I've Got a Super Rich Dad

Chapter: 591-600

Chapter: 591
Chen San smiled and nodded when he heard this, without taking Jiang Hao’s words to heart.
After watching Chen San go, Jiang Hao almost staggered to his knees.
The toxins on his body have spread more and more, and he must treat himself as soon as possible.
Knocking on the door with strong support, Yingying’s voice came from the medicine shop!
After she opened the door, she saw Jiang Hao standing at the door, and she couldn’t help but exclaimed in surprise: “Brother Jiang Hao! You are back!”
Jiang Hao smiled and touched Yingying’s head, then said hoarsely: ” Yingying, what about grandpa?”
Yingying looked at Jiang Hao’s pale face and knew what might have happened, so she quickly helped Jiang Hao and replied: “Grandpa is inside, I’ll help you in, Brother Jiang Hao! ”
Looking at Yingying, Jiang Hao became a little helpless. It seemed that the first time he came here, he was taken care of by Yingying.
After the two walked into the house, Mr. Zhang happened to come down from the upper floor.
While stepping on the stairs, the old man opened his mouth and said : “Yingying, who is it, so late in the middle of the night.” Jiang Hao smiled and shook his head, opening his mouth and vomiting a touch of scarlet!
Yingying was almost crying when she saw this, she heard her grandfather’s voice hurriedly yelled: “Grandpa! Come on, it is Brother Jiang Hao who is back!”
Hearing this, Mr. Zhang hurried down from upstairs and watched. Sitting in the room, Jiang Hao opened his mouth in surprise: “You, what’s wrong with you, it’s like this!” After he finished speaking, Old Man Zhang looked at Jiang Hao’s back with white gauze.
So he hurriedly walked to the medicine cabinet and opened it and took out a jar, then walked to Jiang Hao while opening the jar and said, “What’s wrong with you!”
After saying this, he put the medicine in his hand on Jiang Hao. Then he opened the gauze on his shoulder and said: “You were like this the first time you came, and you are like this when you come back this time!”
Jiang Hao watched the wound on his body quickly stopped the bleeding, so he smiled bitterly: “I went home and went to work, so it became like this.” The old man Zhang looked at the knife on Jiang Hao’s shoulder. Injury, the deep hole vaguely sees the bone!
As soon as the gauze band was taken off, the wound oozes scarlet.
Without waiting for the blood to flow out, Mr. Zhang smeared the white powder in his hand: “Young people don’t always fight and kill. Why are you tossing yourself so much? Alas!”
Jiang Hao’s expression was also felt as the power of the medicine was slowly exerted. Ruddy up.
Hearing what Mr. Zhang said, he smiled bitterly and replied: “It’s not my fault. I don’t know how to tell you about this matter. Run now!” The old accountant smiled slightly when he heard this. What are you running? Why did I run if I didn’t hire anyone? A joke!”
Jiang Hao looked at Mr. Zhang and shook his head helplessly: “These people don’t care about this with you, as long as they are related to me. It’s possible to suffer!”
Yingying crouched aggrievedly on Jiang Hao’s knee without speaking, but blinked and looked at Jiang Hao with a pair of watery eyes.
When Mr. Zhang heard Jiang Hao’s words, he couldn’t help but laugh!
“If you are like that, if you say it, then when you called my grandfather before, we couldn’t run away!” At this point, Grandpa Zhang pondered for a moment, then looked at Jiang Hao and said, “What happened? Isn’t it possible that someone will chase him?”
Jiang Hao nodded, sat up straight and looked at Old Man Zhang and said, “The people behind me are chasing soldiers. They are likely to rush in!”
Old Zhang thought for a moment, deeply. After taking a look at Jiang Hao, he took out his cell phone and called Chen Qi.
No matter whose disciple Chen Qi was, he was still very persistent about some things.
That is, as long as he is on his territory, no one can mess around!
Just a phone rang, still looking at the file of Chen Qi will connect the call open: “? Hey, Who”
Zhang Jiang Hao Father looked after opening: “Hey, I ah, Zhang old man!”
Heard At this time, Chen San happened to knock on the door and walked in.
So Chen Qi nodded slightly and said in a deep voice, “Well, is there anything going on at this late?” After hearing this, Mr. Zhang hurriedly said: “It seems that we are going to have some bad guys in this thirty-mile bay, so tell you ahead of time to say hello, ”
Chen Qi Zhang listening to the words of Father smiled and shook his head, then helplessly opening:” okay okay, I know, and if there are any questions feel free to call me right away. ”
said After Chen Qi hung up the phone!
Jiang Hao looked at the smug look of Old Man Zhang, and he couldn’t laugh or cry for a while.
On the other side, Chen Qi hung up the phone and looked at Chen San and said, “How about, what is the result of the matter that asked you to investigate?”
Chen San took a sip from the water glass, and then excitedly said to Chen Qi: “The matter is investigation. Okay, but brother, guess who I met when I came back!”
Chen Qi glanced at Chen San impatiently, and didn’t bother to speak at all!
On the contrary, Chen San was frightened by his look, and quickly said: “I ran into Doctor Jiang when I came back, and he still had injuries on his body, and he shed a lot of blood!”
Chen Qi said in surprise when he heard this. “Jiang Hao? Impossible. Hasn’t he already left Thirty Mile Bay?”
Chen San shrugged and sat down and watched Chen Qi replied: “Yes, so I was a little surprised when I met him. , And he also said that someone was chasing him behind him.”
Chen Qi looked at the excited expression on Chen San’s face, and then thought of the call from Old Man Zhang.
So he pondered for a moment and then murmured: “It’s broken! You go out now and let everyone prepare for me!”
Chen San moved his lips as if to ask why, but looking at the serious expression on Chen Qi’s face, he finally did not speak!
After Chen San left, Chen Qi quickly called Qian Lao.
Ever since Qian Lao was rescued last time, he has always gone to bed and got up early.
But thinking about Jiang Hao’s affairs, Chen Qi couldn’t take care of that much for a while!
After the call was connected, Qian Xinyi’s voice rang: “Hey, what’s the matter if you call so late.”
Chen Qi has never liked dealing with Qian Xinyi, so he paused slightly. He opened his mouth and said, “Call the master for me. I have an urgent matter to discuss with the master!” After hearing this, Qian Xinyi frowned, looking at the watch in hand, it was already three o’clock in the morning.
So he said: “How urgent is it?”
Chen San replied impatiently when he heard this: “Very urgent!”
Qian Xinyi hesitated, put the phone down, and went directly to the old man upstairs. room.
It took a long time for Old Qian to answer the phone and said in a low voice, “Hey, Chen Qi, what’s the important thing to call this late.”

Chapter: 592
Chen Qi hesitated for a moment and then directly said: “Jiang Hao has returned to Thirty Mile Bay. He has just arrived, and someone is chasing him after him.” After hearing Chen Qi’s words, Mr. Qian couldn’t help being stunned for a while, and then asked. Said: “What? Someone chasing Jiang Hao?”
Chen Qi nodded, then walked to the window and looked at the assembled people below: “Well, Jiang Hao told Chen San when Chen San sent him back. ”
Speaking of this, Chen Qi paused, then hesitatingly asked: “Should we intervene in this matter?”
Old Qian hesitated for a while when he heard Chen Qi’s words. He really didn’t want to. There is a little trouble with Jiang Hao.
“Wait for now, wait for me to think about it.”
Qian Lao didn’t know, just because of his sentence and so on, it caused a tragedy!
At this time, more and more people in black appeared outside the drug store, and they stood quietly at the door of the drug store and waited quietly.
Jiang Hao also noticed something wrong on the inside, and the look in Xiang Yingying’s eyes changed!
“Yingying, find a place to hide, if I don’t speak, don’t come out!”
Old man Zhang looked at Jiang Hao for a moment and said, “What’s the matter, your injury is not good yet, don’t move! “While speaking, Mr. Zhang abruptly pressed Jiang Hao, and then applied the ointment in his hand a little bit.
Yingying also blinked her big eyes and looked at Jiang Hao and shook her head and said, “No, I’m not going, I’m going to accompany my brother here!” Before the voice fell, suddenly a cold light flew in, and a flying knife was firmly nailed. Three points into the wood on the pillar!
The bang was not only Elder Zhang, but Yingying was also taken aback!
Jiang Hao broke away from the old man, then picked up the note on the flying knife and opened it.
It says: Give you three minutes to come out and die.
After reading the content on the note, Jiang Hao showed a wry smile on his face, shook his head and planned to go out.
These things are his own business, and he doesn’t want to hurt Father Zhang and Yingying.
After he walked out of the yard and opened the door, Jiang Hao couldn’t help but sneered at the mighty lineup of nearly a hundred people outside!
“Your pomp is really big, it scared me!” The crowd suddenly split into two rows, and then a man in black walked out with a veil on his face and looked at Jiang Hao coldly,
“You did it today Things really scared me. It’s not bad.”
Jiang Hao smiled and nodded and replied: “Every other, what I will do in the future will scare you to death, do you believe it?”
The man in black just sneered. He didn’t say a word, but his hand was gently raised for a moment.
Many people were ready to take action, and Jiang Hao, who saw this scene, secretly raised his true spirit and prepared to deal with it.
Just as both parties were ready to go, Yingying suddenly ran out and stood in front of Jiang Hao!
“Don’t hurt me Jiang Hao…”
Suddenly seeing Yingying coming out of the man in black unconsciously shaking his hands, a flying knife flew out of the crowd and shot Yingying!
Jiang Hao had injuries on his body, and he didn’t react at all, and he didn’t expect them to attack a little girl!
Elder Zhang rushed out immediately, yelling Yingying, but he didn’t expect to see the scene just now!
Anxiously getting angry, a mouthful of bright red sprayed on the ground and suddenly passed out!
Standing behind Yingying, Jiang Hao took the fallen Yingying into his arms and looked at the flying knife stuck in her chest with eyes blankly!
Jiang Hao trembling hands seemed to want to reach out and pull out the flying knife, but he didn’t dare.
The headed man in black was also frightened by this incident, and didn’t even react for a while!
Jiang Hao looked at Yingying’s lips trembling twice, and when he brought his ears closer, he only heard Yingying call him Jiang Hao’s brother.
“You are fine, what is it for me! Why do you want to do it to her! Why!”
When Mr. Zhang applied medicine to Jiang Hao in the lobby before, Jiang Hao had already worked hard to run Zhen Qi and tried to heal his injuries as soon as possible. .
Until the moment he went out, he still didn’t stop running infuriating!
Under the extreme anger at this moment, the true energy in Jiang Hao’s body also boiled like boiling water!
Jiang Hao, with red eyes, has completely lost his mind. He is extremely plundering the traces of true energy in his body to turn them into his own combat power!
Under such extreme demand, he didn’t know that he was already on the verge of becoming confused!
The headed man in black looked at Jiang Hao and frowned slightly, intending to blame the person who issued the throwing knife.
But after seeing a heavy word engraved on the flying knife, he let go of this plan, just one more person died.
Thinking of this, he coughed slightly, then sneered at Jiang Hao and said, “Don’t worry, I’ll send you down to accompany her!”
The people in black around heard this as if they had heard a flare gun and rushed. Go up!
Jiang Hao didn’t care at this moment, letting the wounds torn open on his body due to the movement of a lot of true energy.
At this moment Jiang Hao felt as if his body had broken through a barrier, and he could actually feel the circulation of true energy in his hands!
After realizing this, Jiang Hao angrily looked at the leader and howled, and flew out!
After quickly avoiding those knife lights, Jiang Hao stretched out his right hand and pinched a person’s neck, then raised the other person in front of him!
In just a short while, countless hidden weapons were inserted into that person.
Jiang Hao threw the body to the ground and rushed forward a few steps!
Upon seeing this, the man in black hurriedly shouted: “Come here and block him, the others will find a way to get close to him and capture him alive! I suspect Shang Dian is on him!” When everyone heard this, they couldn’t help but lift their spirits!
Many people took out iron chains from their bodies, trying to bind Jiang Hao!
But no matter how hard they tried, they couldn’t control Jiang Hao. His figure fluttered in the crowd like a ghost!
Sometimes he didn’t make any moves at all, but stuck in position and used their own companions to resist their attacks!
In the five minutes of continuous fighting, although Jiang Hao lost a lot of blood, they also lost at least 20 or 30 people!
The headed man in black couldn’t help but feel a headache when he saw this situation, after all, these people could be regarded as his last foundation!
But thinking that as long as Jiang Hao is controlled, he might get Shangdian, so he forced himself to calm down again!
As time passed, Jiang Hao’s movements were agile from the beginning to gradually slow.
The people in black who discovered this are all excited, and after so long of hard work, they will finally gain something!
Just as they were about to take Jiang Hao in a big effort, a voice suddenly came from the street not far away: “Stop it for me!”
Old man Qian brought Chen Qi and the others over slowly, looking calmly. Everyone on the field!

Chapter: 593
The headed man in black looked at Qian Lao, Chen Qi and the others for a moment, then sneered and said: “What are you guys who are in charge of our affairs?”
Chen Qi glanced at the black man indifferently. Although I don’t know where these people come from.
But the old man behind him was his confidence, so he just shot the man in black when he asked questions!
“It doesn’t matter what our origin is. If you dare to continue to be wild here today, whether you can go out is a problem!”
Chen Qi looked at the other party and frowned slightly before continuing to speak: “I advise you to do it as soon as possible. Get out of here!” When the man in black was about to speak, suddenly a person stood next to him and whispered in his ear: “Group leader, things are a bit wrong.”
After saying this, he looked at Mr. Qian. Continued: “That old guy seems to be from the previous provincial capital, and it’s a bit difficult to do.” After hearing this, the man in black looked at Jiang Hao, who was committed to standing in the field, his eyes were very sad!
After such a long time of hard work, it seems that Shangdian will be obtained. !
No, this is impossible!
“Give it to me! I want to see today, who would dare to stop me!”
After hearing this, the people in black who were standing around and waiting for orders accelerated their hands and continued to besiege Jiang Hao!
Old Qian slightly squinted his eyes and looked at the other party. This was the first time he felt provocation!
And it’s a bunch of guys who are blindfolded and faceless to see people!
After a light cough, Qian Lao took out his mobile phone and looked at the man in black, “You don’t put me in your eyes, right?” After pressing a phone number lightly, it only sounded a few times. A man’s voice came out: “Hello, this is the third subject, is there anything else?”
Old Qian turned on the speakerphone, and then said: “There is no problem now, but it will be hard to tell in a moment. Are there anyone in Sanliwan?” The man on the other end of the phone was silent for a while and said, “There is one A quick response department with two hundred people, please feel free to contact if necessary.”
The man in black couldn’t help but his face changed drastically when he heard this, then he looked at Mr. Qian and said nothing!
After a while, Chen Qi sneered and looked at the black-clothed man and said: “Why, don’t you understand what people say, let you get out of here!” When the people behind Chen Qi heard this, they rushed up. Then stood beside Qian Lao.
The guy in his hand pointed at the man in black, and it seemed that if they didn’t leave, they would look good!
Qian Lao looked at the man in black and smiled slightly, then hung up the phone in his hand and said: “I know what you are coming from, but this is not a place where you can go wild.”
After saying this, Qian always looked. Panting Jiang Hao in the audience shook his head: “This young man has a life-saving grace to me. I will pay him back today. Let’s go.”
The man in black looked at Qian Lao Ji deeply. Eyes, he didn’t want to do something.
But this third subject is really a bit awkward, thinking of this, he sighed in his heart.
“You have to remember what you did today, I hope you won’t regret it when you think about it in the future!” After pressing down such a cruel sentence, the man in black looked at the bloody Jiang Hao and sneered: “Let you off today. What’s more, don’t worry, I will bite you until I kill you!”
After saying this, he waved his hand, and the people in black on the court packed up their dead companions, and then left without looking back.
Jiang Hao was exhausted at the moment. After watching the other party go, he suddenly sat on the ground and stared at Yingying’s body in a daze.
Chen Qi watched the other person leave, glanced at Old Qian unconsciously, “What shall we do now?”
Qian Lao took a deep look at Jiang Hao, shook his head and replied: “You take people to follow, don’t let them stare outside, I don’t like a bad dog at the door of my house.”
Chen Qi nodded . He took someone into the car and followed him. As long as Qian was always behind him, Chen Qi felt that he would not be afraid of doing anything.
After Chen Qi and others had left, Old Qian looked at Jiang Hao and then stepped forward and sat down beside him.
Jiang Hao looked at Yingying’s corpse and said stupidly: “Thank you.” Mr.
Qian shook his head when he heard this, and then lit a cigarette for himself: “Nothing to thank, I will pay you back today.”
After taking a deep breath, Qian veteran handed the cigarette to Jiang Hao and continued: “Actually, I have guessed your identity when I was at my house before. I have been reluctant to make a move and do not want to provoke them.”
Jiang Hao wiped his hands. After taking the blood stains, he took the smoke and took a deep breath: “Then you haven’t shot it yet, why, are you not afraid of them?”
Old Qian said with a chuckle and said, “There has been nothing to be afraid of. They are not a circle of people, they can’t target me.”
After saying this, Qian Lao took a deep breath, and then continued: “On the contrary, you and them are in the same circle. What should you do next, do you know? ”
Jiang Hao shook his head when he heard the words. He now feels as if he has nothing left.
Qiao San died to save him, and now Yingying also died in front of her.
The previous classmates were all taken away by them. There was no news at all, and he didn’t know where to save people.
Thinking of these things Jiang Hao showed a deep sense of powerlessness on his face. He looked at Yingying’s corpse and felt like he was a waste!
Looking at Jiang Hao’s silent face, Qian Lao flashed a trace of sadness, so he shook his head and said: “Think about it, I can only help you once.”
After saying this, Qian Lao got up and planned to leave, just as he said, he and Jiang Hao are not in the same circle after all.
Jiang Hao looked at Yingying’s corpse as if he was regaining his senses, and then shouted at the back of Qian Lao: “Can I trouble you with something?”
Qian Lao stopped when he heard this. and then turn around and look to Jiang Hao laughed: “that depends on my mood.”
Jiang Hao took a deep breath, eyes firmly looking to Qianlao: “! help me take care Zhang Father, I swear I will repay you.”
Huanhaichenfu The old man who had been looking at Jiang Hao for nearly forty years was stunned for a moment, but decided to agree to this matter after only a moment of contemplation!
He had guessed the identity of Jiang Hao, after all, there is no impermeable wall in this world.
The reason why those people in black are not arrested is because this is not a matter within his jurisdiction.
But if there are people in that circle, maybe I will really need Jiang Hao’s help in the future!
Thinking of this, Qian Lao smiled and nodded and then said: “Well, I promised this thing, I hope you won’t let me lose!”
Jiang Hao looked at Qian Lao’s smile and nodded firmly, he knew Now I owe him a favor!

Chapter: 594
Three days have passed since the last event, and Father Zhang looked demented after waking up.
It’s just that in the middle of the night, I occasionally yelled “Yingying carefully!”
Jiang Hao knelt in front of Yingying’s tomb and smoked one by one. What happened during this period made Jiang Hao suddenly become more mature.
“Yingying, Brother Jiang Hao is useless and failed to protect you.”
After saying this, Jiang Hao looked at Yingying’s tombstone and stretched out his hand and stroked it: “You wait, brother will avenge you, he will definitely!”
After saying this, Jiang Hao got up and walked down the hill where Yingying was buried.
Yamashita Chen Qi sat in the car and watched Jiang Hao go down the mountain, then greeted him and said in a deep voice, “How about it, have you figured out where you are going?” With this, Chen Qi opened the car door and took Shang Jianghao’s luggage was put on it.
Jiang Hao looked at Chen Qi and nodded, and then said: “I have already thought about it. If nothing happens, I will go to
Beifu .” Hearing Jiang Hao’s words, Chen Qi frowned. During this time, those black clothes Ren Ke did not completely leave here.
They even put a lot of eyeliner here, day and night!
Thinking of this, Chen Qi shook his head and said flatly: “I can’t deliver it a bit far away. You have to be careful. The group is still staring outside.”
Jiang Hao moved his body and smiled before giving it to himself He lit a cigarette and said, “Don’t worry, I’m very grateful for you to help me last time!”
Chen Qi shook his head slightly and smiled bitterly after hearing the words: “Don’t be like this, if we come a little earlier, maybe Yingying’s little girl He won’t die.”
Jiang Hao didn’t want to go into the matter anymore, just like Old Man Qian said that night.
He is not a person in this circle at all, and why is it necessary to involve the muddle in it.
Thinking of this, Jiang Hao smiled bitterly and shook his head and stretched out his hand on Chen Qi’s shoulder and said: “I said, I’m very grateful if you can come!”
Chen Qi looked at Jiang Hao’s firm face and shook a bitter smile. Shaking his head, then he replied: “Get in the car first.”
After getting in the car, Chen Qi pointed to the box in the back seat and said: “There are some documents inside, of course, legal. You can use it on the road.”
Jiang Hao stretched out his hand and opened the box, which contained some ID cards, some money and checks.
Of course, only ID documents are what Jiang Hao needs most, as for money.
When Qiao San died, he left him five billion, which is enough for him to do something!
But Chen Qi and Qian Lao didn’t know about this, so when Chen Qi looked at Jiang Hao, a strange color flashed in his eyes.
So he chuckled lightly and said, “This is what Old Man Qian meant. They will inevitably need these things on the road. Just treat it as his investment in you.”
Jiang Hao smiled bitterly before shook his head and put it away.
Dongfang said, “Well, did he say anything else?” Chen Qi nodded and said, “Master Qian said, this time he can only help you here. You have to do the rest by yourself. Let’s go.”
But Chen Qi hesitated slightly when he said that, then looked at Jiang Hao and continued to speak: “Are you sure you want to go to Beifu? There is something uneasy over there.” Jiang Hao naturally knew what Chen Qi meant. It is estimated that Mr. Qian has already told him his identity.
So looking at the worry in Chen Qi’s eyes, Jiang Hao couldn’t help but smiled and shook his head and said, “Is there any place in this world that is absolutely safe to be watched by them.”
Jiang Hao paused. Then he said in a deep voice: “I have a reason to go to Beifu, so I tell my father that I will pay back what Jiang Hao owes him.”
Chen Qi smiled bitterly: “I also hope you can pay it back. After all, the eldest lady told me before that we might ask you to pay it back one day.”
Although this sentence is not a ridicule, it is It looks a bit dark humor right now.
Jiang Hao chuckled after hearing this, and then looked at Chen Qi and said, “Don’t worry, I won’t hesitate if one day comes.”
Chen Qi looked at Jiang Hao and sighed deeply, although Jiang Hao said that they could come to him. I’m already grateful for things like that.
But after all, Jiang Hao still had a bit of complaint in his heart.
After all, it’s the person Qian Qian wants to invest in. Chen Qi meditated for a while and then whispered: “Yingying is dead, and Mr. Zhang is taken care of by Qian’s family. Have you ever thought about Zhang Tiansheng and others?”
Jiang Hao shook his head slightly, according to In principle, Zhang Tiansheng has nothing to do with him.
Just thinking of Yingying’s death, Jiang Hao felt inexplicably as if he had lost money from the Zhang family.
Then he hesitated and said: “Do you have any good solutions here?”
Jiang Hao knew that the reason why Chen Qi said so must be that he had some way to say this.
Sure enough, after hearing Jiang Hao’s words, Chen Qi smiled slightly and said, “I plan to let them enter the Qian’s house, but not with Qian Haowen’s brainless guy.”
Jiang Hao glanced in surprise. Chen Qi: “Do you know what you are talking about? Qian Haowen can be regarded as your half master, right?”
Chen Qi heard this, and a cold light flashed in his eyes, then lowered his head and took a deep breath in reply: “You Remember, Chen Qi is not anyone’s dog!”
After saying this, Chen Qicai continued to speak: “The reason for this is that I am worried that Qian Haowen will bring disaster to the Qian family one day, and Zhang Tiansheng will be regarded as myself. Investment.”
Jiang Hao nodded slightly and then looked at Chen Qi apologetically, “Well, I’m sorry for what happened just now.”
Chen Qi waved his hand and said, “Forget it, I also know that although I am nominally a disciple of the Qian family, I know how the people below think of me.”
Jiang Hao took a deep breath and let out a faint breath. Smoke: “What does it matter? Whoever lives in this world is not a pawn.”
He has already seen through this point. If he hadn’t had enough interests, Qian Lao would not say that he was investing in himself.
And if Old Qian didn’t have enough benefits, he wouldn’t let the people in black be so jealous of him.
For three whole days, not only the people in black, but even Shen Tianyang could only swallow his voice after learning about it.
Everyone abruptly did not dare to step into the Thirty Mile Bay, which shows that Qian Lao’s method!
Thinking of this, Jiang Hao looked at Chen Qi a little strangely: “What the hell is the third division that Qian used to call that night?”
Chen Qi took a deep look at Jiang Hao and said after hearing this. : “If you continue to mix in this circle, you will know one day.”

Chapter: 595
After Chen Qi smiled and dealt with Jiang Hao, he drove to Shangwan Railway Station. Xiawan was no longer safe.
Those people in black have buried a lot of eyeliners in Xiawan. If Jiang Hao appeared there, there would be only a dead end!
Obviously Jiang Hao also knew this, despite his unwillingness, Chen Qi’s line remained silent.
After waiting for almost two hours, Chen Qi and Jiang Hao stopped at the gate of the train station.
“Some words are from my own heart. If you can listen to them, write them down. If you can’t listen to them, just treat them like me.”
Jiang Hao, who was about to get out of the car, was taken aback when he heard the words, and then sat down and looked at him. Chen Qi smiled.
Chen Qi is very interesting. Thinking back to the first time the two met, Jiang Hao couldn’t help but become curious about Chen Qi!
Chen Qi looked at Jiang Hao with a wry smile and shook his head: “Actually, there is no right or wrong in this world. Right or wrong is determined based on position.”
After saying this, he paused and continued to speak. Said: “There are some things you don’t need to take so seriously, but there are some responsibilities that you must remember!”
Jiang Hao nodded silently: “Don’t worry, I will write it down. There is nothing else to say. ??”
Chen Qi smiled and took out a box from his body and said: “This is what Qian asked me to give you. He said you will use this thing on the road.”
Jiang Hao took the box and opened it. Inside is a small prop box, which can be used for disguise.
After touching his face, Jiang Hao said helplessly: “It looks like I am like those in black now. I can’t take my face anymore.”
Chen Qi didn’t know what to say for a while, so he could only reach out and pat. Patting Jiang Hao on the shoulder is comforting!
After Jiang Hao got out of the car, Chen Qi looked at his back and took out his mobile phone and called Qian Lao: “Master, Jiang Hao has already set off.”
Old Qian on the phone sat in the back garden, watching the servant serving Mr. Zhang and nodded: “Well, did he say anything.”
Chen Qi shook his head slightly: “No, he seems to have accepted himself now It’s just that I’m a little worried. Can he really listen to those words?”
Qian Lao smiled and said, “Don’t worry, he is not an ordinary person. Come back, we have done everything we can do. ”
Lao Qian then hung up, this time he rescued Jiang Hao, although he looked strong on the surface.
But secretly he didn’t know what price he had to pay to uncover this matter!
Shen Tianyang is not an ordinary person, he also has people he can control that can cause some trouble to himself.
He had already figured this out when he planned to save Jiang Hao, but thinking that Jiang Hao had saved his life after all, he decided to do it!
Old Qian sitting in the back garden looked up at the gloomy sky and couldn’t help sighing: “It’s really troublesome.”
On the other side of the train station, Jiang Hao took out the ID Qian Lao prepared for him and looked at it. .
The photo on the ID is of a strange man named Shen Yanshi, who looks four or five points similar to himself.
After shook his head with a wry smile, Jiang Hao walked to the bathroom, then took out the vanity case and compared the man on the ID photo and began to change his face.
Looking into the mirror, it looked like he was about twenty-two, with a little moustache on his face, and he touched his cheek uncomfortably.
Then I closed my eyes and used Zhen Qi to slightly modify the frontal bones of his face to make myself more similar to this man.
After finishing all this, Jiang Hao put away his things and changed himself into a slightly stiff suit.
He stretched out his hand and exercised his zhenqi lightly, feeling the circulation of zhenqi in his hand, Jiang Hao knew that he had successfully advanced that night!
It’s just that he was a little afraid to determine whether he had passed the hurdle in the later stage or went straight to the transformation realm.
He shook his head slightly, now is not the time to delve into these matters.
Walking out of the bathroom, Jiang Hao went to the ticket office and bought a ticket to Beifu. Seeing that there was still a while, he found a place to sit and rest quietly.
Although Jiang Hao closed his eyes, he could still feel that some people were looking at him from time to time.
It’s just that these eyes looked at him, and then they turned to other places.
Realizing this, Jiang Hao couldn’t help refreshing his knowledge of these people in black. It seemed that they were not all idiots either.
I know not only to look at Xia Wan, but also to let some people stare at Shang Wan.
I just don’t know if this move was made by Shen Tianyang or the mysterious team leader that day.
Wei Wei waited for a while, a female voice suddenly sounded in the waiting hall.
“The D3358 train to Beifu is about to depart. Passengers who are going to get on the train are required to bring their belongings and prepare to board the train.”
Jiang Hao opened his eyes and looked at his ticket, then picked up the box on hand and stood in line with the boarding crowd. in.
During the period, he looked at the people who were sitting in the waiting hall with newspapers in their hands and looking at the passing people from time to time.
I thought bitterly in my heart: “Wait, sooner or later I will come back and make you pay!”
After boarding the train, Jiang Hao walked into the soft sleeper he had booked and put his luggage down.
Then he pulled up the curtains in a daze, and he began to ponder where he was going to find Xue Yuning after arriving in Beifu.
Jiang Hao doesn’t know if Qiao San has someone in Beifu, and Jiang Hao’s previous contact information is even more confusing.
Before Qiao San handed the card to him, he said that Xue Yuning was in Beifu, but did not say where she was in Beifu.
After all, it is also a city with a population of several million. To find out Xue Yuning from it is simply a fantasy!
After hesitating slightly, Jiang Hao took out his mobile phone and started searching for some famous Chinese medicine hospitals in Beifu. He felt that he was able to rely on his current ability.
It is not impossible to get into the Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine, and you may be able to find Xue Yuning through the Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine.
After slightly looking at some TCM hospitals in Beifu, Jiang Hao fixed his sights on a TCM hospital in the center of Beifu.
The reason for this is that people who can live here generally have a certain status, which can make it easier for him to know the information he needs.
Also, Qiao San knew how he felt about Xue Yuning, and he would definitely not arrange Xue Yuning in an ordinary place.
After thinking about what he would do next, Jiang Hao put down the things in his hands and lay on the bed.
What happened these days has caused Jiang Hao to fall into deep exhaustion.
Thinking of what Chen Qi said to himself when he was leaving, did Chen Qi want to tell him or did Mr. Qian ask him to tell him.
Shaking his head slightly, Jiang Hao put these things behind his head.
The most important thing is to find Xue Yuning right now, he really wants to see her!

Chapter: 596
The train started slowly, and Jiang Hao heaved a sigh of relief as he looked at the scenery passing by outside the window.
After all, he escaped from Shen Tianyang’s pursuit, but he didn’t know what price Mr. Qian would pay for it.
Jiang Hao, who was lying on the bed, slowly fell asleep. It was two days away from Beifu, and he just took advantage of these two days to take a good rest.
Just when Jiang Hao was heading to Beifu, Shen Tianyang looked at his men with a gloomy expression!
“Let you catch him back for me. That’s how you do things? What about people?! Run away?!”
“I can stare at him even with two hundred pigs. What’s the use of you? “!” The continuous furious remarks made the following group of people tremble. They knew that someone would be unlucky this time!
Shen Tianyang looked at the black-clothed leader who was kneeling down and said with gloomy eyes: “What is the name of the person who rescued Jiang Hao from your hand that day, Old Qian?” The black- clothed man knelt on the ground and nodded and said, “That’s right. , And he directly dialed the third department at that time, so I dared not act rashly to leave.”
Shen Tianyang sneered twice, grabbed a tea cup in his hand and threw it directly on the head of the group leader in black. on!
“What about the third course! Are you afraid that they are not afraid of me? You don’t have to sit in this position anymore from today!”
The people below saw that the leader in black was knocked to the ground motionless, so he hurriedly Crawled over and tempted his snort.
After trembling slightly, the man looked at Shen Tianyang and tremblingly said: “He, he is dead.”
Shen Tianyang shook his head slightly when he heard the words: “If you die, you will die, drag it down, contact me in Shangxiawan, and ask Ask them if they found any suspicious objects!”
Shen Tianyang slowly recovered his mind after venting his breath, and then looked at the person below and said: “Give this guy’s family five million over and let them give everyone else. I shut up.”
Suddenly it flashed below that two people were kneeling on the ground and bowing to Shen Tianyang: “Yes!”
Then they dragged the corpse back, and did not forget to wipe the blood off the ground before leaving!
Shen Tianyang looked upset at the people below, these people didn’t even know anything!
They don’t know why they want Jiang Hao so desperately, nor do they know how important Jiang Hao is to them!
That’s why they made such a low-level mistake!
The third subject? A joke, he wouldn’t believe that someone who abdicated from a single province would have anything to do with the third subject!
It’s just that Jiang Hao has already left after all, and if that person is used to vent his anger, it may cause some trouble again.
After taking a deep breath, Shen Tianyang handed this matter over to the people below, who should know how to give himself an explanation!
Just after dealing with these things, a man in black suddenly appeared.
Then he knelt on the ground and said in a deep voice: “Report, there is news from people in Shangxiawan, 30 Mile Bay, that the target person is missing!”
Shen Tianyang frowned and said: “Have you searched carefully?!”
The man in black bowed his head. He looked at the ground and replied with a deep voice : “The other party suddenly lifted the restrictions. Our people have searched carefully, and there is no news!” Hearing this answer, Shen Tianyang’s anger that had just calmed down appeared again!
Only this time, I don’t know who will be unlucky!
Two days passed, Jiang Hao, who was aliased as Shen Yan, got off the train and went straight to the Central Chinese Medicine Hospital.
On the way to Beifu, he had already communicated with the people over there through some small means.
All he needs to do at this moment is to rush over as soon as possible, and then participate in the hospital interview!
Sitting in the taxi, Jiang Hao took a travel book to Beifu that he bought at the train station.
Although the above is just a basic introduction about Beifu, Jiang Hao can still get some news he wants from it.
For example, there is still a Shen family in Beifu, one of the 36 families of the Shen family.
Although the power is not comparable to Shen Tianyang, it is also among the richest in Beifu, and the strength cannot be underestimated.
Jiang Hao remembered that his father once said to himself that there should be the Shen family in Beifu who slaughtered the family together with the Shen family overseas. Jiang Hao thought a little bit, as if he had thought of something. Soon, the driver reminded him that he was going. The place has arrived!
Although the signboard of the Central Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine is simple, there are only a handful of people who can pass it, all because there are fewer and fewer people willing to learn Chinese medicine.
Jiang Hao, who was standing at the Central Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine, looked towards the door and was stunned. Although very few people came, the facade was very impressive!
After walking in, Jiang Hao went straight to the dean’s office, knocked on the door and heard the invitation.
He tidyed up his clothes a bit, then opened the door and went in with a smile: “Hello dean, this is Shen Yan, we have contacted before.” The dean is tall and thin, and he looks like about four. Middle-aged man in his teens.
After looking at Jiang Hao slightly, he smiled and nodded and said, “Shen Yan, he really looks like a talented person, not bad!”
He stood up and pointed to the sofa guest and said, “Come here, sit down. Let’s talk, which college were you in before?”
Jiang Hao sat down and put things away, deliberately speaking shyly: “I used to be at Chujiang City Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine, and later came here for personal reasons. “After getting this answer, the dean looked at Jiang Hao very happily.
Since he has already worked in a big city like Chujiang, he must have two brushes in his hand.
After thinking about it slightly, the dean lifted his glasses and said: “If this is the case, Shen Yan, you should take a break in the past two days.”
Jiang Hao glanced at him with some puzzlement, and the dean seemed to feel Somewhat embarrassing.
“It’s like this, after all, you are just here, so I need to talk to the people below first, right?”
Jiang Hao nodded and laughed when he heard this, “If this is the case, I’ll settle down first. , I will come back the day after tomorrow.” The dean smiled and stretched out his hand to shake hands with Jiang Hao and said heartily: “Well, this is the best way to introduce myself again, my name is Jiao!”
Jiang Hao smiled slightly and said: “You are as polite as you are on the Internet, ha ha, then I will leave first.”
Dean Jiao nodded and watched Jiang Hao leave.
After Jiang Hao left, he put away the smile on his face, then loosened his tie, picked up the phone and called Chujiang Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital.
“Have you ever hired a young man whose surname is Shen, who is in his twenties?” There was a silence on the other end of the phone, seeming to be rummaging for something.
After a while, a female voice spoke: “Yes, there is such a person in the file just handed in by the personnel department, but he left without working much time.” After receiving this sentence, Dean Jiao suddenly looked on his face. Relaxed a bit, then smiled and said, “Well, that’s fine, it’s okay.”

Chapter: 597
Jiang Hao smiled after hearing this, so he got up and picked up his luggage and said, “Since it’s okay, I’ll go find a place to settle down and wait for your news.”
Dean Jiao nodded at Jiang Hao, planning to When I got up, the phone by the table rang suddenly.
Jiang Hao looked at the phone could not help but slightly surprised a moment, Jiaoyuan Zhang face some embarrassing looked at him, then picked it up Chen Sheng said: “? Anything about the situation yet, how come all of a sudden hit me here”
phone inside a The female voice suddenly opened anxiously and said: “A patient was sent downstairs suddenly. In an emergency, you need to come down and have a look!”
Hearing this, Dean Jiao glanced at Jiang Hao with some embarrassment, and then spoke after a moment of thought. He replied: “Well, I’ll come down here.”
After hanging up the phone, Dean Jiao smiled at Jiang Hao and said, “A patient was sent downstairs. It seemed to be troublesome. Let me go and see it together?” The reason why he said so was to pass this opportunity to test what level Jiang Hao really is.
You know, the Beifu Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine is not a small household, anyone can come in!
Jiang Hao looked at Dean Jiao with a slight smile, and then said: “Since Dean Jiao has a request, I will accompany you to take a look.”
Take a look at the expression on Dean Jiao Jiang’s face. Hao knew that he just wanted to use this patient to try himself.
There may not be much about other medical techniques in Shangdian, but the introduction of extensive and profound Chinese medicine is detailed.
After such a long time, he has become a little rough to a certain extent.
Therefore, facing the invitation of Dean Jiao, Jiang Hao didn’t have any fear in his heart, instead he was a little bit more excited.
After the two went downstairs together, a nurse waited anxiously by the stairs.
Seeing Dean Jiao bringing Jiang Hao, who had just come for an interview, down, he was slightly stunned and hurriedly walked up and said: “The patient is in the emergency room, currently short of breath, dilated pupils, convulsions and a little blood in the urine!”
after hearing this Jiaoyuan Chang frowned: “who is responsible for the emergency room today is on duty?”
the nurse neat opening: “! today, in charge of the emergency room be any doctor, but he does not seem to cope with some down.”
“that As for Doctor Xu, he should be in the hospital today. Did you inform Dr. Xu?” The nurse nodded slightly and then replied: “Dr. Xu has been notified. It is estimated to be there in three minutes!” After hearing this answer, Dean Jiao was obviously relieved.
Jiang Hao followed them and noticed that he felt relieved when he heard this Doctor Xu.
So he asked with some doubts: “Why, is this Doctor Xu very good?” The nurse looked at Jiang Hao and didn’t say anything. Dean Jiao smiled and looked at Jiang Hao and said, “Is he good? You will know later. a. ”
With that, Jiaoyuan Chang Jiang Hao looked slightly surprised a moment, then Chen Sheng said:.” Mary ah, you go to the doctor to get a white coat to the river ”
side of nurse Mary heard this After speaking, he glanced at Jiang Hao with some confusion.
Then he nodded, and then he took out a white lab coat to Jiang Hao in the duty room: “I can’t find a suitable one here for a while. You can do it first.”
Jiang Hao took the gown and nodded, then Follow Dean Jiao into the emergency room.
A doctor inside watched the patient convulsively, and there were two nurses who were giving the patient an injection and preparing a ventilator!
Dean Jiao frowned and looked at the doctor and said, “Old Ren, what’s the situation of the patient now? Why does it look a bit like epilepsy?”
Dr. Ren suddenly heard what the dean said, so he turned his head and nodded respectfully to the dean, and then said: “Now I am not sure what the patient is.” At this point, he coughed lightly and opened the notebook. He opened his mouth and said: “The current patient’s physical condition is hematuria, convulsions, dilated pupils, no trauma, no epilepsy is suspected!”
Dean Jiao frowned upon hearing this: “Could it be epilepsy, and blood in urine is a complication? ”
Doctor Ren wiped the cold sweat from his forehead: “I’m not sure about this. I’ll talk about it after Doctor Xu arrives. I will stabilize the patient’s mood first!”
After hesitating slightly, Doctor Ren looked at the injection. The nurse continued and said, “After the injection, give the patient a 20mg sedative!” The nurse turned her head and glanced at Doctor Ren hesitantly, but did not say anything to follow suit.
After the three people watched the patient gradually calm down, Dean Jiao and Dr. Ren were obviously relieved.
But Jiang Hao hesitated. The situation of the patient before him seemed a bit complicated, and it was not as simple as it seemed!
While he was pondering, a male voice suddenly sounded beside him: “Dean, Doctor Ren, I’m here.”
Dean Jiao quickly turned his head and said, “Old Xu, come up and see what this patient is. The situation!” After hearing this, Jiang Hao couldn’t help turning his head to look at the person who came. He saw a man with a simple appearance and gold glasses coming in.
When passing by Jiang Hao, the other party also asked with some doubts: “This is?”
At this time, Doctor Ren also noticed Jiang Hao and said, “Yes, I didn’t notice just now, who is this? ? ”
Jiao Yuanzhang hand waved and said:.” the interview is to come to our hospital, okay okay, now bear the patient ”
Doctor Xu frowned slightly when he heard Dean Jiao’s words, and then said: “Since this is the case, let’s stand aside and watch it, and learn to learn knowledge.”
Jiang Hao was slightly taken aback when he heard this, and then he shook his head. Shaking his head and laughing bitterly.
The first day I went to Beifu, I was so despised by people. Forget it, let’s look at the level of these people.
Jiang Hao determined that the situation of the patient in front of him was definitely not as simple as what Doctor Ren just said!
There must be some other things that haven’t been discovered, it just depends on what happened to Doctor Xu.
Seeing Dean Jiao and Doctor Ren trust him so much, if he still can’t find out, then this hospital is nothing more than that.
Just thinking of this, Jiang Hao suddenly heard Doctor Xu say: “Huh? Such heavy bloodshot eyes? Have you done a brain scan for him?”
Doctor Ren hurriedly replied, “It’s too late, patient. It was very urgent when it first arrived. I just calmed him down!”
Doctor Xu frowned and thought, and Dean Jiao cautiously asked, “How?”
“Some trouble, I was there before. I’ve encountered such a patient before, and it’s likely to be a brain problem.” At this point, he took the bill on Dr. Ren’s hand and looked at it and continued: “And there are symptoms of blood in urine, which is better than what I have encountered before. It’s much more serious.”

Chapter: 598
Hearing this, Doctor Ren couldn’t help whitening!
After all, the emergency department is only an emergency department, and the timely delivery only increases the chance of survival.
There is no guarantee that the patient will be rescued, as long as everyone with a little common sense knows this.
But the families of those patients don’t care about this, they know that the person died in the hospital!
If this is what Dr. Xu said, if this patient can’t be saved and died here, he will be responsible!
“Doctor Xu, you must save me, think of a way, think of a way?”
Doctor Xu smiled bitterly at him: “It’s not impossible, I just said it was a little troublesome.”
After saying this, he was lighthearted. He coughed and calmly said: “Prepare gastrodia, amber, antelope horn, musk, Bupleurum, cassia twig. Shichangpu, Qingyang ginseng, etc.”
Doctor Xu slowly said dozens of herbs, and the two nurses behind him patiently remembered After getting down, I went to prepare.
After the nurse left, Doctor Ren hesitated and said, ”
Well, is n’t this prescription used to treat sheep epilepsy?” Dean Jiao also looked at Doctor Xu and nodded slightly: “The patient is in critical condition. Do you have time to let people prepare these things?”
Doctor Xu smiled: “Don’t worry, I will naturally have a way to stabilize him, as long as he is guaranteed not to suffocate!”
When he said this, Xu The doctor’s face is full of confidence, as if everything is under control.
Seeing him so confident, Dean Jiao and Doctor Ren also let go of their hearts.
But Jiang Hao’s face was a bit heavy, because he knew that this prescription might not only cure the patient.
It may even kill the patient and accelerate the death of the other party!
Jiang Hao is not a nosy person, but he is now a doctor after all!
Thinking of this, he spoke in embarrassment: “Doctor Xu, I think there may be something wrong with your prescription, right?”
He said that mainly because he hoped that Doctor Xu could consider the prescription in detail, but he didn’t mean to question it. Inside!
But after Dr. Xu Dean Jiao and Dr. Ren heard him, they all turned their heads and frowned to look at Jiang Hao.
Dr. Ren looked at Dr. Xu’s face and quickly said, “If you are a newcomer, don’t speak, just watch it!”
After saying this, he continued with flattering: “We Dr. Xu Before, I was a first-level physician at the General Hospital. I have seen countless cases. How old do you dare to open your mouth?!”
Hearing this, Dr. Xu’s expression eased a little: “Young man, sometimes you shouldn’t Don’t talk, I allow you to be here for the dean’s face.”
Although the tone was plain, when Doctor Xu said this, the look of aloof and contempt in his eyes was very piercing!
Dean Jiao coughed slightly when he heard what he said, and reached out and patted Jiang Hao on the shoulder.
“You just came, I know you want to show it urgently, but now it’s a matter of life and death, so I can’t fool you!” When
Dean Jiao said this, he looked at Jiang Hao’s eyes, as if he was looking at a newcomer who was anxious. Performance of juniors.
But he did not expect that what Jiang Hao said was true!
Hearing what the three said, Jiang Hao was slightly astonished, especially when the dean looked at him!
This made Jiang Hao a little hard to accept, just when he was about to speak.
Standing aside, Dr. Xu spoke: “Dean, I think the unrelated personnel should be cleaned out. Staying here will get in the way!”
Dr. Ren also said, “That’s right, a young man who doesn’t understand anything. It’s not here to let your fingers go.”
The cynicism made Dean Jiao’s face a little unsightly, and even the look in his eyes towards Jiang Hao was a little unfriendly.
“Ahem, um, Xiao Shen, you’d better go out, and I’ll talk to you when this is over.”
Jiang Hao glanced at them helplessly, shook his head and sighed, “Well, I’ll go out first. “As soon as Jiang Hao finished speaking, she planned to leave, but she paused when she reached the door.
Then he turned to look at the people and said, “Don’t blame me if something bad happens later, I reminded him.”
Doctor Xu gave him a cold look, and didn’t want to answer at all!
Doctor Ren said with a gloomy expression: “Get out! Is this where you are talking!”
Jiang Hao didn’t bother to be familiar with this kind of person, shrugged his shoulders and left.
After Jiang Hao left, Dr. Ren looked at Dean Jiao and said, “What kind of person, he seems to be the number one in the world at a young age, so he can speak without looking at people!”
Dean Jiao was noncommittal when he heard this. , Just glanced at Doctor Xu, his attitude is the most important.
Doctor Xu methodically took out his needle kit, and while administering the needle to the patient, he said, “Dean, isn’t this the person you said came for the interview?”
Dean Jiao nodded when he heard this. I just arrived today, and I wanted to try his level.”
After saying this, he couldn’t help sighing, “I didn’t expect him to be such a person.”
Doctor Xu sneered after hearing this. “Although our hospital is short of people, not all cats and dogs can enter!”
He did not lower his voice when he said this, let alone the emergency room, people outside the door can vaguely hear!
Jiang Hao stood in the corridor and curled his lips, he knew exactly what was going on.
If the medicine is really applied according to his prescription, if the patient does not vomit blood, then it is really a god!
Convulsions are not necessarily the sheep’s madness, it may also be something that has been eaten.
Blood in urine is not necessarily a complication, it may be other factors!
Without getting rid of anything, I just randomly prescribe medicine according to the patients I have met before, really thinking that experience is the king? !
Thinking of this, Jiang Hao sat in a chair and closed his eyes to rest up. He was also a little tired after sitting on the train for two days.
Just take advantage of the moment to take a break, so that I can make a move later.
In the emergency room, two nurses fryed all the medicinal materials that Dr. Xu needed and delivered them.
Doctor Xu sucked it up slowly with a syringe, then placed it in the patient’s department and injected it slowly.
The expression of the patient who had just taken the medicine gradually improved, and his complexion changed from the original dull purple to a normal complexion.
Seeing such a change, Dr. Ren gave Dr. Xu a thumbs up and said, “Or how can I say that the people in the general hospital are tall, you deserve to be the gold medal of our hospital!”
Although Dr. Xu was humble, his face On the proud look is unmistakable!
Dean Jiao also stretched out his hand and patted Doctor Xu on the shoulder and said, “Yes, hahaha, just two hands have stabilized the person!”
Doctor Xu shook his head modestly and said, “It’s only a little stable now, it’s still You have to study the next treatment.”

Chapter: 599
With these words, everyone walked out of the emergency room relaxedly. Doctor Xu walked to Jiang Hao and sat down while wiping his hands.
“Young man, doctors are not so easy to do. You have to know that what you have in your hands is a life! It is not a prop for you to show!”
Dr. Xu just finished speaking, and Dr. Ren said with a list of records in his hand: “I know that young people have a desire to express, but the hospital is not your stage.”
Dean Jiao looked at the two of them, hesitated slightly, after all, Jiang Hao was the person he called for an interview.
I want to say a few words for Jiang Hao, for example, young people are not so sensible.
But I was worried that this would offend Doctor Xu, he is the pillar of his own, if he offends him.
He wants someone who is unwilling to take a long vacation, and even asks him to give him a step when he wants to step down.
Thinking of this, Dean Jiao shook his head slightly, forget it, the left and right are just people who come for the interview, and it will be a big deal to get out later.
Sitting on the chair, Jiang Hao didn’t bother to listen to the cynicism of the two, and reached out behind his ears.
Jiang Hao opened his eyes and smiled and said, “Is it stabilized so soon? It seems that Doctor Xu is taking the medicine really hard?”
Doctor Xu glanced at Jiang Hao triumphantly, and didn’t want to talk to him at all.
Jiang Hao raised his hand and looked at his watch and said, “If I didn’t make a mistake, the patient would start vomiting blood in ten minutes, believe it or not?”
Doctor Xu sneered, “Young man, I haven’t seen how big you are, but I have never seen you better than you in my life!”
Doctor Ren also sneered and said: “Just what you kid can see, you want to be really like it. As you said, how about my seat for you?”
Dean Jiao couldn’t listen anymore. Anyway, Jiang Hao was the one he called!
“Well, it’s almost all right, Xiao Shen, or you should pack up your things first and find a place to rest.”
After saying this, he took out his wallet and took out two hundred yuan and handed it to Jiang Hao: “We’ll talk about something tomorrow.”
Jiang Hao looked at the money handed over by Dean Jiao, shook his head and smiled bitterly: “Dean Jiao, if you believe me, wait ten minutes, ten minutes is enough!”
Dean Jiao looked helplessly at Doctor Xu and Doctor Ren, and then sighed: “Why is your child so stubborn.”
Doctor Xu sneered and waved his hand: “Forget it, we are all seniors. Take care of the younger generation.”
After saying this, he looked at the watch in his hand and said: “Wait ten minutes and wait ten minutes. I want to see what tricks you can do!”
Then he too Like Jiang Hao, he closed his eyes and started sleeping, but his hands quivered slightly from time to time.
Doctor Ren shook his head helplessly: “Brother Xu, why bother with a child.”
Doctor Xu smiled when he heard this, waved his hands and said, “It’s okay. Let’s take a lesson.”
Since Dr. Xu has said so, Dr. Ren will not be able to leave for a while. After all, this patient can be regarded as his responsibility!
Dean Jiao sighed slightly after looking at the two, and had to sit down on the chair.
The three were silent and waited for the time to pass.
Just before ten minutes, Xiaoli, a nurse in the emergency room, suddenly ran out and looked at Doctor Xu anxiously: “It’s not good, Doctor Xu, the patient is vomiting blood!”
“What?! Impossible!”
“How could this happen!” Hasn’t it stabilized just now?!”
The voices of Doctor Xu and Doctor Ren sounded at the same time, and the two of them rushed into the emergency room after looking at each other!
Dean Jiao stared at the backs of the two dumbfounded, and then turned his head to look at Jiang Hao, who looked indifferent. He was speechless for a while!
At this moment in the emergency room, Dr. Xu hurriedly set up his needle kit and began to administer the needle!
Dr. Ren also hurriedly plugged in instruments to monitor the patient’s physical condition!
But before Doctor Xu inserted the needle, the patient vomited Dr. Xu again with black blood!
“Quickly, quickly, get me the medicine! It must be stabilized!”
“It’s not good! The patient’s vital signs are declining!”
Dr. Ren said anxiously: “Prepare cardiotonic medicine !” Dr. Xu clenched his teeth and gave the needle from time to time. Observe the patient’s pulse again! Cold sweat came out of my forehead!
Especially Doctor Ren, looking at Doctor Xu with a sad face, praying in his heart that he must be saved!
Dean Jiao couldn’t take care of that much at this moment. After rushing into the ward, he hurriedly walked out and stood in front of Jiang Hao!
“Shen Yan, what the hell is going on, why does it become like this?!”
Jiang Hao stretched his waist and opened his eyes to sleep lazily: “I reminded him before. Does he blame me for not listening? ”
After saying this, Jiang Hao walked to the door of the emergency room and smiled at Dr. Xu who was administering the needle inside through the transparent glass.
“I thought of detoxifying the patient through injections now? It’s too late, I said you didn’t believe it.”
Dean Jiao looked at Jiang Hao’s calm expression, and then looked at the two people in the emergency room who were already anxious!
Hurriedly stepped forward to look at Xiang Jiang Hao: “You must know what is going on, right?”
Jiang Hao nodded and smiled at Dean Jiao and said, “Yes, but I’m a hairy boy, this Didn’t you go in and slap Doctor Xu in the face?”
When Dean Jiao heard this, he was utterly distraught, gritted his teeth bitterly and pulled Jiang Hao’s hand and walked inside!
“It’s okay, it’s mine if his face hurts! Life is dead !” Doctor Xu couldn’t help but slow down when he heard the sound of opening the door, then raised his head to look at the black face of Dean Jiao.
“Dean, you believe me, I will be able to save him!”
Doctor Ren looked at the patient pale, and had already given two shots of cardiotonic injection!
Dean Jiao sighed and said: “Forget it, let Xiao Shen come first!”
Doctor Xu’s expression was choked slightly after hearing this: “Let him?! Do you believe he doesn’t believe me?!”
Doctor Ren listened. At this point, he looked at Dean Jiao incredibly: “President, you have to think clearly!”
Jiang Hao smiled helplessly, then broke free of Dean Jiao’s hand and walked forward to take a look.
“Do you use acupuncture? It’s a coincidence, I will also a little bit of this thing, or I will show you?”
When he said this, Jiang Hao couldn’t help but flash in his eyes!
Doctor Xu fell silent slightly, this patient is now helpless!
He doesn’t believe that this brat can be saved even if he can’t save it!
He is not the person in the hospital. If the patient is really dead by then, use him to get caught!
Thinking of this, he stretched out his hand to stop Dr. Ren who wanted to speak, and then sneered: “Okay, let me see your needle technique!”
Dean Jiao wanted to persuade Dr. Xu, but he saw him. He even took the initiative to let go, and closed his mouth.

Chapter: 600
Doctor Ren saw that Doctor Xu took the initiative to step away, so he looked at him in surprise!
When he was about to say something, he listened to Doctor Xu calmly opening his mouth: “Young man, saving people is not that easy. Be careful.”
Jiang Hao is still young after all, although he wants to treat him as a man of the pot. But still can’t help but mention something.
Jiang Hao was slightly taken aback when he heard this, and the expression in Dr. Xu’s eyes gradually became less cold.
After shook his head with a wry smile, he picked up Doctor Xu’s golden needle and began to inject it.
However, his needle injection method is very different from that of Doctor Xu, because of his needle walking method.
Both are the most important acupuncture points of the human body, and a little carelessness may cause problems!
But as long as these acupoints are used properly, dead acupoints can also become active acupoints!
But don’t say that he doesn’t have such a technique anymore, even if there is no one in the General Hospital who knows this skill!
So after seeing Jiang Hao’s technique in front of him, Dr. Xu couldn’t help but start to say, “You, where did you learn this technique?!”
After all, it’s the Chinese Medicine Hospital. After President Jiao and Dr. Ren heard his words, Can’t help being resigned from the beginning.
Later, I gradually developed curiosity, and finally turned directly into surprise!
“No, impossible! This is impossible! No one in the main hospital knows anything, how could you possibly?!”
Jiang Hao just rolled his eyes when he heard what he said, then shook his head and said: “Shut up! Don’t disturb my distraction!”
Acupuncture and moxibustion pay attention to calmness when taking acupuncture needles. Only in this way can we more accurately grasp the precision of each needle!
Different acupuncture points need to use gold needles of different sizes, as well as different strength and depth. These are all exquisite!
Moreover, Jiang Hao’s needles were all large acupuncture points. A little carelessness may kill the patient!
After realizing this, Doctor Xu slowly walked to Dean Jiao’s side and whispered: “Where did you find this person?”
Dean Jiao gave a wry smile: “I don’t know what he is. Ability, when I asked him to come, I never thought he would know these things!” After seeing Jiang Hao’s needle-taking method, Doctor Ren was suddenly surprised and said: “Is this, is this lost? The flying needle is out of breath?!”
Jiang Hao paused when he heard this, and then looked up at Dr. Ren helplessly: “I said you can always shut up? Didn’t I see that I am busy here? Right!” As soon as the voice fell, Jiang Hao continued!
What he is doing now is to help the patient detoxify, on the one hand, the toxins in the patient’s body before.
On the other hand, it is the medicine that has just been drunk, which is also poisonous!
If the medicine is right, it is medicine, but if it is wrong, it becomes poison!
But Dean Jiao is different. He doesn’t just sit casually in the position of Dean!
Hearing what Dr. Ren said that the flying needle was out of breath, he suddenly looked at Dr. Xu in surprise!
“Fly, flying needle is out of breath? Isn’t this a secret technique that was lost because of the war more than a hundred years ago?”
Doctor Xu looked at Jiang Hao and shook his head after he indulged for a moment: “I don’t know the specific situation. But this kid has this skill, it’s not easy.”
Doctor Ren even shouted at Jiang Hao before, but he was called to shut up twice by Jiang Hao, and he didn’t even dare to be angry!
He got to the side of Dean Jiao and said diligently: “Dean, this little brother is so good, why didn’t you say it earlier.”
Dean Jiao rolled his eyes when he looked at him charmingly: “If I knew, would he still be interviewing now?”
After saying this, Dean Jiao was taken aback for a moment and thought of the bet that Doctor Jiang had just made with Jiang Hao.
So he turned his head and chuckled: “Doctor Ren, you just made a terrible bet with Xiao Shen?”
Hearing this, Doctor Ren paled: “Ah? Really, that, hahaha.”
Xu The doctor looked at his hesitating expression and shook his head, and then continued to stare at Jiang Hao’s needle technique!
For him, all positions and money are secondary, this is the most precious thing!
After a while after Jiang Hao finished the injection, he wiped the sweat from his forehead with his sleeve.
Then he looked at the nurse standing at the door and said, “Bring me a knife.” The nurse rummaged in the emergency room, then took out a scalpel and handed it to Jiang Hao.
He first took a knife and looked at it, and then disinfected with iodine to gently cut a small opening on the patient’s toe!
As soon as it was cut open, the smelly black liquid flowed out through that small mouth!
Doctor Xu frowned and looked at Jiang Hao: “What technique are you doing?”
Jiang Hao squatted at the patient’s feet and said without looking back: “It’s not unreasonable for ancients to cut open wounds to remove poison. You Do you think I am willing to use this method?”
Although Doctor Ren is not very good, his professionalism is still quite strong, and he doesn’t care about the smelly liquid.
Instead, he walked thousands of people and looked at the things flowing out of the wound and was surprised: “What, what are these?”
Jiang Hao smiled and shook his head and didn’t want to say, because if they told them this was the medicine they had given before, the two of them only It will be even more embarrassing!
As the black fishy liquid was slowly drained, the patient’s breathing gradually began to stabilize.
The nurse looked at the instrument and said in surprise: “Okay! Alright! The patient’s vital signs have begun to stabilize!”
Even the eyes of a group of young nurses looking at Jiang Hao became a little hot!
Jiang Hao smiled, and then stood up a little tired: “Keep watching. When he bleeds normal blood, it will basically be fine.” After saying this, Jiang Hao planned to leave, and Dean Jiao finally Since I believe in myself.
If he did this, he could be regarded as a reward for his reward!
Just as he walked out of the emergency room door, Dean Jiao quickly came out and said, “What are you going to do?”
Jiang Hao turned around and picked up his luggage and smiled: “Of course I went to find a place to live, I A little tired.”
After hearing this , Dean Jiao quickly said: “What else can I find, come here, there is a special rest room for employees at the back of our hospital!”
After saying this, he turned his head and stood at the door. Xiaoli, the nurse of, called out, “Go and bring over the admission procedures from our hospital, take advantage of it now, and then take Dr. Jiang to rest!”
Nurse Xiaoli looked at Jiang Hao dumbfounded, and then turned her head. Look at the dean!
Seeing that the dean winked at himself, he understood, and hurriedly went through the entry formalities for Jiang Hao!
Jiang Hao stood in a daze, looking at the dean hesitantly: “Uh, what does this mean?”
Dean Jiao stepped forward to take Jiang Hao’s luggage, stretched out his hand and patted his shoulder with a hearty smile. “What’s the point? You won the position of Doctor Ren !” After hearing that, Doctor Ren cried out and rushed out: “Hey, dean, dean, you can’t do this!”

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