I've Got a Super Rich Dad

Chapter: 46

The female doctor subconsciously blocked it with her hand, and the amount of thousands of dollars suddenly became like snowflakes, flying all over the sky and scattered on the ground.
“Please take back what you just said.” Jiang Hao said as he helped Xue Yuning up, and looked at the female doctor coldly, “Please speak with respect, and other people are treated as fools, why change the ward? you just did not hear it when we “? female doctor heard this, suddenly angry, pointing to Jiang Hao thundered:”?? What did you hear me ask you what you are, ah, dare you speak to me, ” female The doctor was a little irritated by Jiang Hao’s behavior, and yelled at Jiang Hao like a shrew.
The other party did not see the coffin without crying. Jiang Hao pointed to the middle-aged woman next to the female doctor and said, “If I guess right, this is your relative? To arrange for your relative to live in the ward, you just Is it okay for some doctors to drive others out?”
Jiang Hao’s words immediately made the female doctor a little nervous, and she was still wondering if what she said was heard.
Unexpectedly, it was really heard!
“You…what are you talking about? I’m a doctor, so I won’t do this kind of thing. Do you have any evidence?” The female doctor turned her words and continued, “I’ll say it again. on Xue rain pour their home this situation, do you think she can re-live from a few days to the hospital? they went, the bed I do not want to arrange who live, that is, who live in? I am a doctor, with the you tube? ” female The doctor looked at the money on the ground, and said to his heart that it was two to three thousand yuan. It is estimated that this is the last possession of the Xue family’s mother and daughter.
Even if you hand in the money, won’t it last a week or so?
What the female doctor didn’t know was that the money on the ground was not Xue Yuning’s at all, but Jiang Hao’s change.
“Then what if they don’t leave?” Jiang Hao said coldly, “If they don’t leave, can you let Yu Ning’s mother go back to the ward?”
The female doctor was taken aback when asked, her eyes rolled, and then she smiled.
“It’s okay. As long as you can pay for half a year’s hospitalization fee, I will naturally let her mother go back to the ward!” said the female doctor proudly, “but if you can’t, don’t talk nonsense with me, huh, I see you I feel annoying!” After the female doctor finished speaking, she couldn’t help but think to herself: Just as you are, let alone half a year, it is estimated that you can’t pay for half a month!
The female doctor naturally knows the situation of Xue Yuning’s family, and now they have sold their houses for treatment!
It is estimated that there is nothing on hand.
And the boy in front of him, Lou Hew, who was wearing ragged clothes, looked poorer than Xue’s mother and daughter, but still poor, and it made her feel sick.
“Okay, half a year right!” Jiang Hao sneered, “I won’t pay for half a year…” The female doctor laughed out loud when she heard this, and interrupted Jiang Hao directly: “You are here to make a joke, right? You? Don’t you think you’re very good? Why didn’t you pay for half a year? Hehe, you’re poor, right? No money?”
Jiang Hao was expressionless, and waited for the female doctor to finish speaking before continuing to speak: “Of course I don’t pay for half a year. , Because I have to pay for the whole year’s hospitalization, and I want you to apologize to Yu Ning!” The female doctor smiled more brilliantly when she heard Jiang Hao’s words, pointing to Jiang Hao and sneered: “You this People are simply ridiculous, and they have been handed over for a whole year. You are not afraid of speaking too much and your tongue flashes! Do you know how much money is for a whole year? Just you?” The female doctor laughed and said nothing. She naturally knew that she wanted to be here. I stayed in the city hospital for a whole year, and none of them couldn’t get more than 100,000.
After all, it is not only the expenses of the hospitalization, but also the follow-up rehabilitation treatment expenses and miscellaneous money.
Even if every kind of consumption is the lowest amount, the amount accumulated in the end is not something that people like Xue’s mother and daughter can bear.
As for Jiang Hao, who was in tatters, it was naturally even more impossible.
“Okay, let’s pay it. You don’t want to pay for one year, that means you can pay for half a year’s hospitalization. I not only let Xue Yuning go back to the ward, but also apologize to you, how about it?”
Female doctor After saying this, the middle-aged woman next to her hurriedly pulled her sleeves and looked a little nervous. After all, her mother was admitted to the ward with great difficulty. Wouldn’t it be true in a moment if someone really paid the money? Is coming out?
Female doctors also noted that the nature of the concerns cousin, and quickly attached to her ear and whispered: “!? Do not worry cousin, would such a person, exhausted she could not pay that money if you do not believe me,” that The middle-aged woman seemed to be relieved of some anxiety, so she didn’t say much.
On the contrary, Xue Yuning, who was on the side, opened his mouth in surprise after hearing Jiang Hao’s words.
She hurriedly whispered: “Forget it Jiang Hao, what are you doing!”
In Xue Yuning’s view, Jiang Hao’s actions were a bit naive.
I don’t have any money anymore, and I can’t pay for a month’s hospitalization, let alone half a year or even a year?
Jiang Hao just boasted about going to Haikou, sounding so hard-hearted, but the final result, wouldn’t it make himself more embarrassed?
I was already a lot of people laughing at myself, but I really didn’t want to, and in the end everyone regarded themselves as a laughing stock.
“Don’t do anything!” Jiang Hao glanced at Xue Yuning and said lightly, “I just don’t want you to be laughed at anymore!”
Xue Yuning listened to this, although he was moved from the bottom of his heart, he still sighed: “Forget it. Well, I know you are kind, the toilet is me… How can I have money…”
Jiang Hao smiled, patted Xue Yuning on the shoulder, and said: “Don’t worry, I have it!”
After speaking, Jiang Hao Pulling Xue Yuning straight downstairs.
The female doctor looked at the back of the two of them, smiled gleefully, she seemed to be talking to herself, and she seemed to be speaking to Xue Yuning’s mother behind her.
“Haha, naive, self-humiliating! People have to be self-knowledge, don’t they know what identity they are? Even if they are poor, how can they even have problems with IQ!”
After speaking, the female doctor cast a blank glance at Xue Yuning behind her. mother.
The woman next to her sighed and said to the female doctor: “Cousin, let’s go, don’t let these people get angry, let’s go to dinner, and my cousin will be the host today!”
After speaking, the woman wanted to pull. Oh the female doctor left.
But the female doctor gently shook the woman’s hand away, with a tone of disdain, and said: “We can’t go, I want to see how they pay for the whole year’s hospitalization! Don’t let us for a while.
I’m gone, I’m left with people’s tongue!” She glanced at Xue Yuning’s mother again, and the female doctor said in a weird manner: “The poor nowadays, it’s so terrible!”
And Xue Yuning’s mother looked helpless at this time. He bowed his head and wiped out tears.
Downstairs, the hospital payment hall.
Jiang Hao walked quickly, and Xue Yuning ran along, breathing hard.
“Oh, good!” Xue Yuning grabbed Jiang Hao with a complicated expression in his eyes, “You go Jiang Hao, I know you are kind and want to vent my anger, but you can’t solve the problem at all, so I will go back. , I counted Dr. Liang, maybe she felt soft, agreed to let my mother go back to the ward.”
Jiang Hao sighed, looked at Xue Yuning a little helplessly, and said, “Yuning, you haven’t understood yet. it? people are fundamentally not think highly of you, only to say the kind words. we really poor, may also have ambition, a will we pay the hospital bills, and I think she went to, there was nothing to say. ”
Jiang Hao After speaking, she was about to pull Xue Yuning into a line, but she was dragged by Xue Yuning again.
Xue Yuning seemed to be even more sad this time, tears streaming out.
“Well Jiang Hao, I don’t have that much money at all, otherwise others will not treat me that way, I know you do not, let’s be sober, this kind of meaningless struggle will only make people look down on us even more!”
After speaking, Xue Yuning pulled away Jiang Hao’s hand, and would not leave.
Although she thanked Jiang Hao in her heart, but now she found that Jiang Hao might care about face.
His conditions are not good, but in order to show face, he just arranged himself in such a high-level ward.
It might cost several hundred yuan to stay in the ward for one night. Is it worth it for the sake of face?
And what happened just now, Xue Yuning could see that Jiang Hao was obviously smashing his face to fill the fat man. Where did he have the money to pay for the hospital bill, let alone himself, even the Doctor Liang saw clearly.

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