I've Got a Super Rich Dad

Chapter: 491-500

Chapter: 491
Xu Tianlin murmured something at the corner of his mouth, and hurriedly said: “What good opportunity? Hurry up, I can’t wait to kill that ugly woman, shit, for so many years, I haven’t dared to threaten me with a knife. If I have a chance, I must return this humiliation a hundred and a thousand times!”
Xu Tianlin showed great enthusiasm for Zhang Xiangyu’s remarks. Of course he hated Zhang Xiangyu in his heart, but of course he knew better that he could not do anything to others. So, since there is a chance Retaliation against Ye Yunjie is naturally good too.
Together with the anger accumulated in Zhang Xiangyu’s place, I will sprinkle it on Ye Yunjie.
Zhang Xiangyu paused, took out a few sheets of paper, and threw them on the ground in front of him: “Let’s see for yourself.”
Zhang Xiangyu was startled by this action. Obviously, it was the other party who was humiliating himself again.
Did he throw things in front of him, so that he lowered his head to pick it up in front of him?
Xu Tianlin really hated this partner of his own.
This bastard really doesn’t regard himself as a human being.
But in the end, Xu Tianlin only dared to complain in his heart.
He looked at the pieces of paper on the ground, hesitated for a moment, and walked over obediently, bent over and picked it up.
“What is this?” Xu Tianlin looked at the thing curiously, but after seeing it, his brows were frowned.
Because he was stunned to discover that these pieces of things were completely blank, with no words on them?
What’s happening here? Xu Tianlin did not react.
But just when he looked dazed, Zhang Xiangyu, who was sitting on the sofa, suddenly burst into laughter again.
Xu Tianlin was still a little unsure, so he scratched his head and looked at the other party’s mocking smile, obviously more confused.
“What the hell do you mean?” Xu Tianlin frowned and asked with some embarrassment.
But Zhang Xiangyu didn’t answer him, but he was still laughing wildly, and then he smiled, and pointed at himself.
At this time, Xu Tianlin understood the other party’s meaning completely, and he suddenly became angry, gritted his teeth with hatred, and screamed: “You play with me?”
Zhang Xiangyu still had no chance for him, and kept laughing.
Obviously, the other party did not deny it, and almost acquiesced that he was playing with Xu Tianlin.
This made Xu Tianlin even more angry, and he tore the white paper to pieces.
He was angry and said loudly, “You think I’m like a two-hundred-and-five hundred and five, funny, don’t you? Are you sure to see it as an adult? What do you mean? I’m a fucking idiot. , Dignified, okay? You just play with me like this?”
Xu Tianlin was completely angry, otherwise he would not dare to say these words to Zhang Xiangyu anyway.
But what made Xu Tianlin even more annoyed was that no matter how angry he was and how he questioned Zhang Xiangyu, the other party didn’t seem to have heard him, turning a blind eye to what he said, and treating himself completely as air.
How can he accept this kind of result?
The feeling of being ignored and despised was as uncomfortable as peeling his skin.
Xu Tianlin couldn’t bear it, so he violently raised his leg and kicked it on the coffee table in front of him.
At this time, Zhang Xiangyu’s foot happened to be on the coffee table.
The coffee table overturned suddenly, and Zhang Xiangyu fell to the ground as soon as he fell to the ground.
This time, the ridicule on Zhang Xiangyu’s face finally stopped and was replaced by anger.
“Are you fucking looking for death?” Zhang Xiangyu finally replied to Xu Tianlin, and then suddenly got up and brought his face infinitely close to Xu Tianlin, his expression of evil spirit even made Xu Tianlin feel a little bit cold.
But his dignity was trampled on the ground as a rag, Xu Tianlin was also completely furious, he did not flinch, and confronted Zhang Xiangyu and said: “You forced me to do all this. Did you fucking treat me as an adult?”
Zhang Xiangyu suddenly With a sneer, two words were faintly uttered: “No!” Then, Zhang Xiangyu didn’t even give Xu Tianlin time to react, so he kicked it out.
That heavy foot landed directly on Xu Tianlin’s lower abdomen, kicking him five or six meters away, until it hit the wall.
At that moment, Xu Tianlin felt that his whole body was about to be kicked apart, and his whole body was extremely painful. After falling to the ground, he struggled.
Zhang Xiangyu didn’t care about this at all, walked directly to Xu Tianlin, pulled him up by the collar, looked at the other side coldly, and said: “You are right. In my eyes, I have never treated you. Treat yourself as an extraordinary person, hehe, you think too much of yourself, what are you? You are worthy of calling yourself my partner? I told you the truth, in my eyes, from beginning to end, I just regarded you as It’s just a dog, not even a dog. You trash, as long as I want, I can pinch you to death with one hand at any time!” Zhang Xiangyu was talking, clenched his fist fiercely with the other hand, and slammed Xu Tianlin into it. past.
The kick just now has completely eliminated the anger in Xu Tianlin’s heart, and he can clearly feel that he has received a lot of internal injuries.
And now facing this punch, at this moment in Xu Tianlin’s heart, only one thought came up: I’m done!
Xu Tianlin closed his eyes tightly, as if waiting to be sentenced to death, waiting for Zhang Xiangyu’s fist to come over.
“Boom…” With a loud noise, Xu Tianlin felt that the sound was like dropping a bomb on his ear.
Then there was a sound of dust and bricks and rubble.
Xu Tianlin was so frightened, he subconsciously hugged his head with his hands, and it took him a long time to come back to his senses.
And he suddenly realized that he was still unscathed. Obviously, Zhang Xiangyu’s punch was not directed at him.
This really made him breathe a sigh of relief.
He slowly opened his eyes and saw that Zhang Xiangyu’s thick arm just passed his cheek, and the target turned out to be the wall behind him.
And the next scene almost scared Xu Tianlin’s heart out, because he was shocked to find that Zhang Xiangyu’s punch just now directly pierced the wall behind him through a basin-sized gap.
“This…” Xu Tianlin had never seen such a violent fist before, and he was a little bit incoherent. Then, he felt a warmth in his crotch, and a rushing sound came from the soles of his feet.
At this time, Xu Tianlin’s face was red, and he didn’t know if he was scared just now or was embarrassed because of scared to pee.

Chapter: 492
“Hehe, are you a man? You were scared to pee?” Zhang Xiangyu looked at Xu Tianlin as if watching a joke, and slammed Xu Tianlin’s hand by the collar.
And the moment he let go, Xu Tianlin seemed to have been emptied of bones, and his whole body collapsed.
Zhang Xiangyu sighed and shook his head. “It’s so disgusting. I will tell you one last time. This is the last time I allow you to talk to me like this. If there is another time, I promise to be blasted out of the hole. It is yours. Head.”
At this time, where did Xu Tianlin dare to say half a word, he nodded hurriedly: “I know…I know, don’t worry, I will never dare to do it again, I promise…”
Zhang Xiangyu smiled : “Very well, as a dog, you should obey. Okay, let me tell you business. I am here today to inform you of one thing. Ye Yunjie’s company has now been sued. If you don’t pay Liu Guohao and the contractor’s construction money, their bank accounts will be frozen early tomorrow morning, and as a result, they will be completely dead.”
“You have followed me for so long, of course I will not let it You did it for nothing. Tomorrow morning, you can go to Ye Yunjie to talk about the acquisition.” Zhang Xiangyu sneered, “In the past, she still had room to turn around, so she was so tyrannical. Now she is facing a deal. It’s a dead end, she just wants to reject you now, and she doesn’t have the capital to reject, so the time for you to make money is up!”
After speaking, Zhang Xiangyu took his steps and walked towards the door of the villa.
And this time, Xu Tianlin didn’t find out how this guy left.
He seemed to come and go without a trace, as if he appeared out of thin air, and finally disappeared out of thin air.
The moment he left, Xu Tianlin suddenly felt his whole body shiver with cold.
It took a long time for Xu Tianlin to relax. He touched his soaked pants and almost vomited out.
He hurriedly looked around and found that Zhang Xiangyu had indeed left completely. He breathed a long sigh of relief. He slowly sat on a chair and cursed: “Your mother’s bastard, I almost killed Laozi… …”
But even though he was swearing at the other party, Xu Tianlin’s heart was still full of fear for Zhang Xiangyu.
If it were in the past, Xu Tianlin didn’t put the other person too much in his eyes, but just felt that this person seemed to be very rich, spends like money, and has a high IQ.
But after the scene just now, Xu Tianlin can see the gap between himself and Zhang Xiangyu thoroughly.
The distance between them is far from the difference between money and IQ, they are basically two levels.
Xu Tianlin clearly realized that Zhang Xiangyu’s level might be impossible for him in his lifetime.
Because no matter how you look at it, the opponent is almost completely crushing the general existence.
This really made Xu Tianlin feel a little congested, because it seemed to mean that even if the other party didn’t put himself in the eyes, this guy would act recklessly and didn’t regard himself as an adult, but he still had no choice.
Because the gap between the two is there, that gap can’t be made up by a few words or by relying on money.
Before Xu Tianlin, he only realized that Zhang Xiangyu could not easily provoke him.
But now, he was stunned to find that he could not provoke the opponent at all.
And I still want to live, and I don’t want my head to be bombarded into scum like that poor wall, so it seems to be the only thing I can do.
Xu Tianlin sighed. From the bottom of his heart, he almost dispelled his idea of ​​revenge on Zhang Xiangyu.
Then, he put his mind on Ye Yunjie again.
Just now, Zhang Xiangyu made it very clear, because he did not pay Liu Guohao and the contractors of the Chengnan Project for the project, now Ye Yunjie has been defended.
And Zhang Xiangyu said that Ye Yunjie would receive this notification about tomorrow morning. Obviously, Zhang Xiangyu was also working behind this incident.
But Xu Tianlin is not interested in these things at all. What he is really interested in is naturally the Chengnan Project.
Zhang Xiangyu was right. In the past, it was because she still had surplus funds on hand, so Ye Yunjie could still challenge herself and dare to suffer herself when she went to buy the Chengnan project.
But Ye Yunjie now has no such confidence anymore.
Once the funds are frozen, let alone the possibility of revitalizing the Chengnan project, even the demolition of the project under construction that Jiang Hao and her publicly promised before can only turn into a blank check.
And more importantly, the freezing of funds means that Ye Yunjie will be unable to make any progress.
Any rebuilding project in the south of the city will become an unattainable goal, and she may not even be able to keep her current company.
So, now, oh no, it is tomorrow morning, Ye Yunjie will be like Xu Tianlin, can deeply feel what it feels like to be stuck in the neck with a knife.
And when everything is deadlocked, she has neither the ability to tear down the projects under construction, nor the strength to rebuild the Chengnan project, and she does not have enough capital to do other things.
Everything Ye Yunjie faces will be a dead end because the funds are frozen.
In this way, it seems that selling the Chengnan project is the only thing Ye Yunjie can sit on.
After all, if you persist, the Chengnan Project will only suck up all of Ye Yunjie’s blood like a vampire, but there will be no way to create value for her.
In this way, the best way is to sell it.
However, looking around, in the entire Chujiang, only Xu’s family can take over such a huge project.
And in the absence of any competitors, in Ye Yunjie’s most helpless situation, didn’t Ye Yunjie accept the price as long as he gave the price?
Thinking of this, Xu Tianlin couldn’t help but smile, he seemed to have seen that the Chengnan project that made a sensation in the entire Chujiang became the day when it became his own industry.
Early the next morning, Jiang Hao was sleeping in a daze, and was suddenly awakened by a rapid knock on the door.
Jiang Hao hurried to open the door and saw the young female secretary of Ye Yunjie yesterday standing hurriedly in front of his door.
Jiang Hao glanced at the time and found that it was only seven o’clock, so he asked: “What’s wrong? Is something wrong?” The female secretary nodded heavily and said, “Young Master Jiang, something happened, Miss Ye wants you to go there as soon as possible Now, she is waiting for you in her office. ”

Chapter: 493
Jiang Hao saw that the female secretary’s nervous expression knew that something must have happened again.
However, there have been too many things in the past few days, and Jiang Hao has long been used to it.
Anyway, it’s already like this now, Jiang Hao can already understand the sentence: If there are too many lice, don’t be afraid of biting, what kind of mood it is.
Jiang Hao nodded, hurriedly turned around to take the coat, and followed the female secretary to Ye Yunjie’s office.
At this moment, there were several people standing in Ye Yunjie’s office, and all of them looked solemn, as if something terrible had happened.
Seeing Jiang Hao coming, Ye Yunjie hurriedly got up and said, “I miscalculated!”
“What’s wrong?” Jiang Hao frowned and asked.
Ye Yunjie sighed and said, “Do you remember that Liu Guohao said yesterday that he was going to sue us for not paying for the project?”
Jiang Hao nodded, not too surprised: “He did sue us?”
Ye Yunjie nodded. But he shook his head hurriedly: “I have sue, but the matter is far more serious than I thought, because I originally thought that even if Liu Guohao sue us, it doesn’t matter, after all, as long as we don’t sue, or drag the matter. , Then there is nothing to worry about about this matter.”
“But something unexpected happened, right?” Jiang Hao seemed to know what Ye Yunjie would say next.
Ye Yunjie nodded: “What surprised me was that Liu Guohao told us on the front foot. Early in the morning, we received the news that our bank project was frozen.”
“What?” Jiang Hao thought this was weird.” How is it possible? Even if I don’t understand this well, I also know that even if it’s a procedure, it will take a while. How could it be possible that the bank account was frozen immediately after they had just reported it? This is not in compliance with the process. ?”
Ye Yunjie helplessly spread her hands: “But the fact is already the case. Obviously, everyone knows that this is not in compliance with the norms and procedures. I also quickly sent someone to contact the bank and the Chujiang legal department, but the other party handed us the summons. There was no answer, and I refused to answer any of our questions.”
This news really made Jiang Hao feel a little surprised. Even though he has experienced so many things these days, he already has some immunity in his heart, but still Was surprised by the news.
After all, who could have thought that the other party did things so terribly and so disgusting!
Jiang Hao clenched his fists, gritted his teeth and said, “This is too damn ugly, right?”
“Right!” Jiang Hao suddenly remembered something, and hurriedly asked, “All our funds have been frozen. Is it?”
Jiang Hao hoped that Ye Yunjie and herself would give a negative answer, but in the end he was extremely disappointed.
“All funds must be placed in the same account, this is the company’s regulations.” Ye Yunjie said, “and even if it is placed in different accounts, it will not help, because even my personal account has now been frozen, they do It’s very absolute, it’s obviously Situ Nan who had planned for a long time and this kind of thing, haha…”
Ye Yunjie sneered and said, “Obviously it’s a nest of snakes and rats. They just want to completely drive us to a dead end. And obviously, they did it.”
Ye Yunjie patted her forehead, her expression frustrated.
But at this moment, one of the young people standing here suddenly said, “Then…Sister Ye, how are we going to deal with the people in the reception room?”
Ye Yunjie didn’t say a word, and walked to the window alone. I lit a cigarette and seemed to be thinking of a way to deal with it.
Jiang Hao hurriedly asked, “Who is in the living room?”
The young man hurriedly bowed at Jiang Hao and said softly, “Jianghao, you don’t know anything. Just half an hour ago, we had just received information about bank freezing of accounts, and several of us before. The partner came to the door, let us quickly repay the transaction amount.”
How could there be such a coincidence? Obviously, this was premeditated.
Jiang Hao finally understood why Ye Yunjie was so frowning, because the room leaked in the night rain, and things all rushed together. It was only strange that Ye Yunjie was in a good mood.
Jiang Hao shook his head and asked the young man: “How much is the total amount?”
“The money is not much, only three hundred million, but…but we really can’t afford it now.” The young man sighed. “And the other party said that if we don’t repay the transaction amount today, then we will pay people ten times the liquidated damages according to the contract, which is 3 billion with the principal and interest… …”
“So much?” Jiang Hao couldn’t help taking a breath.
Of course, he didn’t want that he had so much money, because of temporary difficulties, and turned his head to pay back ten times the liquidated damages.
And although the amount of liquidated damages is huge, since they are all written in black and white on the contract, there is nothing they can do.
Liu Guohao unilaterally sued him, and he was still able to freeze his bank account. If these three hundred million creditors also sue himself with the contract, wouldn’t it be dead?
Jiang Hao couldn’t help feeling a little bit distressed. He hurriedly looked at Ye Yunjie who was standing by the window smoking a cigarette. At this time, she had already smoked half of her cigarette, but her expression was still tense.
“Sister Ye, do you have a way?” Jiang Hao suddenly asked.
Ye Yunjie finally reacted and shook her head silently.
When Jiang Hao saw this, he couldn’t help sighing, and said, “Or I will mortgage the Haisheng No.1 Courtyard to those people first, first to solve the urgent need, and the rest, we will slowly think of a solution.”
Ye Yunjie heard the words and pinched out the cigarette in her hand, and hurriedly said: “No, no, that’s your own thing, I don’t agree!”
Ye Yunjie walked over to Jiang Hao while speaking.
But before she finished her words, a loud voice came from outside her office: “We also don’t agree!” The voice just fell, and four or five people walked in quickly from the outside, one by one seemed to be all. Looks very upset.
As soon as these people entered the door, they stood opposite Jiang Hao. Several people gave each other glances, and finally the obese middle-aged men who were not tall at the head began to speak, “Hehe, Jiang Shao, right? Are you afraid Those of us are treated as beggars, right? Your company owes us 300 million yuan. Why, if you want to use a 70 million villa, you sent us away? Your abacus is too sophisticated. That’s it.”
Soon, the few people behind this person also quickly agreed: “Yes, don’t think we don’t know. Now your funds have been frozen by the bank, the ghost knows when can you unfreeze it? Who knows? Will you go bankrupt because of this? So don’t talk about it, just pay it back!”

Chapter: 494
“Yes, Miss Ye, don’t say that our old brothers are greedy for money and are not affectionate. Everyone in Chujiang knows that you are now at the hardest time. It is estimated that bankruptcy is not bankrupt. Only in one thought, if you are bankrupt, , whoever our money to go ah? so not talk to other useless, and quickly take the money it! otherwise, ah, let’s not blame ruthless Ge Jige, we also tell you to go back! ”
some old guy a The deadly posture seems to be that if they don’t give them the money today, they really won’t let it go.
And obviously, everyone can tell that these people are false to collect debts today, and it is true that Ye Yunjie and Jiang Hao deliberately make things difficult.
After all, what they just said was clear.
Ye Yunjie just received the news that her company account had been frozen, and they all knew about it one by one.
Immediately afterwards, they knew that Ye Yunjie’s bank account had been frozen, and they couldn’t get a penny out of her hand, but they just came to ask for the money at this time.
Are you here for money? It was clearly here to hit the ground.
But even if Jiang Hao could see that this was the case, he was helpless, because no matter how difficult or rude he was, he couldn’t stand the contract in his hand.
I didn’t care where this thing went.
Jiang Hao looked at these people up and down, his expression gloomy, and he said: “I hope you can understand one thing. I said that if you give Haisheng No. 1 Yard to you, it will cover part of the debt, not all of it. , As for the remaining money, give me some time, at least tomorrow, I will pay you all, and even pay you some more interest, you must understand that doing business in this world seeks to achieve win-win cooperation , But if you want to kill me for your own benefit, then I am sorry, I will take a few even when I die.”
Jiang Hao’s words are already a little more threatening.
Jiang Hao certainly knows that, in the face of a few people, it is useless to compromise with them, or to negotiate a good deal, because their purpose today is for money, for ten times the money.
So how many good things I say to them, and the delusion to make them repent, it is all idiotic dreams.
So instead of doing this, it’s better to be ruthless, to make them afraid.
In this way, there may be a slight turn for the better.
Jiang Hao finally swept his cold gaze over those few people, and continued to say coldly: “And you have to be clear, what I just said was not discussing with you.”
Since it is not a discussion, it is ordering the other party.
Those few people were obviously afraid of Jiang Hao.
After all, compared with their combined assets and assets of only a few hundred million, Jiang Hao’s capital is dozens of times more than theirs.
Moreover, at a young age, with so many funds in his hands, who knows what big person is hiding behind Jiang Hao.
These people looked at each other, and their arrogance seemed to fade away.
But a few people still assume that you don’t give me money and we will meet in court.
The obese middle-aged man headed by the head sighed and said, “Younger Jiang, don’t use these words to scare us. We are here to collect debts, not to argue with you. What we mean is actually very simple, you Today, as long as the money is shot here, a few of us turned our heads and left, but if you don’t give it, I’m sorry, what should we do, we’ve just told you clearly, and you don’t want to say our brother’s heart. Hei, who made us sign the contract like that? And you can see for yourself, the contract period has passed for a week, we have done our best.” The other party seemed to want to reason with Jiang Hao, but Jiang Hao just laughed Laughed.
Even if he doesn’t know the reason for this incident, but the person just said that they came to collect the debt after a week after the contract date, and he said that he was doing his utmost benevolence, which was ridiculous.
They didn’t come to collect debts before because they thought Ye Yunjie would not be short of such a small amount of money.
But now to collect debts, it is nothing more than being instigated by others behind the scenes, and also because of the opportunity, and want to rip off a large piece of fat from Ye Yunjie.
As for the rhetoric they just said, let’s lie to the ghost.
Jiang Hao looked gloomy, and finally asked: “You really can’t give us more grace for a few days, right?”
The middle-aged man headed also sneered: “The grace limit? Haha, how can the grace limit? This is all over. The contract period is half a month, and we have done our best. What’s more, after half a month, you will be able to spend 300 million? Don’t think we don’t know that the bank has frozen you? All the funds, let alone three One hundred million, that is thirty thousand yuan, you all have no more. At the end of this month, it is estimated that the company will have no money to pay wages. In fact, we want to talk about it, but you can’t get the money. How can we talk to you? Hehe Young Jiang, Miss Ye, in fact, everyone cooperated for a game after all. I don’t want to make things so bad, but there is no way. I have given you the opportunity. You can’t grasp it yourself, so I’m sorry. Don’t bother, let’s go first. You should inform the company’s legal affairs and prepare to receive the subpoena.”
After speaking, the few people turned to leave.
“Wait a minute!” Suddenly, Jiang Hao stopped them.
The headed person stopped and smiled at Jiang Hao: “Why, young man, you have money again? Three hundred million, can you raise it?”
Jiang Hao’s expression was a little unnatural, his eyes staring aggressively several people, said: “three million a lot?”
Jiang hui died of septicemia breath, turned and glanced Ye Yunjie, last categorically said: “! Ye sister, called my dad and let him call three one hundred million”
things to Now, Jiang Hao really has no other way.
It seems that calling his father is the only way to save the current crisis.
Jiang Hao knew this, and Ye Yunjie knew it naturally.
In fact, she didn’t want to ask Shen Haoting for help because of what happened here. After all, Shen Haoting had handed over the entire Chu River and even the tens of billions of funds to herself.
But the result? I messed up everything and lost funds, but now I went to Shen Haoting for help, even if she grew up with Shen Haoting, she didn’t have the face to open her mouth.
But until now, if you don’t open your mouth, it’s probably too late.
Ye Yunjie sighed, and could only helplessly dial Shen Haoting’s phone.

Chapter: 495
Jiang Hao sighed, looked at the few people, and said loudly: “Don’t worry, just three hundred million, I will return the money to you.”
Jiang Hao’s words made these people feel a little confused about what to say.
After all, where are they rushing for these three hundred million, what they want is the ten times the liquidated damages signed in the contract.
And if Ye Yunjie and Jiang Hao can’t come up with the money, they can further pressure Jiang Hao and Ye Yunjie to use Chengnan Project or other assets to repay their debts.
But if Jiang Hao really got through the phone, and he was going to come back three hundred million yuan and give it back to him, wouldn’t it be a waste of time for them to make such a big circle?
In the end, although they got the money, there was only 300 million, which was far from what they expected.
These people couldn’t help whispering to each other for a while, and their faces didn’t look pretty.
In the end they all set their eyes on Ye Yunjie’s body, and several people fixed their eyes on Ye Yunjie’s phone.
At this time, Jiang Hao and Ye Yunjie also looked a little anxious.
They are also eagerly waiting for the call to be connected.
And by now, the situation in Chu Jiang is no longer under their control, and the water inside is too deep. If they don’t ask Shen Haoting to help, they will probably lose even worse.
Although Jiang Hao felt that the last thing had reached this point before he found his father, and he was a little sad on his face, but it was clear that there was nothing he could do.
Jiang Hao also looked at Ye Yunjie, thinking about what his father would say after the call was answered.
Almost everyone present was waiting for the call to be connected.
But the result was really beyond everyone’s expectations, because Shen Haoting shut down.
Ye Yunjie suddenly became a little confused, she looked at Jiang Hao in surprise, and said, “Why…how could it be turned off? Mr. Shen never turned off the device in the past!”
Obviously, this result was completely unexpected by Ye Yunjie, because she had been with Shen Haoting for so many years, of course, it was clear that Shen Haoting’s mobile phone almost never left her body and never turned off.
After all, he is the head patriarch of the Shen family dignified overseas, and he still has many properties to take care of. How could it be shut down?

Turn off?” Jiang Hao also looked a little weird, and hurriedly said again, “You call it again and see!” Ye Yunjie heard the words, and quickly called it again.
At this time, the few creditors who were hanging on their hearts immediately relieved a lot after hearing Ye Yunjie said that the phone was turned off.
The few people smiled at each other, seemingly happy to hear some great news.
The fat middle-aged man headed even more mockingly said: “Ms. Ye, is it shutting down, or are you incapable of getting money? Haha, if you can’t get money, I advise you to say it clearly, there is no need to use it. This kind of trick deceives us, we are all adults, not little babies.”
Ye Yunjie ignored the person, just rolled her eyes at the other person, and continued to call.
But this time, Ye Yunjie was disappointed again, and Shen Haoting’s phone was still shut down.
She put down the phone and shook her head slightly at Jiang Hao.
“Still shut down? Why?” Jiang Hao’s expression was a little ugly. He felt a bit speechless. When did his father shut down the phone properly, he turned it off at this time? Isn’t this just playing yourself to death?
Ye Yunjie shook her head and whispered: “In the past, your father never shut down the phone , but today…” Before Ye Yunjie finished speaking, several debt collectors on the side laughed.
Especially the middle-aged man headed by the head snorted triumphantly and said, “Miss Ye, Shao Jiang, do you have anything else to say now? I have given you the opportunity to call you. I went to borrow money, but the result? The ghost knows whether you really didn’t get through the phone, or did you just show it to us?”
The man sighed, smiled, and said, “Okay, the opportunity is already there. After giving it to you, don’t blame us again this time, Jiang Shao, we will give you two ways now, either we also deal with courts, or we choose to go private, I heard that you can’t continue the Chengnan project. , Maybe you guys take a look and transfer part of the project to us, we don’t want more, half of the entire Chengnan project, what do you think…” The fox’s tail finally appeared, and the other party hadn’t finished speaking, Jiang Hao looked at the opponent fiercely, his eyes full of chill.
“What did you say?” Jiang Hao stared at the other party, with a torch-like stare, “Dare you dare to say it again? Ha ha, I owe you 300 million, and you want to take half of the Chengnan project? Ha ha, do you want more? Face?”
Jiang Hao faced the other party’s shameless suggestion, without the slightest politeness, and went straight back.
Ye Yunjie also had a sullen face, obviously already a little intolerable.
But those few people still disagreed. The middle-aged man in the lead sneered and said, “What is shameless? It is justified to pay off debts. Now you feel that you can’t accept it anymore. What have you been thinking of? Didn’t it end because you were greedy for petty and cheap, cut corners in the Chengnan project, and were finally found out? I tell you, I only give you two options, otherwise, let’s deal with the court. I think Can you tell me anything by then!”
Jiang Hao was very annoyed, very angry, he stared at the other side fiercely, and wanted to tell the other side to sue himself.
Anyway, this is the end of the matter, and isn’t the other party here just to carve up a piece of cake from him? If that’s the case, then everyone suddenly appeared at the door of Ye Yunjie’s office at this moment.
“Oh, what’s the matter, this is so angry?”
Everyone was surprised when they heard the sound and looked in that direction.
The debt collectors were shocked when they saw the incoming person, and the few people looked at each other, and then they hurried up to say hello with a smile on their faces.
“Oh, how are you, Dashao Xu, why are you here? I’m so lucky to have a chance…”
” Yes, yes, I did n’t expect to meet you Dashao Xu here, Dashao Xu, you are here… …” The person here was Xu Tianlin. He didn’t pay much attention to the few people in front of him. He just laughed at a few people, pushed them away, and said with contempt: “Don’t be close to me, do I know you?”
Those few people Suddenly, they were so embarrassed that they looked at each other and didn’t dare to speak again.
Xu Tianlin bypassed these people and walked directly to Jiang Hao and Ye Yunjie, but because of those things yesterday, he didn’t dare to go too close.
He looked at Ye Yunjie, seemed a little nervous, and said, “That… I didn’t expect it, I’m here again.”

Chapter: 496
Xu Tianlin came again, and Ye Yunjie looked at him, frowning, but she felt a little uneasy.
Because what she thought was that Xu Tianlin appeared at this time. It must have been a bad person. Perhaps the company’s funds were frozen. He already knew about it?
“Why, what happened yesterday, I forgot so soon?” Ye Yunjie said coldly, “Dare to show up, do you really think my butterfly knife is just a scare thing?”
Ye Yunjie didn’t look at Xu Tianlin. Here, the words are full of disdain.
Hearing Ye Yunjie’s words, Xu Tianlin obviously had trouble with his face. Thinking back to what happened yesterday, he still felt that some of his face was hot.
The hatred towards Ye Yunjie in his heart became even stronger.
He blanked Ye Yunjie’s eyes, and walked two steps back slightly to get himself a little further away from Ye Yunjie’s.
He then said: “I didn’t come to talk to you about that today. You were very rude to me yesterday, but I still decided to let you go. Otherwise, with my Xu family’s status and ability, I am afraid you will already
I’m not here anymore.” Xu Tianlin paused, and then said again: “I’m a very empathetic person, and even if you were so kind to me before, I decided not to hate you anymore. I heard that you guys
His funds were frozen by the bank?” Xu Tianlin said for a long time, deducting a big top hat on himself, and then he got to the point.
“Hehe, your news is pretty fast.” Ye Yunjie sneered. As soon as she walked in from Xu Tianlin, she seemed to know what he wanted to do. “Let’s talk, what is your intention? But I advise you the most Be cautious. If you are talking about humans, I will let you go, but if you dare to fart, I think the temperature of my butterfly knife, your neck seems to be clearer than you, right?”
Ye Yunjie finished sneering. With a sound, his eyes stared at Xu Tianlin like a wolf staring at its prey.
This made Xu Tianlin feel a little numb in his scalp and was uncomfortable all over.
Obviously, he couldn’t forget the deterrent that the butterfly knife brought him.
He murmured and swallowed a mouthful of water, hesitated and hesitated, then said with the courage: “You…you are unreasonable, I…I said, I came here with kindness today, I heard you The company’s funds have been frozen, and it seems that there is still a debt that needs to be repaid, right?”
Xu Tianlin turned to look at the people behind him, and continued: “I know, now you can’t get a penny at all. Now it’s very embarrassing, isn’t it? Ha ha, but I can help you!”
Xu Tianlin looked at Ye Yunjie with a smile, already showing a proud expression.
Ye Yunjie heard the words, looked at Jiang Hao, and then sneered: “Lent us for nothing?”
Xu Tianlin’s smile stopped abruptly: “What do you want? Dream you, why should I lend you for nothing? Do you think you are? Who is that?”
Then, Xu Tianlin revealed his true shape, with a sullen expression on his face: “I know that now you have reached the point where the mountains and rivers are exhausted, and I also know that if you don’t take the three of these people today The 100 million debts are paid off, and the next day it will become 3 billion. Haha, ten times. I think it’s cool to think about it?”
“What the hell do you mean, if you have something to say, or you will get out of here!” Ye Yunjie was cold. Lenghe scolded Xu Tianlin, and said, “You came today. I am afraid that it is the same purpose as yesterday? If so, then I advise you to get rid of me immediately, because you can’t succeed, eight hundred million? Hehe, you really are. Want to laugh at me!”
Xu Tianlin curled his lips , disdainfully said: “What is it? Please make a joke? You are wrong, okay!” Ye Yunjie was stunned when he heard the words, wondering if this guy is not rushing to buy at a low price From the Chengnan Project?
If this is the case, it is really strange!
But soon Xu Tianlin gave Ye Yunjie the answer.
He smiled and replied: “Eight hundred million? Do you think the tattered pile in your hands is worth that much money? Are you too self-righteous? Let me tell you the truth, I came today, and I didn’t even plan to follow Yesterday’s price bid!”
Sure enough, I still think too much, Xu Tianlin really didn’t let himself “disappointed” at all.
Ye Yunjie couldn’t help sneering in her heart, looking at Xu Tianlin indifferently, wanting to see what else he wanted to perform.
Soon, Xu Tianlin went on to say: “The current Chengnan project is of substandard engineering quality, and is facing the risk of being dismantled. There are also a bunch of unfinished projects. In addition, your company’s funds have been frozen again. How do you Think that the pile of broken pieces is worth eight hundred million?”
Xu Tianlin stretched out three fingers and said with a smile on his face: “Well, don’t you owe them three hundred million? Well, I’ll pay three hundred million and buy it. Xiachengnan project, and then three hundred million you go to plug the holes of these people. This way. Everyone is happy, isn’t it good?”
Xu Tianlin continued with a smile: “Don’t say anything. I am taking advantage of the fire. Can you blame Who? Who caused you to catch fire? Who caused you to suffer? Do you have other options besides selling the Chengnan project?”
In fact, Xu Tianlin’s words are somewhat reasonable.
Now Jiang Hao and Ye Yunjie have almost all the problems rushed together, and Shen Haoting is still unable to contact them, which means that their last straw is gone.
Now, it seems that they have no other way except to sell the Chengnan project.
Moreover, he chose to buy the Chengnan project at this time, which seems to be a golden opportunity.
But he seemed too self-righteous.
After all, the Chengnan project has invested several billion yuan in the early stage. If you want to spend three hundred million yuan to get it, it is a bit too far-fetched.
He seems to only think of how he can get the most benefits, and forget that others are not idiots.
After Jiang Hao and Ye Yunjie heard Xu Tianlin’s offer, they laughed at each other and shook their heads.
“Aren’t you awake?” Jiang Hao smiled bitterly, “Thank you to go back and make up for your sleep, because I found out that you are talking in a dream. Three hundred million? How did you say it? No? Do you think you are an idiot?”
Ye Yunjie also sneered, as if she didn’t even care about Xu Tianlin.
Xu Tianlin still disagreed, and instead sneered and replied: “I didn’t wake up? I still advise you to wake up. Now the Chengnan Project is completely dead. Do you think you can still turn the sky? Ha ha, I finally Let me tell you a little bit more. Now the big guys above have actually decided. The Chengnan project will be cancelled soon. Now you don’t sell me the Chengnan project. I don’t see it for more than a week, so just wait. Cry!”

Chapter: 497
As soon as Xu Tianlin said these words, Jiang Hao and Ye Yunjie became alert. They looked at each other, and obviously they did not believe Xu Tianlin’s words.
After all, Ye Yunjie still said yesterday that now the cancellation of the Chengnan Project was just a little bit of wind.
Since it is just wind, it will naturally not produce results so quickly.
Ye Yunjie snorted coldly, and directly refuted: “You are alarmist. It is true that there is such a limelight above, but if the Chengnan project is really cancelled, it is still very early. You think you can be fooled by a word. Us? Haha, you are too naive.”
Ye Yunjie certainly wouldn’t believe Xu Tianlin’s words. For one thing, she didn’t want this to happen in her heart.
Secondly, it was also because the Chengnan project was set up at the beginning, but it was a big shock. After all, it is equivalent to establishing a modern new district in Chujiang. Whether it is from the provincial government or the top leaders of Chujiang, this is extremely important. And supportive.
Now he said he wanted to revoke it? Isn’t this too casual?
And those big guys who supported it at the beginning, but now turn to stand up against it, doesn’t this mean that you are slapping yourself in the face?
How can the adults who live in the temple do this kind of face slap?
So no matter how you look at it, Xu Tianlin’s words are not credible. This is at best because he casually made up the words to fool them to sell the Chengnan Project.
It’s just that when Ye Yunjie finished speaking, Xu Tianlin didn’t rush to explain. Instead, he smiled mockingly and said, “Believe it or not, let me tell you now. The first few big guys had a meeting before, but they discussed it personally. One of my dad’s best friends was in it, and he secretly recorded it. I don’t know if you want to take a look? ”
This guy still has videos? This really made Ye Yunjie a good day.
And she didn’t seem to be lying when she saw Xu Tianlin’s triumphant expression.
“Is it possible that the upper person really made the decision on the Chengnan Project in private?” Ye Yunjie muttered to herself, and she couldn’t help but feel a little nervous.
She thought for a while before she said: “Hehe, just blow it up, do you really think you can bluff me? Video? Who knows if your video is true or false!”
Ye Yunjie’s words are naturally radical, she can’t Tell Xu Tianlin: What, do you have a video? Show me quickly, or something.
Xu Tianlin is also very clever, although he also understands that Ye Yunjie is stimulating himself, but who made him want to show his video to Ye Yunjie?
Anyway, the process is not important. What he wants to see most is the expression on Ye Yunjie’s face after watching that video.
Haha, I want to see if you can get tough with me in a while!
Thinking of this, Xu Tianlin smiled, took out the phone directly, found a video, and handed it to Ye Yunjie’s hand.
This video was indeed secretly filmed. After all, this was a private meeting of a few of Chu Jiang’s heads. They were publicly videotaping. I’m afraid that the person who didn’t videod it was too comfortable.
The video is not long, more than ten minutes before and after.
But it is undeniable that the content in this video really shocked Ye Yunjie in a cold sweat.
Because in this video, several of Chu Jiang’s heads have almost gone through various problems with the Chengnan project, and almost unanimously decided to cancel the Chengnan project.
Watching the entire video, Ye Yunjie was already sweating in her palms.
She looked ugly, turned to look at Jiang Hao, and handed over what was in her hand.
Jiang Hao seemed to know the result from Ye Yunjie’s face, but he still read the whole thing.
Only after watching the video, Jiang Hao seemed a little restless.
In fact, whether it is Ye Yunjie or Jiang Hao, it is very clear at this moment that even if the Chengnan Project is encountering various difficulties, no matter how difficult the difficulties are, as long as the few heads of Chujiang are still supporting the Chengnan Project, the Chengnan Project With confidence, all the problems are not problems.
But now, what they fear most, fear appears.
Obviously, these people are not only not supporting the Chengnan Project, they have even become opposed to the Chengnan Project.
This is a terrible thing. To put it simply, they have gone from a biological son who has been doted by thousands of people to a stepson who is full of problems in an instant.
If they are in a good mood, they may give you a good look, but if they are in a bad mood, then feel embarrassed, and you may be at risk of being abandoned at any time.
And the most disturbing thing is that now the heads of Chu Jiang are already privately wondering how to abandon this “stepson”.
The worst news is nothing but this.
The faces of Jiang Hao and Ye Yunjie were almost black, and they finally understood why this Xu Tianlin dared to “rob” so blatantly, thinking of 300 million to eat the Chengnan Project, it turned out that he had already received the news.
Indeed, the timing of Xu Tianlin’s pick was too good, and this video is really too powerful.
It was like a heavy punch. After the punch came, Ye Yunjie and Jiang Hao instantly lost the strength to fight back.
Moreover, Ye Yunjie knew even better that as long as this video in her own hands was transmitted, it was almost equivalent to crushing the last straw of the Chengnan Project.
I don’t care about it because I have invested several billions here.
The above wanted to cancel the Chengnan project, and the intention of planning the new district was cancelled, so no matter how much you invest, it will not help.
Without policy support and help, even if you put in 100 billion yuan, it will be like a dead stone.
And more people will only be more resistant to the Chengnan Project, and more people who want to come and get a share will also jump out…
As soon as the content in this video is published, the result seems to be obvious. At that time, the Chengnan project was really worthless.
Thinking of this, Ye Yunjie couldn’t help showing a wry smile, because she finally understood why Xu Tianlin only paid three hundred million.
Because he knew that as long as the content of this video was made public, the Chengnan Project would be worth three hundred million yuan.
He pinched his throat.
Xu Tianlin looked at Ye Yunjie and Jiang Hao, smiled, and suddenly said, “Well, I didn’t lie? What else do you have to say now?”
Xu Tianlin continued to smile slyly: “And I told you the truth. In fact, whether the Chengnan Project will be cancelled or not, the value of the Chengnan Project is no longer yours. To put it bluntly, you can no longer decide how much the Chengnan Project is worth, but we, understand? ”

Chapter: 498
Xu Tianlin paused, as if he felt that he had already won, and his smile became brighter.
He simply took out a cigarette, smoked it without anyone else, and said disdainfully: “How about it? Can you consider it now? Haha, three hundred million is actually quite a lot. After all, as soon as the video is released, Don’t say three hundred million, just give it to others for nothing, maybe some people don’t want it!”
Xu Tianlin’s words obviously have a threatening meaning.
He looked at Jiang Hao and Ye Yunjie, watching the changes in the expressions on their faces, and his heart blossomed with joy.
You know, just yesterday, when he bid 800 million, the two men were still so dismissive, and even Ye Yunjie dared to do it to herself, putting the knife on her neck.
But now? How hard was they before?
Aren’t they great before? Don’t you dismiss yourself? Xu Tianlin was like questioning the two of them, now they dare to treat themselves that way?
He had said long ago that he would pay back all the humiliation.
And this is just the beginning. Xu Tianlin had already planned it in his heart. As long as Ye Yunjie and Jiang Hao agreed to sell the Chengnan project today, they could use a more humiliating way to make them repay their psychological gap.
After all, as long as there is no Chengnan Project, Ye Yunjie and Jiang Hao are really shit.
And as long as they bought the Chengnan project, it would indicate that they would never be able to turn over again.
Ye Yunjie looked at Jiang Hao with a complicated expression on her face. It was obvious that she was seeking Jiang Hao’s opinion.
After all, the matter is over, they have no choice.
The road is here. If the Chengnan project is sold, their previous investment of several billions is almost equivalent to a waste of water.
But if the Chengnan project is not sold, the billions of dollars invested in the Chengnan project will still be in vain.
And the most important thing is that they are unable to repay these 300 million debts.
When the funds in hand are frozen, Shen Haoting will be unable to contact them again for a while, and if they don’t immediately give the money to these people, they will instead sue themselves.
At that time, the three hundred million will grow to three billion in an instant.
Not only did they smash a Chengnan project in the end, but on the contrary, they lost another 3 billion yuan.
The matter is already here, it seems that a good decision has been made on how to choose.
Anyway, the Chengnan Project cannot be kept anyway. What they can do now is to try their best not to turn the three billion in front of them into a deficit of three billion.
Jiang Hao pondered for a while and sighed heavily. Although he was very unwilling, he had to admit that he really lost.
Moreover, Jiang Hao also soberly discovered that facing his own incredible opponents, he was nothing at all.
For such a long time, I have been led by the nose from beginning to end, and I am like a fool with awkward actions. Every movement of my own is extremely slow, while the other’s movements are undetectable by myself. .
Jiang Hao gritted his teeth fiercely, looked at Ye Yunjie, and said helplessly: “Sister Ye, that’s all.”
Jiang Hao said four words tightly, then turned his head and waved his hand back to Ye Yunjie.
Jiang Hao really couldn’t say how to sell the Chengnan Project, but he already understood what he meant.
Ye Yunjie also sighed lightly, she knew how difficult it was for Jiang Hao to make such a decision.
But this is the only decision he can make now.
After all, you can’t just let tens of billions of dollars in vain just because of a bet?
Ye Yunjie turned her head, looked at Xu Tianlin solemnly, and said: “Let your company’s finances come over and transfer, 300 million, immediately, right away!”
“Hahaha…” Xu Tianlin finally couldn’t restrain the excitement in his heart and laughed happily.
He seemed to be aloof, looking at Ye Yunjie and Jiang Hao with contempt in his eyes, and said with a chuckle: “Yo-yo-yo, finally agreed to sell? Haha, how about it, do you feel that your face hurts? I’ll just say it, finally This Chengnan project still has to fall into the hands of our Xu family. I…”
Xu Tianlin was a little overjoyed, as if to pour out all the repressed words in his heart.
But Ye Yunjie glared at him coldly and scolded: “You’d better close your mouth and transfer the funds quickly. We are here to prepare for the transfer of the Chengnan project!”
Xu Tianlin snorted and said disdainfully: “Reminder What’s the reminder? Humph, it’s my business whether to sell the Chengnan project or not. If you really upset me, don’t blame me for being polite. Haha, Miss Ye, if you say I don’t buy the Chengnan project now, you will What to do?”
Xu Tianlin’s words made Ye Yunjie a little angry, and she just started to speak back.
“What do you want to do?” Xu Tianlin snorted coldly and said, “I tell you, now the initiative is in my hands. Not only can I control the life and death of the Chengnan Project, but I can also decide whether your debt is 300 million or 30 million. A hundred million, so I advise you to stay calm , don’t really annoy me, otherwise…” Ye Yunjie was really calmed by Xu Tianlin’s words.
She gritted her teeth and felt extremely uncomfortable. She hated the feeling of being threatened, but she seemed helpless.
But just when Xu Tianlin was about to start talking, suddenly a voice came.
“Otherwise, what can you do?”
The voice came suddenly and surprised everyone present.
Xu Tianlin hurriedly turned his head to the direction of the sound, frowning and looking at the person who suddenly appeared at the door.
“Who are you?” Xu Tianlin curled his lips, not putting the other person in his eyes.
And this man suddenly appeared, indeed, Ye Yunjie very surprised, come see her even in the moment, the people are shocked, but murmured spit out three words: “? …… Mr. Shen Shen”
and After Ye Yunjie said these three words, Jiang Hao behind her suddenly turned his head and looked at the person at the door with shocked expression on his face.
Of course Jiang Hao knew who Ye Yunjie called Mr. Shen.
He looked surprised, even more surprised, even for a moment Jiang Hao didn’t even know what expression he used to face that person.
Jiang Hao looked dumbly at the tall, middle-aged man in his forties who was full of vicissitudes but with a bit of handsomeness. He subconsciously spit out a word: “Dad…?”
Yes, he suddenly appeared. This person is Shen Haoting.
Shen Haoting wore a blue-gray custom-made suit. He was tall and tall, with a face like a handsome man carved with a carving knife, covered with the vicissitudes of the years, his temples were white, his eyes were firm, and he looked at Jiang Hao deeply with his mouth corners. With a faint smile.

Chapter: 499
Is this his father?
Jiang Hao looked at the middle-aged man in front of him, for a moment he didn’t know how to react.
It is true that Jiang Hao had fantasized about meeting his father countless times, but in any case, he never thought that the first time he met his biological father would be at the moment of his most failure and humiliation.
Jiang Hao felt a little ashamed of his father in his heart. He gave himself 10 billion back and forth, but now?
I lost billions in the Chengnan project, and all the remaining money was frozen in the bank account.
It’s almost equivalent to saying that I lost all the money my father gave me.
Jiang Hao felt very uncomfortable. He didn’t know how to explain all this to his father.
At this moment, Xu Tianlin spoke again. He looked at Shen Haoting, his eyes full of disdain, and asked: “What am I talking to you, who are you? What did you mean? Why, want to stand up for them? Haha, are you okay? Don’t look at how many catties you have…”
Before Xu Tianlin finished speaking, suddenly a young man in black sprang out from behind Shen Haoting, jumped violently, and jumped in front of Xu Tianlin. Before he finished speaking, he raised his hand violently and slapped it out.
“Bah…” After a clean slap, Xu Tianlin was kicked out before he knew what had happened.
And the young man in black who raised his hand to hit Xu Tianlin coldly said: “If you dare to talk nonsense, I just dig out your tongue!”
Xu Tianlin only felt that his cheeks seemed to be taken off, and his face seemed to have been burned by a soldering iron. General pain.
He raised his head and looked at the person who was smoking him with a dazed expression, as if he didn’t quite understand what was going on.
But he seemed to understand one more thing. The person who appeared suddenly seemed to be another master who he couldn’t afford.
The small episode did not affect Shen Haoting at all, and he did not even put Xu Tianlin in his eyes.
Indeed, this kind of ant-like existence does not have the possibility of entering his eyes.
From the moment Shen Haoting entered the door, he always kept his eyes on Jiang Hao.
Obviously, this is the first time he has been so close to his son after so many years.
Shen Haoting looked at Jiang Hao carefully, the light in his eyes flashed, as if there were a thousand words to say to this son.
Shen Haoting showed a slight smile at Jiang Hao, nodded slightly, and said, “Son, Dad is back.” After saying this, Shen Haoting looked a little excited.
Although he is rich and powerful, he has been out of this land for so many years, but he has never returned.
It’s not that he doesn’t want to, but that he really can’t come back. Shen Haoting needs to consider too many factors.
And even if he knew about Jiang Hao’s whereabouts more than ten years ago, he still didn’t have the ability to recognize his son, and he didn’t even dare to let Jiang Hao know his existence.
Of course, he was thinking about all this for Jiang Hao’s sake, but this really caused Jiang Hao to go through a lot of hardships.
Shen Haoting knows every bit of hardship Jiang Hao has suffered since childhood.
Because if he recognized Jiang Hao earlier, Jiang Hao would be more dangerous a day earlier.
At this time, Jiang Hao was obviously at a loss. He looked at Shen Haoting and didn’t say anything.
In fact, Jiang Hao had too many things to say in his heart about this powerful biological father, but when the words came to his lips, he had forgotten all his brains.
At this moment, Ye Yunjie pushed Jiang Hao and smiled and said, “Jiang Shao, what are you doing in a daze? Mr. Shen is back, let’s go there?”
Jiang Hao nodded stupidly, and when he took his steps, he seemed to feel a bit old-fashioned on his feet.
He walked in front of Shen Haoting, always looking at each other, he didn’t know what expression he should use to face his father.
Jiang Hao was actually very excited in his heart, but he was a little bit unspeakable.
After all, for so many years, he has endured too many grievances due to the lack of his father’s love.
He wanted to tell his father all those grievances, but in the end he swallowed it back.
Jiang Hao hesitated for a while, then sighed silently, lowered his head, and whispered: “Dad, I’m sorry, I let you down.”
In fact, what Jiang Hao wants to say the most is this. Things.
After all, so much money was ruined by himself. Jiang Hao felt that if he stood from his father’s perspective, it was absolutely impossible not to hate himself.
However, Shen Haoting’s reaction surprised Jiang Hao.
He just patted Jiang Hao on the shoulder, not only did not blame, but smiled slightly: “Son, Dad knows, how can I blame you for this? Don’t worry, Dad didn’t blame you, and won’t Angry, the money was originally intended to pay you tuition. It doesn’t matter if you win or lose. Besides, it’s not easy. You can hold on to it. It’s already very good.”
Jiang Hao was surprised when he heard this . Shen Haoting looked very surprised.
“Dad, you…that’s several billions, now…” Jiang Hao sighed in frustration, “Now the Chengnan Project is completely dead!”
Although Shen Haoting just said that, Jiang Hao There is still some sadness in my heart.
But Shen Haoting still smiled calmly, and continued: “Haha son, don’t worry, I said, the mere billions were originally for you to play with, and it doesn’t matter who you lose. Say that the Chengnan project will die? Ha ha, do you know why dad came back all the way?”
Shen Haoting gave a deep smile, and said boldly: “I’m here to help you! Hmph, I want to see who the hell is, I dare to make trouble with Shen Haoting!”
After speaking, Shen Haoting turned his head and looked at Xu Tianlin sharply. It is full of killing intent.
At this moment, Xu Tianlin was completely dumbfounded.
And he was dumbfounded because he just heard the conversation between Shen Haoting and Jiang Hao.
“Shen…Shen Haoting?” Xu Tianlin’s eyes widened, and he looked at Shen Haoting and Jiang Hao in astonishment, his expressions were as ugly as if he had eaten a cockroach.
Xu Tianlin was almost silly, he never thought that the middle-aged man in front of him was Shen Haoting!
real or fake? Xu Tianlin couldn’t believe it at first, after all, he had never seen Shen Haoting’s deity.
However, in the past period of time, all the streets and alleys of Chujiang River were covered with posters of Shen Haoting. Xu Tianlin recalled a little, and compared with the middle-aged man in front of him, it was even more daunting.
It’s over, this time he really broke the game. He didn’t expect in any way that he just wanted to eat a Chengnan project, and in the end he could even involve Shen Haoting.

Chapter: 500
Who is Shen Haoting? Although Xu Tianlin has never seen him, he has heard of Shen Haoting’s reputation.
He is the richest overseas Chinese and the head of the Shen family, the first overseas Chinese family. It is said that his personal assets can be ranked in the top ten in the continent, and this time it is only public data. How much money does he have secretly? No one knows how many industries there are.
Moreover, it is said that Mr. Shen Haoting Shen was a guest of many famous families in Zhouyu, and even several royal families.
Whether it is financial or power, it is beyond the reach of ordinary people.
What’s more, his most important identity is the head of the Shen family overseas. This identity alone is enough to crush many wealthy people of the same level.
Because although those people are rich, compared to the huge power of the Shen family, those people are not enough to look at them. At best, they are some nouveau riche.
The Shen family is a big family that has been operating overseas for more than 100 years. Not only does it have a power of thousands of people under his own hands, but he also has the power of thousands of people under his own hands. To save face, do something shameful for them.
Therefore, Shen Haoting is almost a god-like existence overseas.
Perhaps the Xu family is already a top-level existence in Chujiang, but they are not even a fart in the Shen family, even in front of Shen Haoting.
At this moment, Xu Tianlin finally understood why Jiang Hao seemed to be able to control such a huge amount of money before he was too old, and that a shrewd woman like Ye Yunjie was willing to assist him.
The reason is simple because I am Shen Haoting!
With such a brilliant father, let’s not talk about a city-south project. As long as Jiang Hao wants, he can buy Chujiang… On the contrary, he used to think that Jiang Hao was an idiot and he could divide it. Min playing with him to death.
As everyone knows, in front of others, he is basically an ant.
Xu Tianlin became a little worried.
He was worried about what he should do next, and whether he should continue to worry about the big cake of the Chengnan Project.
After all, the real big benefactor behind this project has already appeared.
That’s Shen Haoting. If you let him know that he did everything possible to calculate his business and almost made his son sell the Chengnan project at the price of cabbage, wouldn’t he kill himself?
Xu Tianlin felt a tingling scalp when he thought of this.
Obviously, even though things have reached this point and the cakes have reached his mouth, Xu Tianlin still does not have the courage to eat.
After all, if I dared to be so presumptuous, it is estimated that not only would I not be able to eat the cake, but I would lose my life.
It’s not worth the gain!
While thinking about it, Xu Tianlin secretly moved towards the door.
He wanted to leave here silently without everyone paying attention.
But who would have thought, he just moved two steps, and he felt that the soles of his feet were light, and the collar behind him was tight, and he was lifted directly from behind.
“Where do you want to go?”
Xu Tianlin was horrified. He turned around and realized that it was the young man who had just slapped himself when he mentioned himself.
The young man was so strong that at this moment he carried his collar and lifted himself up without any difficulty.
Xu Tianlin’s heart was beating, and he said incoherently: “I…this…I am not…”
Before he could finish his words, he heard the young man sneer and said: “You just scolded Mr. Shen, just thinking Did you leave like this?”
Xu Tianlin was almost shocked when he heard the other party’s words, and his whole body trembled involuntarily.
“I…I didn’t mean it. I didn’t know he was Mr. Shen Haoting. If I knew it, how dare I say that? Big… Brother, let me go, I… I apologize, I give Mr. Shen Isn’t it okay to apologize?”
The young man chuckled again: “Apologize? If apology is useful, why would humans invent guns?”
After speaking, the young man looked at Shen Haoting and asked in a deep voice, “Mr. Shen ?, how to deal with this person ”
Shen Heights looked up and down a lot Xutian Lin, lightly:”??? is that he has been behind the south projects mischief do Oh, you say you are the courage to do or I do not know fearless it ”
Shen Heights barely Thinking, and casually said: “Take him to the end.” When
Xu Tianlin heard the word ” deal”, Xu Tianlin suddenly felt that his hair was about to explode.
Of course he knows very well what the other party’s so-called handling means, he doesn’t want to just die like this!
“No…you can’t kill me!” Xu Tianlin yelled extremely nervously, “Mr. Shen, I know I was wrong. Give me another chance. I promise I will leave Chujiang from now on, and I promise I will never show up again. Yes, I know I’m wrong, just let me go…”
Shen Haoting sneered, “What, regret it? But it’s too late. In this world, you and I are both betting. If you win, you just You can go to the next game, and if you lose, you have no chance to regret it.” After
Shen Haoting finished speaking, he waved his hand directly and signaled the young man to take Xu Tianlin out.
Xu Tianlin was completely dumbfounded and struggled desperately.
He shouted: “You can’t do this to me, do you know who my dad is? My dad is Xu Xiao, he is the richest man in Chujiang, and our Xu family is in Chujiang with hands and eyes. What if you dare to treat me? , My dad will not let you go…”
Shen Haoting seemed to be a little impatient, waved at the young man who had bound Xu Tianlin, and signaled not to let Xu Tianlin bark again.
But he just sneered slightly: “Chu Family Xu Family? Okay, then I would like to see how big waves his Xu Family can make!” After
Shen Haoting finished speaking, he stopped paying attention to the matter there. .
The young man dragged Xu Tianlin out like a dead dog.
At the very beginning, Xu Tianlin was still struggling and shouting desperately, but shortly after he was dragged out of the room, his roar suddenly disappeared.
After a while, the young man walked back calmly, and respectfully said: “Mr. Shen, it has been processed, what should I do next?”
Shen Haoting didn’t turn his head back, but said coldly: “He didn’t mean that his father said Xu Xiao? Then go and send him back to Xu’s house!”
The young man nodded again and again: “Understand Mr. Shen, then these people…”
The young man turned to look at those who were collecting debts.
Suddenly, those people were almost scared to death on the spot!
Obviously, when Shen Haoting reported himself, he was already scaring a few of them to death.

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