiang, and the reason why this man has been able to stand in Chujiang for many years without falling down is very important because his methods of remediation are fierce!
Wang Donglin can remember that in the past, he had heard of a hotel that was very famous in Chujiang. It was because in the process of competing with Qiao San, he used some bad methods, which completely angered Qiao San, and finally failed. In three months, that hotel went bankrupt.
And before the other party used the three bad tricks, they competed with Qiao San for three years, and they were all in peace.
Obviously, the other party went bankrupt because it angered Qiao San!
Even if Wang Donglin’s reaction was slow, he found out that Qiao San today seemed to be even more angry!
Even if Wang Donglin used his own heel to think about it, he could still think of the consequences of Qiao San’s anger!
So before Jiang Hao could speak back to Qiao San, Wang Donglin couldn’t stand it anymore. He bowed to his knees with a pleading expression: “Mr. Joe, Mr. Joe, don’t be angry. I really didn’t mean it. I don’t know about this villa. The master turned out to be…”
Before Wang Donglin finished speaking, he was severely interrupted by Qiao San: “You shut up, is there a place for you to speak? Huh, bold, you dare to do anything. Come out, still thinking about not paying the price? Who do you think you are?”
Hearing Qiao San’s words, Wang Donglin was completely desperate. He almost put all his last hope on Jiang Hao, begging “Jiang Hao…no, Jiang Shao, I really don’t know Taishan. It was my fault in the past. You have a large number of adults. Don’t worry about me. Don’t worry, as long as you give me a chance this time. , I promise that this villa will be beautifully decorated for you in the future, I…”
Before Wang Donglin finished speaking, Jiang Hao, who stood aside and never spoke, suddenly laughed.
Jiang Hao laughed completely because he thought it was too funny.
Just now, this Wang Donglin was still confident about himself.
But after a while, he was like a dog again, almost kneeling in front of him to admit his mistake.
Sure enough, in this world, as long as you have enough strength, you can make everyone change their attitude towards you!
People who humiliated you one second before may be able to kneel in front of you one second later and call grandpa!
Jiang Hao glanced at Wang Donglin jokingly, then sneered: “Oh, Mr. Wang won’t drive me away?”
Wang Donglin knew that Jiang Hao was making fun of himself. This was very humiliating, but he was helpless.
“Look at what you said, how dare I? It was all my fault just now. In the past, I was blinded by the dog’s eyes. I just beg Shao Jiang not to think about it. What are you thinking about with us? No, haha…”
Wang Donglin squeezed out an unnatural smile, and he looked like he was bearing a heavy burden. It was not too ugly.
Jiang Hao looked at Wang Jiani, who was holding his head down and clenching his teeth, jokingly said: “Miss Wang, I remember I told you before, I said I bought this villa, but you still remember, How did you respond to me? Haha…”
Wang Jiani didn’t dare to raise her head when she heard that, and bit her lip severely, the expression on her face seemed painful.
“I… I didn’t know you were…”
“I don’t know what I am? I don’t know that I am rich, but I just think I am a cock? Do you always think that you should always be above you? You don’t Do you feel a little ridiculous?”
Jiang Hao’s words made Wang Jiani’s expression even more embarrassed.
How did she suffer such humiliation when she grew up?
What’s more, she used to humiliate Jiang Hao. Today, the two suddenly turned around. Wang Jiani felt that she had suffered unprecedented crit damage in her heart!
Jiang Hao smiled and continued: “Ms. Wang, do you remember how you humiliated me in the past? Actually, I thought that one day, I will return all the money and interest to you, but I think about it. After thinking about it, I think it’s fine.”
“I know that your family has spent a lot of thought on this decoration project, and quitting hastily will have a great impact on your family, so I plan to give you another chance! “Jiang Hao raised his head and said.
Upon hearing Jiang Hao’s words, Wang Donglin suddenly opened his eyes and smiled, and his heart was ecstatic.
Of course he knows his previous fault, how big the problem is, and now Jiang Hao says forget it, how can he not cheer.
When Wang Jiani heard the words, the expression on her face became a lot easier.
Although she didn’t say anything, she was still happy in her heart.
When she was happy, she even became a little dismissive of Jiang Hao.

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