I've Got a Super Rich Dad

Chapter: 61

“Haha, I didn’t expect it, you can become a thief even if you are poor?”
Fang Xiao walked over, grabbed Jiang Hao’s clothes, and sneered, quite A bit proud.
Jiang Hao couldn’t help but was taken aback, turned his head and looked, and saw Fang Xiao looking at him with a fierce face.
“You… why are you here?” Jiang Hao said, “What did you just say? I didn’t hear clearly.”
Jiang Hao did not hear clearly. Just now he was still thinking about buying the perfume back by himself. Give it to Xue Yuning.
“Haha, are you still fucking pretending to be with me?” Fang Xiao couldn’t help grinning. Said proudly, “I found out that you stole something, do you want to deny it? Jiang Hao, you are really disgusting. I didn’t expect you to come to Haicheng all the way to steal things. Hehe, I really don’t know. Back in Chujiang, How many votes did you make!”
Jiang Hao was completely confused by what Fang Xiao said, looking at Fang Xiao with a dazed expression, and quickly explained: “What did I steal? How could I steal something?”
See Fang Xiao Jiang Hao didn’t confess, his eyes narrowed, and a hand jerked into Jiang Hao’s pocket.
She moved quickly, and Jiang Hao subconsciously stopped it. As a result, one bottle of perfume was caught by Fang Xiao, and the other bottle fell directly to the ground.
With a “pop”, the perfume bottle shattered directly, and the perfume splashed all over.
Fang Xiao didn’t care so much, he didn’t take this perfume seriously, and thought it was just a bargain for dozens of dollars. Instead, continue to attack Jiang Hao.
She held the remaining bottle of perfume aloft as if she was holding a trophy, and she said loudly, “Everyone, come and see, I caught a thief, you see, a big man, don’t you think it’s a big man? Shame? You even stole perfume! And stole two bottles!”
“What’s wrong? What did she say? The thief was caught?”
Many people couldn’t help looking directly at Jiang Hao, frowning, and some people whispered…
“Oh, this little boy really doesn’t know the shame, how come out to steal Something? It’s been discovered by others , so I’m not ashamed of it…”
“Really? A man, why steal perfume?”
“Hehe, I have to ask, I must be poor and cannot afford it, so He just came here to steal. Look at the kid, he doesn’t look like a child from a wealthy family. The clothes on his body are not bad. I don’t know if it was also stolen…”
Listening to the chatter of the crowd. Fang Xiao seemed happier with the sound. In her opinion, Jiang Hao’s stealing perfume was almost certain.
She hurriedly beckoned to the staff of the specialty store, and said with a smile: “What are you doing in a daze? Didn’t you see someone stealing your things here? Catch this kind of person and send it directly to the Public Security Bureau!”
Fang Xiao Xinsi was so vicious that he couldn’t wait to put Jiang Hao to death.
Several unknowing staff members also hurried over and looked at the perfume in Fang Xiao’s hand and the broken bottle on the ground. The few people were suddenly shocked.
Tens of thousands of pieces of perfume. I was admitted to have been stolen, and I even broke a bottle at this time. How could this be good?
The few people hurriedly looked at the manager not far away with an expression of asking for help.
However, the young male manager at this time thought he was stunned by Fang Xiao’s behavior.
Originally, when he met Jiang Hao, a top-notch client, he couldn’t figure out how to please him, but now someone suddenly appeared and accused Jiang Hao of stealing?
The manager hurried over.
“What the hell is going on?” the male manager asked.
“Huh, what’s the matter? How on earth did you open a store? Don’t you know if your own things were stolen?” Fang Xiao sneered, “I tell you, thanks to me today, or these two bottles? Perfume, I guess it has been sneaked away by this person!” The manager looked at Fang Xiao and then at the broken perfume on the ground, naturally knowing what was going on.
But when he was about to speak, he heard Fang Xiao continue to speak again.
“Hmph, let me tell you, I know this person too well. This person was not a good bird in the past. He was a poor man. We are a university. I knew that such a person would sooner or later be unable to survive. , What disgusting thing did you do!”
Fang Xiao became more excited as he said, and finally put on a just and awe-inspiring appearance, as if he really helped the store to make a great contribution.
And while talking, Fang Xiao grabbed Jiang Hao by the collar, like a dead dog, and wanted to drag Jiang Hao to a place with more people, so that more people could see Jiang. Hao is unbearable.
But just when Fang Xiao was most proud of her, she was suddenly shoved.
Fang Xiao was taken aback, and then he saw the male manager looking at him with an angry face.
“You let me go, what are you doing?” the male manager Fang Xiao scolded.
Fang Xiao was a little unsure, so he said in a daze, “Hey. What are you doing? Are you the manager of this store? Don’t you have any eyes? I helped you catch the thief. This person is a thief. It succeeded at one point. Didn’t you see that I was holding the stolen perfume in my hand?”
Hearing this, the manager wanted to laugh at first, but he suffocated back, with a proud expression: “What are you talking about? Will you help me catch the thief? I advise you not to talk nonsense, otherwise it will be legally responsible!” While talking, the manager directly put his body in front of Jiang Hao and Fang Xiao, looking angrily.
Fang Xiao was stunned by the other’s expression, and hurriedly argued: “Hey, I’m really catching thieves for you. What kind of attitude do you have? Are you all stupid? Leave the thieves alone and call me five or six. ? the ” hear FANG Xiao burst foul language, no matter how good the manager is the mentality, but also a bit uncomfortable, Leng Heng said:” Well, I warned not to vexatious, this gentleman is our guest, if you then malicious slander him, careful I’m not polite to you!”
Fang Xiao couldn’t help being stunned when he heard this, and then full of anger jumped out, pointing to Jiang Hao: “What is it? He is a VIP? Please don’t you think about it? The new guy can’t afford to eat poor food, you say he is a VIP? What are you kidding?”
Fang Xiao stared at the manager again, and said proudly: “Also, I warn you. I’m a member of you here. , You’d better be kind to me, otherwise don’t blame me for being polite!”
Fang Xiao directly took out the membership card and patted it directly in front of the manager with a smug face.
In her opinion, she has a membership card. It’s already very clear.
She thought to herself: As long as she reveals this identity, it is estimated that this manager will not dare to treat herself that way anyway!
It’s just that Fang Xiao was wrong. She was very proud of the membership card in her hand, but she didn’t know that the other party’s manager hadn’t paid attention to her membership card at all.
He just smiled, looked at Fang Xiao’s membership card, and continued to sneer: “You’re welcome? Then I advise you to think clearly and speak!”
If Fang Xiaoliang took out the membership card in normal times, the manager would definitely want him to take a look.
But today is different. Although Fang Xiao holds the membership card in his hand, the card is compared with the gold card in Jiang Hao’s hand. It is not even a fart.
If you talk about the degree of preciousness, the gold card in Jiang Hao’s hand can almost be a hundred blocks away from Fang Xiao’s membership card!
The manager is not a fool. In contrast, who is more provocative, is he still unclear?
But at this moment, Jiang Hao, who had never spoken, suddenly spoke.
He smiled, pointed to the bottle of perfume in Fang Xiao’s hand, and asked the manager: “Excuse me, am I a thief?” The manager hurriedly laughed and shook his head: “Sir, you really can be kidding, why are you a thief? This woman may be mentally upset, you don’t need to take care of them, I’ll just pack the things for you!”
After speaking, the manager went straight to pack two bottles of perfume and handed them to Jiang Hao respectfully. on.
Jiang Hao finally. Looking at Fang Xiao, a sneer appeared on his face, and after closing the bill, he walked directly out of the Chanel Monopoly.
But looking at Jiang Hao’s back, Fang Xiao almost broke his teeth.
Now she naturally knew that Jiang Hao’s perfume was definitely not stolen!
However, in her opinion, even if Jiang Hao’s two bottles of perfume weren’t stolen, they are probably not high-end products.
Buying a bargain, the manager treats Jiang Hao as a treasure, and Fang Xiao feels that the other party is sick!
Fang Xiao stared fiercely at Jiang Hao’s back. At this time, her aversion to Jiang Hao had reached its climax!
She looked at the manager contemptuously, and she cursed him a million times!
“Huh, husband, everyone in this shabby place has IQ problems, let’s go, don’t buy anything here!”
After speaking, Fang Xiao took Liu Yan’s arm and Liu Yan left.
At this time, Liu Yan’s heart was naturally a little unhappy. He wanted to see Jiang Hao’s excitement.
In the end, the excitement was not regarded as the other party’s treatment of herself and Fang Xiao, and Liu Yan naturally had no intention of continuing to shop.
But when the two were about to leave, they suddenly heard the male manager yelling from behind: “Wait a minute!”
“What are you doing? Is something wrong?” Fang Xiao asked disdainfully.
The manager smiled and said:” Of course there is something, do you want to leave like this? Should I forget something? ”
Hearing this, Fang Xiao and Liu Yan looked at each other in surprise, and asked: “What? What? We haven’t bought anything here. Isn’t it okay if we don’t buy anything? Are you a black shop?” The male manager hurriedly laughed. Laughed. Pointing to the splattered perfume bottle on the ground, he said: “Of course we are not a black shop, but should you compensate us for hitting our things?”
Fang Xiao and Liu Yan suddenly realized it when they heard this. , Their counter for this Chanel. Even this manager has become more and more disgusted!
“Why should we pay you?” Liu Yan immediately quit, snorted, and said, “It wasn’t us who broke it. It was just Jiang Hao’s stupid who fell to the ground and broke it. You find him!”
“Sorry, the gentleman just now, they just bought the goods normally. If it weren’t for your unreasonable tearing, they wouldn’t break the perfume at all, so the fault is with you!” The manager smiled. “So, of course you have to pay for the compensation .” The manager finally said: “Of course, you can also refuse the compensation, but in that case, I will find the police! But then you will frame someone else for theft. It’s disrupting our normal business environment again. I really don’t know what will happen!”
As soon as I heard that the other party would call the police because of this, and he buckled two hats on his head, Fang Xiao couldn’t help but also. Some panic.
She glared fiercely for the male manager, then looked at Liu Yan eagerly, and said angrily: “Husband…or let’s leave it to him. With this kind of person, we’d better not entangle with them. It’s really annoying. It’s dead!”
Fang Xiao looked disapproving, and continued: “Huh, isn’t it just a bottle of broken perfume? They just treat it as a good thing. Let’s just give it to him, save it and grind it with us.”
Liu Yan was also a little angry, and snorted coldly: ” Okay, don’t talk about it anymore. Just let the wren doctor crawl around and buy the perfume that I’m forced to buy. I’ll give you double the price. It’s fine if you don’t fucking give me nonsense. It’s really annoying for people like you. Now, if you have eyes but don’t know Mount Tai, it’s clear that Mount Tai is right in front of your eyes. You still listen to those poor words. You seem to have problems with your IQ! ”
Listening to Liu Yan’s humiliating language, the male manager didn’t seem to be very angry. Instead, he just smiled and said: “You don’t need to double, you only need to pay for the original price. That bottle of perfume has a market price of 50,000 yuan. Eight!”

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