I've Got a Super Rich Dad

Chapter: 52

“So it’s him? This guy is more disgusting than this gangster. He sleeps with his girlfriend and beats him, and now he is still chasing here?”
“Haha, it is estimated that the dog and the man are also dating here, but he was caught I came here, it deserves it, take it quickly, and send it to the nearby university group, so that everyone can see this pair of dogs…”
Someone made a fuss, and immediately many people took out their phones and started shooting at Jiang Hao and Xue Yuning. When I get up, my mouth is still plausible.
“Let’s all come here, grab someone’s girlfriend, hit someone, and now threaten them in public!”
“Everyone, recognize this pair of dogs and men, and avoid them when walking, otherwise you will be sickened…”
See The crowd was so enthusiastic that the boy looked smug at this time, thinking that today’s things were unexpected.
Originally, I only planned to get rid of Xue Yuning first, but didn’t want Jiang Hao to jump out by himself.
The most ridiculous thing is that these bar customers who don’t know what is right and wrong, they believe that they are true in a few words, and they criticize Jiang Hao and Xue Yuning.
“Haha, it’s so cool, it’s so cool to have these idiots helping out!” The boy said proudly.
The crowd seemed to be a little excited at this time, and I don’t know who it was, and they punched Jiang Hao directly from behind.
Jiang Hao was in pain for a while, and when he looked back, he was given another kick in front of him. And the most important thing is that someone throws things at Xue Yuning from time to time, and the beating Xue Yuning makes a desolate cry.
Jiang Hao was completely angry. He looked at everyone present with cold eyes, his eyes full of anger.
He didn’t want to have general knowledge with these people, after all, it is not worth it to have general knowledge with these people.
But now it seems that it’s no good not to care about them. If these people just listen to the boy’s instigation, they even start their hands. This is unforgivable!
Jiang Hao protected Xue Yuning while preparing to get up and call someone.
After all, Meng Jiuye was upstairs. As long as he shouted aloud, even if Meng Jiuye couldn’t hear it, his men would definitely be able to hear it.
Anyway, as long as he could hear it, none of the people who worked on himself or Xue Yuning could escape!
But Jiang Hao just got up, before opening his mouth, he felt that he was kicked violently behind him, and he kicked him directly to the ground.
“Hurry up, everyone, help me beat this couple of dogs. After the fight, run quickly. Someone has already come upstairs like a letter…”
Ki Jianghao, and the man who shouted, was the boy.
As soon as he saw that Jiang Hao was about to get up, he knew that he was going to yell, so he quickly kicked over and told Jiang Hao to shut up.
The boy also knew that this was Meng Jiuye’s place, and if he really alarmed Meng Jiuye, he would definitely be dead.
So he hurriedly shut up Jiang Hao before he could speak, and encouraged everyone to beat Jiang Hao.
After all, in the battle just now, it is estimated that even if Jiang Hao didn’t shout, someone in the bar would report it. Meng Jiuye’s people would definitely come down soon, and it would be too late to run.
Just before the people came down, they quickly instigated these people to act on Jiang Hao. After the fight, everyone broke up. Even if Meng Jiuye wanted to pursue it, he couldn’t find the murderer!
Hearing what the boys said, those in the crowd who weren’t too big to be a big deal hurriedly followed suit.
A dozen men and women began to move their hands one after another, fighting Jiang Hao and Xue Yuning.
Upon seeing this, Jiang Hao hurriedly protected Xue Yuning, letting those people’s fists and feet fall on him like raindrops.
And the boy didn’t know where he touched a wine bottle, and greeted Jiang Hao’s head viciously.
“Boom…” After a sound, the wine bottle turned into thousands of fragments and splashed around.
Those who beat people were stunned when they saw this.
They just followed up and beat people with their fists and feet, but they wouldn’t really break people.
But the boy passed over and knocked down Jiang Hao directly. He seemed to try hard to struggle, but finally fell down with a thump, blood flowing down his head.
Everyone was stunned, looking at each other, and finally their eyes fell on the boy’s head.
But the boy didn’t take it seriously, and even smiled triumphantly at the corner of his mouth, sipped Jiang Hao, turned his head and ran out of the bar.
But almost as soon as the young man left with his front foot, someone in the crowd suddenly yelled: “Guardian in the bar is here, run away…”
After the shout, everyone present panicked and moved towards the door of the bar.
Run … But after all, there were too many people. When Meng Jiuye led people to run down, only four or five people ran out from the door.
Meng Jiuye took a look downstairs, and he was dumbfounded.
He saw Jiang Hao lying in a pool of blood at this time, and Xue Yuning was holding him and crying, Jiang Hao was covered with blood.
“Oh, this…Is this asking me to lose my life!” Meng Jiuye immediately yelled, “Hurry up and take Shao Jiang to the hospital!”
He looked at the crowded push at the door again. The people who were holding them suddenly became angry and shouted: “Hit me, no one is allowed to leave!” Meng Jiuye was really angry this time!
At first he thought, somehow, that he had finally calmed down the incident that had hit Jiang Hao by his subordinates before, but he could not think of it this time that something bigger happened.
In his own place, Jiang Hao was beaten with blood on his head and passed out directly. If Shen Haoting, who was far abroad, knew about this incident, he would definitely be dead!
So this time, Meng Jiuye didn’t care about so much. He pointed his hand and asked them to fight the dozens of men and women together.
These people are practising family from beginning to end, no matter how much they will take care of, they have already cleaned up these people in no time!
But at this time, Meng Jiuye couldn’t manage that much. He picked up Jiang Hao and rushed out of the bar. He got into a black Audi that had just stopped, and left at high speed… I don’t know. After a long time, Jiang Hao finally woke up.
He opened his eyes and saw that they were all white.
“You’re awake!” A voice came, and the tone seemed to be a little bit of relief.
It was Ye Yunjie. She walked quickly to Jiang Hao’s bed and helped Jiang Hao slowly get up and sit up.
“This is… the hospital?” Jiang Hao asked suspiciously.
Ye Yunjie nodded: “It’s a hospital, but it’s Haidu City.”
Jiang Hao said, a little surprised. He didn’t expect that when he woke up, he would appear in Haidu City directly? That is hundreds of miles away from Chujiang City.
Ye Yunjie smiled and explained:. “Before you head hurt, in fact, did not cause illness, but to play safe, we brought you a sea city, after all, a higher number of medical conditions here,”
Sea city , A first-tier city in the country, far away from the Chu River.
“How long have I been in a coma?”
“Twenty hours.” Ye Yunjie said, “Some slight concussion. We are sending someone to look for the person who hit you. This time, please stop being kind, because it is Mr. Shen personally spoke, that kind of person should be dealt with.”
Ye Yunjie’s tone was flat, and Dao Jianghao knew that the boy seemed to be really in danger this time.
It was his father who spoke in person, and he certainly wouldn’t dare to interfere anymore.
Jiang Hao seemed to have thought of something, and hurriedly asked, “What about Yu Ning? How is she? Is she okay? Where is she?”
Ye Yunjie frowned, thought for a moment, and said, “Oh, you’re talking about that girl, she’s just outside, she seems to have something to say to you.”
Jiang Hao couldn’t help but be outside the door when he heard Xue Yuning. Rejoicing, hurriedly said: “Then you let her in.”
Ye Yunjie nodded and walked out of the ward slowly . As soon as she opened the door of the ward, she happened to see Xue Yuning.
“What should I say in a while, don’t I need to repeat it?” Ye Yunjie lowered her voice and demanded.
Xue Yuning nodded slightly, a little nervous, not daring to see Ye Yunjie.
She slowly walked into the ward, and when she saw Jiang Hao, her eyes seemed a little hesitant.
“Yuning, come sit down.” Jiang Hao greeted Xue Yuning hurriedly, smiling and going to peel her apples.
Xue Yuning hurriedly saw this and shook her head quickly: “No Jiang Hao, you don’t need to be busy. Actually, I am here. There are some things I want to tell you.”

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